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Jihadist Counter-Offensive in Southern Aleppo Ends in Disaster

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Jihadist Counter-Offensive in Southern Aleppo Ends in Disaster

AlMasdarNews reports: Jaysh Al-Fateh (Army of Conquest) launched a counter-offensive in the southern sector of Aleppo City on Tuesday night, targeting the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses at the Air Defense Base.

However, the jihadist rebel counter-offensive in southern Aleppo ended way before it could ever get started; this was due in large part to the nonstop air raids conducted by the Russian Air Force and the heavy artillery launched by the Syrian Arab Army.

According to a military source in Aleppo City, the Syrian Armed Forces killed over 20 jihadist rebels and destroyed 8 of their armored vehicles that were traveling from Tal Mu’tah to the Air Defense Base.

The military source added that the southern Aleppo front is now quiet, with sporadic gunfire taking place every few minutes.

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Gue Bjuen

i don’t know. if you see this, 20 dead terrorits are not a huge success.

Jens Holm

Well. More confirmation wished here too. But it says as least 20 terrorist killed. Could be much more. It also could have been attacked several time.

But I see Your point. Im sure they wont attack with 50 and 15 vehicle but mush more.

Igor Ochocinszk

20 better than 0. If you dare to complain maybe you’d dare to go to combat terrorism yourself? SAA is locked in heroic struggle against foreign-backed terrorism, the terrorists are well physically and psychologically prepared, well armed, got best PR campaign money can buy therefore completely obliterating SAA when it comes to strategic communications. On the other hand SAA is under blockade by a myriad of countries trying to break it down, they dont get any free weapons, they have to buy them, they are not trained by foreigners, they train themselves, many of them arent even professional soldiers ,just conscripted youth, the very fact that theyre still on the ground and still fighting after all these years and most intensive informational and economical warfare conducted against any state ever in the history of mankind is a miracle, lets just hope this miracle lasts long enough to wipe out terrorism from Syria once and for all.


Maybe 20 dead, 80 wounded and 800 that shit their pants after some Sukhoi cluster bombing.

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