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JUNE 2021

Jaysh Khalid Strikes Back In Daraa After FSA Attack Failed.12 FSA Fighters Killed

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On August 30, ISIS-affiliated Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Waleed attacked a checkpoint of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in al-Shikh Sa’ad town in the western Daraa countryside, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

Amaq added that 12 FSA fighters were killed in the attack.

Opposition sources claimed that the FSA halt the attack it launched on August 29 against Jaysh Khalid in the western Daraa countryside. According to the sources, the attack was stopped after the FSA lost over 25 fighters in a single day without making any gains on the ground.

Meanwhile, Jordan refused to allow 7 injured FSA fighters to enter its hospitals to receive medical care, according to opposition sources. The injured fighters were reportedly sent to Israel for medical treatment.

Although the FSA is receiving massive support from Jordan and the USA in southern Syria including even TOW missiles, it is still unable to recapture any position from Jaysh Khalid.

It became clear that FSA fighters in southern Syria are unwilling to fight ISIS for unknown reasons. This is especially strange amid the fact that they were able to build a successful attack in Daraa against the SAA only months ago. This may explain why Jordan refused to receive the injured FSA fighters.

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dirty dirty war…..the FSA is a good brand name…..massive amounts of money and weapons from everywhere….most of them ended up on the hands of ISIS….its all about changing flags and uniforms in SYria….one day you receive help from every single neighbouring country ,the next you sell them to ISIS or even better join their payroll…..now that the money flow isnt very good, its almost zero, trouble among former buddies arise….anyway in my opinion..let them kill each other….


just like the Taliban… created, trained and armed (including Sting manpads) by the US regime, and the propaganda of our Western regimes was all the time brainwashing us with the mantra that the Taliban were the good guys, they were calling them all the time “freedom fighters”…
history repeats itself, the US regime has not changed…


the us doesnt read history….if we take history lessons we dont repeat the same mistakes. thats why in military academies all over the world they teach real battles. Historical events. they analyze them see what went wrong or right, examine other options etc. what they have done in with the Taliban is a problem that even now after so many years remains unsolved. But they did it again in Libya. now the country delongs to 2 fractions killing each other and the major part of the country belongs to ISIS. Isis remains calm now…they wait and see how things in the region will evovle…then Libya will be a real terrorist country. SYria…..same thing…sponsored ‘rebels’ of the ‘moderate’ opossition….eampty words for the silly american public to justify the tax money spend. now thanks to Russia all those criminals are meeting their prophet. In Iraq ..its were it all started…..ISIS found the best place to start their organization. The country was in ruins, people were desperate, the oil-dollars from Saudis, Qatar etc came in…..people were easily radicalized and ten…the facts are kwown…..ISIS took almost in a day half of the country……all these are major fatal mistakes of US politics…..or a great plan maybe?

Mauro Craizer

End game in ME was always IRAN, Israel shares same goals like Saudis, that’s why they colaborate. “Great plan” is now only on paper, Iran gained even stronger ally ties and influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon-Zios are furious right now, their dirty schemes failed miserably. Like Vietnam war never happened, some ppl need to understand, if a country, no matter how big it is has majority of its ppl behind their leaders, even big players like USA will fail.
One side is driven with hearts and patriotism, money and lies can’t beat that, also establishment & private interest PR-MSM has no more a monopoly on information, it’s really a great irony, Military Industrial Complex USA created Internet, now “Internet” is a major pain in the asses of establishment, “it” fights back, hard. “QUI GLADIO FERIT GLADIO PERIT”-indeed.

Trustin Judeau

What is the point of FSA launching offensive against the ISIS affiliate in Daraa when they cant win . They have tried so many times whit no success . At the end SAA will clear this pocket when the time comes


Maybe it nets them increased US support if they attack ISIS? It seems to be the current favorite pastime of the West, so if the FSA attacks ISIS they win cash and prizes?

Trustin Judeau

True but first the rebels in Daraa doesnt have so good PR as SDF for example have . Second ISIS territory is pretty small there . Most people when they are told of ISIS , they probably think it is only Raqqa , not much knowledge of the situation on the ground . Some people still think the goverment control 20 percent of the country when it is 40


I liked your idea of relocating the ISIS from Lebanon to this Daesh pocket to fight against the FSA. But I guess they could not be transported across the Golan heights. The Israeli support of the ISIS Yarmouk area has to be covert. :)

Hassan Ghonem

They were transported to al.bukamal

The Farney Fontenoy

These groups dont exactly attract the brightest minds, in any case the people ordering these assaults won’t be on the front line, so casualties are of little concern to them.

Solomon Krupacek

or israel

Michael Qiao

apes vs rats

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