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JUNE 2021

Jaysh Assoud al-Sharkia Commander Assassinated By ‘Uknown Side’ In Attempt To Prevent Reconciliation Agreemen I Qalamun

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Jaysh Assoud al-Sharkia announced that one of its commanders, Khaled Mahmoud Azeh, was assassinated on Friday in the Nazlat al-Siphon in Al-Dumair town in eastern Qalamoun by a unknown side.

Jaysh Assoud al-Sharkia Commander Assassinated By 'Uknown Side' In Attempt To Prevent Reconciliation Agreemen I Qalamun

Jaysh Assoud al-Sharkia is one of the largest groups supported by the US-led coalition and the assassination came amid the ongoing negootiations with the Syrian government to reach a reconciliation agreement in Eastern Qalamoun.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) closed the entrances of Jayroud town yesterday after the opposition refused to evacuate the city from the militants and the deployment of the SAA. However, the negotiations are still ongoing between the SAA and local forces, includingJaysh al-Islam, Ahmad al-Adbo Forces and Jaysh Assoud al-Sharkia, while Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) rejects – as usual – any peaceful solution in the area.

HTS is believed to be behind the assassination of Azeh in order to thwart the negotiations in the eastern Eastern Qalamoun, where HTS has done it several times in Daraa, Homs and Damascus countryside, but Assoud al-Sharkia so far hasn’t accused any side of the assassination.

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High probability it was done by a US/Israeli contractor and they are the only ones who benefit since no one has claimed any responsibility .


yes probably

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