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Jaysh al-Thuwar Claims That Turkey And Iran Work Jointly Against Kurds In Manbij Countryside

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Jaysh al-Thuwar Claims That Turkey And Iran Work Jointly Against Kurds In Manbij Countryside


In an interview with the Kurdish ANF news website, Leader of the US-backed Jaysh al-Thuwar, Haji Ahmed, claimed that the Syrian government, Turkey and Iran cooperate in the province of Aleppo against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“After these events, strong relations were established with Iran [by Turkey] in the areas of al-Shahba,- means Aleppo- which led to a greater cooperation between the Assad regime and Turkey and the opening of communication between them”. He said adding that “A common intelligence network has been built and this network is working against us, and we don’t rule out that this cooperation will turn into a higher level in the future. “

Hajji Ahmed claimed that 70% Al-Shahba area population were displaced and that most of the people of the area were convicted and their houses and properties were confiscated or killed through “secret operations”. He also pointed out that these practices were carried out by the Al-Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham, Sultan Murad Regiment and Sultan Salim especially in the towns of Azaz and Jarablus.

Haji Ahmed accused Turkey of trying to impose military control over the region.

“In all the constructions carried out by Turkey, the pictures of Mustafa Kama Ataturk are hung on and written in Turkish. The policy of Turkification is being practiced in those areas, yet Turkey is still suffering from difficulties in order to impose its policies in both the cities of Azaz and Al-Bab.”

Haji Ahmed also claimed that the Turkish presence in Syria serves Iran and the Syrian government, accusing the three countries of what he described as “settling” the Arabs and Turkestan in Aleppo, by transferring them from Hama, Damascus and Homs.

“The Shahba areas for these countries have become a useful area and they are using it to carry out their plans which will – in the long run – provide Iran with a great deal of support and gains,” hea added.

It is worth mentioning that, in general, Kurds live only in Afrin area in the northern countryside of Aleppo, and they make up only a small proportion of the population of Aleppo. The indigenous inhabitants of the towns of Azzaz, Jarablus and Bab al-Arab are Arabs. Meanwhile, pro-Turkish militant groups and the SAA have clashed many times in the northern Aleppo countryside .

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I hope it’s true, traitors who sell their souls to the Zionist US are the enemies of mankind, whether they are ISIS or SDF

John Whitehot

all bullshit made by the US so to put kurds against Assad.


The tired old US/Israeli strategy of Divide and Rule using the ‘fault lines’of ethnicity and religion.


It has not worked, everywhere the Americans have tried to balkanize the population and back terrorists, they have destroyed secular islam. Turkey/Iran/iraq/Syria/Lybia were all secular in the islamic sense. Women could drive cars and dress as they please. Its US/UK backed regime change that unleashed jihadi movements in all of those countries, and they have escaped any consequences, unlike Europe which is connected by land.

All of this from a country that is led by an illiterate 70 year old orange cunt, compared to the millennia of civilization in the middle east, destroyed in favor of Wahhabi fundamentalism.


What, you prefer Hillary and nuclear war? You’re better off with Trump. Also, don’t think him and Putin have some type of understanding on Syria. Politicians are the ultimate chess masters.


The Kurdish leadership themselves are going along with all US plans so how’s that “bullshit made by US”? The US is busy building a military base in that region.


Its a tiny terrorist base that will be under siege once ISIS is defeated. You have illegally invaded Syria, and the kurds dont belong on Arab lands, nobody will stand for it. I know they dont teach you that on CNN, but just watch what happens if the kurds dont withdraw or if the US tries to balkanise Syria, and ancient nation that predates your backwards redneck empire by 3000 years.

Building a base for what? ISIS is on the retreat in the area, and the SAA will close the gap, you are not fighting ISIS, your attacking the SAA. the FSA and whatever mickey mouse “Freedom” “democratic” and other brand name terror groups will not survive the war, and have only lasted because of you and Qatar/Turkey/Saud backing them.

Just SAUD scum left. They are facing war with Iran and Turkey. You have unleashed all out war everywhere in the middle east, nothing you do works, do you ever think that staying the fuck out would be the best solution? No, so die.


I’m on your side dude, you didn’t seem to understand my point.


And yet you are on a russian website reading it…


John Whitehot

brilliant. how can one argue against such pearls of wisdom.

Wahid Algiers

or FSA.

Alex Black

Interesting how the moment the SDF sides with the Saudis, they start talking about Iran, like they have any say in the matter.

Wahid Algiers

A “Saudi-non-Arab”/US backed SDF will sooner or later get problems with Syria, Turkey, Iran forces in Syria and Iraq and Iraq. This alliance did not start in 2011 (Syria/Turkey) but now will face kurdish efforts to steel more and more land of Syria and to establish a state at the border to Turkey. These facts will unite all regional players against the Kurds, ground boots of the US and now Sauds.


I have faith on Jaysh al-Thuwar (SDF), they want to fool themselves saying they are part of the FSA, but the truth is that they have repeatedly fought HTS and Al-Nusra bros, they defend secularism and democracy…so different than the real FSA.
FSA wants them to start hostilities with YPG…but the reality is that they live with the kurds, share friendship, resources and dreams. I have faith that Jaysh al-Thuwar will eventually agree to form a government with Assad to make a better Syria…FSA and SDF are like oil and water…both liquid but impossible to coexist together


I understand accusing Turkey for trying to change the demographics in that area. But why accuse Iran as well? I think they are shilling for the saudis, we should expect more bullshit about big bad Iran from now on.


As i thought, the Kurds will be pushed against Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran in order to balkanize the Middle East.


And just like ISIS, they will be pushed out as well… only this time, it won’t be a surprise BS thing and the Iraqi’s will most certainly have a say in that as well.




No regime change, not even partition, Turkey wont allow it, Shias wont allow it, Russia wont allow it, and the US has no allies left. Qatar/Turkey = gone, just SAUD scum left, but they are buckling under pressure and facing a hot war over Qatar. Its over, half a billion spent on jihadis for nothing, no ground gained. Just illegal kurdish incursions, but that will be sorted once the war is over.


Iraqi’s wont allow it either.


Yea, and you have an FSA flag in the background you bastards…


Yes that is weird and disturbing. What does it mean?


That they support FSA and ISIS(wow I know right? They buy their oil and kill them at the same time lol especially along the iraq/syria border. Kurds are backstabbers dude, seriously).Most likely will be fighting kurds later. But this will most likely not happen till after US/NATO support for them ceases(supporting the kurds was a obama idea, it is NOT US policy. Case in point: trump has only mentioned kurds once: “they are great fighters”) my own prediction is that once Raqqa has been liberated(?), Trump will declare victory over ISIS(like bush did on the carrier with the big banner that said “Mission Accomplished”) and pull out of syria/jordan possibly even iraq. Quatar has been hung out to dry. The pipeline crap that this was started over is dead, there is little reason for this to continue except to satisfy saudi genocide of the shias, which is starting to put a huge strain not only on its budget but on neighbors that are supposed to be “friends” as well. So either saudi has to roll over and give up as well or keep banging its head against the wall until it too gives up or runs out of money.

In the end, what does it mean?
Kurds are running on borrowed time. They don’t have anyone to permanently back them perpetually and they are surrounded by countries that don’t really want them there. But the funny part is that they think they are invincible and are scoring brownie points for fighting isis when everyone knows they support isis AND the fsa.

Wahid Algiers

FSA and SDF have the same paymasters, so that is “natural”….

Wahid Algiers

FSA and SDF have the same paymasters….

Real Anti-Racist Action

To correct the liars twisted words… It is Kurd’s who work jointly against Iranians and Turks and Iraqis and Syrians. Kurd’s have been blowing up car bombs against Iranians for dozens of years. Kurd’s only serve Zionist plots in the regions.

John Whitehot

those who serve “zionist” interests are the ones who try stirring things up at every occasion.


The liar. Like Zio Jews, he’s learned the art of atrocity propaganda.

‘most of the people of the area were convicted and their houses and properties were confiscated or killed through “secret operations”’

Turkish would kill those who resisted. It’s a war. SAA have been killed by the US when SAA confronts SDF. The SDF have no problem with Syrian Arabs being killed by Americans. What goes around comes around.

“Haji Ahmed accused Turkey of trying to impose military control over the region.” No kidding.
That’s what Turkey was invited to do by Assad. Why does he act so offended? Does he think that the Syrian Arabs and Turkish are going to lie around doing nothing while a foreign invader carves up their country and gives it to the Kurds? The same Kurds who have been carrying on terrorist actions on the Turkish for decades, using the funds from the US to keep up their insurgency?

The Arabs and Turkish people aren’t stupid. They know the Kurds are famous for being traitors. They work with outsiders to gain power. They cannot seize power on their own. They are too disorganized and not unified enough for that. So they rely on the colonizer. They would give up the nation they lived in and was treated well by to the colonizer. The Kurds are content to be puppets. They don’t care if the country gets sold out to foreigners. So long as they are on top of the heap.

Now the Turkish, Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians are united against the Kurds. The Kurds are having a pity party like usual.

They don’t tell people that the Kurdish are a mixed bag: some are fundamentalist Sunnis and carry out family honor killings and force the daughters to marry cousins, some want secular government and these come in a variety of flavors including socialist, capitalist.

And some Kurds are pro-Assad and don’t want to side with the US.

And exactly how were the Kurds repressed under Assad’s government? Assad treated them the same as any other people. He did not make any laws concerning Kurds as a separate group. Assad treated Palestinian refugees well too. He did not distinguish them from ordinary Syrians in the way they were treated.

They should not whine now and make up things, nor should they play the “freedom” and “democracy” game. Syria had elections and Assad won. The Kurds did not make a serious showing at all. No one wants to be ruled by them.

In many ways they are worse than ISIS. The Kurdish are hypocrites. They make up stories of abuse instead of telling the truth that Assad treated everyone in Syria well and protected their rights. They try and make out how “good” they are, and what victims they are. They cover up the truth about themselves. They try and gain power by relying on an outsider –– in other words, they betray the nation to others. At least the ISIS people fight their own battles; the Kurdish need the US. The US gives them everything: arms, money, air support, logistics, and training.

Atrocity propaganda and the weaponization of human rights: https://papermacheworld.wordpress.com/debunking-the-holocaust-II



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