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Jaysh Al-Izza Reportedly Killed Russian Service Members In Syria’s Idlib

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Jaysh Al-Izza Reportedly Killed Russian Service Members In Syria’s Idlib

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On November 20. Jaysh al-Izza claimed that it had killed a number of Russian service members who were operating near Kafar Roma in the southern countryside of Syria’s Idlib.

Fajir Ismail, head of the faction’s media office, told Enab Baladi that the Russian service members were targeted with a U.S.-made TOW anti-tank missile.

“After observing and monitoring regime forces, the Anti-Armour Regiment targeted a group of Russian personnel who were trying to build fortifications on the axis separating opposition and regime areas,” Ismail said, adding that the entire group was “killed.”

In a brief statement, Jaysh al-Izza said the attack was a response to the continued strikes by the regime and Russia on “civilians” in Greater Idlib.

Jaysh al-Izza, which lost most of its equipment and fighters in the last two years, has been trying to make a comeback for the last few months. The group is receiving support from its ally, the al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham that’s ruling over Greater Idlib.

Earlier this month, the group took a serious hit when a guided missile strike by the Syrian Arab Army killed and injured eight of its militants.

The claims of killing Russian service members are most likely a propaganda stunt by Jaysh al-Izza to amass support from local and possibly foreign backers. Up until 2017, the al-Qaeda-allied faction was backed by the U.S.


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Thank you America/CIA. For giving these Islamic Terrorists Tow missiles!!!

Lone Ranger

More fake news…


Reichtstream news:

Harry Smith

Shouldn’t it be reich instead of reicht?

Fog of War

Not in his confused , drug addled mind.


I’ll Await confirmation from official russian military as we know always reveal the loss of their brave: Until then there is no future in fascism,nor fake news not the lgbtq,nor incest spawned cia asswholes!


Like Kursk sub disaster when they refused foreign help until it was too late for the poor sailors.

Robert Ferrin

Thanks for the tip never knew there were subs out there in the desert,damn those Russians they sure do work miracles no wonder the West is so afraid of them, and run to the crapper every time they hear of them.!!!!


Thanks for your not so butthurt reply.


i would rather die than accept “help” from zionazis


Sure the corrupt Russian government asked the sailors families and they said let them die.


I don’t know if its true or not,but it wouldn’t surprise me after the SAA being held back in Idlib and a stupid ceasefire being in place allowing the turks and terrorists to get stronger in Idlib

He who laughs last laughs best

If they didn’t recover any body, how do they know that it was a russian soldier? The only way to know it’s if Russia confirms its death.


Propaganda. This is the only thing they have. Do you remember when they published some images of russian equipment, saying that they had killed a spetsnaz soldier? Yet no body was shown ( as they normally love to do ).

So it is bull****.


If it is true, these guys and their buddies and their buddies now have most likely now a Spetsnaz Gorelyh or Alpha, unit hunting them down until their death, Great Strategy!

Simon Ndiritu

Heads will roll!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Jaysh al-Izza are members of the Free Syrian Army [FSA] which is a part of the larger Syrian National Army [SNA]. Turkey directly supports both groups and they’re both aligned to the Turkish backed Syrian Interim Government [SIG]. Which means they’re actually the moderate opposition forces Russia included as legitimate political players in the new political process, and yet here they are boasting about the Russian soldiers they’ve possibly killed. Forgive me but if Russia keeps insisting these guys are moderate opposition they need their heads read. I keep pointing out that HTS, who weren’t included in the Astana agreements or resolution 2254, are acting more like moderate opposition than the real moderate opposition are, and since HTS controls 75%+ of the occupied territories and the SIG/moderate opposition only control 25%-, it makes more sense to do a deal with the designated terrorists than it does to do a deal with the moderate opposition. SF should just start calling them the moderate opposition again, they used to before the march agreement between Turkey and Russia was signed, but now all SF ever says is a group linked to HTS, and in most cases the group they link with HTS are in fact fighting against HTS. But this group isn’t linked to HTS, they’re actually the moderate opposition that Turkey, Iran, and Russia all say must be included in the political process, the Astana agreements and resolution 2254. And yet Russia keeps insisting the political process is still on track, that’s why SF never calls them the moderate opposition and insists they’re somehow affiliated to or allied to HTS [and in 99.9% of cases they’re not], they don’t want you to know these guys are the moderate opposition, and they also don’t want you to know these are some of the people RUSSIA POLITCALLY SUPPORTS. And Putin wants Assad to accept these dickheads when resolution 2254 is implemented, but Assad doesn’t want to, he’s stalling the process for as long as he can, unlike the Russians Assad can tell the difference between moderate opposition forces and terrorists, and he doesn’t want them included at all, he just wants to shoot them all, and I think Assad’s right.


There are no moderate rebels,never have been,even if they don’t behead people they are allied with those who do,its like saying in WW2 the SS were the extremists and the Wehrmacht were the moderates its a joke.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You know it, I know it, and Assad knows it, but Russia doesn’t know it yet, they’re the ones who call these terrorists asswipes moderate opposition forces and keep insisting they’re included in a political settlement. So if you want things to change you have to do what I do, criticise Russia for calling them moderate opposition forces. Your comment hasn’t quite done that, you’ve just agreed with me and said they’re really terrorists, but you haven’t criticised Russia for calling them moderate opposition and including them in the political settlement. That’s what you should be doing, telling the Russians they’re making a big mistake, and say it on SF forums where the Russians will see what you say, and maybe even reconsider their illogical stance. There are real moderate opposition groups in Syria believe it or not, and Asad already has working agreements with many of them, but the people Russia designate to be moderate opposition most definitely aren’t moderate at all, AND ASSAD HAS NEVER DONE A DEAL WITH ANY OF THEM, NEVER, NOT ONCE.


Yes you are correct,only reason i can think of is Russia is playing a very smart game with a good outcome,i am willing to admit i could be wrong,way i see it anyone who took up arms against the state is not moderate.


Probably fake, wait a few days for an official Russian reaction. Usually they acknowledge loses. Most likely they’re just trying to gain some street cred back after getting hammered recently.

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