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Jaysh al-Islam To Release 3,500 Captives Under Agreement With Damascus


Jaysh al-Islam To Release 3,500 Captives Under Agreement With Damascus

Jaysh al-Islam leader, Issam Buydani during a battle against the Syrian Arab Army, Illustrative image

On March 23, Jaysh al-Islam agreed to release more than 3,500 captives from its prisons in the Duma district in the northern part of the Eastern Ghouta region following successful negotiations with the Damascus government, according to several Syrian pro-government sources.

Under the same agreement, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will evacuate more than 3,000 injured and sick civilians from the Duma district.

Jaysh al-Islam has captured thousands of SAA soldiers and civilians, including entire families, since late 2011. The armed group imprisoned these soldiers and civilians in a large concentration camp in the Duma district, that’s known as the “al-Tuba prison”.

Hundreds of families, mainly from minority groups, were captured by Jaysh al-Islam during a single attack on the civilian area of Adra southeast of Duma on December 11, 2013.

This agreement will likely be followed by a full evacuation agreement that would force Jaysh al-Islam fighters to withdraw from their remaining positions in Eastern Ghouta to another opposition-held area, most likely the northern governorate of Idlib.

Earlier, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its main ally, Faylaq al-Rahman, agreed to withdraw from the Eastern Ghouta region to Idlib governorate.



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  • Michał Hunicz

    If this is true, Eastern Ghouta will be under government’s control before April.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      Honestly, the sooner the better.. The good guys will definitely uncover a lot of the real atrocities that those bastards were doing against the civilians in east Ghouta…. And hopefully they will show the world the real truth about how truly evil these “terrorists” are….

      • jerry hamilton

        They will have a tough time with that one.
        They are still struggling to get the truth out about WW2.

      • FlorianGeyer

        But still the Western Media will be silent.

  • 3500 civilians held by the Orcs in concentration camps? This cannot be true. UN, SOHR, MSF, BBC, CNN have all said nothing. …Seriously though photographers need to document the condition and the statements of the concentration camp victims.

    • Potato Potato

      But but muh sedanya!

    • Xanatos

      It’s true, been on YouTube for years. You’ll see video of these militants putting civilians in cages and trucking them around to artillery batteries to use as human shields. Most of the hostages are alawite or shia, some are Christian.

      • Sorry. I thought my sarcasm was so plain as to not need the required :-/

        • hamster

          Many people on this site do not have any understanding of sarcasm or humor. You have to literally spell everything out for them. It’s kind of sad and pathetic.

          Instead, the “funniest” thing people can come up with is some dry humor garbage like saying “ErDOGan” or “IsraHELL”. It just shows that even when many commenters are perhaps 90% correct and somewhat well informed on a particular issue, their overall intellectual development is woefully inadequate.

          I dont think people like Xanatos realize how cringeworthy their responses are. Like how do you not fucking see the sarcasm?

          I bet their personal lives are so lonely and pathetic.

          • Then too many commenters here are not speaking English as a first language, so it is as you say necessary to spell things out.

    • FlorianGeyer

      I would think that the prisoners were used to dig tunnels etc, otherwise they would have been murdered.

  • northerntruthseeker .

    So let me get this straight… This fraud “terrorist” group was able to operate a full blown “concentration camp” in the northern pocket in eastern Ghouta all this time and the Jew spew media never even bothered to discuss this atrocity?

    Why am I not surprised? American concentration camps are taboo to talk about obviously, while the liars in our governments continue to squawk about Assad’s non-existent “chemical weapons” as well as the phantom “atrocities” supposedly being carried out by the SAA….

    It does show clearly who the real criminals are and always have been…

    • Jone Liu

      65+ million people of all religions and races died in world war 2, but the only reason WW2 is seen as horrible because less than 6 million Jews were killed. Imagine the ego Jews have to think their lives are more important than the lives of our ancestors who suffered over 10x the casualties.

      • @Inc2Get

        Please dude, don’t believe the “6” million jews dead. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against jews nor have anythign against their religion but the 6 million number is bullcrap. After WW2, powerful families of all religions, especially christians, agreed with rockefellers and Rotchild family to establish Israel and this would be done by over exaggerating the facts and stats. I don’t deny the holocaust but many facts are false. One other thing that strikes me odd is the very fact that powerful Jewish families supported Hitler and were granted “Visum” and worked closely with the Nazis. Seems like these families didn’t care about jews but rather control and money.

        • Rosie

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      • Superfly

        Is that Hollywood version of history?

      • Vitex

        http://www.pauleisen.com nothing is more authentic than a jewish holocaust denier (a brave man too)

    • Justin

      one could argue that they were POW’s! Not a concentration camp! I doubt they were being forced to do slave labour! when comparing this to what ISIS does, its not seen so badly! At least these people are alive. Let’s be real here, SAA had POW’s too!
      How these prisoners were treated I do not know! But we can say they were fed obviously!
      Im a supporter of the SAA and Russia, but I got to call out bias when I see it! This website (along with Al-masdar) feeds us info and its the first time in 4 years that I have read about this prisoner camp! So if this website was not reporting on it, how can we expect the MSM to report on it?
      Just saying!

  • Joe

    Well he is from ISIS people Assad tried to kill yet France sanctions Assad.

    Reap what you sowed

  • Rob

    The final phase of operation in Eastern Ghouta has begun. After East Ghouta the next number is of South Damascus, then Dumayr, then Qalamoon and Homs pockets. Washington have occupied the Syrian land by force as they have occupied Ukraine.

  • Serious

    The west is making false flags ISIS attacks in the west to stay in Syria
    claiming that they need to occupy Syria to fight “sleeping ISIS cells”.

    So, to expell USA from Syria, you must destroy the fucking stupid useful idiot sunnis, destroy ISIS and say that the west has created ISIS to occupy Syria.

    Once said, you bomb ALL the terrorists (the sunnis and the westerners).

    • jorge

      The bigest part of the Syrian population is sunni.

  • Rob

    Russia has the right to target any illegal occupation of foreign powers on Syrian land.

  • BMWA1

    The 3500: AKA human shields and hostages.

  • JP Moreau

    Grandiose ce geste ! voilà où se trouve la clé de la future paix en Syrie

  • Hrky75

    I see Nikky Haley with a blown up photos of concentration camp inmates in her hands and fighting tears strongly condemning Wahhabi terrorist atrocities against Syrian civilians in the UNSC…Or not…

  • velociraptor
    • Serious

      kurds, sunnis and europeans have nothing to say. USA talks for them.
      That’s the disadvantage of being a puppet : you can’t talk.

      • jorge

        I repeat, the most part of the Syrian Arab Army is sunni.

  • Redadmiral

    3,500+ concentration camp victims some held for over 6 years. I can hardly imagine how horrific that experience must have been for those poor people. Some must have died there from malnourishment and other related camp lockdown conditions. Jaish al Islam is a spin-off of the Islamic Brotherhood as are the other factions in Ghouta all are supported financially and militarily by Saudi, Qatar, Turki and of course the main Zionist players the Yankis and Izzis. Russia will no doubt bring this up in the UN very soon, Yanki denial is a forgone conclusion, their lies will make for interesting listening, delivered by their Indian Princess.

  • antoun

    excellentes news!! good good good!!!!

  • Shuja Pasha

    While the number of prisoners is in a couple hundred at maximum (not the exagerrated 3,500) they should definitely be released. The Syrian Army already got the majority of the civilians from Adra out, about 6000 in total.

    The majority of the prisoners are Christians.

    • Shuja Pasha

      also Druze.

  • Superfly

    It may be a good idea for the headchopper terrorist cowards to buy weekly bus passes from the government since they move around so much.

  • Fülöp Kiss

    VIVA SAA ! (from Hungary)

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    It will be beter if if Russia start working closely with Turkey’s terrorist and abandoned USA supported terrorist.It will also give opportunity to Russia to reconcile with Russian territorial threat terrorist.Then this war will end quickly USA back terrorists will be suppress to the extreme that their will abandoned USA terrorism.

    Anyway both Syria and Russia will have to live with Turkey back terrorist in their respective countries.Russia must also stop that biased attitude by saying it will only attack if their soldiers life come under USA military threat.Because it gives a clear signal to USA to attack Syrian forces by avoiding hit Russian soldiers.Russia must say if Russian or Syrian forces comes under attack then Russia will retaliate immediately.Putin must stop buying Trump big face include long face Stoldenber,Flat head Macron and long teeth may including pork face Boris Johnson.