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Jaysh al-Islam Shells Damascus With Heavy Rockets. Russian Warplanes Respond (Video, Photos)

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On February 23, a heavy rocket launched by Jaysh al-Islam hit civilian buildings in the Rukn al-Din district in the northern part of the Syrian capital Damascus, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that one civilian had been killed and fifteen others had been injured in the rocket attack.

Jaysh al-Islam likely targeted the Rukn al-Din district with a Syrian-made Maysalun unguided artillery rocket. The rocket is a copy of the Iranian Zelzal-2 rocket. Maysalun has a range of 210km and a heavy high explosive (HE) warhead.

Jaysh al-Islam captured several Maysalun rockets from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the Eastern Qalamun region during 2013. These rockets are still stationed in Jaysh al-Islam’s ammo depots in the Petra quarries in the northern part of the besieged Eastern Qalamun pocket, according to Syrian pro-government activists.

Lieutenant Colonel Ali Abdulbagi, Jaysh al-Islam’s Chief of the Staff, posted photos of Jaysh al-Islam’s Maysalun rockets via its official Twitter account on February 22 and openly threatened to use them. The official account of Jaysh al-Islam even retweeted Lt. Col. Abdulbagi threat.

In response to the rocket attack, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted pinpoints airstrikes against several ammo depots of Jaysh al-Islam the Eastern Qalamun pocket, according to Syrian pro-government activists.

Jaysh al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman, the Ahrar al-Sham Movement and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) have shelled the city of Damascus on a daily basis over the last two weeks. According to SANA, four civilians were killed and eighty-eight others were injured in the armed groups shelling during the last 48 hours only.

Aftermath of the Jaysh al-Islam rocket attack on the Rukn al-Din district:

Jaysh al-Islam Shells Damascus With Heavy Rockets. Russian Warplanes Respond (Video, Photos)

By Damascus Now, click to see the full-size image

Jaysh al-Islam Shells Damascus With Heavy Rockets. Russian Warplanes Respond (Video, Photos)

By Damascus Now, click to see the full-size image

Jaysh al-Islam Shells Damascus With Heavy Rockets. Russian Warplanes Respond (Video, Photos)

By Damascus Now, click to see the full-size image

Jaysh al-Islam Shells Damascus With Heavy Rockets. Russian Warplanes Respond (Video, Photos)

By Damascus Now, click to see the full-size image

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kill all terrorists from east goutha!!!

Bjorn Metaal

Be realistic they’re tunneled in meters underground.


Thanks to ceasefires.

Of course, let’s make ceasefires so that FSA have plenty of times to build tunnels and store ammos !!! XD. It’s a win !!! It’s a win !!! XD.

Piotr Rokosz

And these ceasefires were backed by Russia. Interesting. Russia helps terrorists? Ceasefire is good only for terrorists! Stop with deescalations. Terrorist must been defeated!


-Just like Aleppo, should work as well too.

Bjorn Metaal

After Damascus were coming to Daraa. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b5c33a54ca9b384391ce335b1b0090bccaf4c56ac39c807f5671358612c53159.png


After that, people don’t want me to say that sunnis are stupid. Yes, sunnis are the stupidest people on Earth. They target civilians (sunnis, christians, shias or buddhists). They don’t care because like I have said so many times, sunnis want nothing but power. And once they have power, they do nothing but terrorizing their own citizen.


If you keep maligning ALL Sunnis like this , we will come to the conclusion that you are a Sunni Serious :)

Langaniso Mhlobo

Like All Saudi Sunni kings.Their love money Just like their father the devil.Hariri has been stripped from all moneys.

Proud White Kuffar

Please god give strenght to SAA to let them take over Ghouta so Damascus wont have any shellings anymore its so sad


The west is helping you Syrians. Make a ceasefire in east Ghoutha so that FSA throw rockets to Damascus and kill civilians and destroy houses.

Did you see ??? The west is helping you and the member of muslim brotherhood Trump and her daughter also !!! XD.


Let us hope that victory for the SAA in Ghouta will be swift.

The Western Media are in full manic panic mode now . Even Frau Merkel has been told to parrot the US State Dept ‘Talking Point’ of ‘ hospitals being bombed ( for the 100th time :) and babies being thrown from incubators and other such nonsense.

Where were all the Western Bleeding Hearts when 90% of Raqqa was demolished by the US Military and also when Mosul was destroyed ? The bodies of civilians and terrorists alike in Raqqa and Mosul are many months later being dug out of the rubble. Most will never receive a proper burial.

There must be some very embarrassing terrorist data and intelligence assets in Ghouta for the current hysteria.


Yes and Saddam Hussein was killing babies in incubators. XD.

You must just heard about the narrative to see that it’s a pure propagenda. “hospital”, “children”, “extermination”, ….. As if Assad want to kill his own people because he likes that and he will target chiuldren because he is a psycho maniac. XD.

No ceasefire. Go. Clean the area. Finish off with this BS.


Yes, the ‘Nurse’ in Kuwait who said she saw the babies being tipped out of incubators was in fact the daughter of a high ranking Kuwaiti family who had never been trained as a nurse and was not anywhere near :)

Typical US propaganda that the Western audience mostly believed.


Agreed no ceasefire …. but allow safe passage for civilians . That is the best .

As long as your ‘friends’ are not allowed to leave and let them face the music is good. You guys repeat the same old thing … and yes “hospital” was used recently …but now no “last” .. Maybe second last so that they can use the other one for “last”

Just what kind of people are you even to think Assad the great loves to kill his own people when he is about the tamest leader who keeps silent most of the time in spite of countries grabbing his land and shouting it has the right to stay illegally.

Btw …western media even gave up reporting Assad is a butcher, love to kill his people etc but you still parroting it . Shame on you..


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Xamza Yasser

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d6116345533353eee60d736bcd668a8e429867d252dd4f41c130e668596de13.jpg SAA dropped leaflets

AM Hants

Do you remember Aleppo, when they were losing and tried the cease fire? Then the false flag, with regards the Aid Convoy, with the US Drone and usual suspects running the script? Again, they are losing so many mercenaries of the US and allies, that they are trying to get the same script running near Damascus. It gets so boring and in the meantime, they use the time to restock and supply the CIA funded terrorists.

Muriel Kuri

Good point. I hope Russia bombs the sh.t out of them once and for all. Take no prisoners, and Syria, don’t allow them to be reconciled, like you usually do! These A-holes need to die.


“There must be some very embarrassing terrorist data and intelligence assets in Ghouta for the current hysteria.”



Just like there was in Aleppo.


That area has been “safe” haven for so long and there must be many “foreign” aka western operatives in there. Otherwise western media would not be reacting so quickly and even UN involved all of a sudden to call for 30 days (long time) ceasefire for just addressing the civilian issues. That should have been tackled even before the current massive assault by Assad’s forces


And a few western intelligence officers ans western special troops.


That would be the Icing on the Cake and this time , interrogate them and then parade the to the world with all their equipment.

The mass hysteria in the West about Ghouta mimic’s that of Aleppo where as you rightly say, two control bunkers with about 174 US Coalition specialists were hiding, including some Dutch mortar specialists.

And as if by magic a newly arrived Russian Field hospital was VERY accurately mortared and some Russian nurses killed. So accurately with 1st round hits that it could have been a satellite guided round.


Dutch?!?! My god, there’s people that never learn! Those guys said bye bye to the hegemon dream at the start of the 19th century…and now they serve the actually next hegemon dreamer (to say bye bye) as mortar “servents”! The Icing on the Cake would be nice, but, as a good comando, I will never would change even a team (5 men) of my own for all that imperialist scum. Lets bargain, because all them together don’t worth 5 men of the Tiger forces, and there’s the problem of the civilians, so, lets make business (war is also like that).


Now that their Western supported last proxies are about to be destroyed they are now using UN to talking 30 days peace for humanitarian reasons whatever. They are deaf and silent including UN when it comes to civilians deaths in Assad’s areas as though they liked it.

Yes, you can see all the main stream media suddenly reported the same thing… many civilian dead and not even once talked about jihadists deads among them. All in clock work precision.

Civilians can be saved by just their proxies allowing them to leave but would not and talk about 30 days ceasefire so they can rearm.

Russia should not give in …. finish the job or daily rocket fire comes and cause more deaths among Assad’s areas. Meanwhile safe passage zones are provided and if the rebels refuse to allow civilians to leave yet they want to talk about ceasefire …


You may enjoy reading this Joe. I did. Nothing is really new in this world with regard to human duplicity.


Jaime Galarza

These fake stories come from a very old tradition in the west. During WWI, for example, the British spread the perverse rumor that the Germans were being impaled with German’s helmets’ spikes. The US was at that time very expert in this kind of propaganda. USS Maine.


Winston Churchill actually apologised to the German people in 1922 that the propaganda about Belgian babies and rendering dead German soldiers to make soap during WW1 was a LIE .



“In wartime, failure of a lie is negligence, the doubting of a lie a misdemeanour, the declaration of the truth a crime.” A good deal depends on the quality of the lie. You must have intellectual lies for intellectual people and crude lies for popular consumption, but if your popular lies are too blatant and your more intellectual section are shocked and see through them, they may (and indeed they did) begin to be suspicious as to whether they were not being hoodwinked too. Nevertheless, the inmates of colleges are just as credulous as the inmates of the slums.” “

AM Hants

I was flicking through the Daily Mail, and they are fully upto speed running the latest White Helmets script. Now who funds the White Helmets and why are they desperate to get the natural resources of Syria?



Do they seriously believe that we have forgotten what the Iraq War was based on and how the same crowd are running the same script in Syria?


” Do they seriously believe that we have forgotten what the Iraq War was based on ”

I think our leaders actually do think we have forgotten and wihthout the current ability to share opinions worldwide in seconds ‘we’would probably have forgotten, or at the very least been ‘speaking into the wind.

I was shocked to see the Jo Cox fund donating to the White Helmets.

For all those from the world that have not ever heard of Jo Cox, I enclose a link.


She was a Member of Parliament who was murdered by a mentally ill man. Nothing connected to Syria.

AM Hants

With regards the Jo Cox fund, when I saw the Vanessa Beeley article, which the image came from, I could not understand why, within weeks of her death, the Foundation had made a contribution to The White Helmets.

It was even funnier, because the day before she died, her husband and young sons were in a RHIB, on the Thames, supporting Geldof as he insulted the UK Fishermen. Staged for the media, but, it backfired. Then did they need to change the headlines, or am I being cynical? The MSM were up and running with the story, within seconds of it happening, with the ‘pay to play’ crowd, ready and assembled to provide a quote or tweet.

Then it made sense, when you saw who her husband worked for. Wasn’t he an adviser to Brown, besides the charities? Don’t the charities do well out of war, as Common Purpose and the Bell Pottinger crowd come to mind.

Bob Geldof hates British fishermen says Nigel Farage… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQs8E0juBUs

‘…My friend Bob Geldof was fortunate to know Jo and her family, with her husband and two children alongside him on the Thames flotilla earlier this week. As Bob told me: “If you knew her, you know she absolutely would want to make her pointless death into something useful…” https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/remembering-jo-cox


Our whole system is in the bright lights now, due to the internet really. That’s what they fear.

I enclose a link that may interest you AM.

“FALSEHOOD IN WAR-TIME by Arthur Ponsonby MP 1929 ”


AM Hants

Thanks I have started reading the article and owing to the length, have bookmarked it for slow reading. Must admit, to enjoying the interesting read and it sums it up perfectly. Just cannot get my head around the cunning of politicians, owing to the evil they have subjected us to and for what?

Richard M

The Qalamun Orcs have been enjoying a cease fire for some time now. They have invalidated the agreement. Time they paid the price of their treachery!


A Neo-nazi posting on here as if his Syrian or cares about Syria. Clean your lands and concentrate on that. Take care of you stuff rather then mingling with other peoples stuff..

The Neo-nazis are the worst enemy to humanity period

Richard M

My Avatar looks like a Syrian to you, Tool? My grammar and syntax seem like someone whose 1st language isn’t English. Try again, Loser. As for USG ceasing their aggression against Syria, I agree completely.


Star Trek is neo-nazi?????


Yep… I’m not sure about Kirk, but Picard a skinhead :D


I’ve come to take Uhura prisoner XD. Well I would’ve done 30 years ago.

Richard M

Heil Spock! :D

Promitheas Apollonious

labeling people is like looking your self in the mirror and accuse every one else of what you are kid. What are you a crypto-jew? Only them labeling every one else nazi, trying to hide their real identity.

Ariel Cohen

Did you get your name from Mount Zion shlomo?


If the west is worried about syrians, why don’t stop the war ????

If the west is worried about Syria, why don’t give back golan height to Syria ???

If the Trump daughter is worried about arab children, why don’t bomb the israeli army ????

As if the west gave a f… about arabs.

Promitheas Apollonious

the way you post is like west give a f*ck about any one. And when I say west I mean the governments and not their tax slaves.


The problem is that arabs seem to think that the west give a f… about them. XD. That’s what make me so laugh everytime.

Why are all these “opposition” groups with the west ? What the west did for them instead of killing them, playing against them ? Just tell me what the west did for Syria except cutting their country into pieces ?

Promitheas Apollonious

I think you missed the major point of this war. Like globalization (NWO), and the rest. I dont think many arabs think the west or the east care for them. Since the only experience, they have from both is death and destruction, while they fighting with their proxies whose the leader of this world and who controls what will make him the leader. Energy – Food and Water.

of course the arabs who pay the price are so busy killing each other and trying to stay alive I don’t think they care much to analyze what most of us do right now and discussing them among us. You understand better their mental state when this war come to your doorstep. because soon it will no matter what geographical location you live.


Just explain to me why these groups stand with USA which try to destroy Syria since 1940 ? Just explain me that.

Why are all these people with their ex-colonizers ?

For me, it’s just unbelievable.

Promitheas Apollonious

if you tell me which groups you referring to and I know i will gladly explain to you to the best of my knowledge.


Why is FSA with USA and the west ? We did see this stupid group in Paris just like we did see the “rebel libyan” group in Paris.

Why these stupid sunnis never tell something about the inside job 9/11 ? About ISIS BS ?

All these sunnis seem to have newspapers and media only to criticize their leaders because they don’t build processor !!!! Of course you don’t build processors. Can a stupid people build processors ??? XD.

Promitheas Apollonious

obviously because they are traitors of their country if indeed they are syrians. But like in all civil wars or religious ones is always many sides other wise wars will be very hard to happen the why is never answered. And if it is is very rare to be the right answer.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Very good points.Bloody terrorist USA and NATO with puppet Israel.First kill their terrorist and after liberation cease-fire. Don’t listen to USA and puppets UN proposal.


Or how about a *humanitarian* surrender of these so called “rebels?” Is it the US position that they have some sort of chance? If surrender isn’t on the table, then it stands to reason that some unnamed countries believe these creeps have a chance at winning. Russia should confront the coalition/UN with this.

Joe Doe

I am not sure if long heavy bombing will have desirable effect on front line in east goutha, as those terrorist hiding deep in tunnels and undergrounds. Maybe SAA should start offensive and have sweeper units go right after storming units and look for tunnels and pump natural gas in to those tunnels


Thats why they have a new Airplane that will detecte rockets fired with the lokation ect. I think russia and allies do know they have heavy rockets and need to eliminate them fast.


Water would force them up, even a jihadist doesn’t want to drown.

Richard M

Watch the Western “Free” Press cover this event on page 57 C.

Langaniso Mhlobo

This is the terrorist which USA Nato and Turkey/Israel supports.Their dont want peace but destruction as promised by their masters to sabotage and destroy.

Joe Doe

Urban warfare you have to use the same tactics, as you try rid of it the rats.


Unarmed civilians – “”under brutal siege by the government that hasn’t really anything better to do then killing their own people”” – launching ballistic missiles on civilian targets….Wanna bet that Nikki Haley will have their balls during next UNSC session?


Nikki Haley care about Syrians just like the other american whore said “It’s worth killing 500000 iraqi children to topple Saddam Hussein”.

I still don’t understand why Syrians and Iraqis didn’t expell westerners yet.


..because the west is very proficient at divide and conquer game – they invented it and they keep improving it for 2.000 years….


Yes this is the Sad Truth.


There are objective reasons for loosing. The objective reasons for arabs to loose is that arabs are traitors. You always can find an arab traitor. They are plenty.

Of course, when you say that, people will say “you are racist, blah blah blah”. And more often, west anti-racist groups forbid you to say that, so that they can use these stupid arabs. Fake aid.


The sad historic truth is that Middle Eastern people in general and Arabs in particular prefer sticking it to their neighbors much more that fighting their enemies…


They trust too much the west and they forget. It’s like a british guy who sell iraqi police fake bomb detectors.

People underestimate the evil of people. Also, most people lie.


They are tribal, loyal to the tribe, but in the countries that Britain and France created at the end of WWII there are many tribes. Libya also had many tribes, but Gaddafi worked with them. The US had to import fighters, some from Gitmo, to kill Gaddafi.


You can always buy some people. The Saudis are using Columbian mercs in Yemen.

Derek Leisure

the deeply evil and intelligent globalists have played the sunni/shia differences like a beautiful sitar…absolutely divide and conquer with this wedge…one commenter here wants to continue to beat this wedge deeper for them…the sunni/shia will have to decide who their enemy really is…and take care of it themselves….forget the US petro dollar…it doesnt have long to live anyway…clear your countries of ALL invaders…


Like you said the globalists are as intelligent as evil. They played the sunni/shia war. that’s why they toppled Saddam Hussein. They also play the kurd/arab war. Also the christians/muslims war.

So, if you want to do something about it, you must first tell it so that these stupid sunnis stop kill everybody and start to understand that they are f….ing useful idiots. I don’t know how to do except telling it. Or maybe, you will tell them by “helping” them like the west do “Oh sunnis are nice people. Don’t touch our useful idiots”. XD

Same for arab/kurds war. Give a f…ing land north east syria for kurds so that you can stop their plan to use the arab/kurd issue.

But, when you say that, people say “you are a zionist”. XD. So, they keep loosing but they say they win. XD.


The secret is education, that’s why Israel bombs universities and assassinates professors.


If you really want to disarm the Americans, and their minions, buy gold or silver. Destroy the value of their paper money and they are nothing. If the whole world would buy gold like they buy BitCoin the empire could not afford to kill.

danjuma musa

It will do them no good to expel westerners. in fact it will only add to their suffering I believe. I am not American, but I understand that majority of Americans don’t like this mass suffering in the Middle East and other parts of the world, caused by their government. The American government has such a grip on their people that it will take a miracle for the people to wriggle free. They tell lies to their people and hide their actions overseas. Apart from Russia and other nuclear powers, the most potent weapon against American(government) aggression is the Americans themselves. Only they can stop their government. Some are actually striving to do so now though with limited success. If you want to keep the American government at bay, be nuclear armed and posses a second-strike capability. Nukes scare the life out of them! As for Syrians and other countries being oppressed, I suggest they welcome the friendly westerners and try to lobby for their support against their government by provoking a domestic resistance against the war. Short of this it appears only the Russians can bring about a forcible exit of the American government in Syria.


Madeleine Albright : “500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it””.

Here your friends. If you like them deal with them and be ready to be exterminated.

I don’t like to spend too much time explaining obvious things to stupid people who like their ennemis.

leon mc pilibin

The only provable scumbags to deliberately target hospitals were you guessed it ,,the satanic israhelli regime in their operations against Gaza.They even bombed UN schools and shelters,ambulances,first responders.The silence from the western zionist media was deafening.Of course israhell was only defending itself from terrorists,dressed in womens clothes, and looking like children,especially ones playing football on the beach..They should shut down the UN,because its only a zionist talking shop.

Promitheas Apollonious

and what about the americans in afghanistan? They have bombed hospitals – funerals and weddings. Let us not forget the war criminals of this earth.


In general, the west tactic is to say that their ennemis are doing what the west is really doing.

For eg, the west say “Gadafi is killing his people so that the west go and kill Libyans”. “Sadam Hussein is killing his people so that “500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it””. “Ben Laden did 9/11 so that USA did 9/11”. “The west fight against terroristm so that nobody can say that the west support terrorism”. “Assad is killing his people so that the west can kill Syrians”.

It’s always like that. It’s reverse accusation.


Double think, insofar as; the general public of the propaganda saturated west can hold contradictory beliefs at the same time without being aware of their contradiction


It’s the shock theory. That’s why when they do a false flag attack, it’s always the same modus operandi. They must shock people so that people don’t think rationnaly. The one who will not buy it will be called terrorist supporter and brutally silent.

Also, when they want to invade a country, it’s also the same modus operandi. They shock people with extermination of the population and large bombings. Also, I noticed that change flags of the country and they celebrate the “revolution against dictatorship regime” every year so that people never think. BBC told that Libyan were celebrated anniversary of the “libyan revolution” a week ago. XD.

Shy Talk

how do “pro opposition activists” always have a camera pointing in the exact place bombs land https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/russian-air-force-unleashes-powerful-assault-northern-hama-video-2/


Early in the war, CNN got terrorists to blow up a pipeline for their cameras. So the western media does seem to control the terrorists?


But in White Helmets videos you never ever see planes and verifiable locations, just plenty of dust and rubble. 99% of the pro-opposition media is bogus.

Mohammed Asim

The fact remains that no western media or let’s say any media outlet reports about attacks on Damascus but when a single bullet is fired on eastern ghouta they bring white helmets, news about children’s dying mother crying, hospital bombarded and at last un resolutions and shittty cease fire agreement

Go Russia, Syria bomb those terrorist !!!


Exactly, there is no free press in the west, it is all government propaganda. The leaders of the propaganda charge, the NYT, CNN, The Guardian etc, are all owned by Israelis?


Rothschild proxies own the media in the West.

Amine Mansouri

let assad taste its own medicine

Roddy Wehrmacht

Lol asshole

Feudalism Victory

Shows that theyre worried they had to use them or lose them. Firing the missles for no military gain for dubious value shows this. Presumably they held for 5 years to aid an offensive out of there is my guess. Its not like they can get more is it?

leon mc pilibin

Wipe the Isis Zionist puppets out as fast as possible.The Zionists are hopping mad that their key terrorists right in the hearth of Damascus are going to be annihilated. They even said that they might take military action against Syria.they are truely desperate and mad people in positions of power in jewSA.



Mass Shooting Survivor Says CNN Censored, Rewrote Questions for Town Hall


Just in case you didnt know which is the biggest fake news network…CNN …

Shooting survivor Colton Haab, who literally laid two people to rest after a shooter gunned down 14 students and three faculty members at his high school, explained to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that a CNN producer “actually wrote the question for me,” for the town hall.

Carlson asked if CNN’s actions seemed dishonest, to which Haab replied, “It definitely did. That’s kind of why I didn’t go last night. Originally, I had thought that it was going to be more of my own question, my own say, but it turned out to be more of just a script. She [the producer] actually said that over the phone that I needed to stick to the script.”

In other words, CNN allegedly gave mass shooting survivors the network’s own questions instead of letting the survivors ask their elected officials about their genuine concerns.

The event was moderated by Jake Tapper and featured parents and students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Senators Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) and National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch.


Damascus looks like a nice well run city from the pictures.


how can they hide such huge weapons?Russia should have UAVs 24/7 over the fronts…..armed ones….hunting opportunity targets…..

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