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JUNE 2021

Jaysh al-Islam Political Leader Denies That Evacuation Agreement Is Reached In Duma

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Jaysh al-Islam Political Leader Denies That Evacuation Agreement Is Reached In Duma

Fighter of Jaysh al-Islam around Duma district, Illustrative image

Political leader of Jaysh al-Islam Mohamad Alloush denied that his group had reached an agreement with the Damascus government to evacuate its fighters from Duma district in the northern part of the Eastern Ghouta pocket to the northern city of Jarabulus, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported on April 1.

However, Alloush told Enab Baladi that an agreement had been reached to extend the ceasefire in the Duma district and to allow more injured and sick civilians to leave the city.

Earlier, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that Jaysh al-Islam had agreed to withdraw from Duma to the city of Jarabulus and to release all the captives from its prisons. The Hezbollah media wing in Syria also said that a local council of the Syrian opposition in Duma will be allowed to stay in and manage the district.

Meanwhile, Syrian pro-government sources revealed that the militants who had been evacuated from Duma district earlier were in fact fighters of Faylaq al-Rahman who had withdrawn to Duma after losing their positions in the southern part of the Eastern Ghouta region. The evacuation of these militants was conducted in the framework of the previous agreement with Faylaq al-Rahman. This also indicates that no new deal was reached.

On March 31, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) gave Jaysh al-Islam 48 hours to accept an evacuation agreement or a military operation will begin in Duma. Now with the 48 hours almost over, the situation in Duma remains as complicated as before.

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Zainab Ali

pathetic liars like their zio masters


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David Pryce

Maybe that tosser won’t be there when people start dying that didn’t have too
A political leader is elected first and puts the people before him always
Enough blood has been lost for God’s sake


The last I heard, he was in a nice hotel in London I think. All paid for by the EU.

Acko Manah

Good keep him away so peace may emerge without him to poison it


Okay time to wipe them out.


..you either walk out or are carried out – feet first… and i bet most of SAA, Syrian people and the world public in general would really like you choose the “B” option…

Deo Cass

What! Illegal anti-government local council of terrorists managing a whole Damscus district! This is unacceptable and it would be really stupid for Russia to have come up with such a solution for Douma.


Under common sense, it is better for the lives of these foreigners to accept reconciliation for their own families and loved one that waiting all the time and looking the routes for returning back home to see them alive. These fighters should take care of their own families instead to die for nothing. If they return home alive to their own families and to their own loved one then this is called success and if they die for nothing then this will be called total failure and lose.

Acko Manah

Rob: head choppers don’t have sense or they wouldn’t be head choppers


This would be a very badluck for terrorists in Douma pocket when there is no time left for negotiation agreement and all SAA and their allies storm it from all four directions.


Sağduyulu olarak, bu yabancıların hayatlarının kendi aileleri için uzlaşmayı kabul etmesi ve her zaman beklemek ve onları canlı görmek için eve dönme yollarını aramaktan çok sevmesi daha iyidir. Bu savaşçılar, hiçbir şey için ölmek yerine kendi ailelerine bakmalılar. Eğer evlerini kendi ailelerine ve sevdiklerine geri döndürürlerse, buna başarı denir ve eğer hiçbir şey için ölmezlerse, buna toplam başarısızlık denir ve kaybedilir.

تحت المنطق ، من الأفضل لحياة هؤلاء الأجانب أن يقبلوا المصالحة لعائلاتهم ويحبوا أن ينتظر كل الوقت ويبحث عن طرق العودة إلى الوطن لرؤيتهم على قيد الحياة. يجب على هؤلاء المقاتلين الاعتناء بعائلاتهم بدلاً من الموت من أجل لا شيء. إذا عادوا إلى بيوتهم على قيد الحياة لأسرهم وأحبائهم ، فإن هذا ما يسمى بالنجاح ، وإذا ماتوا من أجل لا شيء ، فسيُطلق على هذا الفشل الكلي ويخسر.

Tom Tom

CIA’den Yahudiler için savaşmayı kabul ettikten sonra, bu Yahudi kölelerin Yahudi köleleri olmaya devam etmekten ziyade evlerine gitmesi daha doğru olacaktır.

بعد قبول الأموال من وكالة المخابرات المركزية للقتال من أجل اليهود ، من الأفضل لهؤلاء العبيد اليهود العودة إلى ديارهم من الاستمرار في أن يكونوا عبيدًا لليهود.

baed qubul al’amwal min wikalat almukhabarat almarkaziat lilqital min ajl alyhwd , min al’afdal lihula’ aleubayd alyhwd aleawdat ‘iilaa diarihim min alaistimrar fi ‘an yakunuu ebydana lilyuhud.

matew ivanson

fcking fake hezbollah and russian propaganda, they have experience from Stalin and Brezniev time, usa and nato loosing initiative because Trump shity politic, fcuk you if you sold defenders of Douma, put yourself in a trash can


Do you only sing when you’re winning?

Acko Manah

Folks can we chip in for this guys meds

Tom Tom

wars started by bush, then Obomber.

Pave Way IV

“…Alloush told Enab Baladi…”

Head head-chopper Alloush told a Daraa-based opposition media outlet created and funded by the ex-CIA propaganda outfit National Endowment for Democracy and Soro’s Open Society Foundation.

So Alloush is desperate because when Jaysh al Islam is no longer relevant (or wiped out) in Syria, he’s out of a job and useless to his western handlers in London. And he was apparently eager to have his boys in Duma bring JAI’s war chest of cash with them as terms of the Russian deal, which Russia laughed at. So the Duma thugs had to drop that demand to negotiate their evacuation and survival, and I’m guessing these two had dissenting opinions – “Let’s stay and fight to the death!”:

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:50 P.M.) – Confirmed reports have emerged stating that two rebel commanders belonging to Jaysh al-Islam have been killed in Damascus’ eastern district city of Douma.

The slain rebel leaders have been identified as Jaysh al-Islam management chief Abu Ali Idara and treasury chief Abu Omar Maliyah. At the present time, it is unclear how exactly the two militant commanders died.

In an official statement, Jaysh al-Islam claimed they were killed in a Syrian Army artillery strike, however local opposition sources are claiming they were assassinated by their own ranks.

Better learn how to drive a taxi, Alloush. Oh, that’s right – you have dirt on the US, UK and Saudi Arabia. Better idea: just enjoy your last days. The Porton Down Novichok is going to find you wherever you go, and they’ll use more than enough on you. Nothing personal, it’s just business. Coalition of Evil business.

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