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JUNE 2023

Jaysh al-Islam Officially Unites With Al-Qaeda In Eastern Ghouta

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Jaysh al-Islam issued an official video announcing the approval of Jaysh al-Islam on the initiative launched by the Military Council in Damascus and its countryside. The goal is to solve problems between Jaysh al-Islam and the joint forces of Faylaq al-Rahman and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS; formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). The initiative will dissolve all armed groups in Eastern Ghouta and unite them into one armed organization under any agreed name.

“Despite all the attempts of military escalation against us by the alliance of Faylaq al-Rahman and the Al-Nusra Front, we haven’t been dragged into confrontation with those we see as brothers in religion, arms and revolution like Faylaq al-Rahman, and we have never stood up to any initiative to unite the ranks and heal the rift”. Jaish al-Islam spokesman Hamza Birqdar said in the video. “We declare our agreement, in the leadership of Jaysh al-Islam, to the initiative launched by the Military Council in Damascus and its countryside under the command of Colonel Amar Khaled Al-Nimr on the 5th of this month to end the crisis in the eastern Ghouta.”

Lt. Col. Abu Osama, spokesman for the Military Council in Damascus and its countryside, said:

“The main goal of the initiative is to unite the military factions, followed by the unification or coordination of the work of civilian staffs such as the judiciary, police, service institutions and others that suffer from division in the current situation.”

It’s believed that the foreign supporters, especially Saudi Arabia, are trying to unite all opposition forces in Eastern Ghouta, including HTS under their leadership. The aim of the effort is to counter government fources anti-terror efforts in the area.

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They saw the writing on the wall. Its the only way they can survive and put up a credible defence against the SAA. But if Idlib is anything to go by, they would be at each other’s throats whether or not they win or lose against the SAA.

John Whitehot

i wont swear by it. they are both sunni jihadist organizations, if they really start fighting each other it can only mean that their foreign supporters have lost all their strategic cohesion.

In fact i’m not very convinced of all those reports about infighting in Idlib and elsewhere.


Not that i’m saying it will but the potential is there. While Sunni in sect and having a common enemy, there have been bouts of infighting between the groups throughout this war. Examples would be allegiances to various funders / foreign backers, mixed demographics of local and foreign fighters / supporters (each with their own interpretation of religion), and each running their own local fiefdom which they guard jealously.

Expo Marker

The mask has fallen off, and the “moderate” opposition is no longer so moderate.


they just desperate whores of money lenders …. f**kin’ rapists and pedophiles from foreign prisons hired by slavers who want to charge ‘rent’ on stolen land #AskANative #AskAnAfrican #AskAPalestinian the game is too pathetic to continue on … those thieves have been torn from the land before : watch it happen again ;)


Pave Way IV

So does this mean the U.S. will now attack their al Qaeda affiliate in East Ghouta? Of course not – it only means the Israeli-firster traitors at CENTCOM gets to cut a single check to their head-chopper FSA/Nusra minions for payroll. CENTCOM also doesn’t have to outsource six different flags any more – the head-choppers will all be using the same version of a black flag. FSA/Nusra Captagon supplies were already pretty consolidated, but this unification will speed distribution. I understand they will soon be using Amazon drones for delivery. Israel will be able to provide more uniform head-chopper medical care with the consolidation, and Saudi/UAE/Qatari recruiting/head-chopper training efforts will be simplified.

This is a victory for head-chopper logistics and administration! One can also hope it will assist the SAA Graves and Registration folks for identifying head-chopper remains before mass burial (along with the day’s trash and dead rodents).

Omar Huss

They united under the advice of Al-Saud/Mossad intel,it will be so easy for coalition forces(Iran,Russia) to target them since Al-sauds terror sponsorship is talk of the world today,it’s tough for young prince and all western intels where to take terrorism if Syria/Iraq project ends ! It’s loss of income for ——? Fill the blank?


Guy’s last name is “Osama”. That’s instantly a red flag. He also kinda looks like a chechen. United or Not, Bashar’s Coming for you!

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