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JUNE 2021

Jaysh al-Islam May Withdraw From Eastern Ghouta To Eastern Qalamun – Report

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Jaysh al-Islam May Withdraw From Eastern Ghouta To Eastern Qalamun – Report

Jaysh al-Islam fighters in the Eastern Qalamun region, Illustrative image.

Russia and Jaysh al-Islam are currently negotiating an evacuation agreement that will allow the armed group to withdraw from its last stronghold in the Eastern Ghouta region, the district of Duma, towards the Eastern Qalamun region, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on March 25.

The upcoming agreement will force all militants to leave Duma and units of the Russian Military Police will be deployed to secure the civilians who will stay there. The Damascus government will also re-establish its institutions inside the district once the agreement is implemented.

Under the same agreement, Jaysh al-Islam will release thousands of Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers and civilians who have been captured by the armed group over the last seven years, according to the SOHR. A previous report suggested that Jaysh al-Islam will be releasing more than 3,500 thousand captives.

Jaysh al-Islam leader Essam al-Buwaydhani had vowed to stay in the Eastern Ghouta and to fight the SAA in a video that was leaked on March 24. However, most local observers viewed the video as a propaganda stunt.

The Eastern Qalamun region is under the control of Jaysh al-Islam and other US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups. This explains why Jaysh al-Islam prefers Eastern Qalamun over Idlib, which is de-facto the stronghold of its two main enemies, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and the Ahrar al-Sham Movement.

Some Syrian pro-government activists believe that the SAA and its allies will launch a military operation to secure the Eastern Qalamun region after clearing the Eastern Ghouta region, even if Jaysh al-Islam fighters withdraw to there.

However, currently, the Yarmouk Refugee Camp area controlled by ISIS in southern Damascus poses a much bigger security threat to government forces.

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Zainab Ali

that will not be the last of those who are zio satanic slaves – up to no good till they are gathered in perm hell with their vile zio masters

Michał Hunicz

Riyadh must be in chaos, once they order their proxies to fight to the last stand, now they want to withdraw. :D


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fantastic news the tree pockets djihadistes at harasta jobar irbeen and douma libered without combats damas big intelligent!!


Move them to Afrin. XD.

East Qalamoun is the next target.


no the pocket at yarmouk!


trouble in paradise will be three fold


glory the bus green!!!

Gregory Casey

Every single one of them must be checked as they leave to ensure that no US, UK and/or French military are escaping with them.Have no doubt but there are “Western” military personnel embedded with them and they must be weeded out.


Yeah, right. Harasta pocket cleared, no embedded Western advisors found. Faylaq al Rahman pocket being cleared, no embedded Western advisors showing up. What makes you think this time there will be? You guys sound like gamblers who are always just one coin away from winning at the slot machine. Next throw of the dice will be the one that wins.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE for a captured American or Brit to be paraded on TV, but THEY ARE JUST NOT THERE! It was always way too dangerous, both from the SAA, and even more importantly, from their own crazy allies, and there just was no need. The advisors were always safe and sound in Jordan while they sent their trainees to do the dirty work for them.

Gregory Casey

Reports on Friday last that a group of US, UK and French Officers had been found in an underground bunker with lots of technology by SAA doing clear-up following the collapse of the enclave and exit of Jihadis.


Well, show me the evidence then. I check SF several times a day and I saw no such article. I reckon it would be a headlining news item. Or do you mean tweets? Biggest source of fake news in the world. Why are these officers not paraded on TV?

Again, it makes no sense whatsoever for these socalled officers to be there because its extremely dangerous:
– There is no need to station officers there, as Jihadis seem to have no shortage of access to the internet.
– They can be killed by SyAF and RuAf air strikes.
– They can be captured by the Syrians, Iranians, Russians and Hezbollah, providing those parties with leverage to be used against the West.
– And biggest reason of all, the biggest risk would be from their own allies! Jihadis are not a united front, they are divided in factions, which often war against each other. Any faction who thinks they’re not getting a fair share of the loot would try to capture these officers to get more cash and prizes. Or to deny others access to them. Kidnapping is a major industry in middle eastern countries. There’s a reason why NGO’s rely on locals, not western personnel, as they would be kidnapped and taken for ransom.

Again, I will be extremely happy to be proven wrong by ctual captured Western officers, I’d really dig the emberrasment it would cause. But for the above stated reasons it makes no sense for them to be there, and its getting ridiculous to keep reading comments that they are there. I still think the main reason why this myth persists is because there were Jihadis of Western origin who have served in Western armies and who imparted their training and knowledge to their newfound brethren.

Gregory Casey

Breaking news, especially in this day and age, is often the biggest source of fake news, as its often unchecked. And based on tweets and rumors. The fact that it hasn’t been picked up, especially on SF, which I would imagine would LOVE to do such a thing, leads me to suspect that ultimately it was just a rumor. A pity. But thanks for supplying the link though.


Anybody here who knows what that weapon is, that the man in foreground is carrying on his shoulder? Homemade…?


Not a weapons expert I may be wrong, but looks like a 50 cal, not homemade.


Looks like Russian snipper rifle.




Yes, could well be an SV-98.
It was hard to tell with the canvas wrapped around it.


Yes indeed, looks like you’re right… was hard to tell with the canvas wrapped around it.


After East Ghouta the next is
1. the pocket in the South Damascus.
2. The East Qalamoun pocket.
3. The Homs pocket.
4. The Deir Ezzor pocket.
5. Idlib province.
6. Daraa and Golan Hights.
7. Al Tanf.
8. Raqqa, Hassaka provinces.
9. Whole Palestine.


1. South Damascus pocket.
2. East Qalamoun pocket.
3. Homs pocket.
4. Daraa.
5. Bomb USA military bases, aircraft carriers and sink submarines. Recover SDF lands + Al Tanf.
6. Recover Golan height. If israel respond, bomb israel.
7. Ask Turkey to give back Idlib. If Turkey doesn’t want, bomb Turkey.
8. Enjoy.


Actually Washington created this chaos in the Middle East that people will be get influenced and will by our weapons but now the world is too clever due to Internet because they read the specification and quality and reviews of the Washington weapons and then compare with the Russian weapons. The Russian weapons are more advance and of high quality and that is why even the US allies Saudi Arabia King Salman and MBS and Egypt SISI have expressed interests to buy Russian weapons. In the market the Washingtonians are losers. The Russians are winner.


Most good things are free. Everyone has the better weapon since they born : the brain. It’s totally free.

Michał Hunicz

5, 6, 7 are a fantasy. My order is 1, 3, 4, 2.


It’s a fantasy because people don’t believe in their rights.


Very quiet possible.


Why not just start WW3 while your at it!


8 enjoy…..u mean world war?


Deraa and Golan are separate battles. The former can be accomplished, all the way to the Jordanian border. The latter is limited only to returning to the 1973 border assuming Israel doesn’t invade to create a buffer zone.


There is no buffer zone just Israeli migrants the terrorists the kids kidnappers and slaughters which is now necessary to eliminate them to Europe back from Palestine.


Dont get carried away as much as I would like those areas to be retaken by SAA. Al Tanf!! come on the yanks are not just going to leave so easily


You can buy the latest brand new weapons, if your people is stupid, it’s worthless.

David BlackBeard

in my opinion transfering them to Qalamun is even beter for SAA , Qalamun pocket is mostly composed of small villages and just biggish 2 towns , so for SAA will be much eather to kill them all in Qalamun pocket with a lot of Air support without high rate of casualtis among civilians , then in Highly urbanised Douma town + they( SAA) don’t need to drive long distance after transfering to kill those bitches )))
after they get transferd to Qalamun , SAA should
1. Clear Yarmouk R. Camp
2. Liberait Dumayar
3. Eliminate Qalamun pocket )))0


The SAA will be able to bolster its ranks with released soldier prisoners – win win

Joe Doe

the Yarmouk Refugee Camp, should be next




If not Idlib (better to see they kill each others between terrorists), so transfer them to nowhere but they called “paradise”.


I’d like to believe that the Syrian government plants its own operatives among the fleeing terrorists.

Deo Cass

Qalamoun is a mountanous terrain, very difficult to take control of. It is also still very close to Damascus city. I don’t think it is a good idea to let these terrorists go to Qalamoun. The Syrian government is in a strong position to dictate terms. It is already a great concession for these terrorists to be given a way out to Idleb. Losers don’t impose terms. They either reconcile fully with the Syrian government and they would be pardoned, go to Idleb with their personal weapons, or fight and die.

Gregory Casey

Final pocket in E Ghouta being cleared of Jihadis today and as the Jihadis leave, they are blowing up all Arms Dumps and all traces of who or what supplied them with their weapons, equipment and military hardware ……. smells of input of Western ‘Alliance’ Members trying to erase their tracks. Meanwhile, on Friday last this Report was made of the finding by Syrian Arab Army of US & UK & French Officers cowering in an underground bunker/tunnel …….. of which there are miles and miles dug out under E Ghouta: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/what-tha-fk-israeli-iron-dome-air-defense-system-fires-off-a-dozen-missiles-by-accident-video/?utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=push&utm_campaign=push+notifications&utm_content=English

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