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JULY 2020

Jaysh al-Islam Leader Steals Tens Of Millions Of Dollars And Resigns – Report


Jaysh al-Islam Leader Steals Tens Of Millions Of Dollars And Resigns - Report

Mohammed Alloush

Mohammed Alloush has stolen a sum of $47m from Jaysh al-Islam before resignation from his position as the group’s political leader, the Iranian news agency Fars reported on May 5.

The report said that Alloush is currently using the stolen money to run trade activities in Turkey, where he has been living for the past few years.

Alloush announced his resignation from Jaysh al-Islam on May 3 claiming that he had taken this decision to give the youth of the opposition a chance to lead the “revolutionary and political action.” However, most Syrian opposition activists were not convinced by Alloush’s claim.

Many Syrian pro-government activists believe that Alloush’s decision is a result of the humiliating defeat of Jaysh al-Islam in the Eastern Ghouta region battle. One of the main results of the defeat was the end of the financial support for Jaysh al-Islam, which could be the real motive behind Alloush’s decision.

Many leaders of Jaysh al-Islam had been accused of corruption over the last few years. Mohamad’s older brother Zahran Alloush, the founder of Jaysh al-Islam, was accused by other armed groups in the Eastern Ghouta of stealing more than $12mln back in 2015 months before he was assassinated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The high level of corruption in Jaysh al-Islam was among the main reasons that led to its fast defeat in Eastern Ghouta, according to observers, who doubt that the armed group will ever recover from that failure.



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  • Rodger

    Good for him and Syria. That money won’t buy captagon for terrorists.

  • as

    This. Russia and Syria keep their promise. They can always choose to stop fighting and leave the pockets.

  • velociraptor

    This monkey told in January 2017(!), that Assad will fall within 3 months. :DDDDD

    • Barba_Papa

      The ability to tell such a blatant lie, and still keep a serious face. This guy should go into politics. He’s already nailed the lining his own pockets part.

  • Rob

    He fought for Netanyahu and Obama until SAA tie them from arms and legs and threw away from Syria.

  • James

    Man on the run. I suppose that amount of money can buy him protection for a while, but one day he’ll no doubt end up like the others…especially for stealing from his own kind.

    • Merijn

      He knew his own Kind were Dead Men Walking…so he took the Money and Ran

  • Rob

    Those terrorists that don’t accept reconciliation agreement, just tell them the tigers are coming then they will accept.

  • Merijn

    Mohammed Alloush thanks to you Jaysh al-Islam will Die from Starvation…Thanks, You Treacherous little Rat…Great Job…

  • Fayez Chergui

    that’s the idea of opposition.

  • FlorianGeyer

    Well I am really surprised that such a dedicated criminal would steal the club funds of ‘ Takfiri Thieves R US ‘.
    What is the criminal world coming to :)

    I would suspect that his life will not be a long one :)

    • PZIVJ

      You may be right.
      Did he he flee into Turkey with Saudi money?

      • FlorianGeyer

        The Al Masdar report mentioned that he had bought restaurants etc in Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Even if that is true I would suspect that a chunk of his stolen cash will need to be paid as Protection Money.

        • Vitex

          From general to kebab vendor in one easy move.

          • FlorianGeyer

            That did make me smile. Thanks :)

      • FlorianGeyer

        It also makes little sense to steal the $27 million or so and then buy assets that can be taken away in the future.

        That amount of cash exchanged into various national currencies and gold would keep him and his family in a luxurious lifestyle for all his life.

        No banks , no links etc.

  • Hide Behind

    Good move, maybe!
    I have oft wondered of the I Q level of most terrorist, this guy may be smarter than rest but just where and heck on this planet does he think he can survive for long.
    About the safest moves would be, shaving his beard, getting a preacher’s permit in US to start his own Christian Church.
    And make even more money.

  • alejandro casalegno

    And thousands of assholes die for this corrupt “Leader”?????


  • Tom Tom

    U.S. taxpayers money goes to help this turd.

  • Vitex

    I love the fact that the US taxpayer is probably footing the bill for that theft.

  • Feudalism Victory

    Funny stuff.

  • SnowCatzor

    What do you expect, they’re criminals and gangsters, not revolutionaries. They just want the power and wealth involved with seizing and looting territory, not ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’ or any other horsesh*t the MSM tries to sell us.

  • Marvin Joel Zavala López

    Run Mohammed… Run!!!

  • Jayshtards get fuckt by their own chieftain! :D Hopefully they send a delegation to visit with old Alloush and chat about old times! :D

  • CIA will give him a US passport and identity. Soon he will own a restaurant and porno theater in SoCal! :D

  • Shuja Pasha

    CIA/MOSSAD’s money lol.