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JUNE 2021

Jaysh al-Islam Leader Criticizes Scale Of US Strike, Expresses His Disappointment

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Jaysh al-Islam Leader Criticizes Scale Of US Strike, Expresses His Disappointment

HTS fighters in the northern Homs countryside pocket, Illustrative image

On April 14, the political leader of Jaysh al-Islam Mohamad Alloush expressed his disappointment with the US-UK-France strike that targeted Syria earlier and told Reuters news agency that the strike “was not enough”. Alloush also hinted that the US should have overthrown the Damascus government in response to the alleged chemical attack in the Duma district.

“As long as this regime and its security agencies exist, the chemical (attacks) will continue because there is safety from the consequences that would end it … (Assad) is portraying what happened as a victory,” Alloush told Reuters.

Earlier, Alloush described the strike as “a farce” on his official Twitter account. These statements of Jaysh al-Islam leader indicate that he was hoping for a game-changing strike. Jaish al-Islam’s political leader is desperate after a rapid defeat of his armed group in the Eastern Ghouta region.

Local observers said that that most militants, including elements of radical groups like Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), also expressed their disappointment with the strike on social media. The HTS-linked Iba’a agency even mocked the strike and said that “a political disagreement” had been the real motive behind it.

A misinformation campaign led by the meanstream media suggested, during the last week, that the US and its allies will destroy most of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and would even strike the Iranian and Russian positions in Syria. These baseless claims raised hopes among militants in Syria, according to local observers. Such media reprots and especially actions by the US-led block are leading to more bloodshed in the war-torn country.

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HaHa describing the strike as a farce – that pretty much sums up the whole gas incident – looks like they will have to plot something else instead

neil barron

A truer statement can’t be said. Yes and myself why did we waste all that money? Referring back to the beginning.


It was a US ‘Not really a shock and bore’ operation Vince.


The DEEP STATE run out of options, they CAN’T fool the people any more with FALSE FLAGS…FOOL ME ONE, SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE, SHAME ON ME.


I think Jaysh al-Saudi would have liked it when Trump had rocketed the entire SAA & Allies….because Jaysh is in deep shit…They thought Trump was going to save’m…but they are Lost…Doomed…Cursed…did you hear that Jaysh?…DooOOMED….the rockets on your heads will not dissapoint us…they will be plentyful…you will get the fireworks you want..I personally would have gassed you…that is allowed here in Europe… because we got the Geneva Convention..and the UN is in our pocket too..



They’ll simply pull more, deadlier false flags, tho.

leon mc pilibin

They will be brushing up on their fake chemical attacks, and their video skills to ensure they don’t get caught out as they always are.The Russian and its allies should hunt down these lowlife scumbags, as put them on public trial.

neil barron

Like put them on a pike pole ? Vlad the impaler had it down, line the Damascus Highway with them and leave the white helmets on so they won’t get sunburned.

Fred Dozer

The White Helmets should be arrested. They are responsible for many, many deaths.

Val Shadowhawk

Awwww, poor thing!

Gerry Hiles

Tucker Carlson and guests! What rarities on the MSM! Yes there is internal US opposition, even Alex Jones has given up on Trump, very emotionally.

Obviously I am writing in the aftermath of the largely failed missile strike (to test Syria’s defences??). Most missiles were shot down of course and no significant damage was caused – a bit like a year ago – except to some evacuated facilities having nothing to do with “chemical weapons”. Very clever though. Apparently all missiles were air launched, thus avoiding Russia’s promise to destroy launch sites/ships.

OK now the globalists know that even launching 400 missiles would be futile, so would they risk losing an aircraft carrier group, when it arrives and missiles are sea-launched? Maybe not, but the powers behind the throne of Emperor Trumpigula seem to be crazy, so who knows. Hello World War the Last?

Promitheas Apollonious

you confusing a stooge and a figure head as an emperor.

Gerry Hiles

No I’m not. Can you imagine Caligula being allowed to rule if not for the Roman equivalent of the “deep state”? In any case there is the Washington Empire of Chaos, any semblance of a “republic” has been destroyed, Trumpigula is the nominal head of it, ergo it’s loosely fine to call him Emperor Trumpigula … if you don’t think that he’s at least slightly crazy (from before he was President) watch this and despair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NsrwH9I9vE

Promitheas Apollonious

Ok accept you dont. But USA never been anything but a controlled colony of the ones who created it. Now if you (generally speaking) believed the ametrican dream they sold all on, that is another story.

Gerry Hiles

Nope I never fell for it, except maybe as a little kid watching Roy Rogers movies in England, but I read a book “True Stories of the Wild West” when I was about eleven and that was the end of that. Never been to the US, never wanted to – but I know a fair bit about it.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Gerry Hiles this video is a great example of the phoney ring fight and Trump compared to all of his hype (fake news) and the Syria failed attack.



Dr. Ronald Cutburth


Vince Dhimos

Do you see it? They are openly admitting that they are allies of Washington!

Tudor Miron

This rat that was boasting that he will stand firm and would not give up Douma is opening that hall (where humans have mouth)? Don’t worry scum, your time is coming.


Jihadi degenerates are disappointed with their masters….
I’m only sorry these creatures were allowed to leave Douma: Jaysh al ISlam must pay for their crimes.

Joao Alfaiate

Disappointed because his false flag operation didn’t help him and his head choppers.

Promitheas Apollonious

wouldn’t you be in his place, your patrons selling you short and proving to be a hot air balloon? But when you go in bed with whores becoming their little bitch shit always happen.


It was face saving missiles strike.


Pretty much…and it was a Putin face losing strike.


Not true.Oedipus macron called Putin to give him the lowdown.Russians were pre-warned.


So, the losing face isn’t about Putin knowing about the strike….the losing face is naked horse back rider doing NOTHING about the strike….then to top it off…crying about it to the UN.

Richard M

I hate to agree with this Jayshtarded Orc, but he is correct. The only point of the strikes by FUKUS (France, UK, US) was to assist the Orcs in seizing control of Syria and exterminating the non-Salafist population.


Lol, fukus!!!
But the strikes show the orc that he’s been abandoned. That is the lot of the orc. The strike was never going to assist anyone in anything on Syrian soil. It was a PR stunt combined with battle-field research.


Every Jihadi will now be motivated in false flag operations as a last ditch attempt to defeat Bashar Assad, the Lion of Syria.


Another fake gas attack in the next few weeks will be difficult to sell they’ve used it too many times now but I think they will try anything at this stage – the war is lost


USA and puppet Britain and France terrorist ISIS were hoping for regime change or Syrian military destruction.Instead of fearing attack as USA apparently is fighting them too.Very clear USA rushing to failure attack and terrorist coments links them up for their own fake chemical attack.In war thorn Syria chemical attack shouldn’t be use to distract Syrian advances.How to you legitimize the real terror attacker.USA is manufacturing chemical weapons every day therefore this chemical excused must be ignored and legitimate government supported.Remember Chemical excused to sabotage Syrian liberation struggle will always used as an attack by USA and human blood thirsty animals and puppets of NATO.

If their drink human blood on a certain month their NATO always does it at exact month again.Syria and Russia must give surface to air anti aircraft portable missiles to all forces which attacks USA bases in Syria.Allies mission from now on should be to attack all USA bases in Syria.Any return fire Will affect Russians and ships will sung.USA presents in Syria is a libe long real threat in Syria.




Russia, China, Iran and the coalition of the willing, should mount a missile attack on the air fields, aircraft, chemical facilities that are poisoning the American people every day with the GEOENGINEERING PROGRAM, and also attack all those manufacturers of VACCINES that are poisoning the American population and children, also attack the CDC that aproved the POISONING of the population, and attack the EPA BUILDINGS that are complicit in the CHEMTRAIL PROGRAM, also attack all the G5 MICROWAVE TOWERS that are causing CANCER AND MENTAL DISORDER IN THE POPULATION, and all the HAARP STATIONS CONTROLLING AND MANIPULATING THE WEATHER.


But isn’t it a good idea if Americans start this big Spring-Cleaning first? Because if the Russians bomb America, then Russians are the not so nice people…for the Americans…The Americans should start cleaning up the Mess they created themselves…Perhaps others come and help after you started..my Mother always made me clean up my own room…

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

sorry gayish-al islam, i guess u werent counting on how good SyAAD is :))))


Appears that Syrian AAD did quite well.
Because Pentagon photos do not show damage that 105 missiles would do for sure.
Another failed airstrike, good news for Syria. :))))

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

haha yes :)))


A Farce – Proof that the entire “attack” was a PR stunt.
Terror monkeys were getting ready for the fall of SAA, instead they got screwd by their masters.
Now Assad’s gonna wipe the floor with their faces.

Manuel Flores Escobar

They provoke fake chemical attack thinking that USA will fight vs Russia….USA are unable to attack NK or Iran….are they going to attack Russia?…just a few small, old amd Empty buildings and thaks!

Fred Dozer

Your right. The Trump tweet was a good thing. (early warning) Putin seeing the same. Why sink a ship or down a plane, may lead to a greater escalation. I looked for killed and injured numbers , from strike ? Cannot find any ? Maybe I am wrong, but Syria can continue, where they left off. However do not see any good by way of US land grab, and Turkey doing the same.

AM Hants

Is that the guy, who fled from the Syrian Army, in one of the helicopters, supplied by the US?

Feudalism Victory

About sums it up. Trump carefully balanced between his deep states enemies need foe war while at the same time preserving peace between the great powers. Masterful.

Jaime Galarza

“As long as this regime and its security agencies exist, the chemical (attacks) will continue…” This means that the fake attacks will continue. Russia has made a mistake in not confronting the criminals now because Moscow will have to do it later on anyway. The stakes may be higher, however.


Apparently, these groups are waiting for some sort of “Wunderwaffe”, that would explain why they keep fighting a lost war. But what was this stunt for? It will lose Trump, May and Macron votes, it will further estrange Syria’s Asad-backers, it wasn’t nearly enough for militants fighting the regime… so? Appease arms manufacturers?


He’s mad that the west won’t actually go to war with his enemies, this all changes little for him even if it caused big problems elsewhere.


waiting for uncle Sa to come to the rescue right?too bad…..the virgins are waiting for you….sooner or later you will join them…


This guy dont know nothing about american history: this imbecile oped to be rescued by General John Armstrong Custer at Litlle Big Horn…
Keep calm, Mohamhad, the russian and syrian missiles are allways on the target with no fails.

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