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Jaysh Al-Islam Joins Turkish-backed Forces In Northern Syria

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Jaysh Al-Islam Joins Turkish-backed Forces In Northern Syria

Jaysh al-Islam military leader, Essam al-Buwaydhani during a tour in Duma district on April 1, Click to see the full-size image

On September 27, Jaysh al-Islam leader Essam al-Buwaydhani confirmed in an interview with the Reuters news agency that his group has joined the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA). According to al-Buwaydhani, Jaysh al-Islam is currently reorganizing and rearming.

The group, which withdrew from the region of Eastern Ghouta last April, is also building a town with a school, a mosque, a clinic and around 1,400 houses for the displaced families of its fighters. Al-Buwaydhani claimed that local businessmen are founding the new town, which is located 15km north of the city of al-Bab in northern Aleppo.

In the interview, al-Buwaydhani also vowed to return to Eastern Ghouta and even to topple the Damascus government. A goal that he and his group failed to achieve during the last seven years despite that they were holding positions few kilometers away from the capital and receiving massive support from the West.

“It is not impossible that Assad falls, especially given that the opposition forces are gathered today in one place,” al-Buwaydhani told Reuters.

Last month, the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi reported that Jaysh al-Islam is building military bases and camps in the northern Aleppo countryside and buying weapons from Turkish-backed groups. Back then, observers said that the group may be planing to push its remaining fighters in any new armed conflict on the hopes of collecting more money from Turkey.

Jaysh al-Islam is infamous for kidnapping, torturing and executing hundreds of civilians, including opposition activists. The group leadership also made millions by stealing from their backers and collecting taxes from the besieged civilians in Eastern Ghouta.

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You can call me Al

This must be stopped as 10-1 the US or Turkey thought this up, to me, it sound like Yanker stuff – ” is also building a town with a school, a mosque, a clinic and around 1,400 houses for the displaced families of its fighters.”

Not a bad plan, but get it stopped now, before it becomes too late.

Promitheas Apollonious

I been saying this for a long time if you remember and it is way too late to stop it. It is a done de facto selling out of syria. Maybe some will start listening now rather than telling me, or try to remind me what they russians did for syria. When you claim this is not how the beginning is, but the ending.

And the writing on the wall, since putin make buddy buddy with ertogan, is not very bright for the syrian people. I may see russians in a friendly way due to the long history my family has working with them and the help they given to Cyprus when none other will, but that dont stop me see the intentional acts of them, that at times remind me UK/USrael politics.


ty spot on….same with me…i´ve been writing about this since day 1 of turkish invasion….afrin and idlib are and will stay turkish….remember when i wrote u about the dirty turks changing the DEMOGRAPHICS of these areas….well they did it, and succeded.

Promitheas Apollonious

kid is not what you saying and none take you serious is the conflict in your personality and the way you say it that turns people off, towards, your posts.


They haven’t succeeded. Not enough for any border change or as real political force in post conflict.

S Melanson

Agreed – not yet. My post above comments at the end that forces are in play to disrupt such plans. This still has to play out and anything could happen

S Melanson

I too have made calls that have proven accurate but I still want to hear other viewpoints. Why? Because at times I have also been wrong while other posters turned out to be right. The truth is what is important and the process is a joint effort of ideas that all contribute whether wrong in the end or not.

You can contribute a lot and I want to hear what you say if you could drop the personal insults. You can be wrong at times as well, but I will not think any less of you. It is your sharing your viewpoints that count and it what I admire so keep posting but take out the personal please.

S Melanson

the Russian defense minister’s statements are quite telling when you examine them with a critical eye. Israel conducted 200 air strikes and Russia knew full well given Shoigu stated they had a deconfliction arrangement in place. As long as Russians did not get hurt, Russia will look the other way while Israel bombs Syria.

I also look at the evolving relationship between Russia and Turkey. The Syrian conflict has been used opportunistically by Russia to pull Turkey out of the US orbit which was helped immensely by US support for the Kurds. The issue for Assad is if Syrian territory has been sacrificed to Turkey in the process. It is beginning to look that way.

I do not believe Putin is Israel’s poodle despite his conciliatory approach following the loss of 15 Russian service members. I believe Putin is politically constrained by a powerful Zionist faction in Russia such that Putin must make public gestures that please the zionists – such as the surprise announcement all foreign forces leave Syria with the exception of Russia herself – this said despite Russian statements the decision of foreign forces is for Damascus to decide – however, NetanYahoo wants Iran and Hezbollah out of Syria. Putin knows such a statement is contrary to his alliance with Iran and Hezbollah – imagine Iran saying the same thing – Iran stays and everyone else, including Russia, out of Syria.

I had criticized this move by Russia at the time it happened and was very surprised,
since Putin would have to know that Assad, Iran and Hezbollah would rebuke Russia for such a high handed and hypocritical statement, why would he do such. Now I think I understand why.

This said, I believe the Zionists overplayed their hand. Now the Russian military appears to be calling the shots. Given also Iran and Hezbollah act independently, whatever the agenda may be, there is a lot of forces in play to throw wrenches into the agenda, which at the very least is ten years or more behind schedule.

Promitheas Apollonious

Putin remember west from personal expiriense from the 90s and after that he read reports yes and been informed but has not as before that lived the change both in mentality as well quality of their thinking and that where screw up in many of his decision making believing he turn them around to see how profitable for all the world is what he suggested.

He has yet to come to full understanding what he is facing and the movement of Uk completely throw him off balance because from one hand he knows is a blatant lie what they accuse russia for but the same time he can not laugh it off and not take them seriously, at least until the change in the economic system they are preparing happen.

he also began to realize and digest what we have realize and digested for a very long time now. It is no negotiation with the Borgs. Either you eliminate them or you will eventually submit to them. Until he realize it he already committed russia to many unholy alliances, that the russian population do not agree, with, because until yesterday this was their generation after generation their enemies. Very much he did what the greek politicians, been doing the last years promoting the turkish and islamists in greece at the orders of EU, americans and english along with germans.

If you ask the average russian he tell you the same thing. And I very much doubt he has another change for been elected if he continue this road. Russian as the Greeks are very patient people and very hospitable and I should know I spend 1/3 of my life in and out in russia and Caucasus area.

But I think very soon that surface patience will evaporate with out warning and then both europe and the turks they understand what Mussolini did, when he made the mistake. 90% of greece that went to war in the 40s had nothing to do with the army or the government. They was armed patriots that until that day never care of politics or anything else.

We are that war teams now. The good part of what putin does is it will make it happen sooner, rather than later.


The largest part of the community in idlib is far from their control just as how it was with the US backed forces. We’ll just see what will happened anyhow. Syria can force the Russian to act much more than can be seen. Once they’re done with rearmament i believe the choice again would be on Syria whether it decided to act or not with or without Russia support.

S Melanson

Yes, and we saw Russia rebuked by Syria, Iran and Hezbollah regarding all foreign forces leaving Syria. Russian does not control and even influence is limited more than one might think


You got that one wrong: basicaly Russia was sending a message to usa (all foreign parties must go), made the point and got rebuked by the parties invited by Syria; they also made their point.. It was all staged. It was a diplomatic reminder that usa&co must get out of Syria. Well, it was noticed and ignored by the receiver.

S Melanson

You are right it was staged, but for what purpose? Initially I thought it was a message to the US and company to get out of Syria but there are problems with that. First, Russia is exempted, so why not the US be exempted. Well US not invited, but Russia is invited by Damacus. However, statement applied to all which is why Iran and Hezbollah along with Assad reminded Russia it is for Damascus to decide. Thus Iran and Hezbollah ignored Russia and so not surprisingly, so did the US.

The statement was to please the Zionists in my opinion. It did though reveal the limits of Russian influence even as a staged action. I doubt Russia could convince Assad to ask Iran and Hezbollah to leave Syria. I think that Assad, Hezbollah and Iran have plans for dealing with Israel regardless of whether Russia backs them or not.


Usa as usually ignored the message. It was all staged, all of it. It was not a reminder to Russa but to usa- Damascus decides who stays and who goes. You’ve got no legal grounds to stay. No such pleasure was meant for the zio-mafia. It was a civilized statement. No wonder the barbarians in usa, israhell , nato ignored it; maintaining their “might is right” mantra.
I won’t be surprised if they do and I would not blame them.

S Melanson

I agree the USA and friends operate on the mantra ‘might makes right’ as seen time and time again – one of the best examples of this is the International world court having jurisdiction over everyone – but the USA exempts itself – because it can only do good and prosecutions would only be politically motivated by the many enemies of the US. Of course the US commits crimes, reason for so many enemies.

However, regarding the staged announcement all should leave Syria, I have not seen a solid analysis of why Russia made such a statement. My own conclusion is still the zionist angle that fits with why Putin would issue such a conciliatory statement after the IL-20 incident.


You are talking about different events.
I do not work for CIA and do not keep a record on what /when/ how so I won’t do the digging.
Putin is a statesman. Not many are on a par with him. If you do not understand (I doubt it), you’ll find out at the right time and place.

S Melanson

I have posted many times regarding Putin’s exceptional skills as a statesman.

Lowering yourself to bring the personal into your reply is disappointing, I would think you can be better than that.


It is not about me, right? I am not lowering myself. I explained it to you.

S Melanson

I reread what you said and my fault for misreading. I retract my earlier reply – I edited to reflect this. Thank you for explaining your view and hope to read more of your posts.


I guess Putin is always under pressure and he has never, or… not yet respnded in a spontanious manner. I guess, he never will.


“I thought it was a message to the US”
The only way to get a message to the US, is to wrap it round a brick, and smash it in their face.

S Melanson

That just might work….

Promitheas Apollonious

No basically russia is trying to avoid getting into a full scale war that she did not chose. The reason is logistics supplying troops on the ground. As long it kept it and keeping it between isis and the rest of the mercenaries and mostly using Hez and iranian syrian foot soldiers, they did that unopposed.

But going against nato because this is all about then, the game is all together a different story. The only way to do that is relaying 100% on turkey provided also it hit all the new american bases in Greece that practically can control everything coming out of Bosporus or getting into it.

Their other revenue will be to actually have a direct conflict with nuclear armed opponents that also means she has to attack them using nuclear weapons first. Other wise they will lose russia, that has absolutely no where to stand in europe with the exception of Yugoslavia. Plus it is possible she lose all her fleet no matter how much damage she does before that in Mediterranean.

So you see is not that simple to go one way or another. It is another possibility that can play and that is after they manage to train Assad’s army and arm it, as they doing now and have succeeded on this, is to suddenly supply Syria with S300 and S400, meaning giving Syria partly control over the existing ones already stationed in Syria, making it so costly to attack syria by any one that they think twice. But for that to happen then syria dont need only anti air defense she need also anti ship long range missiles. Other wise only anti air will not help much in an all out war.

In this case israel will vanish from the map with out any warning compliments of Hezbollah. The warning time for israel will be but couple of minutes this is why they so paranoid about Hez having all this missiles and know very well their so discussed over iron dome in this case is as good as the F35 of the americans . Proven fact.


Thanks for the lecture. It took awhile for Russia to go to Syria. I bet,:) I bet they have assessed the situation and knew well in advance all possible scenaios. If you think they were not ready in 2015 for it, you … might have to reconsider.
As for the spilling of the conflict in the neighburhood…. why not? The MIC is more than happy to particiate, for awhile, it is, as they might be short of printing paper.
The partitoning of Syria is not finalised yet. No matter what games Erdogan plays, he has been left without much choice. He had to switch sides and he has to continue playing his double games. For how long? I don’t know. May be until usa is forced to leave Syria. Israhell still counts on uncle Sam but in this hysteria bibi and lieberman are calling for the destruction of their country. Nato has been on stand by all along, waiting for the time Russia will give in to the pressure and provocations coming from uk, israhell, usa, france. For nato it will be great to go to the Balkans, the Baltics,the ME., the Korean peninsula. Why have they not done it so far? Cause they know this is not Afganistan.

Promitheas Apollonious

Soon you understand the picture and the reality on the ground of syria and it was not a lecture friend. I dont lecture but.. you just did lecture me.

If you been following what is happening you know nato is in the balkan area they dont need to go there and they, along with turkey, planning the creation of greater albania same as they planned it for israel in ME.

Looking, as many of you here one pixel of the picture and saying what you did, does not make you either right or wrong just poorly informed of the bigger picture.

As for what russians think I am certain I am much more informed than you, or SF, how the russians think and act and why. No they did not know in advance all possible scenarios hence the reason they been catch not once with their pants down, but by now I think their naive common sense thinking is evaporated and reality sink in. At least I hope it has.

As for the americans leaving syria or the turks good luck to that. They will never leave both of them, not with out a war. Watch and learn and I dont know what geographical location you live in but I am certain you not a resident of the front receiving lines of this shit, so keep lecturing me of what I know and live it. :-)

Russia finally is supplying syria with S300 so we will have developments in what I think it happen next. Lets see whose right on that account and we talk again.


What’s in it for Russia?


There won’t be any terrorist in a few days, they will magically transform into Turkish back forces. Nobody to strike at and Erdogan will keep Idlib. IMO Putin gave Idlib to Turkey and won’t attack the Kurds. De facto, Syria is divided in three. Putin is satisfied with Tartus and Kheimim.


Putin is satisfied that he now has his NordStream2, stopping the American pipeline and stopping the Saudi terrorists from attacking Russia, was always Russia’s objective.
I gather Iran has offered Russia a cut from the Iranian pipeline, for helping in Syria, so Russia will not hinder any Iranian moves.

If Syria wants its territory back, it is up to Syria.

You guys think this shit is knights in shining armour, fighting evil for honour, it’s about the money.


Jays Al Islam should be Saud Backed forces. Probably they’ve scrapped their backing altogether. No more Toyota perhaps.

Christian Gains

CLEARLY their reputation stinks…and now they’re cuddling up to Erdorgan…As the old adage goes: “When you sleep with dogs, you awaken with fleas”…Somebody MIGHT NEED “Orkins”…bug repellent!!


so where are the smart ass folks here swearing at me, calling ME a zionist (incredible after all of my postings about the satanic murdering jews)…I told u that afrin and idlib are lost…i told u that erdogan and his dirty turks are changing th demographics(u folks probably dont even know what DEMOGRAPHICS means) in those occupied syrian areas…i told u about the agenda, but no no no…stupid folks…..and i´ll try once again….
There is no good usa or bad usa or good russia or bad russia just the AGENDA.
A one world govvernment with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.
ALL countries/nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic ENTITY named israel are part of the AGENDA, including usa,russia,uk,china eu,etc…
u folks still believe in white and black, good and bad…..like in the usa, people still believe in democrats or republicans, but they are two sides of the SAME COIN.And just like in micro also in macro..
usa and russia are two sides of the same coin u morons.they both get ORDERS by them satanic jews.Whether u like it or not, thats the truth.
Question??? how many of u folks believe seriously that 19 sandal wearing dipshit arabs hyjacked planes, and flew into the teo towers, and thus the two towers including building 7 went down????
well, all nations including russia stick to that playbook.seriously never occured to u people that all play ball??
Its a con game for the people of the world, so that after a nuclear exchange, after the total breakdown of rule and law, after the total decastation of all stock markets and currency markets the people of the world will ASK and SCREAM for this one world government???

wake the fuck up cause right now , u r all in the rabbit hole of alice in wonderland.
peace love and harmony to u all with the BIG exeption for them satanic jews, the enemy of our planet.

j. jaxson

yes at the root of it all that is true.
if you read or know the Talmud you would know how ruthless and insane these subhumans are.
i agree pot cracker. light the torch!


I am genuinely surprised by this move, although depending on the particulars this may or may not resolve the conflict between the two. Also, I wonder what the opinion is on the Turkish home front about this move.


I surprise that how US will payback their debts to the entire world because they will not accept paper currency. All countries in the world including Russia and China will only accept pure Gold.

Peter Jennings

So now they are all one murderous, thieving, happy family.

Get some popcorn and wait for them to fall out with each other.

S Melanson

I can see it now:

Murderous head chopper: my head chopping skills are much better than yours!

Moderate murderous terrorist: No you are not, my skills are far better than yours!

Murderous terrorist: Hah, you should stick to chopping heads of small children and elderly women and leave the real head chopping to ones like me!

At this point the two raise their swords and simultaneously chop each others heads clean off.

Conclusion: the moderate terrorist is as good a head chopper as the terrorist, in fact, they can be considered the same period.

Brother Ma


Brother Ma

Better still. Pour hot lead into them!

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Turkey allying itself to yet another terrorist organization. How “unusual.”


I hope this was not part of Putin’s agreement with Erdogan.


Look at the pic above, you can see how all the alleged prophets came from that part of the world.
Essam al-Buwaydhani and all his loyal disciples hanging of his every word. I wonder if there is a Jewish Judas in the crowd?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

All easy targets for murder by SAA :)


Jaysh-Al-islam forces and Trukish-back forces …WOW ! what a change of language ! They are terrorists and must be treated as terrorists.

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