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Jaysh al-Islam Claims It Shoots Down Syrian Helicopter With OSA Air Defense System Over East Ghouta (Photos)


On March 16, Jaysh al-Islam spokesman Hamza Bayrakdar claimed that Jaysh al-Islam had shot down a helicopter of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) over the East Ghouta region after it had targeted it with a soviet-made 9K33 Osa short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system.

Jaysh al-Islam Claims It Shoots Down Syrian Helicopter With OSA Air Defense System Over East Ghouta (Photos)

By Wassim Essa, click to see the full-size image

Jaysh al-Islam Claims It Shoots Down Syrian Helicopter With OSA Air Defense System Over East Ghouta (Photos)

By Wassim Essa, click to see the full-size image

According to Bayrakdar, “experts were able to reactivate the OSA system once again.” This indicates that the system was inactive previously, likely due to the heavy jamming of the Russian Aerospace Forces of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Minutes after Bayrakdar’s announcement, several Syrian opposition and pro-government sources had denied that a helicopter was downed over East Ghouta. However, the sources confirmed that Jaysh al-Islam had launched a missile from its OSA system.

Jaysh al-Islam captured many OSA systems from several airbases of the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) in East Ghouta in 2012. Some of the systems were in an operational condition and then were used by Jaysh al-Islam to shoot down several helicopters of the SyAAF during the last few years.

The last attempt of Jaysh al-Islam to shoot down a helicopter with the OSA system was on June 26, 2016. The system had not been used again until March 16, which again indicates that Jaysh al-Islam had been having some troubles operating the system.

The SAA was able to recapture at least one damaged OSA system from Jaysh al-Islam around the town of Aftris on March 12.

Jaysh al-Islam Claims It Shoots Down Syrian Helicopter With OSA Air Defense System Over East Ghouta (Photos)

By Wassim Essa, click to see the full-size image

Syrian pro-government activists believe that Jaysh al-Islam used the OSA system as a propaganda stunt to boost the morale of its supporters. However, this stunt could cost Jaysh al-Islam a lot, as it violates the humanitarian ceasefire agreement in its last stronghold, the Duma district.

The SAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces will for sure take steps against Jaysh al-Islam soon, as the OSA system poses a serious threat to the civilian air traffic over Damascus governorate.

Update: Jaysh al-Islam released a video that don’t show the SyAAF helicopter being hit.



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    • Redadmiral

      When I saw this “SyAF chopper shot down” coming up on my alerts I confused it with the new 9K333 Verba manpad system, which I only read about a few days ago. In the article, Russia, just sold a batch to an undisclosed customer…

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Fake story missile exploded before impact as it was supposed to do, not everyone is playing along.

    • No way that Orcs can operate that system without “advisors”!

      • Suliman

        You mean Without Usa. Yeah you are right.

        • As I said in another post. Likely Ukrainian mercenaries familiar with Russian weapons paid by CIA.

      • John Whitehot

        if this is the best they can do they better change advisors, or better yet, put themselves in front of the SAM truck and get run over.

  • Redadmiral

    I was under the serious impression that these vipers were almost on board the green buses. and on their way to Idlib. A real pity, as I was looking forward to SAA grinding down the Al Rahman tunnel rats. Seems we might have to wait. There must be some serious in-camp dissension.

    • pjt

      Months more of fighting ahead

      • John Whitehot

        months? in 18 days without counting the humanitarian pauses the SAA took over like 80% of the pocket.

        • Same scenario was playing out in Idlib until the Ottomans invaded. That is why the Orcs are stalling. They are praying for US, NATO, Israel to save them just as NATO saved Libya’s Orcs who were being wiped out by Ghaddafi’s army. Same thing happened in Serbia/Bosnia/Kosovo, so there is reason for the Orcs to feel optimistic.

          • John Whitehot

            “so there is reason for the Orcs to feel optimistic”

            No, there is not.

            And I don’t believe that the same situation was in Idlib.
            Preparations for the Ghouta offensive were already underway when ottomans invaded Idlib.

  • Eskandar Black

    really, the rebels in the besieged ghouta got an 9k33 OSA operational on their own? I doubt it. What do you want to bet there are ukrainian experts helping on the ground.

    • Starlight

      If there are ‘ukrainians’, they have been taken there by british handlers. But the british usually cut out the middlemen, being experts at gathering intelligence, and passing off their own agents as any nationality (something America has never been good at).

      Britain is simply having a “bit of fun” before the inevitable liberation of east Ghouta. However the real reason for british agents on the ground is to try to generate a ‘casus belli’ for the coming british, american and french blitz on Syria.

      • Eskandar Black

        Its about technical capability. You need specialists trained in advanced soviet equipment to do stuff like this. The only people I can think of who posses such techs in high numbers that would be interested in frustrating the russians perhaps in exchange for some anti tank missiles are the Ukranians. Also, the Russians are still Jamming Ghouta, so i wonder what sort of upgrades must have been added to the system to make it effective. I suspect British and Ukrainian involvement, maybe Israeli help.

        • Daniel Castro

          They are doing it for money, they don’t care about Ukraine either.

          • Eskandar Black

            you need money, and permission.

        • as

          There’s no more upgrade possible for it’s Command vehicle. If there’s an upgrade or changes it would be on it’s missiles. These system lock down using radar beam and will inevitably break it’s location if used so each time they used and technically it’s an expensive expendables.
          If they have more fanciers stuff they’ll use it right about now. It also signifying that they are at their wits end.

          • Eskandar Black

            well, here is a fact, they managed to fire up the system and hit something, so therefore, they found a way to do something the couldn’t be done before.

          • as

            They fired it sure and you don’t need modifications just to do that. What im talking about is in the event that they hit something under heavy jamming. What else modifications you can make to the command vehicle when it’s primary targeting system is using radar which suppressed by jammers ?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            They hit nothing the missile exploded before impact and that is just fact, no speculating in it was reported by SAA.

          • Eskandar Black

            I think you are right, but I suspect they had help. You need someone who knows what they are doing to maintain this type of tech.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The Ukrainian Technician is leaving with the civilians so there shouldn’t be any more use of this weapon.

      • Rob

        The humanitarian aid conveys are a great help to these terrorists. They receive main paids and other technical help through these aid conveys.

      • Joe Dokes

        British intelligence services are incompetent nor do they have deep interests in Syria. It has always been French intelligence services undermining Assad at every turn. Now they want to bomb Assad for fake news. British defence cuts have been so deep they are left to dropping stones.

    • May be Ukrainians, but paid by CIA.

      • Suliman

        Paid by Usa, Paid by you, dont be shame xD

        • If I don’t pay taxes I will go to prison. So in that sense, yes.

  • Serious

    I don’t understand how that can happen. How can these people know how to operate these weapons. Where did they find the missiles. Why not bomb these weapons in first place.

    • hamster

      “Why not bomb these weapons in the first place”?

      Maybe cuz Eastern Ghouta is a fairly extensive tract of land and the SAA/RAF don’t know the exact location of each of these systems?

      I don’t understand what must be going on in your dumbass 13 year old brain to even be asking such ridiculous questions.

      • Serious

        It’s not the first time that the terrorists used these weapons. So, Syria and Russia know that they are in. So, they can easily see it. It’s not something you can hide. And, the missiles must be near and are not easy to handle and displace.

        • hamster

          No, they cannot “easily” see it. If I “know” a tiger or a bear is hiding in a forest, that doesn’t mean I can just look at the forest from a distance and spot it.

          If I “know” a gangster is wearing a clown suit and holding machete walking down the streets of a decent sized city, it doesn’t mean I can immediately spot him just by looking at the city from over 2000 meters in the air.

          Just because Syria and Russia know that some weapons exist within some vast geographical area doesn’t mean they know where within that area all those weapons are at any given time. How this basic fucking logic escapes you is beyond me.

          Just because you know that a certain weapon exists in a certain geographical area doesn’t mean you can know where it is. That’s like saying “we know abu mohammed al-julani is in syria, so how come we haven’t killed him yet”. Because we don’t fucking know WHERe in Syria he is. God you are fucking retarded.

          • Serious

            Blablabla. You are such a piece of shit loo,ing always to save your master PUSSIN. XD.

            Even if he poops in your face,, you will say that it’s normal. XD.

            Never ever talk to me piece of shit. I have been too kind with your dirty face.

          • hamster

            So you don’t have an argument and admit that your statement is full of shit, just like your mouth. Full of shit all the time, your only source of nutrition.

      • Starlight

        Unless the weapons are VERY carefully hidden, and only rolled out on cloudy and stormy nights, any decent eye-in-the-sky first world military observation set-up would immediately spot them, allowing computer controlled artillery or air strikes to take them out.

        So the question is anything but stupid, and the answer speaks to the fact that Putin doesn’t care to use first world tactics in Syria (see his LOSS of Palmyra for the prime example of this). Outside of testing new russian weapon systems and tactics, and training Russian military peeps to veteran status, Putin couldn’t care less about avoidable losses by the Syrians.

        The situation was VERY different in East Ukraine, where Putin needed to ensure the ‘rebels’ were so ‘on the ball’, any Ukrainian armour was spotted and destroyed

        immediately so he could avoid having to formally invade.

        • PZIVJ

          Your first words:
          “Unless the weapons are VERY carefully hidden”
          Makes you look stupid.
          Douma industrial zone has many large buildings and warehouses to hide in
          And it will fall first. TIGER SPAM :D

        • hamster

          Again, horseshit. Even if weapons are laying around in plain sight, when you are talking about vast geographical areas, one would need either
          a) intel on the ground identifying the exact locations of these weapons


          b) air reconnaissance would need to be looking at the specific location these weapons are at in order to spot them.

          No amount of modern technology is able to scan and automatically identify every weapon or vehicle present in hundreds of square kilometers, especially in built up urban areas. Again, you know absolutely jack shit about the realities of war.

          If I am flying more than 2000 meters in the air over a major city/suburb, and my job is to “identify” every possible pickup truck (as opposed to other types of vehicles) on the roads, i would not just be able to “immediately”. It takes quite a while to zoom in far enough and identify anything, and once you’re zoomed in, it takes massive amounts of time to scan the entire geographical area from, never mind the fact that the weapons can constantly be on the move. I would have to know where to look and where to zoom in. You’re clearly retarded and have never been in an aircraft before and looked down upon any sort of built up settlement. Your chances of finding and identifying anything by a simply “eye in the sky” are not that great. It’s like trying to take your mouse cursor and click on every little individual pixel on your computer screen to “zoom in” and see what’s there.

          It’s fucking stupid. No military in the world has such advanced reconnaissance capabilities.

    • John Whitehot

      one thing is be able to fire a missile, one thing is to actually hit something, which they didn’t, at least in the video they published.

    • Starlight

      Right- so you never noticed how many of Syria’s best facilities and weapon systems fell into the hands of the wahhabists over the last 4+ years? All assisted by british agents on the ground, of course.

      Many of the ‘wahhabists’ were ‘moderate’ rebels formally employed by the Syrian government in senior positions, and coverted to the ’cause’ by very large payments of cash and kind by british handlers. For a time, before Putin got off his backside and finally intervened, the wahhabi side was fully as sophisticated as the government side. How did you not notice this?

  • neil barron

    Where did my previous post go to?

    • PZIVJ

      Maybe lost in the Disqus null and void area.
      I lost my hamster 2 days ago, maybe in the cornfield. :)

      • neil barron

        Thanks for the info. I can figure out the hamster in the cornfield we have a lot of cornfields here but! I do not know about the ether in Disqus where is that located?

      • Rodger

        Probably the cornhole. Are you Richard Gere? :P

  • gustavo

    There two possibilities: Either this system is operated by foreign trained expert, or the foreingh experts tough the terrorists how to use it (after all terrorists fanatical can come from midle-high level education).

  • VGA

    They must have damaged the helicopter because it had to land, but noone died.

    • I’m pretty sure that helicopters have to land, damaged or not! :D

      • John Whitehot

        aww and I thought that helicopters actually hanged from cranes :D

        • Like a 950,000 tonne bridge in Miami. Except they forgot to attach the support cables.

  • Barba_Papa

    >>However, this stunt could cost Jaysh al-Islam a lot, as it violates the humanitarian ceasefire agreement in its last stronghold, the Duma district.<<

    These guys aren't that smart because they violated the ceasefire earlier, by launching that all out attack against the SAA armored vehicle base, which has caused the SAA to redeploy the current force that is now liberating East Ghouta in the first base.

  • Drogba

    No free bus tours for these murdering scumbags.They along with the white HelMutts should be parade in the streets of Damascus, tried for their crimes and punished accordingly.

  • World_Eye

    Bullshit they didn’t shot down nothing.