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Jaysh al-Islam Attacks Damascus-Baghdad Highway, Forces Govt Forces To Close It


On March 10, Jaysh al-Islam announced that its fighters had managed to cut off the strategic Damascus-Baghdad highway. Militants allegedly achieved this thanks to a shelling of a part of the highway near the al-Seen airbase, 70km northwest of the city of Damascus, from their positions in the East Qalamun region.

Jaysh al-Islam Attacks Damascus-Baghdad Highway, Forces Govt Forces To Close It

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A source in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) confirmed to SouthFront that the highway had been closed because of Jaysh al-Islam’s shelling and said that many vehicles of the SAA had been targeted. However, the source clarified that the SAA is not using the highway to support its ongoing military operation in the East Ghouta pocket.

Jaysh al-Islam also announced that its fighters in the East Qalamun mountains had shelled the SAA and the Tiger Forces inside the airbases of al-Dumayr and al-Seen. According to Syrian opposition sources, the two airbases host heavy rocket launchers and warplanes, which are taking part in the ongoing advance on the East Ghouta pocket.

These two attacks are clearly a response to the ongoing SAA military operation in the East Ghouta pocket. Jaysh al-Islam in the East Qalamun might even launch larger attacks against the SAA in the upcoming days.

Currently, there are more than 1,000 fighters of Jaysh al-Islam in the besieged East Qalamun region. According to open source information, these fighters are heavily armed because they captured dozens of tanks, armored vehicles, air defense weapons, anti tank weapons and heavy rockets from the SAA in 2012.

According to pro-government activists, the SAA is planning to secure the entire East Qalamun region this year through negotiations or military actions.



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  • antoun

    after the goutha oriental after pocket at yarmouk! will be kill,m the rats fom the pocket old qualamouk!!!

  • Serious

    I hop SAA is not planning to secure East Qalamoun this year but rather in follwing two months. Why not wait 5 years ? XD

  • Aziz Hari Maulana

    In my opinion, i think negotiation wont work for this kind of ppl. Unless u having a rope on their neck like on the aleppo back then.

    • PZIVJ

      The East Qalamun pocket has been quiet for a long time.
      But now Jaysh Al Islam is very upset about their losses in E Ghouta.

  • Hrky75

    Guess who just volunteered to be next target after Ghouta is liberated. I know these Jaish guys were never considered the sharpest pencils in the box, but this move is beyond dumb…

    • XJ5

      Hama also attacked the SAA after the Russian reconsiliation center gave the an altermatim to retreat.

      • Peggy Johnson

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        • Cheryl Brandon

          Peggy, the Google governmental BUT and spy.

    • Rob

      It is obvious the next number is of Jaysh Al Islam in East Qalamun.

    • Ghasem

      Contrary to hrky75 comment, jaeish guys are well trained by Saudi special forces. They get a lot of help with Saudi drone recon, targeting the airbase with accurate grad missile is the obvious sign of Saudi and Israelites intel.
      Whoever they are no match for reborn SAA with newly Russian weapon just delivered.
      It’s a desperate last ditch attempt to divert the attention.
      Eastern Ghouta will fall by early April and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

      Asad said last year: every inch of Syria will be liberated from scum of the earth. It’s well on his way.

      • Hrky75

        I never commented their training and Saudi funded hardware – just their strategic and tactical reasoning. And the fact that with all the Saudi, Turkish and US support they managed to lose 50% of their strength in 2 years and bottle themselves up at Ghouta and east Qalamoun without hope of escape kinda proves my point of their leaders being dumb as fuck…

      • Cheryl Brandon

        Dr Bashar Al Assad means that.SAA plans to LIBERATE 100% of Syria.

  • XJ5

    Weither Hama or Al-Qalamun first the SAA and Russia will close every pocket within the enterrior of Syria that is capable of breaking their lines before going after their major enenimes on the four borders of Syria.

  • Well done Jaysh al-Islam!
    That ought to pìss the SAA and the Russians off very nicely indeed.
    Look to kiss your àrse goodbye within the next few days.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      Fuck u

      • FlorianGeyer

        I think Shahna was saying that the terrorists will be dying in the next few days Assad.
        I am sure he was being sarcastic.

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          Oh sorry lol

          • FlorianGeyer

            No problem Assad.

            One consequence of the great advantage the internet gives us all, is the ‘exchange of ideas and opinions with people of all beliefs , ethnicity’s ,nationalities and languages. It is natural for those whose language is not English ( in this English forum) to sometimes write in ways that do not clearly mean what the writer intends to say.

            This is a small price to pay for our empowerment to see through the lies and fabrications of our governments and other governments.

            The corrupt politicians and elite’s greatest fear is for their subjects and citizens being informed of Reality .

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            agree completely, its why they wanna make it harder to access it

          • ” It is natural for those whose language is not English ( in this English forum) to sometimes write in ways that do not clearly mean what the writer intends to say.”
            Are you referring to me Mr Florian?
            Then – I meant EXACTLY what I said and I shall be VERY disappointed if those *verynotniceexcusesforhumanbeings* still have àrses after the next few days.

          • FlorianGeyer

            All languages have nuance’s that are often very hard to translate , even by a bilingual expert. I try my best to understand what I feel is the general thrust of all comments here. :)

          • velociraptor

            Ryhan is still not taken. And you barked on me on AMN. you filthy commie, you were wrong again, and me rigth, AGAIN! :DDDD

            Assad is problem, because he is rigid dictator. Hos failure is the kurdish problem. He supports arab nationalism. This is, why will be split syria.

            plus dozens of other hos mistakes.

          • PZIVJ

            Science study was taken, reptile only right 1 out of 3 times.
            Right, middle or left. :)

          • velociraptor


          • Redadmiral

            Do I detect a Lazarus reflex, from the brain dead troll who once stumbled about SF spewing copious amounts of shite?????

          • FlorianGeyer

            And you are a failure because you are a moron . I sometimes think you must be an Artificial Intelligence Bot that has blown a fuse.

            A sort if android F35 with lots of software issues.

          • Cheryl Brandon

            I could think of other Dictators pople tend to forget eg Satanyahu of Israhell and his Siege Warfare against unarmed Palestinians. MBS which is also doing the same with USA fighter jets and UK bombs etc/ Poroshenko of Ukraine/Baharain/Qatar; You people are giving passes to the afore mentioned Dicstators. Dr Bashar al Assad was elected by 16,400.000 Syrians in 2014. If you do not like elections outcomes , then say so!! Stop throwing around the Neo Cons Shadow Government/Deep State word.

          • velociraptor

            Your number is false. in that time were 1,05 million syrians under his rule. and not all of them voted him.
            But i dont know, why did you put your comment under my. my was personal message to that filthy commie animal.

          • “Always look on the bright side of life!”

        • YEE-UP!

      • Next Friday – 10pm good for you?

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          hahaha no in thousand years ;))

          • Oh….. you don’t like girls…

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            No I do, why are u a girl?

          • Yes….. well I might be.
            But you have only my word for it ;-)

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            Where do u live?

          • South Africa.
            And you?

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


          • You poor thing.
            My sympathies

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            I know :((((

      • §âm

        Assad will stay…in prison for a very long time

        • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

          No u will hopefully

        • Cheryl Brandon

          Put Bush/Blair/ Obomber/Satanyahu/Sarkozy/Poroshenko/$HITLER Clinton ETC FIRST

      • Cheryl Brandon

        Dr Bashar Al Assad has been duly elected by 16,400,000 Syrians in 2014 so, he is not going anywhere as he has!

    • Rob

      For whom Jash Al Islam are fighting for Netanyahu, for Trump or for 72 Ver?

      • One supplies the weapons, another pays the bills and the third bounces and cheers from the sidelines.

        • Rob

          Yes this is true.

    • Cheryl Brandon

      Shana, Wahabhist /beheading supporting terrorist; HTS is not going to WIN anything; They are paid killers;They are fake soldiers with no territory to show???? DIE RATS DIE

      • We can but hope.
        Be extra special really nice if they would take their paymasters with them……

  • Joe Doe

    East Qalamun should also be close by SAA. All packets should be close by SAA before taking other advances such as Idlib or East Deir Ezzor

    • TioChus

      Well, the logical order of things for the SAA after cleaning East Ghouta should be targeting the pocket south of Damascus, Beit Sahm/Babbila-Yarmouk. However, the guys in Dumayr-East Qalamoun are buying tickets to be the next in line to be attacked. Not the smartest move IMHO.
      I guess Idlib has been put in hold until the Abu ad Duhur airbase is fully functional and the pocket North of Homs (and thus the M5) is cleaned, and so the pocket could be accessed and attacked easily by several fronts at the same time.

      • Brad Isherwood


        SAA and allied forces with them in West/East Qalamoun to Al Tanf best stay alert for
        Uncle Shlomo tantrum via airstrikes and stand off missile attack.
        Foreign affairs is of course Empire Propoganda.
        It however does reveal Tensions in Syria between President Rouhani and the IRGC.
        Concerning Syria’s future.
        Moqtada al Sadr met with the Lunatic Saudi Wahhabist kook world MBS last year.
        Sadr also denounced Bashar Assad and the Shia PMU militias.
        This Rat is obviously being paid off to slurp Empires butt.
        Bugdud Gov now taking PMU militias apart…having them relinquish US A1 Abram tanks
        (At least. ..the ones still working).
        The above is a big concern for Syria and Iraq if Shia Militias are bring undercut and pushed out of Political scene.

        • velociraptor

          I wrote several times and clearly, RUssia IS NOT ally of Iran. Never was, is not, will be not. For Russia theocratic islamic state = danger. Russia also does not want irans present in Syria, Lebanon. Russia is weak, but think, it is mighty country, therefore also think, in one pub pnly one musician. Thus, in Syria only Russia. Russia wants only and only relatie correct business contacts with Iran. Nothing more. And also wants, that Syria finishes with its expansive politics. I mean Syrias engagements in lebanon. Both in past and present. Syria is nothing, should not play the reole of local power. Similar, like Jordan keeps quiet and sits on ass.
          These are the rules of russiam ME politics, not chandeg from 80´s soviet rules.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Putin/Russia in the driver’s seat for Syria/Levant Offshore Nat gas,
            Which is huge Market leverage.
            Turkey is just a Nat/gas Oil transit broker. ..
            Erdogan at the end of the day can’t make energy promises to Europe which matter.
            Iran has signed reconstruction agreements with Damascus on a wide range of energy/commercial,
            From Cellular phone service to mining.
            The Empire Propoganda sites are of course taunting Iran and Russia about present
            Political climate between them.
            The taking apart and political pressure on Shia Militias in Iraq and Syria is very real.
            So…something is indeed up as they say…
            I don’t pretend to understand Iran’s geopolitical choices.

          • velociraptor

            The Empire Propoganda sites are of course taunting Iran and Russia about present

            I dont read your newspapers. I know onl the russian official pilitics and twhat happens in Syria, this is in accordance with it. Soviet/Russian poitics wwere always to keep distance from arab/islamic countries. Thsi is the reason, why never formed military alliance, while yanks did it. Although soviets supported sadat and old assad, but saw, arabs are impotent nation and it is the waste of time and money and weapons to keep with them. Therefore after chrushchev significantly redused the friendship level with them.

          • Brad Isherwood

            Post of mine from another webfourm
            Gary Cohn ( Goldman Sachs )…He arranged for the 1% to get 83% of the new tax breaks which Trump signed . 
            Trump gave Canada and Mexico exemptions on Steel/Aluminum tariffs. 
            The 1% got what they wanted, Canada/Mexico can party on as the rest of the world crunches the numbers. 

            Cohn is exit stage door now…..1% got what they wanted from Swamp District of Criminals.
            Syria. ..Russia/Rothschilds Central Bank and Oligarchs reach just as US Deepstate state does back home.
            We are mostly arm chair Generals try to predict which greed Agent will take the other guys shit.
            Putin’s rise to power from nowhere is a big ?
            Russia however is not complete Be’atch of NWO,
            Same as China..
            There is a BIS Central Bank entanglement. ..yet there is independent Enterprise accross the board.
            I’d wager Rothschilds old boney grasp is slipping : )

            Ya…I’m pissed off at Putin and Iran for let US and the Lunatic Caliph of Turkey dig into Syria like a Tick.
            Regions like Al Tanf, Raqqa/Tabqa Dam and East Euphrates will reveal the resolve of Iran and Russia.
            Neither can do reconstruction Syria if US/FSA attack them with Air support.
            Old Rothschild maybe not sure what to do now. ..as China power is serious big
            China has the wealth and large middle class with wealth to capture the future.
            If Putin is going to eat sanctions while French and English laugh. ..It’s a criticism with merit why after so many years of Empire lies……Putin/Russia yeild.

            Push back has to occur. ….has to.

        • velociraptor

          The britsh press wrote, al Sadr will not lay weapons.

          My opinion is, in no country shall be paramilitary organization on private or ethznic, religionic base. Also PMU had to lay arms.

  • Deo Cass

    The terorists got their weapons and ammunition from the so called UN humanitarian convoys.

    • …. Aren’t they searched before they are allowed to enter?

  • RichardD

    With the additional capacity that the government now has from it’s shrinking containment requirements. These mop up pockets west of the river should keep falling like dominoes.


  • RichardD

    “Another interesting feature of the eastern MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-29 Flanker is the IRST (Infra-red search and track). It was most successful when the Indian Air Force Su-27 had 9:1 wins against the American Air Force F-15 in a joint exercise.”




  • RichardD
  • RichardD

    “Each brigade set has 51 vehicles — 12 TELs, 12 reload vehicles, 11 command vehicles, 14 personnel support vehicles, one data preparation vehicle, and one service and repair vehicle. So a brigade can load out 48 Iskander-M missiles. Additional reloads may come out of the brigade’s missile storage facility.

    A brigade has three battalions, each with two batteries of two launchers.”

    – Iskander’s Reach –



  • RichardD
  • grandel

    kill them all.

  • AresXtremE Nemesis

    I see dead terrorist.

  • Theeratm Ksr

    I”m Do Not Understand That Why?? All SAA. Do not KILL Them All For One Place>. One Time>> When Find Them All.>>.SAA Give the Time<This>That??

    • So that the next bunch they run into will give up easy instead of fight to the death ‘cos they gonna die anyway.

  • Mo Richard

    SAA just announced next recipient of the next VIP WARM TREATMENT… “AND THE LUCKY WINNER IS….JAYSH…”

  • velociraptor
  • RichardD

    Russian Aerospace Forces have 28 warplanes stationed at the Hmaymim Airport; these include the following:

    7 Su-24 jets
    5 Su-25 jets
    4 Su-30 jets
    5 Su-34 jets
    6 Su-35 jets
    1 Su-57 jet

    – Russian military arsenal at Hmaymim Airport –


  • Qalamoun will not be anywhere near as difficult as East Ghouta. The Jayshtards have signed their own death warrants. The only thing keeping their bacon off the griddle was the deEscalation agreement, the same agreement that they just pissed down the gutter!

    • George King

      It was my understanding that recently FSA is getting a fresh burst of support from Israel with the aim of defending the Golan Heights occupation. Good luck with that after all the revelations and actions against their neighbors especially the Syrian Alliance who have declared “there will be no new Israel allowed in the ME”

  • Cheryl Brandon

    SAA soldiers will prevail in Eastern Ghouta. They do not have the mandate like SAA soldiers. FSA and HTS are 2 terrorist groups.