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Jaysh al-Islam Approves Evacuation Of HTS Fighters From East Ghouta. First Group Leaves Towards Idlib (Photos)

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On March 9, Jaysh al-Islam announced in an official statement that it will release all Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) fighters from its prisons and allow them to withdraw with their families to Idlib governorate, according to an agreement with the UN.

Jaysh al-Islam Approves Evacuation Of HTS Fighters From East Ghouta. First Group Leaves Towards Idlib (Photos)

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According to Jaysh al-Islam’s statement, the agreement includes only HTS fighters who were captured by Jaysh al-Islam during the inter-rebel conflict in April and May of 2017. Hundreds of HTS fighters will remain in the center and western part of East Ghouta.

Few minutes following the announcement of the agreement, thirteen HTS fighters and their families reached the safe route northeast of the East Ghouta pocket, according to Syrian pro-government sources. The fighters will be evacuated to Idlib within hours.

The agreement can’t be considered as a breakthrough as it only includes few dozens of HTS fighters. However, observers believe that more similar agreements will follow it.

The Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi already reported that local committees of Mudayrah and Hammuriyah towns are negotiating with the Syrian government to reach a similar agreement. However, the source said that the militants are not part of the negotiations.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are expected to resume their military operation in the East Ghouta pocket soon. The operation has been halted for about 12 hours due to the bad weather and UN aid deliveries to the pocket.

HTS fighters released by Jaysh al-Islam on the safe route:

Jaysh al-Islam Approves Evacuation Of HTS Fighters From East Ghouta. First Group Leaves Towards Idlib (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Jaysh al-Islam Approves Evacuation Of HTS Fighters From East Ghouta. First Group Leaves Towards Idlib (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Jaysh al-Islam Approves Evacuation Of HTS Fighters From East Ghouta. First Group Leaves Towards Idlib (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Jaysh al-Islam Approves Evacuation Of HTS Fighters From East Ghouta. First Group Leaves Towards Idlib (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

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Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Only to be recruited again by the US/MOSSAD


True btu at least SAA will have secured it back :)


How will the SAA have secured its back by allowing a couple of dozen HTS prisoners out of the pocket. Saudi backed head choppers freeing Yankee/Izzy moderate head choppers means that Jaysh al-Islam can now call on an extra 10/12 to murder SAA troops

John Whitehot

he said secured it back, not its back.

Jutta Morris

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by turkey


These deals are insane as they just shift the US/Zionist Wahhabi headchoppers to another location for further terrorism. If this goes on, the terror campaign in Syria will never end. The only rational way is to kill all the headchoppers. The SAA and Hezbollah are on the verge of capturing all of Ghouta terror enclave and then the headchoppers want conditional deals. This is insanity defined.

Richard M

I agree (mostly), but there are other Orc enclaves in Qalamoun, Dumayr, Yarmouk, Daraa, at Tanf. That means “deals” are essential. Why not export the Orcs to ErrDawgistan, Merkelistan and Macronistan. The very sources of the Syrian War, so why not return the “gift” to the sender?

John Brown

Why are the deals insane?? They are great, let them go to Idlib where the Russian and Syrian air forces can bomb them as they will not have any human shields there to hide behind.

HighLord Gaz

Getting bused to Idlib?

Fish… meet barrel….

jerry hamilton

I would imagine they are told that if they are caught a second time, their whole family will be executed.


So this is how the al qeada escapes the pocket? SHIT!! Once in Idlib they will just go into Turkey causing problems for the west. NO GREEN BUSES FOR HEADCHOPPERS!!!!


I hope they do cause problems for the West as its the West that has fermented this mess.


I would say that is not true but I’m just not sure.

jerry hamilton

It’s true.


More precisely it’s the US NATO/ZIONIST Mafia Gang controlling Europe since WW2 to avoid Democracy.

For Europeans majority Colonialism is unacceptable and they are pro Palestinians.

Americans and Zionist MSM opposite ! In fact NATO is a US Proxy for Europe and World Control under the pretext of Russian Communism Protection.

Everyone claiming Justice for the Masses is Tag “Communist” by the Zionist Supremacist Capitalist Oppressors !

That why the US/GB Population didn’t have access to the Private Universities and Good Private Schools Education. ======================================= http://www.voltairenet.org/article190171.html

Seventy years of harassing political establishment and people of Europe

by Andrey Fomin

Contrary to appearances, the decision of the United States to investigate a possible Russian aid to anti-European parties is not intended to protect Europeans from foreign interference. This is quite the opposite. For 70 years, Washington controls the West European politics prohibiting all forms of genuine democracy.

According to a “sensational” article by The Telegraph, the US director of National Intelligence was recently instructed by Congress to “conduct a major review into Russian clandestine funding of European parties over the last decade.” [1] This disclosure —a classic “controlled leak”— is intended to warn disobedient yet popular political entities across Europe to scale back their ambitions to rebalance the roles and weight of their nation states within the European Union. Hungary’s Jobbik, Greece’s Golden Dawn, Italy’s Lega Nord, and France’s Front National are explicitly included in the US “warning list,” while other unnamed “parties” in Austria, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands are being advised that they are “under a US security probe.” Even the new British Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is suspected of flirting with the Russians. So, according to the sponsor of The Telegraph’s story, any European politician who dares to question NATO’s eastward expansion, the policy of anti-Russian sanctions, or the current European stance on the Ukrainian conflict is essentially a witting or unwitting tool of “Russia’s hybrid warfare.”

Well, that would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. In fact, any impartial observer would pose some simple questions: Why the hell do US intelligence agencies care about challenges to Europe’s internal security? Aren’t they the same agents who finance, recruit, and control countless political organizations, individuals, and media outlets on the European continent? Why are they so brazenly revealing their dominion over Europe?

A politically correct challenger would argue that the United States saved Europe from the “Communist threat” after the end of WWII, facilitated its speedy economic recovery, and is still safeguarding the continent under its nuclear umbrella. Perhaps. But a review of the historical background should not begin with the Marshall Plan. First of all, that was launched in April 1948. Since the Nazis capitulated in May 1945, a misinformed reader might deduce that the United States had been drafting a massive investment program for Europe for as long as three years, and … he would be wrong. At the Second “Octagon” Quebec Conference in September 1944, President Roosevelt and US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr. submitted to the British PM Winston Churchill their Post-Surrender Program for Germany [2]. That strictly confidential document envisaged the partition and complete deindustrialization of the German state. According to the plan, Germany was to be divided into two independent states. Its epicenters of mining and industry, including the Saar Protectorate, the Ruhr Valley, and Upper Silesia were to be internationalized or annexed by France and Poland. Following are a few excerpts:

• The [US] military forces upon entry into [German] industrial areas shall destroy all plants and equipment which cannot be removed immediately.

• No longer than 6 months after the cessation of hostilities, all industrial plants and equipment not destroyed by military action shall either be completely dismantled and removed from the area or completely destroyed.

• All people within the area should be made to understand that this area will not again be allowed to become an industrial area. Accordingly, all people and their families within the area having special skills or technical training should be encouraged to migrate permanently from the area and should be as widely dispersed as possible.

• All German radio stations and newspapers, magazines, weeklies, etc. shall be discontinued until adequate controls are established and an appropriate program formulated.

That was the original postwar recovery program for Germany, known as the Morgenthau Plan. The notorious Joint Chiefs of Staff Directive 1067 (JCS 1067) addressed to the Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Occupation Forces in Germany, which was officially issued in April 1945, was fully in line with that document [3].

Partition of Germany according to Morgenthau Plan, 1944

The Morgenthau Plan very quickly proved to be a strategic mistake. The United States underestimated the ideological and cultural impact the Soviets would have on European societies. Left to their own judgment, American strategists failed to understand the attraction that a socialist system held for the majority of the population of the liberated nations. A vast spectrum of pro-socialist and pro-communist politicians began winning democratic elections and gaining political influence not only in Eastern Europe, but also in Greece, Italy, France, and other European states (Palmiro Togliatti and Maurice Thorez are just a few who could be named here). Thus Washington came to understand that its forced de-industrialization of Europe could result in Soviet-style reindustrialization and eventual Russian dominance of the continent… Therefore the US had to promptly replace the Morgenthau Plan with one named after Secretary of State George Marshall… Over the course of four years it provided Europe with $12 billion USD in credits, donations, leases, etc., for the purpose of buying … American machinery and other goods. Although the plan undoubtedly revived the economies of Europe, its biggest positive effect was on … the US economy itself! Simultaneously a wave of political repression was launched throughout Europe, most notably in Germany.

The media has largely forgotten about a Soviet initiative, proposed in 1950, to withdraw from the GDR and to reunify a neutral, non-aligned, demilitarized Germany within one year of the conclusion of a peace treaty. As a matter of fact, the resolution adopted at the Prague meeting of the foreign ministers of the Soviet Bloc on Oct. 21, 1950 proposed the establishment of an all-German Constituent Council, with equal representation from East and West Germany to prepare for the formation of an “all-German, sovereign, democratic, and peace-loving provisional government.” Needless to say, the US government and West German administration in Bonn strongly opposed the initiative [4]. While a plebiscite on the issue “Are you against the remilitarization of Germany and in favor of the conclusion of a Peace Treaty in 1951?” was announced in both halves of the divided state, that referendum was held and officially acknowledged only in East Germany (with 96% voting “yes”).vtek The authorities in US-controlled West Germany failed to respond in a truly democratic manner. They refused to recognize the preliminary results of the referendum that had been held since February 1951 (of the 6.2 million federal citizens who had taken part by June 1951, 94.4% also voted “yes”) [5] and introduced the draconian cautious Criminal Law Amendment Act (the 1951 Blitzgesetz) on July 11. According to that legislation, anyone guilty of importing prohibited literature, criticizing the government, or having unreported contacts with representatives of the GDR, etc. was to be prosecuted for “state treason,” which was punishable by 5 to 15 years in prison. Consequently, between 1951 and 1968, 200,000 charges were brought against 500,000 members of the Communist Party and other left-wing groups in Germany under this law. Ten thousand people were sent to prison, and most of those who were “cleared” of charges never resumed their political activities. Additional legal amendments in 1953 actually abolished the right to freely hold gatherings and demonstrations, and in 1956 the Communist Party of Germany was banned.

More details can be found in Daniel Burkholz’s 2012 documentary “Verboten – Verfolgt – Vergessen” (Forbidden-Followed-Forgotten. Half a Million Public Enemies), which is surprisingly unavailable on YouTube.

The political repression that occurred in Germany from the 1950s to the 1980s, compared to similar events in other European countries during the same period, is a very taboo topic. Operation Gladio in Italy, the crimes of the regime of the Black Colonels in Greece, and the controversial assassinations of realistic European politicians who openly advocated for historical compromise with the Soviet bloc – such as Italian PM Aldo Moro (1978) and Swedish PM Olof Palme (1986) – all received far more media attention. The revelations made by a former correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Udo Ulfkotte, in his book Gekaufte Journalisten (“Purchased Journalists”) about the mechanism of media control in Germany (remember the Morgenthau Plan?) represent only the tip of the iceberg.

The almost complete lack of reaction seen in Berlin after Edward Snowden’s disclosure of the blanket electronic espionage routinely conducted against German leaders by the NSA means that in reality, Germany has acknowledged its loss of sovereignty over its own country and thus has nothing to lose.

So, after taking all these facts into account and rereading the article in The Telegraph, are you still so sure that the United States is truly the guardian of Europe’s sovereignty? Is it not more likely that by using the alleged “Russian threat” to control and harass the political establishment and civil society in Europe, Washington is making headway toward a simple and primitive goal – that of merely keeping its sheep within the fold?

Andrey Fomin

[1] «Russia accused of clandestine funding of European parties as US conducts major review of Vladimir Putin’s strategy. Exclusive: UK warns of “new Cold War” as Kremlin seeks to divide and rule in Europe», Peter Foster & Matthew Holehouse, The Telegraph, January 16, 2016.

[2] “Suggested Post-Surrender Program for Germany”, F. D. Roosevelt, September 1944.

[3] “Directive to the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Occupation Forces (JCS 1067)” (April 1945)

[4] “Notes for Eastern Element’s Briefing of General Mathewson”, February 15, 1951. Published in Foreign Relations of the United States 1951, Volume III, Part 2, European Security and the German Question (Document 341).

[5] “Flusslandschaft 1951. Frieden”, Protest in München.


The most ‘democratic’ election the UK has had for many decades was the ‘In or Out ‘ Brexit vote that was one vote for all to be counted as a whole.

Those that wished for the UK to leave the EU were of course victorious BUT the UK / EU elite will not accept this and say that the ‘Leave Voters’ voted the wrong way and there should be a new vote as happened in Sothhern Ireland three times I think for a contentious issue there, until the Great Unwashed voted the ‘Right ‘ way.


Pro and against Brexit only talks lies…

The British monarchy didn’t have a Democratic Culture.

In Switzerland on the Federal level, any Government decision is susceptible to risk a Referendum if 100’000 signatures are collected against, and it would be mandatory for a votation subject. There is also “Initiative” rights to propose new laws.

On Cantonal level it’s about the same, but about 10’000 signatures would be enough.

On March 4 there was votes, 1 for Federal taxes agreement and one for an “Initiative” against the Government TV taxes. On the same times there was 8 votes subjects on the Cantonal level.

This is happening about 4 or 5 times a Year. Balanced neutral informations is precise and send to all the Citizen

Federal or Cantonal Presidency is collective with 7 members, communal Mayoralty is collective with 5 members conseil

We are careful all the County tendencies, languages, religions, minorities are well respected. There is a consensus Culture to avoid disappointment to maintain the Country unity. The vote winners decision are strictly and smoothly applied to avoid any “waves” making angry big portion of the Population.

The Swiss “system” is permanently improved since Centuries, I do believe the Population in the whole cherished it and is satisfied… The first votation was in 1230, the last King was “Barbarossa” in 1200…

jerry hamilton

My sister was one of the polling station staff on the day of the Brexit. She said most of the people there to vote spoke poor or no English.


Many of them natives of Britain as well then Jerry ? :)

I was stunned the other day when a school teacher was commenting on the latest statement from the Minister of Education and used the ‘word’ that sounded very like ” teachuring ” when talking about her profession. :)

jerry hamilton

On the Brexit there were not many Brit’s that voted. Mostly foreigners.

Most of our teachers are actually good. The government is destroying it though. My sister stopped teaching about 10 years ago because she couldn’t stand the hoops she had to jump through. They are ten times worse now. My son unable to find a decent job tried teaching at a couple of Uni’s in Italy. He is back home and on the verge of doing a law degree. He recently applied for a job at a college and didn’t get the job because he didn’t have the right GCE’s. He got his Phd with No Corrections. He can’t get a job because no one will pay a Doctor’s wage. For anything else he is over qualified. That seems to be the state of the world at the moment. There are millions just like him in all sorts of trades.


Where will all this madness lead us I wonder ? Civil War or a slow decline into poverty ?

jerry hamilton

Well corporations want us exactly where we are now. We have just enough money to pay the utility companies. Television and computer games dumb’s down the people. Corbyn is the only hope that this country has but they would kill him before letting him lead. The jewish lobby would want us on a slow decline into poverty. They have already turned America into a circus bizzare. Actually the red nose suits them.


Funnily enough I do not agree with all of Corbyn’s policies and many of his party are as barmy as the current lot BUT I do feel that he is an honest man and because of that I may well vote for him.

jerry hamilton

I am 65 now. I have never voted before because it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always get in. Corbyn, not the Labour party, is the first politician I have come across that I think is worth voting for. Every one we’ve had so far is happy for utility companies to make massive profits, kill people illegally in foreign lands and since I knew a reporter that worked for the BBC, hide things and lie to us. I don’t feel governed, I feel rail roaded. Hopefully come October I will be doing southern Europe during the winters. Unless because of Brexit it becomes unaffordable.


I feel the same as you and am a similar age. The current leadership material of all of the political parties are 90% or so charlatans and buffoons.

The police and courts are obsessed with the Political Correct Mantra of Soviet Russia where the ‘wrong ideas ‘ were punished by long jail terms and the Elite literally got away with murder.

I suppose it has always been like this to some extent but as with the Printing Press, the Internet allows like minded people to unite in disgust for those who rule and abuse us.

jerry hamilton

Yes, the likes of the internet could never have been imagined fifty years ago. The information available to us holds a short shelf life till systematically being withdrawn from the internet to protect the guilty. Our most famous Bull dog was the most infamous killer in history. We started both world wars and have very little to be proud about. The media has always been there to deceive us.


In case you didn’t know this one worth to be google, and I do believe it isn’t different today !

================================= https://www.henrymakow.com/2014/10/Basil-Zaharoff.html

Basil Zaharoff – A Name You Should Know

October 29, 2014


(Basil Zaharoff (left) displays the Knight Grand Cross of the Bath which he received in 1919

for selling the munitions that killed 10 million goyim on both sides in WW1. )

Basil Zaharoff, 1849-1936, a Director of Rothschild-owned Vickers

that produced guns and armaments in two world wars.

“The Zaharoff System” involved selling arms to both sides in a conflict

and even instigating conflicts.

Below are two short accounts of the man.

by Eustace Mullins

(From New History of the Jews, pp. 92-95)

During the late 19th century, the Jews realized with growing excitement that the moment was approaching to set up their world empire. Jewish international bankers controlled all of the governments of Europe, and they needed only to wreak further havoc on the gentiles before conquering Palestine, for it was their superstition that they could not rule the world until they owned the little patch of desert where they had started out as bandits five thousand years ago.

A typically prominent Jew during this period was Basil Zaharoff, who for fifty years was known as the “Mystery Man of Europe.” He is credited with having started many small wars and to have played the leading role in setting off World War I. There was never any real mystery about Zaharoff. His biographers state that he was born Manel Sahar, of Russian Jewish parentage, in the ghetto of Wilkomir, Russia. His parents moved to Constantinople when he was four years old, and at the age of six, he became a brothel tout, leading tourists to houses of prostitution. As a young man, he was a well-known pimp in Constantinople, and at the age of twenty-four, he fled to Athens after murdering a sailor on the docks during a robbery.

After eking out a dishonest living in Athens for several years, Zaharoff became an armaments salesman for the firm of Maxim Nordenfeldt. The transition from pimp to salesman was a simple one, for government contracts were customarily arranged by furnishing beautiful prostitutes to the contracting officer. Through his talents for pimping and blackmail, Zaharoff was extraordinarily successful at persuading governments to buy his wares, and he soon became a millionaire.

He spent many thousands of dollars to erase his criminal record, but in 1911, his past was revealed when his son, Haim Sahar, a Jew living in Birmingham, England, sued him for part of his fortune. Although Haim proved that he was Zaharoffs son, he got nothing from Zaharoff, who by this time had amassed a fortune of one hundred million dollars.


In the 1890’s the largest munitions firm in the world was Vickers of England, which was owned by the Rothschilds. In 1897, Vickers purchased the Naval Construction and Armaments Co., and also the Maxim Nordenfeldt Co.

Zaharoff was the biggest stockholder, and the Rothschilds placed him on the board of Vickers. The Jews then loaded up all of the governments of Eu- rope with munitions. The Rothschilds forced the governments to whom they lent money to allot most of it for the purchase of armaments. The stage was set for a world war, and as Werner Sombart, the economic historian, said, “Wars are the Jews’ harvests”.

The Jews began to spew out of their Balkan ghettoes, entering England at the rate of 600,000 a year, and the United States at the rate of one million a year. They took over government offices so completely that the English Foreign Office was known as “the Too-Foreign Office”, in reference to the great number of Jews with thick accents who filled its ministries. Jews became ministers of finance and justice in many countries, so that they could control the nations through these positions. The Minister of Finance in France was Klots; in Italy, Luzzatti; in Germany, Dernberg; in England, Isaacs. Of 355 English salaried consular officials, 200 were foreign born, and 120 readily identified as Jews, although the total was undoubtedly higher.

Every European Government was rocked by financial and espionage scandals as the Jews sold state secrets and patents to the highest bidder. When the Gentile, Marconi, invented radio, the Jewish Isaacs family obtained possession of it, and the American branch RCA , was headed by the Russian Jew, David Sarnoff. On March 7, 1912, the English Postmaster, Sir Herbert Samuel, of the Jewish family which owned Shell Oil, and Charles Isaacs, president of Marconi, Ltd., split 100,000 shares of stock as a gift to his brother, Rufus Isaacs, Minister of Finance, and Lloyd George, the Prime Minister. When the scandal broke in the press, not only did Lloyd George remain in office, but, with typical effrontery, the Rothschilds forced Lord Asquith to appoint Rufus Isaacs as Lord Chief Justice of England, with the title of Baron Reading of Erleigh. Rudyard Kipling commented on this appointment,

“Three years ago you would have said that the Marconi scandals and the appointment of the present Lord Chief Justice were impossible.”

Ignatius_Timothy_Trebitsch-Lincoln_circa_1915.jpg(left, Trebitsch-Lincoln)

Not only did the Jews control Lloyd George with bribes, but Zaharoff sent his ex-wife over to have an affair with the Prime Minister. An aide of Zaharoff was an Hungarian Jew named Trebitsch who had come to England, added Lincoln to his name, perhaps in memory of the murdered St. Hugh of Lincoln, [a 13th century “blood libel”] and as Trebitsch-Lincoln, he became a Church of England clergyman and a member of Parliament, while working as an agent for Zaharoff. Trebitsch-Lincoln died during the 1930s as a monk in Tibet…

Zaharoff also died during the 1930s, as a multi-millionaire on the Riviera, while planning the Second World War. Before he died, he had murdered the only person who knew all the secrets of his criminal past, a Jew named Nadel who had been a member of the French Surete, and who had come into possession of documentary evidence against Zaharoff. Nadel blackmailed Zaharoff for ten years, and was finally found dead in his suite on the Riviera with one million francs in cash in a bureau drawer, apparently the last installment that Zaharoff was willing to pay.

The First World War had broken out on schedule, carefully planned by Zaharoff and the other Jewish munitions tycoons. Tremendous fortunes were made during the slaughter of the Gentiles. During the war, the Jews sang their anthem,

“Onward Christian soldiers,

Marching as to war;

We will make the uniforms,

As we did before.”


Related- Jews Fought and Died in WW1 (But not Illuminati Jews)

———- Makow -World War One – First Christian Holocaust

jerry hamilton

This was new to me. An excellent read. Thank you.


Europe is a big family from Gibraltar to Oural and England is part of it ! This Brexit is grotesque ! Instead the British should have brought to Bruxelles the needed changes.

Switzerland is a miniature Europe living laboratory and successful since Centuries. It shouldn’t be copied, but inspirational ! What makes Switzerland works is what is missing in the failed EC… Local Identities and Schools need a lot improvements for confidence and more proximity Democracy, opening and tolerance toward each others….

jerry hamilton

Exactly. Well said.


But isn’t it fair that the West take it’s proxies back? They can travel with our UN Busservice to Idlib…..then Turkey…..and afterwards Europe….or take a plane to the U.S.A….& Canada….whatever them want. They will arrange them a Home and a Big Fat Welfare check, for services provided….Good luck West can have your Headchoppers back we don’t need them anymore….. have fun…


Its not a western religion they claim to murder people for. It’s an eastern monotheist one (monotheist means the source of the religion is based on a book,but that book claims to be passed down second hand from god-All monotheist religions do this while polytheist=NEVER) Keep the headchoppers! they belong to the eastern books no matter who they take money from.


Reinvented for their Divide & Conquer program to create hatred between Shia & Sunni and to create hate against Muslims in the (western) World…..with the help of their Freemason Muslim Brotherhood…..in my Eyes if Sunni & Shia stop fighting eachother and accepting the differences, they could create a peaceful ME for themselves… https://www.strategic-cultu… https://www.strategic-cultu… https://www.google.nl/amp/s… http://aanirfan.blogspot.nl… http://wolfblitzzer0.blogsp…


Thats fine. The British also were mostly monotheistic. As long as everyone is willing to pretend that the tome of human knowledge and morality, culture, ethics rights and obligations as well as foreshadowing of the future, come from a book without error, then they can fight over which particular book in what particular version to use.


Wahbabi.. true..! Religion.. No..! Wahbabism is an ideology..!


My Brother…..:)


Yes brother.. ?? Hasbiallah ‘A’laik..!


When the moment comes for the Idlib operation to begin all the jihadis will be facing annihilation. And the only “friendly” place to go from Idlib is either Turkey or Israel. Let’s see if they will be willing to protect and provide safety to their pets. What goes around comes around.


the hts bouc emissaire the djihadists mdr!!

Concrete Mike

Jai bien hate que tous ces crasses sont extermine une fois pour toute.


moi aussi!!!


edut na hui … la la la :)


Useless. If they are prisoners, they don’t fight. So, let them into the pocket so that Jaysh al-Islam have to manage them while fighting SAA.

But, I’m not confident. Russia will let them escape.

Brad Isherwood

Many residents of easy Ghouta now turning on the rats.. They don’t want their homes /farms destroyed by SAA having to dig rats out. As long as they are not taking weapons……it’s productive. Idlib becoming last Rat zone in Syria West is workable Nutcase Caliph of Turkey needs to be watched…as his penchant for support Muslim Brotherhood and Takfiri suggests Idlib rats will get support on the sly from the Big rat himself in Turkey.


They are not fighters, they are prisoners. So, Syria and Russia are helping Jaysh al-Islam. Jaysh al-Islam can’t manage them. That’s why they made the offer. Syria and Russia should have say “No deal unless you let civilians go away”.

But, it’s not the first bad deal of Syria and Russia. I stopped count bad deals.

John Whitehot

i’d be surprised if you could count up to ten.


Easy. Ten. XD.

Rüdiger Preiss

See, not hat easy :D! John meant “counting”, not just copy the word “ten” LOL


My unit is ten of yours. XD.

Rüdiger Preiss

You don’t make sense :D


It’s silly but it works. XD.

Brad Isherwood


The Ghouta Rat zone is divided under Gangster warlord types with Political history. They are shitting themselves right now as their power world stumbles . Having these leaders ended….or bought off to play political crime game and no more huge street armies is the Deliverance All Syria needs.

US,Israel,Turks,Saudi,UAE all bribed the Rat leaders to push the violence 24/365. Rats are losing, ….money is drying up….last of the Captigon too : )


The ‘favoured ‘ Warlord system of control is of course an ancient one and was evident in Europe up to and including the Middle Ages .


The same warlord system is in Russia. Only is calld. ruloe of oligarchs ;). putin, medvedev belong to them.


So when Solomon Krupacek is not on his medicine he goes full overdrive and becomes Velociraptor ? :D I was waiting till somebody notices it but unfortunately every is too busy watching that Ghouta pocket shrink :D


you are slow, wodkadrunker! btw., today again got lifelong distance one of your athlets for anabolics :DD this is russia. drugs, aids, vodka, emigration, decline…

so, back to your silly comment. shit on shit. :)))


Not slow, you are just not that important nor interesting, you toilet cleaner :) Got to say, never thought that your trolling could be any lower than it was back then, seems that you have reached lowest of the low, congratz :) You really have got to watch out for those toilet fumes, think that they are really getting to you, your spasms are out of control :D Shit on shit is your life it seems, you can’t even control yourself anymore, looks really worrisome, really feels like if you are in East-Ghouta getting hammered :D ToiletRaptor, go and show those toilets who is boss and don’t forget to massage the american balls you love so much.


you ruskie bearfucker, in west are roilets, you have onli holes in soil. i can put here ruskie toilets from your garrizons. you have only moscow and petersburg, everywhere else is 3rd and 4th world. i was in your countryside in both european and asian part. total africa. only colder.


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Toni Liu

Just same shit with different name

Concrete Mike

Bipolar maybe??


I think it’s a more of a Jekyll and Hyde thing. :D

Franta Flinta

If you think that Syrians have no plan B. your naive. :D


So, what do you believe plan B might B?


Syria has no plan A, so how can she have a plan B ?


Plan A – winning the war. Plan B – not losing it.


Plan A looks positive while plan B seems defensive, I can take the defensive edge off thus: Plan B: Win the War. Indite all the NATO, Israeli and Saudi regimes and their agents for Crimes against Humanity and in the case of USA, Israel, Saudi and Turkey that their leaders should also be prosecuted for War Crimes. Syria should also be compensated in full for the material loss. Loss of life, displacement of people and injury Plan C: Win the War. I’ll park the rest for another time


Plan A is gone for a long time ago. There is no winning at this stage.

But plan B is acieved already. Survival by Assad.

The war and factions has gone into Stalemate with several partitions


SAA know exactly what they are fighting for – to stop NATO and Gulf States turning their country in a nightmare failed state overrun by criminal Wahabbi war lords holding population to ransom and competing to impose the harshest sharia regime. The militant factions have long since openly stated they would simply hand over more southern Syrian territory to Israel in (pre-arranged) exchange for political recognition from NATO, Gulf States and Israel. That is some obvious and strong motivation for SAA right there.


Lool. If Nato and Gulf states wanted Assad gone he would have been gone. Dude is really not that of a big deal.

His just a small fish in the sea. His basically a warlord nowadays at best.

SAA has zero causes to fight for. Honestly speaking the country could have flourished with the Rebels taken over especially groups like HTS. The country would have flourished economy, independantly, and in every sense of shape Syria would have been completely free of foreigners.

But now everything lost. All the foreign arrivals wouldn’t leave as they have to much interest in the country and the partition will be around.

What you think Assad has the power to take on Turkey, US, or Israel right now. In such scenarios Russia will not be by his side. So he has nothing left but to become the bigger warlord in the world of warlords in syria


‘Honestly speaking the country could have flourished with the Rebels taken over especially groups like HTS. The country would have flourished economy, independantly, (sic) and in every sense of shape Syria would have been completely free of foreigners.’

That’s just too lame – as you well know HTS are Qatari government proxies. But with such a cynical and dishonest statement you have openly indicated who you are. NATO and Gulf States have spent billions on this war – vast multi-state resources have been mobilized and it was all going to roughly schedule until 2015. Then Russia intervened, halted and reversed the whole basic plan – and that just infuriates your type doesn’t it. It grates you to the core that Syria will survive and Israel doesn’t get a disarmed neighbor and slabs of southern Syria as the territorial prize. Bad luck, chump.


Look I’m really not into the hype branding groups into names. I never buy any form of hype nor labels but as an analyst I look things from different angles.

HTS is a local entity who desire complete freedom for it’s people and peoples wealth. You can say whatever you want to say but they have the peoples best interest at best.

Syria has been a muslim country for nearly 1.500 years and if you historically look back to Syria it has been run by groups who have ideological similarity with HTS. in Ottomans, Abbasid, Rashideen, Ayubbiyen, Mamlukis and Umayyad.

They naturally belong to the location and understand what is best for their own people. The whole idea of democracy is foreign to this region and even in the last 50 years with Assad and his father they were dictators.

I honestly don’t feel like the Russians nor other foreigners should mingle into Syria and let it take it’s course and return to it’s ownself for better future cooperation.

Forcing people into something they don’t want is difficult but it don’t mean that you can’t work nor co-exist with that person without him not being into the kind of food you are serving. It’s basically do you and I do me


‘HTS is a local entity who desire complete freedom for it’s people and peoples wealth. You can say whatever you want to say but they have the peoples best interest at best.’

That is a complete fabrication and you well know it. HTS are Qatari state sponsored proxies and its ranks are heavily weighted with foreign recruited salafists and mercenaries. HTS’ public face has long been a foriegn national – the Saudi Wahhabi cleric Muhaysini – who encourages foriegn recruits, and Syrians, to commit terrorist crimes such as suicide bombings in ‘apostate’ residential areas. To suggest HTS are either a localized Syrian development, or have Syrian society’s muti-ethnic national interests at their political forefront is sheer intellectual dishonesty of the worst possible kind. You have clearly revealed yourself – you are openly pro Al Qeada and pro-terrorist.


stop being a sheep Because you believe in the word ”Terrorist” in this age and time. It truly has no meaning except for people who are brain dead. It’s just a fake invention to trick people and it has already expired now by few years already.

Please don’t be a parrot and keep parroting another man’s false flag invention and believing as if it is gospel.

From a poltical point of view they seem to have the peoples best interst. Qatar as an state has zero to do with HTS. They are in fact outlaw’ed in these regions.

They are no state actors and have no state actors supporters. You can say whatever you can say but no state supports HTS.. They are non-actors nor do they have any allies within the state actor scene


As previously stated you have publicly revealed yourself – an outright and intellectually dishonest fabricator of the worst kind, and an open advocate of the internationally listed HTS terrorist faction inside Syria. You have very clearly stated your position. However, you have little to celebrate as they are losing ground and are outside of any negotiations – bad choice(s) and bad luck, chump.


You have misunderstood me. I’m an analyst but if I support anything I support US occupation of eastern syria. due to being tight to that economical flow.

But that dosen’t make me blind to the realities of syria and which scenarios would have been best for syria and who had syria’s best interest at heart etc etc.

I understand also things from Assad perspective but I’m a afraid they are very selfish where as the SAA loyalist have pure ambitions but used as cannon fodder by a dishonest individual.

Btw keep barking this or that. I don’t even believe in stuff like that to be honest. Whatever rocks your boat


‘Qatar as an state has zero to do with HTS…They are no state actors and have no state actors… supporters. You can say whatever you want but no state supports HTS.’

As for a self declared ‘analyst’ – this is just way too funny. You have in fact repeatedly revealed yourself to be a shameless fabricator:



MEDIA? so now you believe in this writer as gospel?

just tell me what gain will Qatar have in supporting HTS. the answer is zero. these royal families view such groups as mega threat towards their own seat so they use time in writng fake articles trying to make people think they support them to avoid public blacklash themselves and just keep making people think that they care about the people of MENA well being


‘Mountains of Rubbish’

Concrete Mike

Goatfucker apologist…thats what your doing…HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT!!!


You seem to be much better educated than the previous “Mountains” WTF

Concrete Mike

Listen, you postulated that Syria would be bettee off being a salafist principality? How the fuxk is that better for syrians? Especially the women.

Its not, you can use fancy words all you want but at the end of the day its clear syrians dont want the rebels. Neither do we. Only fools would advocate for such monsters


Wrong. getting rid of Ghouta pocket Assad will gain additional manpower – mainly reuplican Guard brigades – to deploy in Idlib – last major islamist stronghold. Eliminating Idlib can be considered as Mission B accomplished. Integrating the land across the Euphrates without having to fight the US and Israeli will be considered as winning the war. And I mean the real war – because the whole shit-show was never about human rights, constitutional democracy and LGBT parades in Damascus and always about partitioning of Syria according to Yinon plan. And before you start about how syria will never get those territories under Kurdish control back – Arabs are 70% majority across the Euphrates and no way will they agree on Kurds governing them in some sort of quasi Marxist Kurdish ethnocracy…


I know Arabs are majority on the eastern part of euphrates but these arabs want to run things themselves over there.

Idlib is turkey now. Rep Guard has nothing for a nation over 80+ mio and technologically advanced like turkey.


Game is played for 2 halftimes, no less the 90 minutes and it’s not over until the referee blows the whistle. And Putin’s got the whistle…


Burn All Headchoppers….? Use them as fertilizer…..? Send them naked into the desert…give’m thirty seconds headstart, then Isis-Hunters will hunt them down? Or some extra targetpractising with live targets?


Wrong way, bus them to Israel.


Don’t worry, they are not going anywhere. It’s better and much easier to mow them down in the Idlib plain than play the deadliest cat and mouse game with them through the ruble of Ghouta.


It’s better to let them in the pocket so that they can’t revenge agaisnt Jaysh al-Islam.

John Whitehot

“so that they can’t revenge agaisnt Jaysh al-Islam”

something that would make many of us cry such bitter tears.


Jaysh al-Islam will be going in one of two possible directions too soon – in hell via idlib ;-))

Promitheas Apollonious

and you care exactly why. Or better, why should we care?


Don’t understand.

Promitheas Apollonious

was just checking out, if you are a google bot, or someones of the competition?


Do you reaaly think that I’m a google bot ??? XD.

John Whitehot

you’d be in good company around here. there are botettes as well.

Jim Prendergast

True. Idlib has a big target on it just waiting.


Russia should be bombing the headchoppers convoys. The US moved hundreds from Raqaa into Ghouta.

John Whitehot


who was saying there are no high-rank jihadists in ghouta.

Shy Talk

Good riddance, on his way to Jahannam


Sunnis want to fight Assad for I don’t know what reason but fight themselfs as well. It’s just pathetic. FSA vs JAI vs HTS in 5 km squared. And these people want to rule Syria. Sunnis must understand that they can’t rule a country.

Erdogan seems to be the only Sunni with a little bit of cell brains.

Al kuffar

What reason? It is the consequential Implosion that comes with such Unrealistic Ideals of calling for Tawheed.. So you are very right in saying who can’t even control a single province, Dream a caliphate.


The militants are salafists and mercenaries – on the NATO, Gulf State and, as recently revealed, Israeli pay-rolls. It is a foriegn financed war against Syria – and they just won’t give their regime change objectives, US has recently announced in their official budgets that they are still going to throw millions more on ‘vetted’ FSA factions. Who knows what they spend off the books in covert programs – which are legally obscured from public audit.


Not a good deal as only prisoners allowed to evacuate Should be no deal


Should they be eliminated on the way?


Look at the expression on the face of that jihadist piece of shit in the center of the last photo.

What do you guys think he is thinking in that moment? His eyes look dead, and his facial expression resemble that of someone who is completely demoralized.

John Whitehot

probably it’s the only expression he’s got.

Leon Auguste

True… wicked people!


Syrian army and that “evil, eeeevil Assad” is just far too humane, these jihadi degenerates deserve no mercy.

Eskandar Black

sometimes you have to spare roaches to save good men.

Richard M

Run Run Run, Cowards!


It’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon. The tigers will be given the opportunity to finish.

Richard M



террористы из разных уголков Земли…. покидают Восточную Гуту

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