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Jaysh al-Islam And Damascus Government Reach Final Deal Over Douma


Jaysh al-Islam And Damascus Government Reach Final Deal Over Douma

By SANA, Click to see the full size image

Jaysh al-Islam and the Damascus government reached a final agreement that forces Jaysh al-Islam to release all the captives from its prisons in Duma district and to withdraw towards the northern city of Jarabulus, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on April 8.

The news agency revealed that the agreement will be implemented within 48 hours and added that several buses had already entered Duma district to evacuate the first batch of Jaysh al-Islam fighters.

Earlier, a ceasefire was imposed in Duma district and direct negotiations between the Damascus government and Jaysh al-Islam began. SANA said that Jaysh al-Islam had requested direct negotiations after it had been on the verge of collapse due to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attack that began on April 6.

Jaysh al-Islam officials have not commented on the issue yet, which proves that an agreement was reached, according to Syrian pro-government activists. Previously, Jaysh al-Islam immediately denied all the reports that talked about an evacuation agreement.

Minutes after the announcement of the evacuation agreement, US President Donald Trump went nuclear and held Russia, Iran and the Syrian President responsibility for the supposed chemical attack on the Duma district. Local observers viewed Trump’s statement as an attempt to boost the morale of Jaysh al-Islam fighters.

The execution of the evacuation agreement will begin in the upcoming hours, unless the US and its allies make direct actions to sabotage the deal.



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