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Jarablus is Under Control of Turkish Tank Units

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According to the HaberTurk TV channel, Turkish tank units and soldiers of the Free Syrian Army control the Syrian city of Jarablus.

Jarablus is Under Control of Turkish Tank Units

Photo: AP Photo / Mursel Coban, Depo Photos

Syrian city Jarablus, located one kilometer from the Turkish border, is under control of Turkish tank units and soldiers of the Free Syrian Army, the HaberTurk TV channel reported.

Despite the success of the operation to free Jarablus from the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, the Turkish Air Force continues to monitor closely the movement of terrorists in the region. Unmanned aerial vehicles help to monitor the situation from the air.

Reportedly, about 20 Turkish tanks took up positions near the border of Jarablus. It is noted that mostly the Free Syrian Army’s soldiers, 1,500 of whom participated in the operation, are operating in the city. At the same time, Syrian Kurds claim that members of radical Islamist groups also participated in attacks at the side of Turkey. According earlier reports, in addition to tanks, Special Forces units of the Turkish Armed Forces also crossed the border with Syria. However, there is no information about their purposes in the city of Jarablus.

HaberTurk reported that during the operation Turkey has demonstrated its combat capabilities, being able to clean the whole region from the IS in less than a day.

In addition, these actions provoked a massive wave of refugees. A day before, about 3,000 refugees came from the operation zone in the area of Azaz. According to reports, Turkey, with the support of local activists, will supply refugees with food and essentials things until security to be restored in Jarablus.

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Keep it Real

Strange ISIS ran out of Tow missles, or there has never been a real fight! Reminds me of good cop bad cop, Turkey and uncle sam!

Jens Holm

Shelling an unarmed town with several 1000 grenades and then tanks. Next will be Erdogan or Ataturk pictures. Might be making some smokescreen for the heroic fight.


This all sounds a little too neat. Isis forces evacuate before the FSA and
Turks occupy. This suggests to me that some sort of pre-planning was
involved. Replacing Isis by FSA hardly constitutes a big change,
unless you think FSA are moderate terrorists.

Divesh Kumar

“Moderate terrorists”…………………. Sir what is this ???????????


A type of joke.


called fsa

Divesh Kumar

Better turks hold it than ISIS…………. but for Syria it is bad in all cases……

Dod Grile

Спасибо Erdogan for giving Russia the opportunity, as well as cannon fodder, to showcase its latest nuclear weapons technology in Northern Syria.

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