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Japan Allegedly Detected Chinese Submarine Near Its Coast

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Japan Allegedly Detected Chinese Submarine Near Its Coast

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On June 23rd, Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono said that a foreign submarine that had been detected near southwestern Japanese islands in the previous week is suspected to be Chinese.

Japan rarely makes statements such as this, and especially for a submarine that didn’t intrude into territorial waters.

Kono said that Japan has confirmed the submerged submarine was traveling from the northeast of Kagoshima Prefecture’s Amami-Oshima Island to the west of Yokoate Island, moving “in the direction of China” between June 18th and 21st.

“Taking into total consideration the various information we’ve obtained thus far, we assumed that the submarine belongs to China,” Kono said, adding the vessel did not violate Japanese territorial waters.

According to Kono, his decision to disclose the information was related to the Japan-controlled, but contested by China Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

“In addition to conditions in the East and South China seas, we’ve seen various events (regarding China), including its rapid military budget increase, rising tensions with India and pressure on Hong Kong’s ‘one country, two systems,’ so we need to infer clearly the intention of the Chinese Communist Party amid these situations,” Kono said.

The Defense Ministry said it continues to analyze the case as an abnormal action of navigating through such a narrow contiguous zone between the two islands just about 60 kilometers apart, sandwiched by their territorial waters each stretching around 22 kilometers.

A Japanese “destroyer”— the helicopter-carrier Kaga—along with a P-1 patrol plane reportedly detected the submarine within 24 miles of Amami-Oshima island, near Okinawa in southern Japan. For two days Kaga and patrol planes tailed the submarine until it finally left Japanese waters.

The submarine “may have tested Japanese and U.S. anti-submarine warfare capabilities,” an SDF source said.

In January 2018, Tokyo announced it had detected a Chinese nuclear-powered attack submarine near the Japan-administered Senkaku Islands. The uninhabited islands in the East China Sea are also claimed by Beijing, which calls them Diaoyu, and Taiwan, which calls them Tiaoyutai.


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Anyone believe this shit? Japan wisely ditch this expensive + useless AmeriCunt Missile Program and right away some ‘mysterious’ possible Chinese Sub conveniently encrouches to Japanes waters. This exact kind of AmeriCunt False-Flag horseshit they pulled of in the ’80’s in the Baltic Sea in Swedish waters to sabotage Olof Palmes diplomatic relations with the eastern neighbors. Deja Vu

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The Swedes announced within the last week, that some guy who recently died, had been the most likely killer!
So you have to be wrong to blame the CIA for that Volker, surely.

You wouldn’t doubt the guilt of a guy who was never charged with the crime, but sadly now can never defend himself, over a fine, trusted entity like the good old CIA, would you!
Remind me again, who originally issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange, for which he is being held in a British prison cell while the USA tries to have him sent to them for trial!

Coincidence maybe!

Lone Ranger

Well, could be true or not.
Who knows.
Fact is Chinese subs while have relatively good weapons they could be more silent.
Their noise level is about the same as Russian subs had in the late 70s.
Which would be very good if the year was 1982.

Peter Moy

The statement from the Jap defense minister is exactly the type of fairy tale nonsense that comes out of the US State Department and Pentagon. Poor Japs will never shake off their whore masters in Washington, DC. Both the US and the Japs think they are clever pretending to have common, fictitious, imaginary enemies. The Japs are using the 50,000 US military personnel to protect them while the Einsteins are occupying the country as a forward base and to keep the subservient Japs down. Even the morons in Washington, DC – who are mostly illiterate when it comes to history – don’t want another Jap sneak attack as in 1941.

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