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James O’Keefe Responds After Twitter Suspends Project Veritas For ‘Doxing’ Facebook Exec

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Update (1743ET): Twitter has given Project Veritas the option of deleting the offending tweet to regain account access – to which founder and president James O’Keefe said he would instead appeal the decision based on other outlets who have similarly approached citizens outside of their homes for comment.


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Twitter continues its purge of conservative voices – this time banning conservative watchdog group Project Veritas, just hours after the social media giant locked founder James O’Keefe’s personal account.

James O'Keefe Responds After Twitter Suspends Project Veritas For 'Doxing' Facebook Exec

According to O’Keefe (via Gab), the accounts were suspended for “reporting on Facebook VP Guy Rosen and his statements that Facebook “freezes” comments in places that algorithms think there “may be” hate speech.”

James O'Keefe Responds After Twitter Suspends Project Veritas For 'Doxing' Facebook Exec

In the video, Veritas journalist Christian Hartsock confronted Rosen outside of his house and asked him to comment on leaked footage in which Rosen says that Facebook has “a system that is able to freeze commenting” where “there may be a thread that has hate speech or violence, sort of in the comments.” Rosen’s house number is visible in the clip, though not his full address.

The suspension comes after Twitter CFO Ned Segal on said on Wednesday that President Trump will never be allowed to have a Twitter account following the banning of his @realdonaldtrump handle. The company also permanently suspended the account of The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft, which served as the outlet’s primary Twitter presence.

One can’t help but wonder if Twitter will ban CNN after showing up to a Trump supporter’s house and badgering her over alleged Russian information spread over her Facebook page? Actually, one doesn’t have to wonder.

Meanwhile, Twitter also has yet to suspend the New York Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones for doxing a Free Beacon reporter on Twitter.


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Adam Prisbit

good one less sheet to be here on internets.

USA still need to find and charge fines and fees every nationalist right wing piece of shet who storm capitol !!

John Wallace

Have no idea what he does but the comments show you must have skipped school every chance you got.

John Wallace

how mindless and boring

Adam Prisbit

just like russkie s300 and pantsir trash that be destroyed every day by IDF f-35 for fun!


If you do not use p2p systems this is what happens. The entity cuts your access to their servers if for whatever reason they decide to. Learn the lesson.

Pave Way IV

Let’s see now… how could the owners possibly destroy Facebook and Twitter any faster? They should just start charging for both of them – that would put the wooden stake in the heart of these f’king undead services once and for all. And does anyone besides grandma really use Facebook anymore?

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