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JUNE 2021

Jaish al-Islam Militants Start Evacuating From Douma Area In Eastern Ghouta – State-Run Media

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On April 1, Jaish al-Islam militants started evacuating from the Douma area in Eastern Ghouta under a deal with the Syrian government, according to the country’s state-run news agency SANA.

“SANA’s correspondent at al-Wafidin Camp at the outskirts of Douma said that a number of buses and vehicles belonging to the Red Crescent are gathering near the safe corridor leading to al-Wafidin Camp in preparation to enter Douma and begin transporting Failaq al-Rahman terrorists to Idleb.

This comes less than 24 hours after the Syrian Arab Army declared the towns of Zamalka, Erbin, Ein Tarma, and Jobar clear of terrorism after the exit of all terrorists and their families from them to Idleb. More than 41,000 terrorists and their family members exited Eastern Ghouta during the past 8 days.

The correspondent said that an agreement was reached to have Jaish al-Islam leave Douma and go to Jarablos, while those who remain will have their legal status settled and the state establishments will return in full to Douma city.

The agreement also stipulates for the terrorists to turn over all civilian and military abductees and the bodies of martyrs, along with handing over their heavy and medium weapons to the state, the correspondent added,” SANA reported.

On March 31, the Syrian Arab Army gave Jaish al-Islam 48 hours to accept a withdrawal agreement threatening to launch a military operation in the area if the agreement is rejected. It looks that Jaish al-Islam has made its decision.

Jaish al-Islam Militants Start Evacuating From Douma Area In Eastern Ghouta - State-Run Media

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Richard M

LOL. Run Jayshtarded cowards. Run!

You can call me Al


Richard M

Funniest story is about the Jayshtards kidnapped by HTS in Ghouta and taken to Idlib!


Wonderful. Well done. Now the next is the Yarmouk camp area and then Dumayr town.


dumayr very difficult respect totaly accords d,hastana!!


Having 41000 militants and families agreeing to leave must be one of the biggest achievements of SAA to save the city plus avoiding so many deaths far exceeding 41,000 as both sides will die in the fighting.

Kudos to SAA and allies.

David Pryce

41,000 is that a typo error?
And settling legal status of rats, is that flying them to where ever they come from?


Read the article. It’s stated …with their families

David Pryce

Joe I did read the article, it does read a tad confusing, I did pick up a little bit of a slap down in your comment. I do apologise if my error ruined your evening. I’m off to sharpen ones pencil so I can stab you in the eye should u be so rude again Joe, now off with you and shoot your old lady she’s been messing around with a real man.

Frank Smith

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Jozsef Osztronkovics

Zionist US UK the ISIS regimes they newer would do that to save innocent people life // those rats will get their havens with 72 prostitute in zionist hell


About one in four are militants.


No Qalamoun for them….single trip to Hell
Well done SAA & Allies…

David Pryce

You think Turkey will allow these rats en masses on there turf during summer season for tourists
I think they’ll be flown home be it Europe or Saudi. If not its a bullet in the head,


Then Summer Season sounds like a very good moment to attack….too bad Turkey will allow All the NATO Intelligence officers to cross the border though…

David Pryce

I think Turkey has had enough of NATO at the moment, it seems like the US relationship isn’t good, an with the French sticking there nose in the Area around kobani South to the eupharties.
Its obvious that the FSA fighting with the Turkish have French rats fighting among them, same way the so called SDF have Kurdish, ex nusra and ISIS in there ranks especially in South East Syria where they happily share the area with the US regime forces all in alliance

Pave Way IV

Can’t see that happening – Jaysh al Islam is too valuable and asset for either the Saudis or CENTCOM to abandon. Consider: It’s only a four hour bus trip to the Gaziantep Airport. A Saudi charter jet will have them in Jordan a few hours after that. Then another bus trip to CENTCOM’s southern Syria supply and head-chopper staging areas around Idlib. They’ll have to drive themselves to head-chopper territory near Dara’a in their new GSh-armed Toyota pickups. Maybe a few bonus TOWs for killing SAA – it’s the least CENTCOM can do. That, and the mandatory sack of Captagon, of course. Head-choppers are useless without it.


Islamic Republic of Syria.


Hardly. Did you see how densely builded is Yarmouk and neighbour districts. The dominance in power does not mean much because the SAA has no room to use all the units at once.


This will be very badluck for terrorists in Yarmouk pocket when there is no time left for negotiation agreement and all SAA and their allies storm it from all four directions.


excellentes news!! goes yarmouk pocket!!!


error article no falayk al rahman but jaysl al islam!!

Promitheas Apollonious

Good news. Now all is left is the rest of the occupation areas, to be cleaned from vermin and then reset the clock for Syria. What dont kill you, make you stronger


WHERE is that piece of shit “Mountains” at? He hasn’t been around in the comments section at all in the past week. What happened? Embarrassed?


Probably crying under his bed that his best buddies have been forced out!

Promitheas Apollonious

Or………….. is with them, with the hope, of 72 virgins.

Deo Cass

Saudi Arabia will prevent this deal.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


matew ivanson

i cant beleive this, last strategic place near Damascus is in big danger, Trump, Haley and other usa politican sold Ghouta for fcking Erdogan shit, many western people support fcking russian, hebzollah and irgc, Trump fcuk you, you will lose more supporters if you sold Ghouta, this is a big shit, fcuk usa politicans

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

very nice :)))) LONG LIVE SAA AND ASSAD!!!!

Jozsef Osztronkovics

It is great Job Russia and Syrian military saving innocent peoples life even the terrorist scum’s having a other day to kill somewhere ///////This is the Reason Zionist Luciferian Israeli scum and ( ex -uk ) the Royal ISIS terror regime giving hard time to Russia / about poisoning what actually royal ISIS regime created


Nicely done.


Jarabulus? How did they make that deal? They will get slaughtered by Turkey. There is no way Turkey accepts Saudi financed terrorists in its border. Maybe the russians want to upset the Turks?


Jaraboulus? Isn’t that Turkish occupied Syria? Now we have definite proof who their state sponsor is.

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