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JUNE 2023

Jaish al-Islam Media Accuses Syrian Army Of Conducting Chemical Attack In Duma

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Just a few hours after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched an advance on Jaish al-Islam positions in the Duma area of Eastern Ghouta, the Jaysh al-Islam-linked news agency Kumait accused the SAA of conducting a chemical attack in the area.

The pro-militant media outlet claimed that 15 civilians had been injured with some toxic gas in the area of Duma. However, it was not able to provide any real evidence confirming that the alleged chemical attack had been conducted by the SAA.

This report is another attempt to justify an additional pressure on the Assad government by the international community, particularly the US-led coalition.

Jaish al-Islam is in no-win situation in Duma. So, their only chance is to receive help from the foreign powers.

UPDATE: Now, some pro-militant sources claim that about 500 people were affected by the attack.

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Right- cos Trump yesterday didn’t crucify Russian business across the globe with the most vicious sanctions yet? I mean that disaster for Russia is a ‘yawn’ as well.

The Deep State false flags are crippling Russia and battering Putin. Dumb-dumbs on our side always respond with Putin cheerleading- ensuring the zionist appeaser is put under zero pressure to change course.

Syria is ruined, as the jews wanted. So UK and USA actions that directly impact Russia are far more effective to the Deep State than more ruination in Syria. The new sanctions on Russia were partially justified by Russia’s support of the people of Syria- so the cretins that dribble ‘yawn’ (a standard zionist tactic- by the way- when they have lost the argument) play into the hands of the Deep State either by design or by stupidity.

Melotte 22

Calm down. Since 2014 and Coup in Ukraine, US failed time after time to contain and ruin Russia. Every time Russia come out stronger. Syria might be ruined and destroyed but will certainly be rebuilt by China, Russia and Iran. The main thing is that US failed in regime change, terrorists are beaten left and right. No wonder Israel and US are panicking and running around like headless chicken. And now if you excuse me….yawn.

David Pryce

Looks a good point, for some one with nothing to argue to me Zionist is an evil creature Good always has the last say, or action in this case. The greed of one more job always catches the bad guys out Syria was that move. Its a pity that when this is over the rat pack, won’t face the persecution that they deserve


So tell me, genius, what is your strategy here? Apart from screaming. Full scale nuclear war? Looks like it cannot be avoided no matter how hard Russia is trying to do so.

David Pryce

It’s simple Israel has been committing gross acts of violence against the Palestinian ppl over the last week and trump ain’t crying out about these Muslims but even if the Chemical attack were true, are u naive to think that trump gives a fuck about 70 people dead There op to liberate Raqqa, killed thousands. The leaves on the fucking trees was liberated so devastated after the US regime mission. Israel calling out the dogs its pathetic is this the US of fucking A. The hardest ? clowns around

Ulriuch Schliz


US-Navy Revert Shia

Cowards to the end just like the [IDF] & There Brothers [ISIS] of there fucked up life


This cry wolf claim is so old & tedious. Its just an act of desperation from militants who know they have lost.

US-Navy Revert Shia

Nikki Haley just came all over her https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15e124245f591933bb76671fc3f223ef9ea29b16692f3fdf6d199969b3060f64.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/49dcc3f6bd1ff4fc96d20e73d07e6b4c1268f0b981bea39f120b876fa63ddf35.jpg self-!

Hind Abyad


US-Navy Revert Shia

What BS.. [Type in 6-Million jews NY Times] this BS STORY WAS REPORTED IN THE NY-TIMES IN THE YEAR 1897 6-Million here 5–Million jews There ALL BS BS BS


You may enjoy this site .


“HOLOCAUST Documentaries The Movies that Make a Difference! Proudly Present by Castle Hill Publishers and CODOH ISSN 2059-3872 “


Paul Eisen….


Thank you for the name Vitex. You are aware of the following link I am sure.


When will the truth about the Holocaust Cult be exposed as all other cults have been I wonder? The more we are bombarded with the fable ( as is happening now) , the more the Cults storytellers are worried I suspect.

More and more people now have the means to question what we are ‘ordered to believe’ that makes no logical sense.


Holocaust cults have been around for a few hundred years, with their outrageous claims (6 million killed there). Same shit as “about a hundred” killed in gas attacks in Douma. The more important the people are, the more of them are “killed”. It’s like ritual numerology. I do not deny that jews suffered in WWii, I just question the numbers. And recent media bullshit has taught us to distrust the numbers…..


I agree Vitex.

US-Navy Revert Shia

The jew Word Taboo is over no-1 believes the BS About these Lower Than the Animal Kingdom Impostors

Semper Prudens

I do not understand the context. Comparing Serbia during World War I and this war in Syria is ridiculous. In our (Serbian) case we lost 25% of population including 1/3 of men (male population). Some of them were killed in battles, others died of typhus fever or hunger. Many of them got frozen while our army and many civilians with them were retreating over Albanian mountains, in winter 1915/16, when they refused to surrender and marched on foot to reach Greece where the allies (British, French and Italian) provided them food, shelter, medical care and supplies, after which the Balkan Front was established. And they liberated their country again in 1918. Bulgaria was the first country within the Central Powers (German and Austro-Hungarian allies) that signed surrender. They did that to avoid well deserved punishment, because they knew how terrible the revenge would be if our great grandfathers were allowed to enter Bulgaria, after 3 years of Bulgarian occupation and crimes in southern parts of Serbia. They knew that we would treat their women, children and parents in the same way they used to treat ours. So they rushed to surrender before that and got the French and British protection which prevented our revenge.





all serbs should be killed.


They refused to move Now use this cry wolf attempt.








MODEL: HORSESHIT https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1d399d6f8bfcf18a6c148ee2d47dc28dae09bc12afd55ac64e9f5482bec4588.jpg

MODEL: BULLSHIT https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/12761ec7c6863c21fc5e851bd5a62300ca6bccd9982cf01bf7ebf1f06805798b.jpg

Rüdiger Preiss

Lol :D!

Sestra Lily Yankovski

So, why are you spreading accusations without evidence?

Tudor Miron

They are boring…


Maybe its time to make this real for one time and pump all those tunnels full with poison. Those pests really deserve it


These false flags mean a cry by the terrorists for help of USA-Israel-NATO. Israel-USA-NATO do not care whether or not are false flag, they can use this cry to attack Syria army and protect their terrorists. The media take care of what USA-UK-France-Israel people must believe. However, they must now take into consideration that Russia words are not empty. Russia aeroespace force for sure will protect Syria-Hezbola-Iran-Russia ground troops and will attack ships which carried any attack to Syria.




Sorry Jaqish – but the British phücked that one up BUT GOOD.

northerntruthseeker .

Does anyone else smell the BS here?

Eskandar Black

This is obviously a false, desperate attempt, but the leaders of this gang should in fact be captured and burned alive.

Promitheas Apollonious

i second the notion starting with the brits and the american leaders and move downwards as is needed.


With the attack in Germany Saddam Hussayn could rise from the grave, at the head of an army of Satanic Elves dancing in unison to Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher, and nobody in the Western media would care. Because some dude ploughing his car into pedestrians in the West >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> anything that happens in brown countries.


” UPDATE: Now, some pro-militant sources claim that about 500 people were affected by the attack. ”

UPDATE 2 : Boris Johnson claims to have irrefutable evidence that the agent used against Jaish al-Islam was Novichok , made by Putin in his basement lab.


Don’t believe Boris….he is a Zionazi-Agent They Found him in East-Ghouta with a bottle of green liquid in his pockets…..



Shit scared Little big boys crying wolf again. But nobody now gives a fuck, Hell awaiting with blue tongues of Fire.

Joe Doe

If would be me, I would not let any JAISH AL-ISLAM leave a life Duma city

AM Hants

The US State Department, is already blaming Russia and Syria, which is a bit stupid, all things considered.

Exclusive: Americans and Israelis Tied to Skripal Smuggling Ring Captured in East Ghouta ISIS Command Room Captured in East Ghouta, Americans, Israeli’s and Others Held. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/04/04/exclusive-americans-and-israelis-captured-in-east-ghouta-tied-to-scrippel-smuggling-ring/

Jeish Al-Islam’s Chemical Weapons Production Workshops Discovered in Eastern Ghouta The Syrian army found a number of workshops and facilities in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus that had been used by Jeish al-Islam terrorist group to produce chemical weapons and toxic gases…. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/04/05/jeish-al-islams-chemical-weapons-production-workshops-discovered-in-eastern-ghouta/

All Russiagate Roads Lead To London: Evidence Emerges Of Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence… https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-05/all-russiagate-roads-lead-london-evidence-emerges-mifsuds-links-uk-intelligence


Isn’t it ridiculous when some folk go on about Rushian super-effective ew/ecm systems when they seem incapable of basic communication/satellite phone jamming and geolocation, even in a tiny area as is Douma. How are militants able to keep in constant comms with outside world, and send out propaganda footage, while ruaf is clueless as to where the militant dens, depots, and tunnels are.


Another false flag by the western sponsored terrorists. But where is the concern and outrage when on live TV we see defenceless protesting Palestinian civilians murdered in cold blood by the child killing idf ?The people in the zionist controlled West need to wake up to the reality of the evil that governs them,and make sure to blacklist any candidates that put israhell above their own country,and vote them out of office.




These false flags carry little weight anymore with informed people but still may influence the dumbed down masses who only get their news from the MSM


So we are supposed to believe that SAA strategy is – beat the enemy completely by conventional means until they have nowhere to go (except Idlib) and then drop chemical weapons on the beaten! Believe that and you believe anything!

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