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JUNE 2021

Jaish al-Islam Is Ready To Back To Negotiations As Syrian Army Advances In Douma (Map, Video)

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Jaish al-Islam Is Ready To Back To Negotiations As Syrian Army Advances In Douma (Map, Video)

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Since April 7, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and other pro-government factions have advanced on Jaish al-Islam positions east, west and southwest of the town of Douma and have even entered it.

Amid the SAA’s advances and a lack of immediate military reaction from the US-led coalition to another “chemical attack” conducted by “the Assad regime” in Douma, Jaish al-Islam has decided to back to the negotiations table.

The Syrian state-run news agency SANA released a report providing details on the resumed negotiations (source):

Terrorists of the so-called “Jaish al-Islam” situated in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside have asked to negotiate with the Syrian State, an official source said.

The sourced, in a statement to SANA on Sunday,  added that the Syrian state has conditioned its participation in negotiations on halting the shelling of Damascus.

Any negotiations underway now are with the Syrian State exclusively after “ Jaish al-Islam” terrorists begged for cessation of military operations launched against them yesterday night, the source said.

The source added that the Syrian State’s approval to negotiate is based on ending the bloodshed of civilians in Douma, liberating all abductees and evacuating “Jaish al-Islam” terrorists to Jarablos.

Earlier, the source announced that terrorists of the so-called “Jaish al-Islam” requested negotiations with the Syrian state.

SANA correspondent said that the request came after the painful blows they received due to the decisive military operation on their positions and hotbeds in Douma.

The correspondent added that the Syrian State agreed to negotiate basing on its keenness to protect civilians and liberate the abductees despite having doubts about their seriousness.

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Richard M

The Orcs are stalling while they wait for the Axis of Evil of France, UK, US (FUKUS) to come to their rescue.

jerry hamilton

If they do, all hell will break out.

D boy

Russia is not backing down this time around and I dera the United state to make a wrong move. Help will break


but the occident cowards donc!!

Richard M

“Donks” is a good description of the Western “leaders”! :D


Yeah they are pulling out every trick in the book, fragging commanders who want to negotiate, self-gassing and then the remaining homicidal maniacs then claim to wish for more negotiations. The West isn’t coming to the rescue. Jaish al-Stupidity has chosen and chosen unwisely.

Richard M

I hope you are correct, but Trump, May and Macron are loudly rattling sabres. :-{

jerry hamilton

I don’t think they can do more than that.
Russia will target the source of any incoming.


We hope so. Russia must not think about it twice.

You can call me Al

FOOOK negotiations – eliminate them.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

It would be incredible the naivety of the Syrian authorities if they would take into account in the slightest, any kind of agreement with terrorists capable of blaming them for such false chemical attacks, killing in the process dozens of innocent children and civilians.
When wanting to negotiate right now, those monsters just want to buy time to make more false chemical attacks to blame the Syrian government and nothing else.
On the contrary, the SAA must intensify and achieve as soon as possible the total destruction of all terrorist killers in Douma before they hide and destroy all the evidence of their crimes…


We hope SAA keep fighting instead of stop and negotiate with terrorists. Non stop until the victory be total.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

Amen my friend, amen.


Even they may now realise they have used the gas claims way too much to be effective.

Rex drabble

Lets hope so,enough of this bullshit.

Joe Doe

At this point I would exterminate all of the Jaish al-Islam in Duma.


No negotiations they are just stalling on time fuck them all bomb them out of the hell, yesterday they say SAA bomb them with Chlorine gas, and killed 70 of them and wounded 600 other, please just execute them all, its another stalling of time. Fucking Wahhabists.

Angelo Cinarelli

Its bad to say: KILL ALL THEM, but …..


ahah the SAA attacked yesterday! and today jays al islam negocied today!!


Interesting isn’t it. A good day to you antoun.

neil barron

Top of stupid they gave SAA and Russian time to pin point all relevant points. Jeezus I’m not military and figured that out. By By command center can’t communicate hello is any body out there? yes I’m wiping my a.. just a second By By.


propagand zionist !! uhuh oinnnn!!


Bravest soldiers in the world in that VID with.the most nobel cause in the world: exterminate the plague thats called wahabi pests and liberate the people from the midieval islamists

Mo Richard

Kill them all.

Wolfgang Wolf

no negotiations with terrorists!!! surrender or get killed!

Joe Doe

If would be me, I would put them on green buses, but the buses would never arrived to the destination


Even the American Morons are yawning at another ‘gas attack’. The only gas found in Syria was found in the liberated area with US and Israeli labels on it. Do not be surprised if the terrorist turn it all loose in a last ‘gasp’ of suicide!


I suggest that we ought to avoid the talk of the Washington barbarians as well as the walk. Moron is an obsolete term for someone who has learning difficulties. Our intelligence is a fact of life, not a moral category.


PC language-policing is a moronic form of communism


I’m an anarchist you dickhead. Do you use terms like Yid, wop and dago too?


Even a moron could realise that an improvised, bush-league weapon like chlorine gas makes no sense when the heaviest artillery in the region is massed outside of the cordon, able to rain ordnance that makes chlorine gas look like a warm spring shower.


RT reports that 90% of the area is in the bag and that the usual knee-jerk allegations of chemical warfare are being bruited by the US govt.


Official media sources reported that an agreement has been reached between SAA and Islam Army to release all prisoners in Duma and to evacuate Islam Army combatants to Jarablus within 48 hours. I guess then Yarmouk Camp (last ISIS stronghold in Damascus Governorate) will be next (SAA has just deployed some reinforcement around the location). My two cents: where “CW” attacks will occur when these two “pockets” will be cleared?

Eskandar Black

They should tell they they will transport them wherever, then pull them of the buses and extract confessions.

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