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Jaysh Al Islam Claims to Shoot Down Syria’s Fighter Jet and Military Helicopter


Jaysh Al Islam Claims to Shoot Down Syria's Fighter Jet and Military Helicopter

Jaysh al-Islam using a 9K33 Osa, 2013

The Jaysh Al Islam militant group has announced downing a fighter jet, belonged to the Syrian Arab Air Force.

The MiG 29 jet fighter was reportedly downed near the Assad military airbase of al-Seen in Damascus eastern countrysid. Jaysh al-Islam affiliated media outlets argue that the aircrew was killed in the crash. However, no proofs have been released yet.

The MiG 29 downing came after anouther Jaysh al-Islam’s claim: Last nigth, the group stated that it downed the government’s military helicopter that was hovering in Ghouta sky.

Jaysh Al Islam reported that the Syrian Arab Air Force’s helicopter gunship was downed over Bahariyah in the East Ghouta. The group allegedly used the 9K33 Osa. It’s a Soviet-made, mobile, low-altitude, short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system.

Pro-government sources argue that, at least, the helicopter gunship has managed to land safely, denying the militants’ claims.



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  • Robert Guttierez

    How is that thing not spotted and destroyed ?

    • it will be now

    • Catfish

      Basically by keeping it in a garage or tunnel until it’s needed nearby. They could likely be moved via shipping container and commercial truck as well, even across open borders. Otherwise they can be spotted by aerial and satellite recon and be tracked until destroyed.

  • Hisham Saber

    All areas where there are militants and no civilians, the FOAB(10,000LB) need to be used. Like in the areas surrounding Palmyra and Al-Raqqa. Just pound the bastards. Maneuver,(fake) draw them out and wipe them out. Hell, if need be use the big ‘Sensor Fused Weapon’ if they bring their vehicles and APC’s. The pace is excruciating.

  • Zuzana Rehakova

    Georgian/Ukrainian/Baltic supplies.