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Jaish al-Fatah Announces Operation to Seize Government-Held Part of Ramouseh Area

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Jaish al-Fatah, a militant operation room that includes such groups as the Al Nura Front, announced the start of operation to take control of the government-held Ramouseh area and lift the siege from eastern Aleppo.

On August 5, the joint jihadi forces launched a full-scale offensive in southern Aleppo and seized about 90% of the Aleppo Artillery Base. The Syrian army is still in control of its northern part.

Jaish al-Fatah Announces Operation to Seize Government-Held Part of Ramouseh Area

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I am disappointed in South Front because for about 5 days we are being told here that the SAA has a strong grip on Aleppo and that they are in control and now it turns out that their defenses are on the verge of collapsing. I did not expect this cite to be unreliable like this.

Anti-NWO Vaccine

Dont blame SouthFront for the Syrian armys failings, thats just ignorant.


They are supposed to keep us informed not giving us news that are not true that the SAA is still holding the siege.


Things are constantly changing and there are conflicting reports. Calm down till the smoke clears and then we will see if the siege ia really broken or not.


I guess those 800 jihadi casualties was a tad overestimated :P


That could still be true but it’s obvious that the jihadis are throwing every thing they have at the SAA so they will not quit any time soon.

abu kornet

yeah cause south front was getting all of its info from professional liars like ivan sidorenko’s twitter account


The 800 figure was given by the Russian MOD but that doesn’t make it true offcorse by itself.

abu kornet

right they overestimate rebel casualties(by a large margin)

Faishal Hassan Ali Fawwaz

الاعلامي حسين مرتضى – مباشر 10 mins · ‫#‏حسين_مرتضى‬ من ‫#‏حلب‬ فشل هجوم المجموعات المسلحة في محور كلية المدفعية جنوب حلب بعد تكبدهم خسائر كبيرة في العتاد والعديد، والفصائل المسلحة المتواجدة في أحياء حلب الشرقية تعلن عن بدء معركة من جهتها بعد عجز الجماعات المهاجمة جنوب غرب حلب. ‪#‎Hussain‬ _ Murtaza from ‪#‎Aleppo‬ The failure of an attack by armed groups in the hub of the school of artillery south of Aleppo after they have sustained heavy losses in gear and many more, and armed factions is located in Eastern Aleppo announces the start of the battle of her part after disability groups attacking South-West Aleppo.


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