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Jaish al-Fatah Advances in Southern Outskirts of Aleppo, Syria

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Jaish al-Fatah militants have launched an advance in the southern outskirts of Syria’s Aleppo city. The militants seized the village of Marata and 2 ammunition depots near the town of Khan Tuman.

Jaish al-Fatah is a joint operation room of Islamist factions. At least 3 of them – al-Nusra, Ahrar ash-Sham, and Jund al-Aqsa – are directly linked to Al-Qaeda or have a similar ideology. Experts beleve that these groups represent 90 percent of the operation room’s troops.

Jaish al-Fatah Advances in Southern Outskirts of Aleppo, Syria

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Zuzana Rehakova

Russian Airforce should use napalm. and tactical nukes.


you do not tell russians, what tyhey should do. they do exatly that, what they want. no gram more.and will not begin a nuclear war for nobody.


Then they should not advise others to defy the us empire is they are not ready to go all the way couse the usa are sure as hell ready to go all in.


they will not do in war with turkey or usa. help assad, but the syrian government must do the liberations. if is not able, will fall. that´s all.


As Kotromanic said, scepsis of open-ended war is fine, but Russia went into this gig with a group of ALLIES, who’ve bled much more than they did themselves. If they gave up half-way for talks-for-their-own sake with the US, leaving those allies exposed on extended, indefensible font lines, will those allies will be there next time when needed? And all this for what? A true peace deal with the US would’ve been great, but if you let up the pressure as Russia did then you know you’re only setting up yourself for betrayal. And the anti-Russian propaganda has only worsened, if that’s even still possible. As if important people in the Kremlin still suffer from the liberal disease, looking for the approval of a West that only despises them. True this enemy cannot be defeated, but nor can it be appeased. Seems deterrence is the only option.


i am nit russian. but i see one thing: there are 10 million people in the sy government held territories. that means 500 000 men able service in the army. where are they? a) assad lost maybe 100 000 soliers. b) maybe he has 100 000 active soldiers. i think, in both cases my number is too high. BUT! i see syrian immigranzs, 20-30 years old men. they do not want fight, went away.

si, wgy should bleed other nation for syria, when its own inhabitants do not want fight? the most of them do nothing for victory.

would be enough 50 000 volunteers. russia gives weapons, instructors, airforce. 10 000 fresh soldiers to deir-ez-zor, 10 000 northeast aleppo (ISIS), 10 000 northwest aleppo (nusra), 10 000 hama-idlib direction and 10 000 raqqa. in 2-3 would be over.

i see so, the syrian government does nothing. it is shame, thar for syrian freedom must fight volunteers from iran, leban! assad did not understand, that he hes to make reforms. i remember very well, when lavrov on thursday talked about federal syria, in saturday the syrian politician opend his mouth wide in geneve and said, syria never accept such solition. OK boyos, on monday putin called back the airforce.

correct! everybody knows, the civil war can be closed only via reforms. without help assad can not do anything. without help can not take back territoris of kurds. and russia will not fight 10 years. russia will not pay assad´s games. asad is not ally, he is bloodsucker. he did not ut his hand.

so, my friend, i think, when the syrian young people, who escaped, because did not want to serve in army go back and begin to fight, i am sure, the situation will change. if the syrian people will not fight, the russian leave it. and this time is close.

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