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Jabhat al-Nusra Arrests Civilians For Bombings And Links To Syrian Government

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Jabhat al-Nusra Arrests Civilians For Bombings And Links To Syrian Government

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Written by Khaled Iskef.

Over the past two days, Jabhat al-Nusra’s patrols in Idlib launched a campaign of arrests targeting a number of civilians on charges of affiliation with the Syrian government.

Local sources said that Al-Nusra militants had arrested 3 people on charges of forming a cell affiliated with the Syrian state. They were accused of carrying out bombings in Al-Jalaa Street in Idlib city, targeting weapons store last January, which resulted in the killing of two people and wounding of several others.

The sources added that the detainees were taken to an unknown destination, amid fears that they will be executed in Al-Nusra’s prisons, which have always carried out similar operations.

At the same time, the Al-Nusra militants are giving an appearance that they are seeking to control security in the region and that they are discovering the perpetrators of the explosions in Idlib.

The sources indicated that Al-Nusra continued to arrest civilians and put false accusations on them, with the aim of intimidating the population and strengthening its control over the area.

It is noteworthy that since the Al-Nusra Front and its allies seized Idlib years ago, the locals live in a state of fear, security chaos, the spread of bombings and systematic arrest campaigns, in addition to the armed men looting civilian properties and imposing royalties that burdened the population, under difficult living conditions they suffer from.


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Peter Wallace

Shaka , Zulu , use to do that. Have meetings with his people and have people go through the crowd and then grab someone accusing them of plotting against Shaka. Their punishment was to be stripped naked and seated on the tip of a sharpened greased pole so they slowly slid down the pole killing them. Most if not all were innocent but never challenged the accusation . Anyone in the crowd that was thinking of such a scheme quickly changed their thoughts in fear of being found out and being punished. It wasn’t a matter of catching the guilty but putting fear into everyone in case they had such thoughts.

War pigs

Dear Secular Syrian government, please continue eliminating these terrorist dens wherever they may be hiding. We know it is difficult to release Iran from the coalition though don’t you believe the Baathists are next on the list? Look what happened in Iraq to your fellow Baathists with the Shia and Americans cooperating against a mutual enemy.

Ccp eats batshit

Muslims killing Muslims ?

Peter Wallace

Must have caught it off Christians killing Christians and any other group that got in the way. How did you survive.


shekelswine eats fruitloops. Time to leave grandma’s basement…


Jabba the Hut-Nusra will soon be exterminated from Idlib. Enjoy your last days torturing the public, zio-wahhabi swine.

Last edited 1 month ago by block
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