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Ivan Papanin-Class Combat Icebreaker (Infographics, Video)

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Ivan Papanin-Class Combat Icebreaker (Infographics, Video)

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The Ivan Papanin is a leading ship of the class of Russian icebreaking patrol ships designed to be operated in the Arctic. The Ivan Papanin was launched in October 2019.


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Tugboat for Kuznetsov?

viktor ziv

nope, tugboat for US subs stuck in the ice.


At one of those hostile provocative NATO-Mafia Arctic drills two years ago [always right at the doorstep of Russias Territory], the AmeriCunt Navy was absent because if one of their Rust Buckets broke down, something occasional happened besides their idiotic running into freighter + container ships, they simply feared they had to call the Russians for help.


Then Kuznetsov won’t leave the yard :(

Ricky Miller

That’s the USS Gerald Ford you’re talking about. You know, launched in 2013 but still in sea trials and rebuilds because they can’t make it work. Kind of like how there are huge maintenance backlogs at all U.S. Navy facilities and how the U.S. Navy is now operating ships at 90% crews because of retention issues. Prediction: the Admiral Kuznetsov will be cruising the North, working up to full deployments while the crew of the Gerald Ford are still trying to make the toilets work.


Their USS Zumwalt isn’t any better. The Kuznetsov is ongoing some modifications to turn it more in a combined missile + aircraft + drone carrier because pure carrier are total outdated ’40s technology.

Ricky Miller

That’s right. There were supposed to be 20+ Zumwalts but the U.S halted production at 3. They were to sport fearsome long range gunnery, just below railgun technology but swapped out for point defense guns because the ammunition costs came in at more than $1 million a round. The Zumwalts look fearsome yet have fewer vertical launch cells than Arleigh Burke class destroyers and way fewer than China’s type 055. This goes along with other Western naval tech failures such as British destroyers failing engines, The American LCS’s with tech problems and limited firepower from their “mission modules” and most importantly the failure to update their anti-ship missiles from the limited range and subsonic harpoon and harpoon copycats deployed throughout Western navies. A single Admiral Gorshkov class frigate from Russia’s navy could sink most of an American carrier battle group with supersonic missiles at ranges the American surface ships would have no weapon to retaliate with, outside of the aircraft from the carrier itself. Who then is really escorting whom?


The Brits HMS Queen Elizabeth [R08] isn’t really a success story either.

Black Waters

Nice, it’ looks like a good addition to protect the new commercial routs.


Not only the new commercial routs, most of Russian coastal lines and territorial waters are in the arctic and because of the constant aggressive hostile vile hate/fear/war-mongering + provocations of the AmeriCunts, their Brit LapDogs and NATO-Mafia, it’s wise to be prepared for their stupidity any time.

johnny rotten

In the Arctic there is no comparison, Russia is light years ahead of anyone, it is already extracting resources while the fucking Yankees are just talking.


only icebreaker in the vorld that can launch cruise and anti-ship missiles

Lone Ranger

Combat ice-breaker….hm..I think my panty is getting wet ?

Lone Ranger

Good job Comrades ???
Deterrence is gold.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans produce rowboat– can separate cocaine/meth into lines: US military happy, now all genders permitted nail polish

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Hopefully will have a some ASW capability with Paket-E/NK and sonar.

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