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It’s Treason! Ukrainian Authorities Open Investigation Into TV Channel That Planned Television Bridge With Russia


It's Treason! Ukrainian Authorities Open Investigation Into TV Channel That Planned Television Bridge With Russia

Just some ‘democratic activists’ protest against NewsOne

Common sense seems to tell us that there can be no surprises with media censorship in Ukraine. Nonetheless, Ukrainian authorities are always ready to surprise the audience.

Ukraine’s NewsOne and Russia’s most-watched broadcaster Rossiya 1 were planning to co-host a television show called ‘We need to talk.’ It was scheduled to go on air on July 12 with a goal to give a voice to people from each country without having to touch upon divisive political issues.

The initiative caused a large-scale hysteria among Ukrainian top officials and radicals [including an official statement by President Volodymir Zelensky]. On July 8, NewsOne was forced to cancel the show after a series of threats from the government and so-called civic activists.

On July 9, the most democratic government of Eastern Europe opened an investigation into NewsOne suspecting it of treason.

“hose involved — from the channel’s owner to the host who made the announcement — are summoned for questioning,” chief prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko wrote on Facebook, adding that prosecutors plan to petition the court to seize NewsOne’s assets.

At the same time, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) called on other government bodies to sanction NewsOne for helping “the aggressor country” run what it said was “an anti-Ukrainian propaganda campaign.”

It seems to be a bit dangerous to have a non-mainstream point of view in Ukraine.




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  • Black Waters

    Treason it’s to serve the U.S pedo empire.

  • Toronto Tonto

    Who the hell would want to team up with terrorist jew hater Russians who are the only country in the world to change borders by gun since 1945 , the war they started with hitler .

    • Daniel Miller

      soooo you conveniantely forget Israel witch got the golan hights……ahhh i swear your script is getting dumber and dumber,its almost starting to reflect your IQ.

    • Brother Ma

      Russia started the war with Hitler?

  • occupybacon

    Bring those traitors and terrorists in a building then fry, like in Odessa

    • Daniel Miller

      i see you condoun the killing of civilians. Like i said your IQ in descussions is the same as a western Ukrainian and i seem to be 100% right about that.

      • occupybacon

        Here’s some KFC civilians eager to get in the frying pan


        • Daniel Miller


          • occupybacon

            Here’s some more meatloaf rushing to be barbecued

          • Daniel Miller
          • occupybacon

            Somebodies scrupulously prepare their very own barbecue party


          • Daniel Miller
          • occupybacon

            I could post plenty of photos with barbecued Russian terrorists from Odessa to Sloviansk but I’m not giving a spit on your kind.

          • Daniel Miller

            awwww i guess your butthurt has overwhelmed you ;) m8 your trolling is really bad like baaaad its way to obvious and lach any logic i mean ffs you did not even know that a LHD and a aircraft carryer are 2 differnt things……you posted pics of Russian troops wearing Ghorka-3 uniforms and then claimed that cuz the donbass militants are waearting Ghorka-3’s as well that means they are Russian troops while at the same time ingnoring the fact that the Ukrainian military also used Ghorka-3 XD i mean ffs if you wanna troll at least troll well with facts…..you just look like a idiot otherwise.

          • occupybacon

            How do you know Ukraine use that shitty uniform, any pics?

            Regarding the aircraft carrier definition, you have plenty of online dictionaries.

          • Daniel Miller

            they littearly have camo versions of it XD ffs you are a fucking moron omfg you are supprised that the Ghorka-3 (a soviet model) is used by Ukraine?
            Also the pics with the Russians troops is the Ghorka-4 (the more modern Russian varion you can tell by the lighter colour and extra straps on the pants) ffs m8 like its embaressing (also if the uniforn is so shitty why dose evry post soviet republic have copyed it?) i mean dude like just stop…plz ffs its sad to read your comments at this point like you wow…also littearly evry dictionary says that a LHD and a carrier are 2 diffrent things…..so again wow.

          • occupybacon

            Ghorka-3 has multiple versions, the one I sowed you was displayed only by Russian soldiers from Crimea and Donbas. Give me a link with your definitions of aircraft acrrier

    • Daniel Miller

      Oh and plz go to the front to get your head shot off since you’re more useful as fertilizer

  • Ronald

    “We Need To Talk”, is exactly what the Ukraine needs. Peace can be achieved.

    Naturally that is the last thing the British Empire wants.