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“It’s Over Folks”: Neocons, Deep State Have Neutered Trump Presidency

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at his blog

Less than a month ago I warned that a ‘color revolution ‘ was taking place in the USA.  My first element of proof was the so-called “investigation” which the CIA, FBI, NSA and others were conducting against President Trump’s candidate to become National Security Advisor, General Flynn.  Tonight, the plot to get rid of Flynn has finally succeeded and General Flynn had to offer his resignation.  Trump accepted it.

Now let’s immediately get one thing out of the way: Flynn was hardly a saint or a perfect wise man who would single handedly saved the world.  That he was not.  However, what Flynn was is the cornerstone of Trump’s national security policy.  For one thing, Flynn dared the unthinkable: he dared to declare that the bloated US intelligence community had to be reformed.  Flynn also tried to subordinate the CIA and the Joint Chiefs to the President via the National Security Council.  Put differently, Flynn tried to wrestle the ultimate power and authority from the CIA and the Pentagon and subordinate them back to the White House.  Flynn also wanted to work with Russia. Not because he was a Russia lover, the notion of a Director of the DIA as a Putin-fan is ridiculous, but Flynn was rational, he understood that Russia was no threat to the USA or to Europe and that Russia had the West had common interests.  That is another absolutely unforgivable crimethink in Washington DC.

The Neocon run ‘deep state’ has now forced Flynn to resign under the idiotic pretext that he had a telephone conversation, on an open, insecure and clearly monitored, line with the Russian ambassador.

And Trump accepted this resignation.

Ever since Trump made it to the White House, he has taken blow after blow from the Neocon-run Ziomedia, from Congress, from all the Hollywood doubleplusgoodthinking “stars” and even from European politicians.  And Trump took each blow without ever fighting back.  Nowhere was his famous “you are fired!” to be seen.  But I still had hope.  I wanted to hope.  I felt that it was my duty to hope.

But now Trump has betrayed us all.

Remember how Obama showed his true face when he hypocritically denounced his friend and pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.?  Today, Trump has shown us his true face.  Instead of refusing Flynn’s resignation and instead of firing those who dared cook up these ridiculous accusations against Flynn, Trump accepted the resignation.  This is not only an act of abject cowardice, it is also an amazingly stupid and self-defeating betrayal because now Trump will be alone, completely alone, facing the likes of Mattis and Pence – hard Cold Warrior types, ideological to the core, folks who want war and simply don’t care about reality.

Again, Flynn was not my hero.  But he was, by all accounts, Trump’s hero.  And Trump betrayed him.

The consequences of this will be immense.  For one thing, Trump is now clearly broken. It took the ‘deep state’ only weeks to castrate Trump and to make him bow to the powers that be.  Those who would have stood behind Trump will now feel that he will not stand behind them and they will all move back away from him.  The Neocons will feel elated by the elimination of their worst enemy and emboldened by this victory they will push on, doubling-down over and over and over again.

It’s over, folks, the deep state has won.

From now on, Trump will become the proverbial shabbos-goy, the errand boy of the Israel lobby.  Hassan Nasrallah was right when he called him ‘an idiot‘.

The Chinese and Iranian will openly laugh.  The Russians won’t – they will be polite, they will smile, and try to see if some common sense policies can still be salvaged from this disaster.  Some might. But any dream of a partnership between Russia and the United States has died tonight.

The EU leaders will, of course, celebrate.  Trump was nowhere the scary bogeyman they feared.  Turns out that he is a doormat – very good for the EU.

Where does all this leave us – the millions of anonymous ‘deplorables’ who try as best we can to resist imperialism, war, violence and injustice?

I think that we were right in our hopes because that is all we had – hopes.  No expectations, just hopes.  But now we objectively have very little reasons left to hope.  For one thing, the Washington ‘swamp’ will not be drained.  If anything, the swamp has triumphed.  We can only find some degree of solace in two undeniable facts:

  1. Hillary would have been far worse than any version of a Trump Presidency.
  2. In order to defeat Trump, the US deep state has had to terribly weaken the US and the AngloZionist Empire.  Just like Erdogan’ purges have left the Turkish military in shambles, the anti-Trump ‘color revolution’ has inflicted terrible damage on the reputation, authority and even credibility of the USA.

The first one is obvious.  So let me clarify the second one.  In their hate-filled rage against Trump and the American people (aka “the basket of deplorables”) the Neocons have had to show they true face.  By their rejection of the outcome of the elections, by their riots, their demonization of Trump, the Neocons have shown two crucial things: first, that the US democracy is a sad joke and that they, the Neocons, are an occupation regime which rules against the will of the American people.  In other words, just like Israel, the USA has no legitimacy left.  And since, just like Israel, the USA are unable to frighten their enemies, they are basically left with nothing, no legitimacy, no ability to coerce.  So yes, the Neocons have won.  But their victory is removes the last chance for the US to avoid a collapse.

Trump, for all his faults, did favor the US, as a country, over the global Empire.  Trump was also acutely aware that ‘more of the same’ was not an option.  He wanted policies commensurate with the actual capabilities of the USA.  With Flynn gone and the Neocons back in full control – this is over.  Now we are going to be right back to ideology over reality.

Trump probably could have made America, well, maybe not “great again”, but at least stronger, a major world power which could negotiate and use its leverage to get the best deal possible from the others.  That’s over now.  With Trump broken, Russia and China will go right back to their pre-Trump stance: a firm resistance backed by a willingness and capability to confront and defeat the USA at any level.

I am quite sure that nobody today is celebrating in the Kremlin.  Putin, Lavrov and the others surely understand exactly what happened.  It is as if Khodorkovsy would have succeeded in breaking Putin in 2003.  In fact, I have to credit Russian analysts who for several weeks already have been comparing Trump to Yanukovich, who also was elected by a majority of the people and who failed to show the resolve needed to stop the ‘color revolution’ started against him.  But if Trump is the new Yanukovich, will the US become the next Ukraine?

Flynn was very much the cornerstone of the hoped-for Trump foreign policy.  There was a real chance that he would reign in the huge, bloated and all-powerful three letter agencies and that he would focus US power against the real enemy of the West: the Wahabis.  With Flynn gone, this entire conceptual edifice has now come down.  We are going to be left with the likes of Mattis and his anti-Iranian statements.  Clowns who only impress other clowns.

Today Neocon victory is a huge event and it will probably be completely misrepresented by the official media.  Ironically, Trump supporters will also try minimize it all.  But the reality is that barring a most unlikely last-minute miracle, it’s over for Trump and the hopes of millions of people in the USA and the rest of the world who had hoped that the Neocons could be booted out of power by means of a peaceful election.  That is clearly not going to happen.

I see very dark clouds on the horizon.

The Saker

UPDATE1: Just to stress an important point: the disaster is not so much that Flynn is out but what Trump’s caving in to the Neocon tells us about Trump’s character (or lack thereof).  Ask yourself – after what happened to Flynn, would you stick your neck out for Trump?

UPDATE2: Just as predicted – the Neocons are celebrating and, of course, doubling-down:

"It’s Over Folks": Neocons, Deep State Have Neutered Trump Presidency

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Trustin Judeau

No Saker it is not over.Trump was never pro Russian guy.I cant be disappointed from him because I didnt expect anything from him.The fact that you had some hopes question your credibility.


This does emphasize the corporate nature of the US.gov, the USA … etc. The immense complexity of US and corporate politics is what Trump held out the hope of going through – Keep It Simple – war=NO, infrastructure=UP, Veterans true Aid=UP, Pharmaceuticals=DOWN, foreign affairs = Sane balance, immigration=genuine vetting (requiring the acquisition of English language mandatory – perhaps FEMA camps for immigrants until they are cleared, the camps only legitimate use.)

Instead it may be necessary to work around the garbage brains in DC. Most American nationals have little understanding of truly reclaiming their unalianable (NOT INalienable) rights, of bypassing the totally corrupt and fraudulent corporate court system with genuine common law courts and clearly understanding the minor role the DC corporation has in their lives. The immediate alternative is a corporation that is truly servicing the genuine need of Americans to be FREE of government interference in their responsible affairs. Truly all men and women are responsible for their actions even if it appears that some seem to never pay the piper. The media is UNtruth inc. The money supply is corrupted by the phony ‘Federal’ reserve (which controls the money the world over including Russia). Most of what you refer to as ‘deplorables’ are intelligent, responsible people that have simply stepped out of any interest in DC and its games and the corporate games of the ‘State of ThisorThatState crowd. This is why the voters are at 50% of those that might vote (a shabby showing against the people of Syria and the voting done in Crimea). Trump could have been and still could be the CEO of a responsible service organization with the name US or United States. Can he do so?

jonathan saldana

I understand that this news outlet comes from Russia and maybe a in Russia’s interest keeping Flynn would be a great thing for the reasoned you already noted but the argument about neocons neutering the Trump administrator should of ended before it even started. I’m not sure how things work in Russia but in our side of the globe a person running for office can’t communicate with a foreign power, friend or foe. That is the real thing, I understand that officially Trump himself didn’t contact Russia but the simple fact that one of his aids did is more then sufficient for serious consern. I understand that the neocons could of used this truth to their advantage but if you ignore that plausible fact, the simple truth is that the Trump administration should of known better and this is nothing else then a self inflicted injury. P.s. Trump did NOT win the popular vote, he won by using tools that undermined democratic values.

Haywood Longview

Illegal or not, what Flynn did was right, and morally fully justified in the face of Obama’s aggressive moves to create a crisis with Russia for Trump to inherit. Trump needed to defend him, and go after the leakers hard.


shut up hillary. the USA doesn’t elect on “popular vote.” Commiefornia and DC do not run this country, so take your illegal and dead voters out and hillary lost by even more than you like to admit. That filthy criminal wasn’t just beaten – she was massacred!

Nigel Maund

The future for the Western World under these Neocon NWO maniacs looks very grim indeed. I never thought Trump had it in him to take on the NWO as the stakes were just too high and the personal risks enormous. It’s obvious Trump has been beseiged by a hostile mainstream media and activists financed by NWO lieutenant George Soros through his nefarious foundations and so called NGO’s. Trump has been an idiot to tweet his views and intentions all the Goddamn time. can’t he learn anything from the immensely superior Vladimir Putin?? One has to wonder whether some people have shit for brains. No wonder there have been so few US chess grandmasters!


Who says he “tweeted his views and intentions all the Goddamn time?” I think there’s a whole lot he didn’t tweet. Don’t be stupid. He’s only kept the MSM busy with twitter. Any fool can see that. It’s obvious that YOU are not a chess master. You fell for the distractions too.

Nigel Maund

You must work directly for Trump as you evidently “think” you know a great deal more than we do! You also know his thinking – marvellous! I don’t think so. This is as much and assumption as anything else and therefore irrelevant. When the President tweets his opinions and views these are naturally taken as concrete and serve no purpose if they are meant as mere distractions. VIP’s are judged on what they say and do. I was by a the way an Olympiad competetition chess player.

Haywood Longview

“.. I still had hope. I wanted to hope. I felt that it was my duty to hope.”

What a great, quotable line. Thank you Saker for your humanity and searing honesty.

This is a moment for reconsidering our strategy and tactics. The problem is to quickly rebuild an anti-imperialist movement capable of opposing the march toward war and Armageddon – pulling away all those who hoped Trump would do it for us, and all those who in their opposition to Trump are willing to let the Russia-bashers and war-hawks frame their programs.

As we confront this we are also confronted with the ways in which language is used to limit or distort our thinking. Trump, who quoted whole sections of Bernie Sanders’ speeches on the campaign trail, is an master at twisting language. So too are the neocons and the entire Establishment. The very words we use to summarize our thoughts, the words that are freighted with our deepest feelings and commitments are hijacked and twisted into their opposite, rendering our thinking incoherent.

One such word, which is right in our faces now, is “the Left.” How Obama, Hillary, the New York Times and George Soros became “the Left” would make an interesting story. But so long as we conflate them with “the real left” as exemplified by David Swanson, Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders, those whose lives are dedicated to giving voice and leadership to the hundreds of millions whose vital interests are in opposition to those of the Oligarchy, we are mentally walled off from building the alliances we need to confront the Empire.

The other side of this problem is those on “the real left” who lack historical perspective to resist this word engineering and who suffer from the “grateful lapdog” syndrome. When the very corrupt and deceitful misleaders whom we exposed and at least morally trounced in the Sanders Campaign use their access to the MSM megaphone to lead the charge against Trump and the Republicans, tying it to false accusations of his being a Russian puppet or traitor, far too many are ready to gleefully join the lynch mob. And far too few are prepared to understand “color revolutions” and are unprepared to see how the Soros-led initiatives will divide us and lead us into battle prematurely.

A site like SouthFront needs to be a place where all who hate the Empire and treasure and celebrate the courage of those who stand against it can gather. A place where we can all meet to teach each other about the realities of what we’re up against. We need to free ourselves of the Pavlovian word traps and old tribal loyalties that tie us to a particular tendency in the broader political spectrum and keep us divided and impotent.

The Saker comes from a very different political tradition than I do, but I feel a deep love for him. This article is once again a contribution to the hard work of freeing our own minds.

Brad Isherwood

Fascism has its roots in Ancient Rome. The Pontiff is simply the Roman Empire Tyrant wearing a new Outfit and pushing a revised Unity game….IE…Roman Empire = Kingdom of God. Jews…having run a similar con on their people with make believe YHWY, ..can easily Merge with the above mandate. The Oligarchy of Palatine Hill Rome are connective historic to future Venetian debt Lender/Interest plus the ruthless Intelligence of the Venetian Bankers,..who even funded Mongols during the insanity of all those conflicts. Venetian Bankers got run off. .as even the Pope went after them. Scattered…they reformed in Amsterdam. ..then jumped to City of London and now Wallstreet. Your House of Rothschilds is from this historic Oligarchy evolution of control.

Russia is the historic primary opponent for several reasons. Orthodox Church,..location…landmass,population and resources. The Bolsheviek Jews failed to keep hold of Russia… Putin and the Generals have rescued Russia,….. The Ancient Authority is compelled to attack it and take everything.

Haywood Longview

Brad, you’ll find 1000 different ways of conceptualizing what is going down, and many have useful insights. But can we agree this is about the imminent danger of a real (and from our point of view totally unnecessary) war that would incinerate hundreds of millions or billions of real people in the service of oligarchs protecting their real privileges?

Can we agree that the movement that can stop the warmongers must have room for us all, however we each may conceptualize what is happening and why?

Brad Isherwood

No progress possible with 2 headed Janus of politics connected to Religions. Rep/Dem Catholic/Orthodox Sunni/Shia

As examples…

This is the tie that binds….the chains of All our Slavery.

Doctrine of …We have Sinned. ..so We owe a debt, Is same leverage as debt banking…

You owe….now you will do this for me.

Candidly…..I’m hoping the nuclear war never occurs, Do everything to stop that. Stop the above Ancient control…?

Maybe the next generations will throw it off, The present age finds too many already enslaved to debts, Bound by religion With 2 Headed Janus system which is slippery Snake to grasp. Too dumbed down …

Edgar Cayce reading /prophecy about Russia.

If Russia can stay apart from Orwell 1984 and subcutaneous implant, She may Save Humanity as Cayce states. ..



Correction. “The Bolsheviek Jews failed to keep hold of Russia.. Putin and the Generals have rescued Russia,”

You forgot about Stalin. It was Stalin who got rid of old jooish bolsheviks in the 30’s, not Putin (LOL). Putin prevented Russia from falling into the hands of a small group of pro-Western jooish oligarchs, such as Khodorkovsky.

Brad Isherwood

Seems he forgot one then,…….as Lavrentiy Beria murdered Stalin.

The Bolshevik. ..Tap root…. continued on in Communist Russia…..to the Russian Oligarchs of dancing drunk Yeltsin

Jews are Chameleon


The murder/death of Stalin is still a mystery. Nobody really knows for sure who and why killed him.


I’m sorry, but Sanders immediately caved in to hillary, even after it was undeniable that the DNC had cheated him, even conspired with hillary against him. He was only controlled opposition. He threw all of his ideals in the trash, right along with the hopes of his followers. Bernie needed to FIGHT for himself and for his followers, but he didn’t. He needed to have the same fire that his followers had for him…but he didn’t.

Instead, he betrayed them all when he finally admitted “I’M WITH HER.” He was always “with her.” She paid him well.

Haywood Longview

Bernie’s move was a huge disappointment. Betrayal? That’s what it felt like at the time. It was already clear to anyone following closely that given a fair vote count, despite getting only 1/200 the press coverage given to Trump he would have won the Democratic Nomination and would have gone on to win the General Election. And it was already clear that, no matter what, he was not going to be allowed to win.

Bernie made clear that he considered that Trump and those around him to be posing a grave threat to our constitutional government. His options were:

a) Denounce Hillary, the DNC and the vote fraud and call his supporters to the streets in every state capitol and finally the National Mall demanding the Presidency, b) Throw in with Jill Stein and the Green Party. or c) Support Hillary, commit to beating Trump and regroup for another day.

To be ready to call the people to the streets in a serious challenge for power, Bernie really needed the national and local Black and Labor leadership, the Democratic Progressive Caucus and a clear majority of the working class. With most of the national Black and Labor leaders and 95% of the Progressive Caucus, behind Hillary, with the ability to turn his supporters out for mass rallies (other than to hear and cheer for him) unproven, and with half the white working class supporting Trump, his judgment apparently was that the working class was not ready to seriously challenge the Deep State for power.

I will always regret his call, but I think he was probably right.

Endorsing Hillary was clearly extremely painful to him. But he probably averted our walking into a trap.


One week …….. and all of this does not matter. FLynn will be replaced. They were working on this for weeks. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. It´s going to be a long running battle. The CGI is shutting down now so, there goes the aura of the NeoCon power. Until I see different, President Trump and his administration, is still in much better shape than his opponents. A good day to all.


So far at every turn, Trump was a step or two ahead. I think, at this point, that this is the calm before the storm. Trump doesn’t need to react to every petty attack – he needs to step up and clear the field in one epic swipe of the table. I have hope that this was part of a plan. It seems to me that Flynn can do more outside of the surveillance apparatus that he was under. NOW he can help Trump fight back. They all knew they were being monitored. I have reason to believe that this was intentional, and that the deep state is digging it’s own grave – they just don’t realize it yet. ONLY FOOLS CELEBRATE BEFORE THE GAME IS OVER.


Hello trid2bnrml. I agree. Flynn is not dead, he is merely reassigned, with his full capabilities to be utilized. General media analysis by those in opposition to President Trumps´administration is in some respect, childlike in simplicity. They are walking in the dark with eyes closed. A good day to you.


“Flynn tried to subordinate the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the President via the National Security Council ” , and that was his real “crime” . As well Flynn with his intelligence background , would have been able to keep Trump alive , but his VP Pence engineered his exit and is now set to become ……….. Could be wrong , but with John Brennan still lurking about , both Trump and Rex Tillerson are looking at a very dangerous future . As disappointing as all of this is , it is not to be forgotten that we , each and every one of us , is a Sovereign Lord , our thoughts have power. Stand tall , stand proud .


Brennan has been all over the map with his exit statements and conflict with Trump – somehow suspect his primary motivation thus far has been fear of Trump’s rhetoric and unknown factor. That has led Brennan to heavily politicize his departure, with intent to try and protect himself and avoid any possible serious scrutiny of his CIA led actions in Syria and Ukraine, that have violations of International Law smeared all over them.

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