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Italy Wins First Showdown Over Migrants

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Written by Finnian Cunningham; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

Only days after coming to power, Italy’s new populist government has won in an early showdown with the European Union establishment over the contentious issue of migration.

This week, Italy refused to let a search-and-rescue ship dock in Sicily with over 600 refugees onboard. The stranded people mainly from Africa had been picked up in the coastal waters off Libya and were being transported to Italy.

Italy Wins First Showdown Over Migrants

Italy’s interior minister Matteo Salvini pointedly refused to let the ship disembark. He said: “Saving lives at sea is a duty, but transforming Italy into an enormous refugee camp is not… Italy is done bowing its head and obeying. This time there’s someone saying no.”

After a 24-hour period of uncertainty over the destiny of the wretched passengers – including pregnant women and children – the vessel was in the end agreed to be received by Spain at its port of Valencia. One may surmise that the European Union establishment in Brussels intervened hurriedly to avert a public relations disaster from a ship crowded with refugees being stranded on the high seas.

In that way, Salvini, the leader of the League party – which is a coalition partner in the new Italian government – was fulfilling one of its main election promises: ending the flow of migrants into Italy.

Since 2104, Italy has received some 600,000 refugees who have come to its shores from the Middle East and North Africa after making perilous journeys across the Mediterranean. Thousands have died from drowning while trying to make the crossing in overcrowded and leaky boats.

When Salvini refused the docking of the vessel this week in Sicily, media reports initially portrayed the response as heartless and a transgression of international maritime law. His party is routinely described as being “far-right” and “anti-immigrant”. It seems those sinister epithets are used in the media as a way to undermine Salvini and the new government in Rome from holding their objections to the influx of refugees.

But let’s look at the issue from a broader point of view as the Italian government seeks to do.

Salvini and his coalition partner Luigi Di Maio, of the Five Star Movement (M5S), contend that Italy is bearing the burden of receiving unprecedented numbers of migrants, numbers that are way beyond what other EU countries are accepting.

Geographically, Italy sits as a frontline state on the route for refugees from the Middle East and Africa. Under EU rules, the country which is the first point of arrival is obliged to accommodate the refugees. The Italian government argues that those rules are null and void given the unprecedented numbers, and given that the 28 EU member states should allocate a fairer distribution of refugees.

Also, and this point is badly overlooked in media coverage, the vast majority of migrants are the result of wars and conflicts that have been sponsored by NATO powers, either directly or covertly, as well as by illegal human trafficking networks which have metastasized out those wars.

The context is therefore not one of a simple humanitarian dislocation being met by a heartless “xenophobic” government. It is more a question of why one, or a few, European countries should be saddled with attending to such disproportionate human needs while other EU member states close their doors. Especially when those member states like Britain and France have taken such a prominent role in engaging in illegal US-led NATO wars that have led directly to the surge in refugees to Europe.

In other words, it seems grossly unfair, not to say futile, that some countries like Italy are being obliged to cope with a refugee crisis on a national basis when that crisis has been engendered on an international basis through NATO wars in Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

There is also a big unasked question about illegal human trafficking. We are dealing here with systematic collusion between human traffickers, governments and so-called humanitarian NGOs which are aiding and abetting the flow of migrants to European frontline states like Italy.

This author personally learned of the plight of Ethiopian refugees who were being held in a Libyan state military camp in Sabha. The refugees ended up there after being passed on by trafficking gangs. The detainees were eventually released after families back in Ethiopia paid out ransoms – a few thousand dollars which is huge money for these people. The released migrants then end up being taken to Italy under the auspices of the UN.

In the latest episode this week, the Aquarius search-and-rescue ship with over 600 refugees onboard is co-owned reportedly by a Franco-German civic group called SOS Méditerranée and Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF). The latter is funded by the shady multibillionaire financier George Soros who seems to have an agenda of promoting large migration flows into Europe. Several other so-called rescue NGOs operating in the Mediterranean are funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Surely a question is: by what authority are self-appointed private groups picking up refugees off the coast of Libya and then transporting these wretched people to Italy?

Surely an international response must be organized to stabilize countries racked by war and other deprivations by mobilizing massive debt-free financial investment; just as importantly, where NATO powers have been involved in waging wars and conflict as in Libya, Mali, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, and covertly in Syria, those perpetrators must be prosecuted and compelled to pay reparations.

Italy’s new government has right. Why should one country be forced to become a dumping ground for refugees from illegal wars and illegal human trafficking? In particular, when there is a collective responsibility of culprit states, like the US, Britain and France, which skulk off into the shadows.

The showdown this week between Italy and the EU establishment was an important victory. Not a victory about spurning humanitarian need, but rather about overhauling the narrative of the refugee crisis to a more accurate perspective of what it is really about, who is really to blame and who should be really held to account?

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Excellent article. Good for Salvini to expose NATO for their crimes. One wonders why more politicians in other refugee laden countries do not expound more on the reasons for refugees. As Macaroon keeps talking about ending wars and punishing international law breakers (CW attacks), he continues to exacerbate the situations. Look to Yemen and his abetting of the Saudis in the slaughter of Yemenis, then to Syria and his reinforcing the US there. Frances’ true colors are flying and they look a lot like Israel and US colors. Like Jumblatt, his breath smells of Bibi.

Ishyrion Av

Italy has troops in Syria too. If they want out of immigrants, then they have to end the war there.
But that’s not the whole point.
I don’t see why all 28 EU countries have to accommodate the so called refugees. Germany invited them in Europe, and all Europe has to host them? No way, they should go where they are invited.
Second, they are not refugees, most of them are economic migrants. There are rules for these kind, even in Germany.
Third, and most important, they are not migrants. They are an army of invasion. They must be stopped by lethal force.


I suppose you don’t even realize that you just made a contradictory post? ” If they want out of immigrants, then they have to end the war there”…”Second, they are not refugees, most of them are economic migrants”. ” They are an army of invasion. They must be stopped by lethal force.”…How NATO/Israeli sounding of you. I wonder how the people of Syria and Libya think of people like you? But they, their thoughts and plight do not matter to you, do they? They should just lay down and die and strive to be good little colonies while Europe gorges itself on Arab oil. If you are European (you sound Israeli), then you are a good example of those that are the problem. Your governments aided those that perpetrate death and destruction and you echo the same. Yes, in your eyes Europe is innocent and just a victim of circumstance? In reality, Europe is no better than the US/Israel and they are just as evil in their doings. How many of the 28 EU countries have been involved in ME wars of destruction? Your plight is just dues for sleeping with the criminals and I feel no more pity for you than Americans with the same attitude. When Europe stands up and gets tired of being Americas bitch and eating US shit for breakfast, then respect might come your way. Until then, continue to blame the victims and not the perpeTRAITORS of this god-awful mess and see where Europe ends up. All Europe will resemble Bulgaria or Romania.

Ishyrion Av

Dear friend, leave me alone with colonies crap. With the exception of a few powers, all were colonies, more or less. Including European countries. And today all the EU is a colony for Germany. So what we should do, all bomb/invade Germany? No, thanks!
Second, those “refugees” are Syrians and Libyans no more than 3%. Most of them are young men – Africans and Pakistani and if there are wars in their homes, those wars come from the Islamic crap which they are trying to bring it here. They should stay home and fight for their land, not run like rabbits and leave their women and children to die (if there is a war at home!)
You recognized well that US is ruling over Europe like they are ruling, perhaps, over Middle East and Africa. But I didn’t see Christians bombing other Christians and launching religious wars (spare me with the crusades, they were submission wars not religious wars and they were so much less than the islamic – Otoman – wars and they were 1000 years ago).
Very few of EU countries were/are involved in Middle East wars: Germany, France, UK, Italy. So blame their governments. And the stupid people who elected Macrou and Merkel.
I like Romania and Bulgaria and West will wish to resemble with them. Life is good there and social assistance is insignificant. Not attractive for lazy rapefugees.

Conclusion: The evil in Middle East is US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany and France. Plus some very less significant other players. They make the mess, they must deal with the consequences. Rapefugess and islamic invasion should go directly to them. I don’t have any sympathy neither for these countries, neither for those who run from the wars in their own country, leaving their women and children behind. Those are named cowards.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The indigenous Pomeranian tribal people were conquered, Jews after all won the 2nd World War, the indigenous people lost the 2nd world war. No Germanic tribal elders get to speak with authority as representatives of any of the indigenous Germanic tribe such as Teutonic or Suebian.
without anyone representing these indigenous tribes, but with people fully representing solely middle-eastern-Jewish interest. Shows that Germany is a conquered people because it is exclusively a Jewish colony built upon the backside of its indigenous inhabitants which are used as slaves.


You haven’t seen Christian countries bomb other Christian countries? You do know that most of EU, Russia and US are Christian right? Who bombed who in WW1, WW2? As for your don’t give me colonialism BS, why is France and the EU members in Syria and Libya then, not to mention all over Africa? Why were they ever there in the very first place? Because they built their economies on cheap oil, labor and resources. France did Libya in because Kaddafy was going to ditch the Franc. So these refugees have no relation to what is happening in the middle east or Africa? When did this big influx begin? Way before the war on terror then? Practically every EU member and every one of NATO is involved, one way or another, not just those with military power or economic power. I know you are the kind that would stay and fight to the death and I hope you get the chance. Your Christian values seem to be the same as those of Christians here in the US. They are very patriotic and brave too….here at home, as ‘our boys’ slaughter them heathen Muslims, way over there…of course we don’t get all the refugees so it’s all good.


Since you are from US that is by far the most responsible for all the wars including Syria,Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya…
And those wars have started this waves of refuges…
Since US has no refugees from there (or in very small numbers) why don’t you just shut the fuck up and stop your moral lecturing to the Europeans?
Many countries in Europe are not responsible at all for what has happened and are paying very high price!


This was no moral lecture. It was the truth. If you think all the crap coming down is just from the US, then you are your own brainwashed fool. Do you really think that the US could pull all this crap all by itself? Just who do you think upset the apple-cart in the ME at the turn of the 20th century? What countries set up all the national boundaries back then. Yeah, Europe is innocent and your conscience is clear. Just remember when you talk about American genocide in north America, where these ‘settlers’ and their culture came from. While you are at it, ask indigenous peoples of the Americas what they got from Europeans….genocide from disease and slavery. No one wants masses of immigrants entering their country. It is destructive and culturally shocking and creates difficulties in law enforcement and civil rights. But, then again, what people want to be attacked and their country or economy ruined by another to save the status quo? I suppose you’d also tell me there is no bigotry against Eastern European countries and their immigrants to other European countries too? As for MENA, these people should just lay down and die in place? They should try to make a life while trying to fight a superior enemy and stay where they are while their country or economy is laid waste? The Yemeni are doing just that and look at the price they are paying…to what end? Please name some of these countries that are not responsible and I will look to see what their involvement is or is not. If they are NATO members, then they are part of the problem, period. If not, look to see is running the country. Check to see who those that run their central banks are. Probably the same cabal as in the US. When it comes time to STFU, you might be well advised to do the same. You’re in danger of becoming just what you hate about the US. Morally superior fools with you head up your…

Concrete Mike

You missed uk in your conclusion friend ;)

Ishyrion Av

You are right, I edited to fix the mistake ;)


“I wonder how the people of Syria and Libya think of people like you?”

And who the fuck cares?!
People of “Syria and Libya” must defend their countries !
Instead they have escaped war and wait that somebody else liberates country for them to MAYBE return later on to Syria!
It is not only job of SAA to liberate Syria, but duty of every Syrian(Libyan) capable to carry a gun to fight for his, (her) country!
It is not duty of Iranians , Russians , Hezbollah to die for Syria but above all Syrians !

“They should just lay down and die and strive to be good little colonies while Europe gorges itself on Arab oil”

YES ! They should do all that if they do not want to fight ! Fuck them if they do not fight they do not deserve better !
And you are who? Another Muslim with the blame-game?!
Why don’t you as Muslim go to defend them from terror of other Muslims and their “Jihad”?!
Your Arabs (Libyans also) are there in Syria for money and you want to shame Europe for the fact that Arabs are being US-Israeli bitches for money and killing other Arabs for money and call that “Jihad” !?!
Well fuck you my friend !

“our governments aided those that perpetrate death and destruction and you echo the same”

My country is NATO member and I say to Assad and every SAA soldier KILL THEM ALL !!!
KILL EVERY NATO SOLDIER WHEREVER THEY ARE as occupational force in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya!!

But that also doesn’t mean that I agree that MILLIONS of Muslims move in Europe from Asia and Africa and turn Europe in your home!
I will be first to fight that because I have no other home and I intend to defend it like you should defend your home and stop BITCHING that others do not defend Arabs!
Arabs behave like whores towards other Arabs and that is the core of the problem!


Your fucked up attitude says it all. All brave bullshit talk from someone who is many miles away. You sound just like, and I mean just like, the neocons here in the US. Self absorbed, self righteous POS that only care when it impacts them…otherwise, they could also give a shit. NO one is saying they should defend Arabs, that crap came from your mouth. When you (and I do mean you) stand up in public and tell your government to get the hell out of there, then you have some credibility. Please send us a pic with you standing in front of your government representative telling him what a criminal he is and that you intend to fight him. Right. You won’t even need a weapon, just the bravery you talk about. Your gov helped create the situation and now that the chickens have come home to roost, you now see a problem, because now you’re personally affected. I talked to a jackass here the other day and when it came to what we were doing in Syria, his reply was familiar: Who gives a shit. That’s over there. He once said the same about the ‘war on drugs’ and Mexico, then when he lost his job because of Mexican illegals, THEN it was a problem. He still hasn’t figured it out either.

Brother Ma

Excellent article but the same could be said for Greece which is much less wealthy ,large and powerful than Italy. Good on the Italian Gov standing up. Why should Italy/Greece take the overwhelming majority of these rapefugees when the richer nato countries cause the problems and sit smugly not having to pay the costs or live with the crappy ramifications of their “dirty work”.


“I don’t see why all 28 EU countries have to accommodate the so called refugees”

Because that is what elites of those countries want and politicians of those countries try to satisfy their demands.
If you are from EU I’m surprised that you didn’t understand their game by now.
It is not only that “Germany invited them” that is maybe over simplistic.
Elites (industrialists) of majority of EU countries wanted them in EU as cheap labor
(and as breeding cattle to have many children).
But because there are already
plenty of social problems in many of EU countries the reaction of the population on their arrival was surprisingly negative. Despite massive propaganda about “humanitarian need” of those “refugees”.
So many of politicians were forced to back off….and adapt little bit…
Germany has the biggest demand for cheap (un)qualified working force so they were in forefront in their demand for those false “refugees”.

Those who are in charge they do not want to stop all that in majority of cases. And MSM just parrot politicians and their narratives who pretend to be on the peoples side. At the moment only Italy and Austria anti-emigration to the certain extent.

Ishyrion Av

Of course I am aware of the ilogic rhetoric of European politicians sold as logic and natural to the people with the help of MSM. We are not controlling anymore what happens here. No matter who comes to power, it is corrupted before or after by the globalists . I wonder for how long Italy will stand in the defense line, with Hungary for example.
If you remember, Greece fall was huge, they were betrayed by those elected to defend them.


I think that betrayal is much bigger than politicians are showing us really!
Except Hungary and now Italy (maybe) nobody had balls to openly oppose those globalist bastards from Brussels.
I think if in all of Europe people simply do not go out on the streets domandind that all that mass emigration stops.
We will be all totally fucked up in the longer run…
They are sending EU countries towards riots and civil wars if they continue with mass
immigration. This is demographic replacement of population on massive scale and has nothing to do with “humanitarian” bollocks they try to sell us every day.

Ishyrion Av

“demographic replacement”
So much true!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Yes it is.comment image

Real Anti-Racist Action

I wanted to share that the UN has a law that it is illegal to replace the indigenous European population. In order to save Europe, simply have people print the picture below and distribute leaflets by the tens of thousands across Europe.comment image


Replacing local population is “genocide” I agree…

Real Anti-Racist Action

This map should provide people an understanding of where all the available land is to relocate the refugees.comment image


The US is herding refugees into Europe, to destroy the EU, and it’s working.
The US has most of the old established EU politicians well trained, and they just allow the US to destroy European culture. Only now are new politicians rising to power in Europe who have not yet been compromised by the USA.


I don’t even care any longer who is behind all this.
Weather is U.S. or super rich 1% with the George Soros as their representative or EU elites or all of them together.
The point is when people in Europe wake up and realize the danger it will be already “too little, too late” to change anything.
And normal life in Europe will become irreversibly impossible !

Wise Gandalf

comment image

John Whitehot




Real Anti-Racist Action

Our motto is “Indigenous lands for indigenous people”
There is plenty of available lands in the super continent Africa. Europe is earths only micro-continent.comment imagecomment imagecomment image

Wise Gandalf

Ⅎoɹ ʍɥɐʇ ʍɐs ʇɥᴉs ƃoop¿


i am Italian, I may confirm from direct knowledge that:

1. We see very few (if any) syrians, afgans or middle-easterns on those ships

2. They are by far and large sub-saharian conscription-age males (few women, few children). Approx 80% are not entitled to any kind of international refugee protection. unfortunately it takes 2 years to ascertain… our police is awkwardly slow in the process

3. They depart from lybian coasts with boats that would never be able to make the full crossing to Italian coasts (overloaded, not enough fuel, no food, no high-sea hulls), therefore they rely 100% on being very quickly “rescued” by ONG ships

4. There is hard evidence that ONG ships scramble to rescue BEFORE an SOS is even launched, and they definitely have magical powers in foreseeing where the “wreck” will happen

5. People die when the clarvoyants screw up on timing/location and miss the rendez-vous

6. Arriving “refugees” are mostly in excellent body shape and definitely do not look like people who suffered from starvation or any major stress

7. They are a huge source of money for “connected” organizations providing hospitality services: for them a ship like Aquarius is worth approx EUR 10 mln/yr in revenues

8. Noone has a f*gging clue about what to do if “refugees” should one day become agitated for any reason

it is only good someone is trying to stop or at least reduce this carnival


In the longer run EU is f*cked if this continues.
This pattern with “young males” is repainting everywhere.
Europeans can say good bye to their future if this is not stopped soon.
Scenes with big riots and burning cars will not be in French Muslim suburbs only.
It will be all over EU….

Real Anti-Racist Action

Thank you for posting this information because you are there and can see what is going on.
Please friend, in order to save the indigenous Italian people, it is very simple.
Please leave this sheet below printed places around Italy for people to pick up and read.
Eventually a legal team will have to be formed to speak at the UN against this ongoing genocide against this indigenous population.comment imagecomment image


Colonel Qaddafi stopped those refugees from leaving, and the USA/UK/France killed Qaddafi. The USA/UK/France allows the people smugglers to operate openly in Libya.

So who is your friend, and who is your enemy?


And he was enriching Africa! Clinton cabal screwed that up!


This Carnival is Organised by OUR European Puppeticians…. Because Europeans Reproduce themselves not that much… and Puppeticians need 2% Economic Growth Every Year…so they depend on Import

Concrete Mike

Thank you for Sharing with us what you see happening on the ground.

I agree the problem is Libya/Sahel, I also agree there is something else at play…which makes your point 8 very sinister indeed.

Anyone one else miss good old Muammar yet?

Richard M

Lock Soros up and seize his assets!


Soros lives and controls his empire from the USA.
The only reason he is still alive is he has US Government protection.
He is an agent of the USA, he is just an operative who follows the orders of the USA.

Angelo Cinarelli

The “fake” ONG ships financed by Soros and C. must carry these people to US, UK, France, because they bombed Lybia and killed Gaddafi. BRING THEM TO US, UK and FRANCE!!

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