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Italy Saves Europe’s Dignity over US Bullying of Venezuela

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Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

It’s comically ironic. France has now recalled its ambassador from Rome in a mounting row over Italy’s alleged “interference” in French internal political affairs. This is at the same that France and other European states are joining in a brazen campaign by the United States to overthrow the elected president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. Irony doesn’t come much thicker than that.

Italy Saves Europe’s Dignity over US Bullying of Venezuela

The row between France and Italy is but the latest in a long-running spat between French President Emmanuel Macron and the newly elected coalition government in Rome. The Italian government is an unlikely coalition between the left-leaning Five Star Movement (5SM) and a rightwing party, La Lega (The League).

Both parties are highly critical of the EU establishment and neoliberal capitalist polices which France’s former Rothschild banker-turned-president Macron embodies.

Rome has also slammed France for its responsibility in fomenting massive immigration problems for Europe and Italy in particular through Paris’ criminal military interventions, along with the US and other NATO powers, in the Middle East and North Africa.

Things came to a head this week when it emerged that Italian deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio (and 5SM leader) had met with members of the Yellow Vest protest movement in France. The Yellow Vest movement has been holding nationwide demonstrations for the past 12 weeks protesting against Macron’s economic policies and what they call his elitist style of government. Di Maio and the other Italian deputy premier Matteo Salvini (leader of The League) have been openly supporting the French protesters, whom they identify with as part of a popular revolt across Europe against neoliberal austerity.

Reacting to reports of Italian government contact with the French protesters, France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said it was “outrageous interference” in his country’s internal affairs. The row has further escalated after France recalled its ambassador from Rome. The last time that happened was in 1940 during the Second World War. This is a major breakdown in relations between two of the EU’s founding members.

Here is where the irony descends into farce. France is blustering with rage at Italy’s alleged meddling in its sovereign affairs while at the very same time the French government is party to an international effort led by the US to bring about regime change in Venezuela. The hypocritical arrogance is priceless.

This week France and several other EU members, including Germany, Britain, Spain and the Netherlands, announced that they were “recognizing” a self-proclaimed president in Venezuela. Marginal opposition figure Juan Guaido declared himself the “interim president” of the South American country on January 23. There are well-documented links between Guaido and his far-right opposition party to the American CIA. The move to delegitimize the elected president, Nicolas Maduro, has been orchestrated by the Trump administration. It is a blatant illegal regime-change maneuver that violates the UN Charter and international law. Maduro’s socialist government and the nation’s natural oil wealth – the largest known reserves on the planet – are obvious targets for Washington and European capital.

Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, as well as some Latin American countries, including Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Cuba, have rightly denounced the interference in Venezuela’s sovereign affairs. Washington’s demand for Maduro to step down under the threat of US military invasion is a staggering display of imperialist aggression. But the international gangsterism is being indulged by certain European states, primarily France, which are bestowing a veneer of legitimacy to the whole disgraceful business.

Italy is one of the few EU states that has refused to go along with the US-led criminal campaign for regime change in Venezuela. The Italian government reportedly blocked the EU from issuing a joint policy statement calling for the recognition of Guaido as “president” in place of Maduro. Those European powers that are engaging in the Washington’s violation of Venezuela are doing so on their own complicity, not in the name of the EU.

Italy’s principled stand, along with Russia and China, in defense of Venezuela’s sovereignty is a commendable adherence to international law. By not allowing the EU to be associated with the US skulduggery, that is a vital setback to Washington’s machinations.

Thus, the Italian government has saved the EU from descending into total disrepute. It is bad enough that certain members like France are engaging in the US-led gangsterism against Venezuela, but at least Italy’s blocking action has prevented the EU as a bloc from being complicit.

If the fundamental principle of non-interference in the sovereign affairs of nation states is not respected, then the entire system of international law unravels. The principle has been violated many times in recent years, most notably with illegal wars conducted by the US and its NATO partners in the Middle East and North Africa. But the latest episode of regime change in Venezuela is perhaps the most audacious yet. Washington and its European lackeys are intent on abolishing the democratic mandate of President Maduro and the ruling of Venezuela’s Supreme Court.

Washington and its pathetic European accomplices are opening a Pandora Box of global lawlessness if they get away with their criminal bullying of Venezuela.

Russia, China, Italy and other nations are essentially holding the line between a semblance of order and unfettered chaos.

We may consider the Italian deputy premier’s contact with French protesters as ill-advised politics. But whatever mistake Italy may have done in that regard, it is negligible compared with the astounding arrogance and criminality of France and other European states in their violation of Venezuela’s sovereignty. The arrogance of France’s reaction to Italy’s alleged interference this week is a spectacle to behold.

If anything, Italy deserves applause and respect for exposing the hypocrisy of France and other European would-be Neo-colonialists.

A bitter aspect of the irony is this: the French president and others are contemptuous of democracy and international law, not just in Venezuela, but towards their very own people.

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Angelo Cinarelli

Great Di Maio, great Salvini. I love this government. Finally we have politicians who do not show up in Brussels asking for alms. Italy is not a warmongering country like the USA and France, Italy is a country that loves peace. Di Maio and Salvini must cover their shoulders well with very trustworthy people because when they touch the French interests in Africa, the French kill, they kill as happened to Gaddafi.


Angelo, it happened to Enrico Mattei who supported Mossadeq in Iran, do you remember? It is nice to be Italian feeling the right side of the story. Mattarella, who is in favor of US interventionism, is like Napolitano, who indulged him in Libya, but fortunately the government has a nationalist party, the League and an internationalist, the 5-star. Together they represent a powerful popular power for national independence.


75% to 85% of UN members don’t recognise the CIA puppet Guaido as president.




The more that I looked into it. It’s probably more like 90%.comment image


not to worry, salvini is on the good side whereas macron, the gerontophil, is creeping up to trump and fatso pompous (who is giving obesity a face) and mad mad bolton (bedlam or luna bin ready jerk)hoping to gin some favours, not for the french but for himself and the old bag he’s married to.

Tudor Miron

Italy looks good lately.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes she does.

El Diablo

I’m italian: Salvini is not with Maduro, is that on Venezuela the political position of 5Stelle is more important (Salvini will not lose votes for Venezuela.) 2: Italian government in Lybia is with the islamists against France with the LNA. They play to do the anticolonialist but this is a war between colonial powers :D

Promitheas Apollonious

you are italian… maybe. A very stupid one at that, based on your comments…

El Diablo

? Salvini is extreme-right. He don’t like Maduro at all. And in Lybia italian medias speaks openly that France would stole our oils supporting the LNA. While the Tripoli government do some errors (like slavery) but they are the good guys allied with Nato and that do our interest. Italian medias when must support American position are the worst liars…but when is an Italian issue they don’t need to speak of “export democracy”. “Italian interests” are more justificable for the italian peoples :D

Pippo Spano Pres MEV

They already did.
Italy had good contract for oli import with Gedafi.
The only way for Franch to make de contrac disapair wos to take down Gedafi .

El Diablo

LNA is supported also by Russia and Egypt. Egypt is the more interested in Lybian oils than everyone i think. I speack of NOW: Italy support a jhiadist government and say that France is worst. What was the trouble to support the LNA also you (Italy) and compete for oil in this manner? And (being the mayor supporter of Tripoly goverment) we have no lost the chance: we can simply do request (oil) to switch alliance :D

Pippo Spano Pres MEV

Italian governament is changed.
They chose for a neutrale position.
In the last peace talk ,that have take place in Italy,the twoo Libian governament faction were invited.

El Diablo

Not so much. Italy is against elections because “will win the LNA”. They would first reunificate the Lybian army, then do the elections. The military war is lost, now they have intention to get rid of Haftar in a different way :D With a joint army the GNA will have more chance to kill LNA leaders or similar things. Or to set new “neutral leaders” (political and military) that aren’t neutral at all.

Promitheas Apollonious

In politics and especially international politics the criteria are not as you imagine them to be and definitely are not left or right political. Italy already took an official stand that is directly opposing the american stand and the EU stand.

The media are not government organizations and are controlled by the ones who control more or less all mass media in west. From the way you express yourself I have to guess what you mean to say, but if I understood you correctly you thinking from a follower of the opposition of the ones in power in italy now so ……

El Diablo

At all. If i can vote this government i will vote it (but this is a improvised coalition. The 2 party aren’t friends at all :D And i don’t like the 2 parties for what they are themselves *.) And not: i don’t think that “nations” go first than the interests of politicians. *maybe i will vote one of the two at the next european elections, but i’m not sure at all :D

Promitheas Apollonious

I like them for what they have done up to this point and is all for the good of italy. Now I understand what you saying. I never voted any politicians or believe that any one should vote for leaders. I am not of the people who accept others to decide for him and his future with out him to have a saying in the matter.

But my answer to you was concerning international politics and not local realities and the stand they took in certain matters which on that they have my support, not my vote as it happens to agree with them. As for example with the armies soros is sending all over europe under the disguise of refugees or…. and the many times they stand for the good of their country against EU.

Pippo Spano Pres MEV

Salvini is not with Maduro ….i give you this one, but a war between colonial powers is a joke. I don’t remember the name of the Italian coloni can y help me out?!?

El Diablo

Italy had good energetic business with Gheddafi. And now they support the Tripoli government. France the LNA. Italians medias speack nothing than “France would steal our oil” :D Anyway yes: at the time of Gheddafi, seems that WE was the colony :D (i remember that one time Gheddafi have pitched a tent at Rome and maked cerimonial conversion to islam to various italian peoples (maybe paid for this :D))


This is off topic, but I just came across this article and if you do not mind, could you comment on what is being said. Suffice to say that I was not expecting to see a giant Trump in an Italian parade. I was able to figure out the twitter sword. Thanks. :-)
comment image


El Diablo

At Carnival we use to do such things :D Anyway:this is a parody of Trump as “God Emperor” a character of Warhammer 40.000k https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Emperor_of_Mankind


Lol! That is brilliant. They did an excellent job. I hope that someone sends him a picture. :-)

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