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Italian Navy Transport Ship Departs Tripoli After Shelling


Italian Navy Transport Ship Departs Tripoli After Shelling

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On April 14th, a warship from the Italian Navy – A5347 Gorgona left the Abu Sitta naval base in Tripoli after shelling hit approximately 250 meters from it.

About seven more shots fell into the sea, according to ItaMilRadar, a website tracking military flights over Italy and over the Mediterranean Sea.

ItaMilRadar claimed that the Gorgona provides technical support to Government of National Accord’s (GNA) Navy units.

The A7347 Gorgona is a Naval transport ship, and Italy is one of several supporters of the GNA. Earlier in April it arrived in Tripoli with cargo for the GNA, but it is unclear what that cargo is.

It is reportedly capable of transporting both wheeled and tracked hardware.

Prior to this Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan National Armory, vowed that his forces would target and sink any foreign ships transferring military equipment to the GNA.

This primarily concerns Turkey, as it continues importing weapons and fighters in support of the UN-backed government.

On April 16th, and in the early hours of April 17th, the fighting in Libya is focused in two points: the GNA is pushing al-Watiya airbase, while the LNA is progressing into Tripoli itself.

Since the Tripoli ports appear dangerous, shipments from Turkey, despite the weapons embargo arrived in the Al-Khamis port, east of Tripoli.

The GNA is carrying out airstrikes on al-Watiya as the siege has been on-going for nearly 3 days, however LNA shelling and drone strikes on convoys moving from Tripoli towards al-Watiya have impeded any significant progress.

An LNA drone was also shot down above Ain Zara, which is a position in Tripoli that’s been heavily contested, but Haftar’s forces appear to be progressing steadily, according to claims by spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari.

Finally, even though most forces are concentrated in and around Tripoli, Haftar’s forces are also ensuring security in other parts of the country, as a “gathering of militants” was subject to airstrikes in Sabha, near the town of Ghadwa in southern Libya.

A Russian navy cargo ship passed through the Bosporus en route to Alexandria, Egypt, and it is carrying Russian Army Ural 4320 armored vehicles, presumably to reinforce the LNA, however this comes down to speculation.




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