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Italian Ambassador To DR Congo Killed In Militant Attack On UN Convoy

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Italian Ambassador To DR Congo Killed In Militant Attack On UN Convoy

The killed Italian ambassador

On February 22, the Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo and his body guard were shot dead in a militant attack that targeted the UN-linked convoy.

According to reports, the convoy of the World Food Program was attacked near Goma in the eastern part of the country.

Ambassador Luca Attanasio “died immediately of his wounds,” AFP quoted a senior diplomatic source in Kinshasa.

The total number of casualties in the attack varies from 3-4 people depending on the reporting source.

Media reports claim that militants tried to capture the diplomat but were not able to do this.

Italian Ambassador To DR Congo Killed In Militant Attack On UN Convoy

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Italian Ambassador To DR Congo Killed In Militant Attack On UN Convoy

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Lone Ranger

Poor guy :(

Hasbara Hunter

UN-linked convoy??!! Aren’t UN convoys linked to Child-Trafficking?

Tommy Jensen

They are. But Italy is actually not the worst nation in Africa. Italians are some of the few I have seen who are meeting the locals on their needs. Providing cows, sewing machines, etc.
Maybe therefore he was killed. One of the good guys. Who knows.

Assad must stay



Should i supposed to care for the Turcophile Italians?

Fog of War

Lucky attack or intentional message ?

Rhodium 10

One ambassador of a EU country travelling along war zone without armored car and bullet proof jacket!…Risky Business….

Just Me

It was a costly assumption that a UN food convoy would not be attacked. This is just a cowardly attack.

King Cliff

I believe Italy will send troops to crush those responsible….


Do not think so…Italians do not like much shooting or wars unless is business related ( Mafia). Open warfare is not for them. Will learn from this and move on.

Panthera Pardus

if you read his biography, he was really a smart guy with top university degree.
A man with ideals – requiescat in pace.

Just Me

RIP. He was on a mission to provide food. Killing him and attacking a food convoy is just disgusting.

Panthera Pardus

the sad thing is that, judging by the photo, the entry wound is where a good quality vest could have stopped the bullet – I will write that in the comments of Italian newspaper, it is ridiculous that we do not have a SOP mandating usage of vest outside embassy when in mission in such area.
On Italian press it is written that “area was judged safe”, there is now internal investigation.
If a young idealistic guy is dead because of sloppy procedures and intelligence this is truly sad.

Ole Johansen

Poor fellow…

Looks like a pure assassination to me. There is a small World War ongoing in DRC Congo.

He was sent out to die. Remember Benghazi. In DRC Congo the jews are very active.
100 USD hit job. He did not go there to give medications to children.

Its all about rare minerals and a life is worth nothing.

Albert Pike

“In DRC Congo the jews are very active.” Just by coincidence the same day:

‘A Holocaust refugee’s son is one of the most powerful politicians in Congo…
Katumbi does not define himself as Jewish, “but he has a warm connection to Judaism and Israel,” said Menachem Margolin, a Brussels-based rabbi who has become a close confidant of Katumbi since 2018…
“He has what he takes,” the rabbi said. “He has the warmth needed to be loved by his people and the vision necessary to lead them and command the respect of international partners. I think something very special is about to happen in Congo.” ‘

‘something very special’ indeed…

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