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It Was “Escape At Full Speed”: Russian Military Commented On US Navy Destroyer Operation In Sea Of Japan


It Was "Escape At Full Speed": Russian Military Commented On US Navy Destroyer Operation In Sea Of Japan

USS McCampbell

The Russian Defense Ministry commented on the situation with the guided missile destroyer USS McCampbell, which, according to the US Navy, sailed in international waters near Peter the Great Bay in the Sea of Japan on December 5 to “challenge” Russia.

Cauising smiles among the international audience, the US Navy declared that this event was a big “victory” over the Russians. However, this success appeared to be even more questionable after the Russian Navy released more details of the event.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the US destroyer actually “never came closer than 100km” to the Russian territorial waters.

“Currently, the crew of ‘USS Campbell’ is ‘demonstrating’ its valor from more than 400km away from Russia’s territorial waters, in the central part of the Sea of Japan,” the Defense Ministry’s spokesperson, Major General Igor Konashenkov stressed.

He added that during its journey, the US destroyed was closely tracked by a Russian destroyer, Admiral Tributs, along with the aircraft of Russia’s Pacific Fleet.

Konashenkov stated that the Russian warship stayed “in immediate vicinity” of the US ship so if “the American destroyer’s crew demonstrated anything, it was its unsuccessful attempt to escape at full speed from Pacific Fleet forces escorting it.”




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  • Jesus

    This is what happens when American Zionist arm chair warriors without military experience want to be relevant and end up making stupid moves.

    • You can call me Al

      I have just searched a song we sung as kids “Cowdy, Cowdy Custer” –> the PC World has got it and now it is “Cowdy, Cowdy Custard”….. I assume you know who Custer was !?. Basically a typical chicken – shit Yank..

      • AM Hants

        Off topic, but, so needs sharing. Well, not really off topic, as it focuses on the US.

        FORMER UKRAINIAN DEPUTY ALEKSEY ZHURAVKO: THE ORDER TO PROVOKE RUSSIA IN THE KERCH STRAIT CAME FROM THE US EMBASSY… http://www.stalkerzone.org/former-ukrainian-deputy-aleksey-zhuravko-the-order-to-provoke-russia-in-the-kerch-strait-came-from-the-us-embassy/

        Plus, one to make you smile. Nice one UN, Haley did not get the result she needed, to show her time in the UN was a success. Of course, EU/Nato member states, of course, supported her. She thought she had it in the bag, but, the UN changed the voting rules. Just for Haley’s final bill.

        Haley not going out with a bang after US-sponsored anti-Hamas draft fails at UNGA… https://www.rt.com/news/445796-hamas-us-resolution-fail/

        Do remember ‘Cowdy, cowdy, custard’ Did you ever play the boardgame ‘Battle of Little Bighorn’? Sure it was that one, I used to play with my brothers, featuring General Custer. Completely forgot about it, till you mentioned ‘Custer’.

        • You can call me Al

          Nice 1st one, regards Haley….yes that was funny;

          “She described the two-thirds decision, which passed by just a handful of votes, as “unfair” adding that the Hamas resolution was an opportunity for States to “do the right thing.”

          “There is nothing more anti-Semitic than saying we cannot condemn terrorism against Israel, while we would not hesitate for one minute to condemn the same acts if they were taken against any other country… The people who have suffered by far the most because of Hamas are the Palestinian people. For their sake, ..

          Read more at:

          I dont know the game you mentioned, I just remember the film; we all used to sing it at people in certain circumstances.

          Ah, the good old days.

          • AM Hants

            It was not a popular board game, but, used to enjoy playing it with my brothers. Seriously had forgotten it, till you mentioned ‘Custer’.

            Thanks for the link.

            Requesting personal advice, not for me, but, somebody I know. Which courses are are the best for beginners to take, if they wish to pursue a career in the ‘off shore wind energy’? Sorry for being cheeky.

          • You can call me Al
      • Jens Holm

        He was no chicken.Murdered many indians well and became a hero by that. Lost a battle, where indians was well prepared and made a trap, where Custer made very big stupidities.

        Bu he was no chicken or coward.

        • Sinbad2

          He attacked and killed women and children, whilst the men were out hunting.
          Another great American hero, General Douglas Macarthur, deserted his men in battle, and left them to die.

          • Jens Holm

            I do not recall McArthur did that at all.

          • Sinbad2

            Maybe you should read up on the Battle of Bataan.
            Macarthur was in command of American and Filipino troops in the Philippines prior to and after WWII.
            Even though Macarthur had more troops, and was defending, the Japanese won.
            First he fled from Bataan to Corregidor, and from there to Australia.
            Most of his 106 thousand troops were taken prisoner or killed.

            One of his other claims to fame, was he was neat, and had all the American planes lined up in rows, in the middle of the airports. That made it easier for the Japanese to bomb.

            That’s how propaganda works, a total fool and coward like Macarthur is turned into a hero.
            The movie Paths of Glory is closer to the truth than most would believe.

          • Jens Holm

            Most of them was not even real troops only up to max 30.000 was. The rest was for Phillipines should be a free country in 1948. They were not armed as troops at all.

            Their jobs mainly was because the ones, which wanted liberation only possesed 1/3 of the island, the next 1/3 they could use if they did nothing and in the last 1/3 they were met in everything from poison arrows to old spanish guns.

            It also mainly was not McArthur which decided that at all. It was wellknown, that USA had no good troops as well as supplylines for a good defence at all.

            Its confirmed by my memoires wrotten by Dwight D. Eisenhower, which at that time was is Cheif of Staff.

            The defeat was based on USA policy in the same frame as WW1 and by the brittish Premiere minister telling all should be in peace and have as little weapons as possible.

            In 1938 USA had and army of 400.000 but more then half of them were the national guard, which only could defend USA. They not even had weapons to all, they had no own transportation on land and no transport fleet of any kind apart from oil to own ships.

            You can blame the American Goverment and President, but Roosevelt had no support at all until 1938 until the japanese attacked China much more and Sovjets some.

            When its written the japanese was that few, You ignore all transportation and supply.

          • Sinbad2

            The bottom line is Macarthur ran from the enemy and left his troops to die. If they were inferior troops as you allege, that is the fault of their commanding officer, for not training them adequately.

      • Sinbad2

        And they still attack and kill the women.

        Notice how they have been arresting Russian and Chinese women?


    Will the McCampbell release a victorious video like The HMS Duncan did in the black sea? :D

  • beypuutyina

    nace tales. i recommended (as 3rd) also the article…. for children :)

    • FlorianGeyer

      Special needs kids such as you are always catered for here.

  • Sinbad2

    Like kids taunting and throwing stones at a dog that is tied up, one day the dog will get loose, and rip Americas throat out.

    • Morehungrythanever

      Unfortunately the Russians or the “dog” isn’t big enough

      • Sinbad2

        It’s not the dog in the fight, it’s the fight in the dog.
        The US military is like a Labrador, fat and lazy.
        The Russian military is like a Dobermann Pinscher, lean highly strung fast and deadly.

        • Morehungrythanever

          Just to be clear. Doberman is so inbred that the breed is basically gone. So yes I agree That although Russia is powerful, they would be just mauled by the Americans with moderate ease

          • Sinbad2

            Well I think there is a pretty good chance we are going to find out.
            Unless China and Russia submits to American rule, the US will attack.

      • Romeo Pesiao

        Logistically the US is greater than the Russians, US hold a great advantage of conventional war…

        • gustavo

          Whatever advace USA has before Russia, both of them have MAD elements such that non of them will survive after WWIII. Even more, non human being will survive after this. So, nobody will be able to write about the great USA heroes (batman, superman, flash, 4 fantastics, etc…) in this war.

        • Ewan

          US hold a great advantage of conventional war…Yeah, and a great history of losing them

      • Neil

        You guys are always hungry; that’s why you are so fat. Bigger isn’t necessarily better.
        Russia could destroy US, even without China’s help. Of course Russia’s cities would be destroyed too.
        In any case, war would be disastrous for everyone.

  • Concrete Mike

    Bwahaha, Konashenkov’s delivery is fantastic.

    • AM Hants

      Love Russian ‘one liners’.

  • Tommy Jensen
    • AM Hants

      No doubt, he will be dependent on a mobility scooter, of Russian origin. With his ‘dementia’ medication, if affordable, to hand.

      • Jens Holm

        Better with scooters having only too wheels. Heard from non reliable source it will be a kind of retro “walkman”

      • Neil

        “I need your clothes and your mobility scooter.”

  • Fred Summers

    Reports coming in about the recent Sea of Japan incident and the recent US and UK freedom of navigation exercises –

    Apparently they are part of the final calibration test of a new laser based navigation and targeting system to be used in the event of EW attack or GPS denial areas.
    Apparently US egos bruised from being laughed at from Running from Chinese and now Russian ships blabbed about having the last laugh with new navigational laser systems.

    Too proud to kep thier mouths shut. Game given away now.

    During WW2 there was a saying ‘Loose lips sink ships’. Perhaps today there should be something like, ‘Big egos sink ships’.

    • Sinbad2

      “a new laser based navigation and targeting system”

      I wasn’t going to post, but for obvious reasons such a system could not possibly work reliably, and having to go to Crimea to test it is comic book stuff.

      • Fred Summers

        OH REALLY!
        Then the last 20 years of R&D is just science fiction then?
        Apparently the new system makes this look like a kids toy:

        • Sinbad2

          “In addition to the ring laser gyroscopes, DARPA publications state that
          inertial navigation also requires accelerometers for calculating speed
          and distance based on inertial data from an initial starting point.”

          Maybe you should have read the story, this is just a more accurate gyroscopic
          compass, gyroscopic compasses have been around for a long time, and are
          just a better magnetic compass, that Jens forefathers were using a
          thousand years ago, and you cannot work out an accurate position
          with a compass alone.To locate your position at sea you need
          fixed reference points, that’s why old style sailors use stars as a
          reference point. GPS uses the position of the satellite, the satellite replaces the star.

      • Jens Holm

        His link says it can.

        Its cold rain here, so I take all links and no raincoat.

    • Jens Holm

      But americans knocked out Japan there and Russia not even declared war against them before 1945.

      You are still alive i Kursk or seasich in a Hangar in Murmansk ?

      • Fred Summers

        Time to get head out of sand and engage brain –

        Look up laser reflection targeting and directed energy technology.

        It is a completely new navigation grid.

        It makes this sytem look ‘so 80’s;


        • Jens Holm

          I will. Thanks for the link.

          • Stephan Williams

            …until the satellites that oversee the GPS system are shut down…and then your smallest airports will be working on line of sight only.

          • Jens Holm

            Maybee. New counterweapons will be made and already is made in pilote projects.

            And You ignore that almost everything in the world i depended on satelites, so You hit Yourself hard too.

            Nice not having Erdogan, TRump and Putin on TV anymore :)

      • slayern2

        Americans knocked your mother, and probably you as well, when you love them so much…. USSR liberated far larger territory from Japan in 3 weeks than americans in 3 years. It was russian intervention that actually forced Japan to capitulate, not american mass murdering of japanese civilians.

        Go search for your head, in some yankee anUS.

  • PK

    US doesn’t even come close to North Korea these days and can’t have a military exercise in south korea. That is the east sea of Korea and sure North Korea is watching. US can’t make a mistake there knowing that North Korean ICBMs, SLBMs, etc are always in standby ready to head right to Washington DC.

    • Jens Holm


  • R Trojson

    More Russian propaganda. The destroyer never planned to sail into Russian waters. Their course only plotted international waters. So Russia criticizes the US for not sailing into Russian waters. What is that about?

    • Neil

      The US bragged that they had entered waters claimed by Russia. It was a lie.

  • Fred Summers

    Hey Southfront – judging from some of the comments left to my comments the current status of technology (and how ‘fun’ little messages can get shared between opposing parties, such as the Sopranos video clip) much of what I have shared from blogers has gone over most heads here.
    With regards to the new Cold War, and laser and directed energy targeting and navigation systems, it may be worth one of your experts having another look at freedom of navigation exercisies and considering how a new grid with targeting data would be compiled and calibrated.
    If you do a post on it you may even get a scoop on others holding back on reporting this for fear of repercussions.
    Either way, I will take my comments elsewhere now.

    • Jens Holm

      I saw You are new. I welcome You.

      Many writers here are like – If russians didnt invent things, they dont exist.

      You might add shorter and simpler articles/comments in a lower level. Its a quite sober site in ME compared to others.

      But true,You have to be a calm persen drinking not too much coffee and able to ignore frustration and maybee be a Yoga bear. In Yoga Your are upside down Yourself :) too.

      I read the many very long articles written by Southfront. They give a lot of information and are often very biased, but I think I learn too. Often good maps.

      Finaly I would add, that oppinions are over science in a lot of comment here and in the ME world, and You can be named almost anything. Its in their language as well as temper – I can compare with getting used to real americans saying everything is beautilfull, fantastic and friends are people, they met 5 minutes ago.

      I expect You have written a lot before, but dont give personal information. ID Yourself in Your head as someone else.

      Fred summers has 16,5 mio. clicks. But reading You a lot, I might be able to find Your nationality by facebook, twitter and that, if You have personal information.

      • Fred Summers

        Thanks for the sober comment. I get frustrated when the information I share (from very good sources) simply flies over the heads of the reader. Perhaps I will come back sometime. Thanks for your words.

  • Kristina Rain Mcleod

    Just a bunch Of barking. The US has no desire to fight an enemy who can fight back. There will be more sabre rattling with Russia but thats it.

    Expect the US to take swipes at lone Russian units operating in places like Syria where theyre busy doing something else.

  • AWtify

    The American establishment looks like a monkey with a grenade. Nevertheless, as a Russian, I am grateful to those whose will this provocation did not take place. Even if it was the commander of this destroyer who refused to carry out a criminal order and push the world to a nuclear Apocalypse. Unfortunately Ukrainian Nazis as a little dogs of Americans not have so much responsibility before the World and continue to carry out provocations against Russia.

  • iosongasingsing

    However, it was not Russian ships in the Gulf of Mexico, but US bandits near Russia.