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It Took 6 Years For 2014 Maidan Coup Truth to Cross the Atlantic

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It Took 6 Years For 2014 Maidan Coup Truth to Cross the Atlantic

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The US outlet, One American News, showed a piece called “The Ukraine Hoax”, looking into the underlying reasons for the impeachment against US President Donald Trump, Joe and Hunter Biden, as well as the killings at the Ukrainian Maidan in 2014.

The channel is more aligned with the Republican party in the US, and claims that the reason for the entire scandal surrounding US President Donald Trump allegedly looking for “dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden all started during the Ukrainian Maidan which was a prerequisite for Hunter Biden becoming rich.

The author of the piece is a former adviser to Donald Trump, political expert Michael Caputo.

More than half of the 50-minute piece is devoted to Ukraine.

In particular, it looks into the role of the then president Barack Obama and his administration in the removal of Viktor Yanukovych from power in 2014, about the executions on the Maidan, about the ties of the family of ex-vice president Joe Biden with corruption fraud in the Burisma company, the intervention of senior Ukrainian officials in the US presidential election in 2016 on the side of the candidate from the US Democratic Party.

In the video, there are special appearances by, the ex-head of the Ukrainian Security Service SBU, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, ex-Member of Ukrainian Parliament Serhiy Pashynskyi, the ex-president of Georgia  Mikheil Saakashvili, ex-Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin and one of the ex-employees of “Berkut” Tamtura and the company’s lawyer Alexander Goroshinsky (who was also Yanukovych’s lawyer).

The video also interviews the so-called “Georgian snipers” and the Georgian general Tsitelashvili, who was one of the first to declare the involvement of some Georgian citizens in the shootings on the Maidan.

The documentary also shows a masked man, who claims to have fired on protesters and police on the morning of February 20th, 2014.

“The order was to shoot at Berkut and at people, provoke chaos. It started on the 20th at about 8 am … There were two of us. First, I opened the window, and my friend shot. Then we changed position, and I took the rifle. And so, we shot 5 rounds each,” the masked man claimed.

When the masked man was asked who gave the order, and from whom he hides his face, he responded that Saakashvili’s ally Mamuka Mamulashvili, who later became the commander of the Georgian Legion, recruited them for a trip to the Maidan.

They arrived in Kiev with fake passports. And according to them, Andriy Parubiy and Pashynskyi, who were also responsible for the situation at the Ukraina Hotel and for the supply of weapons, were involved in organizing the shooting on the Maidan.

Another Georgian citizen named Zurab indicates in the film that during the Maidan he met in Kiev with Saakashvili and Giorgi Lortkipanidze (the ex-head of the Odessa regional police), as well as an unknown officer of the SBU.

“When I met with Giorgi Lortkipanidze and Mikhail Saakashvili, Misha told us and the guys that we had a person who was from the Security Service of Ukraine. We were instructed to find Yanukovych’s regular routes. They were given the task to track the routes of Yanukovych’s movements. And they said they planned kill Yanukovych,” Zurab said.

The film claims that out of 45 people – Georgian citizens who were brought to Kiev during the Maidan, only 14 survived.

According to Michael Caputo, someone may be trying to get rid of the dangerous witnesses. Caputo also visited one of the rooms of the Ukraine Hotel, from where firing could have been carried out.

The former Georgian General Tsitelashvili, who was one of the first in 2014 to declare the involvement of “Georgian snipers” in the shootings on the Maidan, said in the film that people on behalf of ex-president Petro Poroshenko and ex-head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak had tried to come to him with a request to change his position.

“They contacted me. And they invited me to Ukraine on behalf of President Poroshenko and Hrytsak. They promised me financial well-being if I change my position. But I categorically refused,” said Tsitelashvili.

Michael Caputo, a former adviser to Trump, said the following:

“President Trump intends to give rise to investigations. And he has reasons for this.”

And he also said that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky “should not pay for what his predecessor did – for interfering in the American election.”

Caputo also drew a parallel between the events in Ukraine and the attempt to impeach Trump, pointing out the same handwriting and involvement of George Soros, former vice president Joe Biden and other representatives of the US Democratic Party.

They, according to him, could provoke a protracted crisis in Ukraine due to their personal interests and contrary to national interests of the United States, starting with the events of the Maidan.

The situation, 6 years later is beginning to get into the spotlight in the US, all the while there’s numerous reports and testimonies of what actually transpired on the Maidan in 2014.


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Damien C

Making statements is not a substitute for factual evidence, thats the same as declaring someone guilty then looking for the facts to support your verdict!
Ukraine was a coup and one with outside involvement but articles like this just loaded with innuendo and unsubstantiated claims only serve to muddy the waters for people wanting to uncover the truth with accuracy

AM Hants

Many of us remember events in Ukraine, back in 2014. THE So ros funded coup d’etat. The people of the US, as the article states are just catching up with the story.

Psycho Billy, McCain, Madamme Lindsey, Dmitry Yarosh, Kolomoisky, Soros, both mentors of the comedian, come President. England, Biden, Kerry, their families, Romney, Schiff, Pelosi.

The $billions thrown at Ukraine, locked away in oligarch tax havens. 100,000 dead, 900,000 with mental and physical disabities and millions displaced. Figures Oleg Tsarov, UN used a different formula and more conservative.

Post 2014, has nobody noticed the genocide and ethnic cleansing, including erasure of the gene pool of the young of Ukraine?


Ukraine is essentially being transformed into the same style of feudal system that existed under the King of the Khazars in what we know as Ukraine and surrounding lands.


” The Khazars were a Pagan civilization, and in a short period in history ,became the largest and most powerful kingdom in Europe, and possibly the wealthiest also.”

AM Hants

The other thing, besides wanting to go home, including Boris, it reminds me of what they did to Russia, during the Yeltsin era.

Yesterday, whilst attempting to spring clean a couple of rooms, I decided to revisit the Putin Unknown documentaries. The days that Russia got 20 cents, to every $US of energy sold. When the US wrote her laws and tax system, on the back of one of their loans. When the nuclear submarine industry had been put under private control. When Foreign nations were mining for Russian oil and charging Russians $billions, to rip them off. When one Russian town, with views of foreign nations mining and pillaging Russian resources, were living in accommodation with absolutely no heating. Children going to nurseries, where the indoor temperature was -1° and that was a warm unit.

Exactly the same homesick crowd who pillaged Russia are controlling everything in Ukraine. Fully supported by the UN, International bodies and the media.

Rant over, haha.


Yes, that video is from 2002 ,I think, or was it 2004?
President Putin placed an export tax on the Western companies hat lifted the oil and gas revenues to 80% I think. The US is still pissed :)

The US ‘offer’ to the Russians of 20% of the market value seems to be ‘offered’, well demanded really, in all of the US Deals of the Century ‘offered’ to the US target ‘regime change ‘ states.

You may remember the visit by a US delegation, complete with black 4×4’s, to meet President Assad. The US offered Syria the same 20% deal. Assad said NO. This was about 2 years ago , I think.

AM Hants

Must admit, not upto speed with ME, owing to coming late to the party, via Ukraine.

Have watched the Putin Unknown videos, and happily go back to them, since 2014. Such an eye opener. Just could not get my head around the nuclear submarine industry ended up in the hands of the privatised sector. Then to find out the US wrote the laws, taxes and goodness knows what else for Russia, whilst getting them to pay for what the US were thieving.

Cannot wait toll it all comes to an end.


The US and UK hatched a plan after the Soviet Union collapsed to destroy the industrial capacity of the Russia. Factories were stripped or abandoned etc. Everything was for sale in the 90’s and that’s when the Russian jew oligarchs appeared. They were financed by jewish banks etc , to buy Russian assets for very little. A fire sale value. The US and UK only had any interest in Russia’s natural resources. That included timber and mined metals etc.

Funnily enough the EU did the same to Latvia when Latvia joined the EU.
Soviet era production was mostly closed down . The reason given was the adoption of EU standards. There has been an exodus of young and those up about 45 to work elsewhere in the EU. Britain, Germany and Ireland being favoured destinations.

Latvia, officially the Republic of Latvia, is located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe where it is bordered by Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, and a maritime border with Sweden. Latvia’s population is in decline, and it’s estimated 2020 population is 1.89 million, which ranks 151st in the world.”
Population in 1990 ‘2,664,439’
Population in 2020 ‘1,886,198’

Figures provided by the Ministry of Economics show that about 40,000-50,000 Latvians work in other EU Member States. Birth rates are about 1.3 per couple.

AM Hants

Just reminded me, with regards other parts of the documentary.

When they started talking about the wise men of the West moving into Russia, and focused on destroying their industry, technology and scientific research, etching ext, etc. Well it reminded me of the weaker version, over in the UK, when we joined the Common Market. Engineers were demonized, politics became Unis, with the aim to dumb down graduate level education. Asset strippers cleaned out industry. Creativity, frowned upon and replaced by accountants. Plus, turning backs on high skilled labour.

Not just UK and not just Russia.


Its even the same in the US.
There is a clique that has gained a lot though. God promised them.

AM Hants

When you start joining the dots, putting together all they have got away with. Not forgetting how long they have been running with the same script, well it just makes you believe that we must be the most dense animals on the planet. Just let it happen, without even noticing.

AM Hants

Using phone, to reply to comments. Excuse auto-correct and apologies for not editing my comments.


Just make sure you get your Spring Cleaning done mrs. :)

AM Hants

Haha, just got a couple of rooms to go and then fun with a paintbrush.


Well, those reports at least match with all previous reporting on this angle.
But yeah, we need a smoking gun. Only then, there is a chance to kill the MSM lie narrative.
But sadly: Those interviews with self described snipers is as close as we will get.
I doubt there are any papers, or audio recordings left (if there have ever been any at all). And even they could be easily faked by both sides.
So just like with many other likely conspiracys: We will likely never really know for sure.

James Kira

Yes, we will never forget the coup in Syria.

crimeans (cry me a babies) and ukrainians (you cry me a babies) can both kill each other for all I care.

Charles Homer

As shown in this article, there is a key aspect to the entire anti-Russia/pro-Ukraine story that has received no coverage by the mainstream media:


The West’s blanket condemnation of Russia and its so-called annexation of the Crimean peninsula in 2014 would suggest that more of us need to educate ourselves on the history of Russia and Crimea in particular before we whole heartedly swallow the narrative that our political leaders and media foist on us.

Peter Jennings

The Trumpster once said that if he didn’t become President that he would start a news business. He can begin right here by asking his own filmaker friends to produce the facts of Maidan for the american people to sit and watch however many times they want.

It’s a house of cards and just needs a little push.

AM Hants

I wonder how long it will take them to catch up on the 100,000 dead. the 900,000 with life changing mental and physical health disabilities? The millions who ended up displaced? Figures from Oleg Tsavov, using different range to the UN and more conservative figures.

How much of the Ukraine gene pool is no longer in working order, if still alive? Was the Soros funded regime change script, worth the sacrifices made? Who benefitted? The people of Ukraine or the oligarchs?

RIP and who remembers these images, back in 2014? What happened to the surviving children, when their Government came to town?

The Killed and Mutilated Children of the DPR & LPR… https://www.stalkerzone.org/the-killed-and-mutilated-children-of-the-dpr-lpr/

McCain, Nuland, Biden, Schiff, Pelosi, Soros, Obama, Clintons, Poroshenko, Psycho Billy, Dmytro Yarosh,, Yats, Pinchuk, Koloimoisky. Avakov, Oleh Tyahnybok, etc, etc, etc and their families, must be so proud of what they left behind. What was it all for?

5 Mar 2014
How the far-right took top posts in Ukraine’s power vacuum…

‘…The new Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Sych is a member of the far-right Svoboda party, which the World Jewish Congress called on the EU to consider banning last year along with Greece’s Golden Dawn…’ https://www.channel4.com/news/svoboda-ministers-ukraine-new-government-far-right

Italy Questions Evil EU Sanctions Against Russia And In Support Of Obama’s Fascist Regime In Ukraine… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU1WazR_pCM

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Right on target.


Every time our media laments poor Biden being the subject of an investigation I want to destroy my old radio. We seem incapable of stringing together any chain of events logically. Evil Iran eliminating a Ukraine airliner just for the sheer joy of it. Never mind any connection to the Soleimani diplomatic assassination and the whole nation waiting for retribution. Oh I know it was a grievous error, but without the murder it would not have happened.

Like Crimea had much choice, choose fascism or be burned alive. God forbid the Russians should want to continue using their only year round ice free port, their largest port. Giving up Sevastopol to NATO would be like the US ceding Gettysburg to ISIS. Not a totally fair comparison, a lot more citizens died defending Crimea over centuries.

Interesting bit of news about the DNC. Seems the FBI has been caught in another amazing lie. They supposedly denied any FBI investigation of the Seth Rich murders. I take this as why investigate when they know what happened? Craig Murray piece. So Julian Assange rots in prison and those who killed an absolute patriot, probably got nicely rewarded with an eternal inability to testify. And on it goes.


AM Hants

It is the same in the UK. I cannot handle listening to UK current affairs, owing to the monotone, boring voices of the presenters and reading sensationalized propaganda. Same crowd as over in America, controlling it all.

Do like Consortium News, so thank you for the link. Poor Seth Rich and look forward to reading the article.

Good luck, take care and hopefully things can only get better.


It’s a firm habit to respond to replies. Oddly the CBC often has very emotional news readers, dripping with sympathy for white helmets victims of recovery. Without a clue who hurt them.

But it sometimes is too much for me. It’s amazing to me how nobody talks about how great peace would be for the environment. Yet it seems utterly unattainable.

Is it inevitable that the world will be utterly bankrupt but still soldiers will fight for pay?

Lately read a book that Jesus really wanted us to not be judgemental and forgive readily. He also seemed to disparage wealthy people. He seems utterly uninterested in our sex life but frowned on divorce. How we got religion so twisted that peace has become a dirty word.

Was on a nuke sub for 3 years and if you wanted to get punched just say things can only get better, out loud. Pow and now they won’t because you said that. Superstitious, I hope you are right. I do feel avoiding the internet a good respite from the melancholy that can dog me. Moody Blues, I’m a melancholy man always spoke to me.

All the best.

AM Hants

Thanks for your lovely reply. I find, over in the UK, my sanity cannot handle watching or viewing the news and current affairs programmes. Starting with presenters, all speaking in monotone voices and faces overloaded with botox. Like the old ‘Pinky and Perky’ puppets of the 60s, but, their voices have broken. – rent a rant’ audiences, whether phone in or studio and 24/7 repeat of false sensationalism, with emotive guests. Not the only one to feel this way as they refuse to realise why millions have turned their backs on the MSM.

Take care and all the best.


Wrote a report on the affects of tv on children. The research led me to stop watching decades ago. Expanded it a bit and don’t do film either. Surely miss some good stuff, but the programming doesn’t take either. The media seems only about manipulation, being easily taken in, it’s better for me to find my own somewhat narrow truth. I try to imagine situations given the message, this is how the MSM lost me, it just doesn’t add up.

AM Hants

Interesting to see the two FBI lovers, already caught lying, mentioning Seth Rich.

Liked Craig Murray’s work on the Skripals.

Shlomo Shekelstein

Yeah, it’s worse than before their bloody Maidan revoluCIA but at least they have jevvish clown as the president…


And chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Shlomo Shekelstein

Bitch, you’re obsessed with food… 321 kgs, and always hungry and thirsty! Go beg your zio masters for milk and chocolate and peanut butt-er /from their butts ?

AM Hants

Although off topic, the two articles below do fit in with the above, owing to same crowd being involved.

Does anybody remember Statecraft/Integrity Initiative, now believe they run under the Open Information Partnership. The two articles by Caitlin Johnstone, over on Consortium News, for some reason made me think of what the Open Information Partnership and all under it’s umbrella was set up for. How much is the UK spending on their Russian disinformation programme? Run by the same department that is spending £millions funding the White Helmets, over in Syria.

HuffPost UK Editor Works with Censorship Program… https://consortiumnews.com/category/censorship/


Amid Jess Brammar’s collaboration with the British Ministry of Defence, Ben Norton delves into the smears she has been running against dissenting academics….

‘…Jess Brammar is a member of the Defence and Security Media Advisory (DSMA) Committee, a government initiative overseen by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) that, according to its official website, exists “to prevent inadvertent public disclosure of information that would compromise UK military and intelligence operations and methods” or potentially challenge “national security” interests.

In other words, the DSMA Committee is a group of media elites who voluntarily agree to collaborate with the British government to censor stories and information the U.K. military and spy operations deem inconvenient or too dangerous for the public to see…
…Rounding out the committee are 17 media elites, representing major publishers such as The Huffington Post, The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Sky News, ITV, the BBC, the Press Association, Harper Colins UK, and more…’


Have you noticed, if you go to those media sites, the comments section has either been removed, or heavily laden with 77th Brigade/General Harding trolls? Boris Johnson, who worked for the Telegraph, in a journalistic capacity and weren’t his family connected to the Times, as well as working for the Foreign Office over in the US, when Boris was born? Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, in charge of the UK Foreign and Common Wealth Office, when ‘Russia Gate’ went down, with a lot of help from Christopher Steele and the Skripal false flag was created.


On a Caitlin Johnstone roll and leave you with this article.

The Primary Mechanism of Oppression is Not Hidden
Caitlin Johnstone says bought politicians and owned news outlets do more harm — out in the open — than government secrecy…

‘… The nonstop campaign by bought politicians, owned news outlets, and manipulated social media platforms to control the dominant narratives about what’s going on in the world contribute vastly more to the sickness of our society than government secrecy does…

What can we do?

… You are able to inform people that they are being lied to, you are able to explain why, and you are able to point them to where they can find more information.

This is extremely empowering. You do not need to wait around hoping that some bombshell piece of information makes it past all the various security checks and spinmeisters and triggers a real social awakening. You can be that information. You can become a catalyst for that awakening.

The key to turning this ship around does not lie hidden somewhere behind a veil of government opacity. It lies in you. It lies in all of us. We can begin awakening our fellow humans right now by attacking the narrative management of the propaganda machine that sits right in front of us, unarmored and unhidden… ‘


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