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It Is About Time For Europe To Assert Its Sovereignty

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It Is About Time For Europe To Assert Its Sovereignty

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz: a sovereign European continent must “hold its own in a multipolar world.”

Written by Uriel Araujo, researcher with a focus on international and ethnic conflicts

In July AD 65, the Great fire of Rome destroyed 70% of the imperial city, and Emperor Nero blamed the Christians for it, thus initiating a campaign of persecution. Rumor has it that Nero himself started the fire. Moreover, according to a popular expression, he even “fiddled while Rome burned”. Although the aforementioned accusation against Nero in all likelihood is historically false (the fiddle, for one thing, didn’t even exist back then), the image of a ruler, mad with power, celebrating while his own reign burns conveys a powerful image. And some analysts have thusly described the current Western elite amid today’s many crises.

Rod Dreher, for one, a senior editor at the American Conservative, and the author of three New York Times bestsellers, writes that Westerns are being ruled by “a claque of Neros”. He builds a very convincing case, by mentioning, among other things, that officials within the American Pentagon are voicing concerns about an ammunition and arsenal shortage that could jeopardize the US own military readiness – while President Joe Biden announces an extra $3 billion military aid to Ukraine.

One could add the fact that, in the UK, anonymous sources in the Minister of Defense, interviewed by the Times, have stated that by the end of this year London will run out of weapons for Kiev. One should also keep in mind that the same ammunition-starved Pentagon has admitted it cannot really track the weapons it sends to Ukraine, and it is a well known fact that many of them end up in black markets.

Dreher summarizes the situation regarding Western support for Kiev thusly: “It might be worth it if we stood a chance of prevailing against the Russians. But we don’t. They are fighting on what they believe is their own territory. Russia’s a big country, and it’s making a ton of money selling gas and oil in this distorted market created by Western sanctions.” He adds that “it by no means insults Ukrainian valor” to point out that they simply “do not have the resources to prevail.” One could also ask whether the Western powers themselves, in Europe particularly, have the resources to continue funding Ukraine and to endure the coming winter.

The American journalist therefore paints a convincing picture of the Western crisis: Rome is indeed burning. Its metaphorical fires include the specter of hunger, recession and the risk of literally freezing in the dark during the winter. It is about time to start talking about the Ukrainian disaster. It is not, however, the US-led West’s only disaster. Rod Dreher also mentions Karl Rove’s supposed Empire quote to contrast it with the current crisis in Iraq.

In a 2004 New York Times  Magazine article, American journalist Ron Suskind quoted an unnamed George W. Bush administration official as saying (in response to critics of US foreign policy in Iraq, particularly) that “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.” Rumor has it that the source for that was former President Bush’s senior adviser Karl Rove. Dreher, in his piece, also assumes this quote to be Rove’s, although its source (and even its truthfulness) has been questioned. Be as it may, this is yet another powerful image that appears to be in any case “true”, in the sense of portraying an elite drunk with hubris who believes to be able to make the rest of the world in its image. In other words, even if no US official said such a thing, the country’s foreing policy for years seems to have been based on such an idea.

One of Washington’s goals with the occupation was to “help Iraq achieve democracy and freedom”. From 2003, after the war and invasion, to 2011, the United States occupied that nation, deploying thousands of private military personnel. US Department of Defense’s direct spending there totaled at least $757.8 billion. In 2010, the final combat troops reportedly left the country, although the American presence there continued.

On September 30 2022, at least 10 were killed in clashes in Bagdah’s Green Zone in Iraq involving supporters of Shia Muslim leader Muqtada al-Sadr. There have been riots inside the Presidential Palace, and neighboring Iran has closed its borders. One could soon see new developments there and Tehran might play an important role. Depending on the outcome, the very point of Washington’s 8-year occupation of Iraq might be called into question, from an American perspective. Likewise, the recent Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan has been described by many as the worst US failure in recent decades. The truth is, in the near future, one might see even greater troubles.

Among European leaders today, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has remained the voice of reason. But he is no longer a voice in the wilderness: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has openly admitted multipolarity (and thus the end of America’s unipolarity). On August 29, in Praga, he stated that a sovereign European continent must “hold its own in a multipolar world.”

It is about time Europe asserts its own sovereignty, and about time the US exercises restraint. Rome, as Dreher so eloquently argues, is already burning.


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John McGrew

Nero was playing in Greece when Rome burned. That doesn’t mean he didn’t order it done so he could rebuild in stone. In any case, he would not have carried the torches himself. Meanwhile, Pelosi wants to play in Italy, Biden wants to play with little girls, Nero liked young boys, he castrated and married one, the original trans.


“EU assert its sovereignty “–that’s a contradiction in terms – it hasn’t the guts- the balls- to go against its Emperor in the White-House – as they say in Scotland – “their Feert stiff ” of being sanctioned .

it shows itself as being a demure female willing to sacrifice its “virginity ” to stay alive .

Notice how even the males in charge act feminine when talking to American government officials – it reminds me of Robbie Burns poem- “to a Moose ” ( mouse ) – “wee slekit- cooring – trimerous beastie”.

I bet you remove my post as Google doesn’t like it – Zionist owned..

Last edited 6 months ago by Donnchadh
L du Plessis

Nice Facts!!

John Tosh

The Queen of England is dead…. my condolences to her family. This brings up an important topic; even someone as important as the Queen of England dies. NATO and all those G7, Central Intelligence Agency experts and MI6 take note. If the Queen can die, SO CAN YOU.

Here is a little fiction for your entertainment: A little view into the reality of why human consciousness exists.

Consciousness (or soul) is the energy that powers the expansion and growth of the universe. Many creatures on many planets have consciousness and upon their death, their soul is used to expand the universe. The biologic body is equivalent of the computer hardware, while the soul is the equivalent of the software. In electronics, hardware is hard and real, while software runs on the hardware. This is reversed when it comes to the soul. The soul is the important part while the bodies we walk around in is the part needed to carry the soul and it is discarded after the soul leaves.

You can expand the universe with happy souls or sad souls, both are needed. You cannot have one without the other. They are two poles of the same energy source. Hence choice comes into play to decide if your soul goes to the happy place to power the universe or it goes to the sad place to power the universe.

The energy needed to increase Entropy in the Universe comes from consciousness and death. You can call it dark matter or missing matter in the universe. Makes no difference. Hence where there is life, there is death. Upon death the Soul goes to the really sad place where the worse things that can ever be used on a soul help extract the energy. Conversely, the soul may go in the opposing direction to the happy place; in the happy place, the soul is exposed to all types of things to increase happiness. Does not matter what soul goes where, all that matters is upon death, energy needed to increase the expanding universe is obtained.

One asks the question, what if I choose not to participate…… the answer is you have no choice…. you had no choice of being born, so have no choice what your soul has to do upon death. The only option you have is will your soul go to the happy place or the sad place. This is where religion comes into play.

Many creatures on other planets have chosen to create a source for the sad place. Pushing as many souls into the sad place….. some creatures out there are pushing for the happy place… they are fewer and fewer because it requires effort to create the circumstances for the good soul to go to the good place. Its far easier for souls to go to the bad place.

So next time NATO, G7, MI6 and the CIA decide to kill and murder and pillage, remember upon your death, you have already chosen the sad place…. call it HELL if you like….. it is real

This is fiction or is it???? You decide.

Last edited 6 months ago by John Tosh

“London Bridge has fallen “– code word when she dies – so far Charles & his wife are at Balmoral ( Scotland ) “attending her ” .

Lets say -“there is no God ” and that you control your own soul – how then do you learn ?– by suffering so you must return to learn and so advance your soul — so you could say if you suffer –you learn — but it takes more than one lifetime – reincarnation you dont “get away with it ” .

But now with Woke its – “see that star in the sky child if you die you become a star ” .

Who is Perfect in one lifetime ???


EU Army coming to kick russia’s azz…

usa #1 monkey pox lgbt

I lick all azz when 2 Taliban penis in my anus

usa #1 monkey pox lgbt

EU like sucky little amerikan penis

Tommy Jensen

No matter what US do to us Europeans we will just open our butt with both hands. We cant do anything else.


“The recent Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan” is sloppy analysis. Victory was assured for the talibs from the very beginning because the US embraces moronic “strategic” objectives, in this case, “nation building” so help me. How stupid is that. The northerners seemed somewhat rational but if you visualize the medieval thinking in, say, Kandahar you know you’re playing a mug’s game. There is NO chance the various tribes and their mullahs were going to send their kids to learn to play the piano and study Western liberalism.

The US achieved a glorious victory over its inner moron by recognizing it was fighting the proverbial tar baby and there was possibility of any kind of fundamental change without a larger occupying force and exponentially greater punitive measures. The very idea of effecting some kind of “change” in a backward Muslim country (sorry for the redundancy) is ludicrous on its face. I’m no fan of Brandon but he and his controllers did us and the world a huge failure by abandoning a stupid venture and letting the Afghans have exactly the society they yearn for. American politicians have a certified moron aspect to their personality. Hopefully the coming domestic and international spasms will finally teach them a lesson about their arrogance and meddlesomeness.


Is author suggesting those Bruxelle technocrate to impose their will on european capitals ? Orban did defend his countries, he showed the way: go outside eu technocrate silly policies

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