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Issues With PayPal Donations To SouthFront


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Many of our supporters have recently faced issues with making donations to SouthFront via PayPal. This has appeared as a result of the following situation:

1. In February, we had to move to a new PayPal account. IMPORTANT: the PayPal address remains the same – southfront@list.ru.

It should be noted that we informed PayPal beforehand about this situation in mid-January.

2. After moving it appeared that PayPal’s donation buttons user interface was working incorrectly. The issue is that regardless your location (the US, the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc), after clicking on the donation button, you will always see a donation interface in Russian. This is despite the fact that all buttons are manually set up to have an English interface. Previously, all used to work correctly with these settings.

3. SouthFront immediately contacted PayPal Support over this situation. This was on February 28. The first response, which we received, claimed that all worked well. However, when the problem appeared to be obvious, PayPal Support advised us to contact PayPal Technical Support (https://www.paypal-support.com). We created a ticket via PayPal Technical Support website on March 1. In a following comment, we also suggested a way how it’s possible to solve this issue immediately.

4. Since March 1, we had received no substantive answer. The issue with the interface of the donation buttons had not been solved. In response to our additional requests, PayPal Support provides formal replies, which claim that PayPal Technical Support has too much things to do and needs additional time.

5. It looks like that SouthFront once again faced a political-motivated action from our ill-wishers that want to damage the organization and limit the freedom of speech. As a result of this situation since March 1, SouthFront has collected less than a half of the monthly minimum budget needed to continue our work.

6. In this situation, SouthFront created alternative options allowing our readers, subscribers and supporters to donate via PayPal.

STREAMLABS is another way to support SouthFront via PayPal (CLICK TO DONATE):

– Enter any nickname and donation amount ($20 or more)

Issues With PayPal Donations To SouthFront

– Confirm your donation amount

Issues With PayPal Donations To SouthFront

– Log in your PayPal and follow instructions

DONATION ALERTS allows you to support via PayPal and several other options (CLICK TO DONATE):

– Enter any nickname and donation amount (#10 or more)

Issues With PayPal Donations To SouthFront

– Choose your donation option, enter email and proceed to check out

Issues With PayPal Donations To SouthFront

Issues With PayPal Donations To SouthFront

– Follow instructions

You can also donate via PayPal buttons. However, please, pay attention that their interface is in Russian:

Issues With PayPal Donations To SouthFront

Click to donate

Issues With PayPal Donations To SouthFront

Click to donate

7. Dear friends, we regret that you’ve faced additional difficulties as a result of the current situation with PayPal. We hope that the honesty will prevail among PayPal management as in the previous cases when individual members of PayPal staff was attempting to create problems to SouthFront work.

8. With this appeal, we ask you, our friends, readers and subscribers to support SouthFront despite the existing technical difficulties. If you faced some additional technical problems with making donations, please, contact us via info@southfront.org.

We also want to call attention of the PayPal management to this situation.

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence



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  • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

    video isnt running

    • Dear @disqus_ZARkd7hcfq:disqus the video should work. Please, try to reload the page.
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

      • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

        yup working now

  • World_Eye

    Well even when you go the side Google translation can help you out, it will translate all your information on the page no worries.

  • Vince Dhimos

    PayPal has the same Establishment mentality as the social media, who are determined to stop any input from legitimate sources. People are losing their Twitter and FB accounts for expressing unapproved information. I would encourage readers to use the new pay mechanism and avoid Paypal. But as World_Eye suggests below, you can use Google Translate if you prefer Paypal.

    • Brother Ma

      The internet is no longer a medium for free speech and exchange of ideas .It has been suborned to work with the dirty Deep State. Expect more and more clampdowns . What can we do? Anyone have an answer?

      • Vince Dhimos

        Yes, the answer is to be patient and wait. The only reason the hegemon can wreak its havoc is that there is plenty of money and it controls the money. I have read the opinions of 2 economists who forecast that at the rate the US spends money, the interest on the debt will be equal to defense spending in the next decade. They will lose their control as the dollar drops like a stone. The Russians (along with the Chinese) will win the cold war and their values — which boil down to the multipolar world, where sovereignty is respected, will be asserted and the people who supported the insanity will have no place to hide. We will all suffer but it is the only hope.

      • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

        dissenter by gab

        allows a comments section on any URL. online free speech is no longer censored

        go to dissenter.com to download the dissenter extension

        need to open a gab account for a user name

        • Brother Ma

          Thanks Red.

  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    Paypal stopped me from donating and claimed I needed to give them a compete report on my charge cards that included statements. This would violate my right of privacy. So I told them to close the account. I owe them nothing but they will not close my account unless I supply my charge card statements. So informed Southfront I would need a new route for payments. So we see now they are involved in sensoring Southfront and stopping flow of donations. This fits the US State dept stated plan to block money from all directions. The US zionist NAZI Government is planning WW3.

  • Thunder

    ya they do this all the time when it comes to the battle between the good here and the bad this paypal are definetly involved heavily with the bad guys they help cut funding to the global freedom fighters for like over a decade they cut off paypal on benjamin fulford the old cobra drake ect no this is the bad guys they must be afraid of you southfront well if you go i go hows that global bad guys??you been fckng with my shit long enough if you continue to try a complete takeover of the net and social media sites and search engines to your youtube and google who i know are in heavy with the old pizzagate which is now the new underground pizzagate but they are still trying i have learned much of late just watching the bad guys,more soon world.