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Israel’s Yad Vashem Center Apologizes For Failing To Blame Russia At Recent Holocaust Commemoration Event

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Israel's Yad Vashem Center Apologizes For Failing To Blame Russia At Recent Holocaust Commemoration Event

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On February 3rd, Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, apologized that it had presented the Soviet Union as nearly the sole victor over Nazi Germany.

The forum, which took place in Jerusalem, marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi’s Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp complex.

Yad Vashem sent a letter to Haaretz, to be published in the Hebrew language-edition on February 4th.

Dan Michman, the head of Yad Vashem’s International Institute for Holocaust Research, wrote in a statement that several short films about World War II that had aired during the World Holocaust Forum “included a number of inaccuracies that resulted in a partial and unbalanced presentation of the historical facts.”

In short, it apologized for not partaking in the revisionist attempts being heavily carried out by Poland, Ukraine and other Western countries, but spearheaded mostly by Warsaw.

Videos with purportedly historic content were shown, but they contained several inaccuracies and distortions, some technical and some appearing to be biased.

Michman added, “We apologize for the unfortunate errors in these short films, which do not represent Yad Vashem’s approach to the historical issues portrayed.”

Yad Vashem said the clips failed to mention Poland’s division between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939, nor did they acknowledge Nazi Germany’s conquest of Western Europe a year later. The clips also showed incorrect borders of Poland and labeled concentration camps as extermination camp, the statement said.

Polish President Andrzej Duda boycotted the ceremony due to Putin’s central role in combination with his own exclusion from the podium. He wasn’t allowed to decline all Nazi collaborators that Poland had and entirely shift blame equally on Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for everything that Poland went through.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky didn’t attend the ceremony for largely the same reason.

Both Zelensky and Duda took part in Poland’s commemoration event and made some astounding claims.

Another issue with the videos shown by Yad Vashem was that the maps presented in the video erred in their depiction of the borders of Poland and its neighbors, and contained no reference to Ukraine.

It confused concentration camps with death camps, and contained additional historical information that was either only partial or mistaken.

“As an institution, our obligation to Israel and the Jewish people… is – and will continue to be – to stick to historical fact as far as it may be ascertained, and to investigate in order to oppose attempts to blur and distort the political discourse in various countries,” it added. “This aspiration includes… the recognition of our own mistakes and inaccuracies, and a readiness to highlight them and correct them, in this instance as well as in others,” the letter concluded.

According to Haaretz, the videos were made to appease Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, together with the Russian government has been at odds with Poland over historical revisionism for a while now.

The difference is that Russia has published numerous photographic and documented evidence of their claims, while Poland simply rewrites history, without it being substantiated by fact.

At the aforementioned commemoration event in Poland, the Polish president voiced his own criticism at another Holocaust commemoration at the Auschwitz concentration camp, which Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also attended. Andrzej Duda said it is a fact that the conference’s organizer, Kantor, is close to Putin, and that content that was presented was pro-Soviet.

This is also yet another sign of Israel’s policy: while Russian President Vladimir Putin carries out goodwill gestures towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Tel Aviv carries out a sort of subtle policy, that simply leaves the impression of support, and then immediately backs on its steps and joins the ranks of revisionism by the Washington-led establishment.


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Ishyrion Av

These ”confusions” are not by mistake. In one month, nobody will remember about ”apologies” and the movies will be circulated as the solid truth, as a proof to the never-ending suffering of the chosen people. Same people who crucified God then and now.


Last I checked it was the Romans who crucified Jesus. If you missed it, at that time and place ONLY Romans could use crucifixion. You better target your irrational and idiotic bigotry at the Italians, Adolf or Igor as the case may be.

Ishyrion Av

Romans were the hand, because jews were not allowed to execute anyone, under the Roman law. But it was the jews who asked for it and threaten Pilatus with a popular unrest. It was the jews who asked for a killer liberation, instead of Jesus. It was the jews who screamed ”His blood on us an on our children”.
So, chosen one, learn something else than your own sick propaganda.

Peter Jennings

There is nothing wrong with revisionism if done correctly and backed with hard evidence. Good for the Polish admin to want to put history straight. However, i am not convinced they are doing it for all the right reasons.

The World Holohoax Forum supposed to be a forum, yet it has no debate. This shower of shit probably screened Schindler’s list as a factual documentary. Those attending do not care as they are there to score political points and not to commemorate an event that did not happen.

It’s time historians took back their profession and did billions of people, present and future, a very big favour and service.


Yep, history should be in a constant state of revisionism!


Ip Erp Nerp – for WWII, the higher the % of Jews that were part of some nation, the more knots the politicians of those nations now tie themselves in explaining their prols’ then (and mayhaps now) dislike for Jews.. but remember budding statisticians, ‘correlation != causation’ a priori! ;)

PS revisionism needs to re-brand the name. It makes sense to *rational* people, who think before they vomit, but for the vomiters, it sounds like ‘re-writers’.


sure you can’t trust a jew – no doubt about that since they lie murder and steal with abandon if a situation arises. the world is far too long in jews and a serious cull is in place!


And who will do that, kid, you?

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