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Israel’s Patriot Air Defense System Launches Missile At UAV Near Contanct Line With Syria

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Israel's Patriot Air Defense System Launches Missile At UAV Near Contanct Line With Syria

On June  24, a Patriot air defense system launched a missile at an unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) near a contact line between Israel and Syria, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) says.

According to the IDF, the missile did not hit its target and the UAV retreated.

In upcoming hours, the IDF may carry out strikes on some Syrian targets using the alleged incident with the UAV as a justification of its actions.

It’s interesting to note that this incident comes amid important developments in a standoff between government forces and militants in southern Syria.

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“According to the IDF, the missile did not hit its target and the UAV retreated.”

Lucky for those bastards that Patriot didn’t do boomerang move (like in Saudi Arabia) and hit them back !


In Emergency one million tonnes of food products needed to Palestine and one million tonnes of food products to Yemen, otherwise in both countries all children and women will die due to starvation. At the moment they eat clay.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Golan is Syria, not part of the Jew Squatter Ghetto.


The israhellIi child killers are getting very nervous, because men that are armed are coming closer by the day,they will never forget having to run out of Lebanon because Hezbollah beat the Shit out of them.They are only hero’s when shooting children,nurses,etc,they get great fun out of that,but they will pay a heavy price for their murderous behaviour soon enough.

Lena Jones

Shooting an expensive missile at a cheapo UAV AND missing the target is typical jewish stupidity and wastefulness.

I can’t see the coward jews surviving the next Levant war. And I look forward to TV footage of racist colonialist euro jews packing up in a hurry and heading en mass to Ben Gurion airport – back to their REAL homelands. And I should also add that not just Palestine will then be free again, the world too will be free when tel aviv, the global center for terrorism and usury, is left in smoking ruin.


Is this why Putin is so cozy with Israel? – From Arthur Koestler, a Jew: “Around 1928 they (Ashkenazi Jews)started building settlements with the Soviet government’s help and in 1934 the
Autonomous Republic (Okrug) of Birobidjan Yevrei came into being with official languages of Yiddish and Russian. It is still there as an Autonomous Republic to this day, offering the only historically legitimate settlement area for Ashkenazi Jews willing to exercise their “right to return”

Lena Jones

Oh Russian jews did actually move into their Autonomous Republic alright, but it soon became a failed state due to a collapsed economy: jews were not spending enough money to circulate and economy growth, plus there were no Gentiles around to steal from. True story.


Although what you say makes sense, knowing those Jews, please give me the SOURCE link Lena as I cannot blindly accept the “trust me” it is a “True Story” statement from anyone because there are just too many trolls slithering about in comment sections

I’m sure you will understand my request

Lena Jones

Sure I understand, no problem – just google ‘Birobidzhan’ and there you will have a variety of articles and sources to choose from. Thank you.


I don’t use Google as it provides too much fake info


Israeli migrants have 90 years experience like US migrants that how to take lands and expend in other countries. Lol


The UAV retreated and was not hit.

Lena Jones

Jewish humor at its best :D


When Israel have founded gas in Palestine sea near Gaza, so since that date Israel have started air stricking Palestine to not give access them to sea. Lol.


What is the difference between native Americans and American migrants? Native Americans are victims while the American migrants are child butchers.

What is the difference between native Palestinians and Israeli migrants? The native Palestinians are victims while Israeli migrants are child butchers…


Easy there, Skippy. The aborigines in N. America were massacring and enslaving each other all the time until whites arrived. Now the mantra is that only the whites massacred the friendly, virtuous locals. This is very amusing. The Apache, Comanche, Crow, Iroquois, and Lakota Sioux were some vicious savages and they killed, stole, and enslaved with the best of them.

Similarly, I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for the Muslims in that part of the world (Israel/Palestine). Muslims have killed and enslaved plenty of non-Muslims and the rules of dhimmitude were designed to humiliate the infidels that the Muslims chose not to kill off. Christians and Yazidis have been enslaved, killed, and ejected from that area of the world so it’s hard for me to fret over mistreatment of Palestinians. That said, the Israelis act like vicious, arrogant jerks and my sympathies are entirely with the Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, and all the people of MENA whose lives and homes have been shattered. And I remember the Israeli deliberate attack on the USS Liberty and Jonathan Pollard’s spying for them.

Israel gets to keep what it can invade and protect militarily, at the cost of the loss of their cloak of virtue as the eternal victim. So they’re just like everyone else and their claim to some kind of biblical grant of eternal ownership over (Greater) Israel is vile nonsense. What garbage!

Bottom line, Israelis have chose to live by the sword and we all know how the rest of that saying goes. So far they’ve been top dog militarily but as 2009 proved — and improved military technology in the hands of Syria and Iran will prove if it comes to that — the days of Israel’s clear military superiority are fading fast. Clearly they are getting more desperate as each day passes. It was the wrong place to take over and Israel cannot sustain itself without outside assistance. By definition, it’s a failed state.


Send whole Fleets of UAVs to trigger the system…the Iron Dome will soon be an Empty Dome..


Odd choice of weapon, no? The SAA-3, -4 and -5 are meant for high-value targets IIRC. Other cheaper alternatives are used as close in defenses against cruise missiles. I don’t understand the use of a Patriot. And it’s odd that the Patriot missed a mere UAV. Something not right about this.


Well if their Iron Dome starts ejecting projectiles out of the Blue… something definitely is wrong…


I don’t think they would have tweeted it if they planned a retaliation, and was this an armed drone or a cheep spy drone?

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