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Israel’s Parliament Grants Netanyahu Authority To Declare War With Only Defense Minister’s Approval


Israel's Parliament Grants Netanyahu Authority To Declare War With Only Defense Minister's Approval

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Israeli battle tanks

On March 30, the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, voted in favor of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request to grant him the authority to declare war with only the defense minister’s approval in “extreme circumstance”.

The prime minister made the request in the morning of the same day during a debate on a bill aimed at transferring responsibility for declaring war from the full cabinet to the smaller security cabinet.

According to the Israeli media, the passed bill states that the security cabinet will be authorized to make a decision on launching war or significant military operations without specifying the makeup of the panel that makes the decision.

Earlier on the same day, Netanyahu made a public adress on the Iran deal accusing Teheran of having a secret program to produce nuclear weapons. MORE ABOUT THIS HERE

The Iranian Foreign Ministry denounced Netanyahu’s “ridiculous” and “shameful” show adding that the Israeli government sees its survival dependent on demonizing others.

“The heads of the Zionist regime see the survival of their illegitimate and lie-based regime dependent on portraying others as threats using the worn-out Charlatanism of the Age of Ignorance,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said.



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