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Israel’s Military Censor Removed News Report Detailing IDF Support To Anti-Assad Fighters

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The Jerusalem Post has confirmed it was told to remove a story on Israel providing weapons and supplies to anti-Assad factions fighting in Syria by the Israeli army’s military censor.

In a written statement to RT News, the Jerusalem Post said“We were told by the army’s military censor to remove that part of the story.” 

Israel's Military Censor Removed News Report Detailing IDF Support To Anti-Assad Fighters

It’s been long known that Israel has assisted armed groups seeking to topple the Syrian government, especially those operating in Syria’s south and along the Golan Heights region throughout the past years of the war.

But the report, ‘IDF confirms: Israel provided light-weapons to Syrian rebels,’ is the first time the IDF publicly acknowledged the program, which involved the transfer of significant amounts of cash, weapons and ammunition to militants operating near the border with Israel. The bombshell report was removed from the Jerusalem Post’s website a mere hours after publication, but can still be accessed using Google cache.

The now censored article explicitly negates prior claims by the IDF that it had not intervened in the war in Syria, and further confirmed that prior charges made by President Assad that the Syrian Army had routinely recovered weapons and supplies with Hebrew inscriptions from insurgent positions were in reality accurate even though widely dismissed at the time in international media. 

The cached piece begins by highlighting that “Bashar Assad claimed that Israel had been providing arms to terror groups and its forces had regularly seized arms and munitions with inscriptions in Hebrew.”

Israel's Military Censor Removed News Report Detailing IDF Support To Anti-Assad Fighters

And it goes on to confirm that this was indeed the case, saying the IDF “on Monday confirmed that as part of Operation Good Neighbor Israel had been regularly supplying Syrian rebels near its border with light weapons and ammunition in order to defend themselves from attacks and a substantial amount of cash to buy additional arms.”

The Jerusalem Post’s statement to RT confirming the take down noted it was “for security reasons evidently.” 

Israel's Military Censor Removed News Report Detailing IDF Support To Anti-Assad Fighters

A prior widely circulated photograph showing IDF soldiers at a border checkpoint speaking to al-Qaeda linked (Nusra) insurgents.

The report further detailed that “Israel had been arming at least seven different rebel groups in Syria’s Golan Heights, including the Fursan al-Joulan rebel group which had around 400 fighters and had been given an estimated $5,000 per month by Israel.” The IDF had called its long-running assistance to the groups, many of which have had an established history of cooperation with al-Qaeda, “the right decision”.

Meanwhile, in a separate Jerusalem Post story published at the start of this week, the IDF admitted that Israel has carried out over 200 strikes on targets inside Syria during the past year and a half. The report claimed these were primarily missions against Iranian targets and assets in the country.

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Don Machiavelli

They were supplying them? No guys, they made those terrorists from day one.


With pictures like this…does it matter if IsraHell tries to Deny that Uncle Satanyahoo Supplied Medical Assistance, Logistically Supported, Trained And Funded ISIS & all the Other Headchoppers
comment image


does it change anything? human beiings with an open mind…open eyes…open ears..open spirit…know the truth about the satanic illegal entity named israel…….but for 95% of the others..lololol you could show them videos(mind u that there are plenty) were IDF soldiers murder innocent children….you could show them videos how the israeli airforce used white phosphros not once but dozens of times on towns and cities…..so what happened?did it change just 1%? what about the videos of the us army butchering iraqis on several occasions? did it change anything?just for 1%?

This game of information…of the media…is rigged…why bother playing a rigged game…would u play with me a hand of poker if u knew in advance that i hold 4 aces? ofcourse not……this whole media, information propaganda war cannot be won…..those ruthless, satanic without 1% of spirit in them understand just one language…….brutal take no prisoners war……why???? because they fear more than any other people the end of life…their own life…they are THE biggest cowards on our planet….they have no spirit…they have no believe..no moral…all that counts is the here and now……..The IDF for example is the most brutal and vicious army in the world…they show no rules in combat, they show no mercy and do not make a difference between combatants and civilians.They are the most scared.They are the biggest cowards of them all, and exactly for that reason they behave like they do.
BUT…when the going gets tough….its their fear that makes them vulnerable….hezbollah and hamas have shown that on numerous occasions when its one on one…..by the way..in both last “wars” between hezbollah and israel and hamas and israel, the well known prestigous IDF GOLANI bregade, got butchered by hamas and by hezbollah.
the key for solving most of the “big” strategic problems worldwide is the “coming together” of all of our brothers and sisters on our planet.But THEY know this too, so THEY are working on exactly the opposite…dividing the brothers and sisters from one another.All those brothers or sisters that have a chance, or u might say have a special gift in bringing people together always gets a choice from THEM….do it our way or pay…….best example is definetly JOHN LENNON….he had a gift in bringing people together…speaking of love and peace…dangerous man..and he payed…with his life….

peace love and harmony


To Pay with Your life for Something You believe in is an Honour… the IDF has no Honour so they are afraid to die… they are just a bunch of Kid-Killers…Yeah Unity among People would make a Powerful Army…. if they decide to stay Stupid Sheeple it will be their own Choice & they’ll deserve it to be Slaves…no more, no less

leon mc pilibin

The people of the real world have known about this for Years,,This news is for the slow learners in F;UK;US .

al quaida

“It’s been long known that Israel has assisted armed groups seeking to topple the Syrian government. But the report…is the first time the IDF publicly acknowledged the program.”

Jens Holm

I agree. israel has done like that from 1948. Its a very effective politic.


And their End-Times are approaching Rapidly…70 Years of this Evil Policy has been long enough

Hisham Saber

Israel is a desperate entity. 2006 was a watershed. Its going to cease to exist soon.


why try to win a game that is rigged…….the media is rigged…the information is rigged….why bother…war is inenvitable…..why do u foloks think THEY made columbia a nato member…why du u folks think that THEY are establishing a “middle east nato” with saudi spearheading it…..lol………slow learners??? how about 95% couldnt care less, because THEY are using the old “bread and games” manipulation…..NFL,NHL,Premier,la liga,champions league,cars,whos got the biggest tits,biggest cock,best smile,cocaine,heroin,weed,booze,porno,two and half men, and i could go on for a 1000 years how they manipulate the human species………….we know that here…….so why bother??? anyone believe here that humans will change???? lol get a life….humans dont change..because they are manipulated easier than water is foozen to ice.period.

did they learn from ww1? from ww2? did they learn from the numerous wall street organized crime thefts that go in the trillions?? no… and they dont care….people care about who wins the super bowl this year…which kadashian fucks wich prick tomorrow…does lady gaga have a cock now or not…..thats the important questions for 95% of humans today.period.


>>The Jerusalem Post’s statement to RT confirming the take down noted it was “for security reasons evidently.” <<

Always a perennial favorite for governments to take down news that they don't like. The perfect excuse not to provide any excuse.

chris chuba

Now we are going to have the sham of Trump / Hailey at the U.N. lecturing Iran on being a rogue nation violating international law but we have official confirmation that Israel, the U.S., Turkey, and the Gulf States have given Billions of $ and arms to rebels to destroy the govt of Syria; a member state of the U.N.

It doesn’t get worse than that. Giving rebels a salary is more support than just giving weapons. It’s how they can maintain a force in the field. Fighters need to eat more than they need a gun.

Jens Holm

Syria is no state but driven as private proporty oened by the baathists being supercorrupt as well.


Who gives a shit… the people chose Assad & the West Send in their Headchopping Militias to Overthrow a Legal Government… they are Treacherous Filth….

Jens Holm

I see no legal Goverment. They systematicly has done crimes among the people of Syria as if the rest or most of them are owned by them.

All normal opposition has been killed sind the old Assad. And its not only Kurds. They are kept poor and the oil was not taken from the people of Syria but the members of the Baathist party.

Here – of course – the corrupt thieves of Damaskus should have it back. All in Syria should share the oil. People doing as Assads was stripped for all proporty as well as in jail long time ago. But You protect corrupt thieves.


Take a look at your Own Criminal Danish Lying Government… They Supported Headchopping Terrorists… with NATO WAR-Criminal Jens Stoltenberg….Hang’m High…Nuremberg II

Jens Holm

Our Goverment has not lied about anything there.All is open and on the expenses for it is at the national budget open for all as well as having been in open debate for all.

I am sure danes and most of the Coalition only has supoorted the ANTI ISIS part.

And as usual You forget Saudi-Arabia, Turk, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE, Bahrein and several others even well known incl. weapons and a lot of money.

You hardly knows what Jens Stoltenberg do. You not even know that its not even a Nato projekt and You have to add fx Australia.

You can try fx this for a start, bur reading You so many times, I only see, You are a no learner in those matters.



Wikipedia is not a reliable Source…it is Google-Shit….Lies….I stick to my own Version of Reality…NATO was nothing more than the Headchopper-Air-Service… Traitors to Humanity & War-Criminals for 70 years…time to Convict and Hang the Perpetrators…

Saaed Wayan

Your words are good

Domenic Patrone

And let’s not forget medical assistance to ISIS and such, crossing Israel’s borders.

Jens Holm

A very cheep buffer. Those didnt like Hesbollah as well. Can any expect more.


Satanyahoo with his ISIS-Brother…paying Him a visit in the IsraHelli Hospital…comment image

Jens Holm

I already has told the point and its the usual thing along here as well as in the rest of the world.

Other also has confirmed that.

I am sure Churchill and Stalin was no friends. Even so Britts sended dem, what they had and even Lee Tanks even they hardly had none armed vehicles themselves.


IsraHell…FUKUS & NATO are TERRORIST-SUPPORTERS & Chop Off the Heads of Kids….for Rothschild’s SNUFF-Movies….their Armies are a Bunch of LGBT-Satanic-Psychopathic Massmurdering Cockroaches… Who love to Kill & Rape…


O︀o︀︀au︀h︀h︀ D︀u︀︀d︀e︀ss︀ ! T︀he L︀is︀t w︀i︀th N︀a︀k︀ed︀-︀Wom︀e︀n︀s f︀︀ro︀m y︀ou︀r C︀︀i︀t︀y h︀︀a︀s b︀e︀︀e︀n︀ p︀u︀b︀l︀︀l︀i︀s︀h︀e︀d
H︀e︀r︀e o︀︀n : s︀t︀e︀︀l︀e︀m︀︀a︀︀︀.︀︀c︀o︀m︀/︀i︀d︀︀2︀7︀︀1︀︀1︀7︀︀8 ❤️


T︀h︀a︀n︀k︀s︀ ︀B︀r︀o︀︀t︀h︀a︀!︀! I︀’︀v︀e f︀o︀︀u︀n︀d t︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ m︀︀y T︀e︀︀ac︀he︀r N︀a︀k︀e︀d ! H︀a︀h︀h︀a︀h︀


H︀ah︀h︀aa︀h l︀u︀︀c︀k︀y m︀a︀n


LGBT in the U.S. Army:comment image

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This is “The New World Order”, that’s if the western democracies [LGBTQI Imperial provinces] eventually get there way. The brand new USamurai army in all it’s glory [gory].
Back in 2006 Putin said no to the NWO with 2 simple little laws, look what’s happened to him and Russia since, Trump’s also said no to the NWO, and is also getting a taste of the same bad medicine [press]. I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin and Trump eventually teamed up and started working together, since they both have the same enemy now it would make sense, hopefully they do.
LGBTQI warriors like senator John McCain, helped Obama sack all the high ranking US commanders that held anti LGBTQI sentiments, back when he was in office, is it any wonder photos like this are becoming mainstream now.
Those commanders were all sacked for inappropriate behavior, womanizing/gambling/drinking ect, but in fact, they were actually the best behaved of all the high ranking US military commanders, the ones that are left now make the ones that were sacked look like Sunday school boys. Not that the LGBTQI dominated media would ever tell you the truth, but I will, the top ranked US military commanders no longer womanize that’s true, but it’s only because they now procure the services of underaged boys instead.
Great photo, even though it’s repulsive it’s very educational, USamarai’s kissing each other will eventually become the norm. I’d hate to be the poor US serviceman that had one of these guys as my commanding officer, especially if he started paying too much attention to my butt, but that’s what the rank and file will have to get used too now, Poor sods.


comment image


comment image


Bilal Abdul Kareem they are going to get ya boy… dirty little Treacherous Rat…I thought you would be Dead by now…
Obviously Evil doesn’t Die so Easy….


Lot’s of comments on the Israeli angle. For me the attitude of the SAA towards Syrian Arabs caught working with Israel would be of interest.

At a certain point no one is making a better case for the need to destroy Israel, than Israeli itself. These are not the actions of a neighbor you can trust to do anything but evil.

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