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Israel’s Magic Lamp: Iron Dome Missile Defense

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This video is based on an analysis released by SouthFront on On June 15, 2018: “Israel’s Iron Dome ABM System. Threats, Peculiarities and Development Prospects

Since its inception, Israel has faced difficult political and military challenges. It defines the operational space in which IDF exists, the nature of development of its armed forces, and of individual weapons systems it uses.

The key objective and permanent factors include:

  • Israel’s geography, with the 470km-long country being no more than 135km wide.
  • Hostile environment, including unresolved territorial disputes with neighbors and the Palestinian problem.
  • Close proximity to borders of major cities and critical infrastructure.

At the same time, Israel did not treat its adversaries’ ability to use rockets as a priority for a long time, therefore establishing a comprehensive anti-ballistic missile system was not among its priorities either. The situation changed after the 1991 Gulf War, when Iraq struck Israeli cities using improved Soviet R-17 (NATO classification SS-1b Scud-B) ballistic missiles. At that time, US Patriot PAC-2 ABM systems were used to protect Israeli cities, however, they demonstrated their ineffectiveness. Therefore a decision was made to push the development of the Arrow and Arrow-2 ABM system jointly with the US, with the first systems deployed in March 2000.

The Arrow-2 system was intended to defeat attacks using ballistic missiles with ranges up to 3,000km. However, Hezbollah and Hamas were expanding their use of short-range rocket artillery. The Second Lebanon War of 2006 showed Israel to be vulnerable against such weapons. In that conflict, Hezbollah used a wide range of 107mm, 102mm, 220mm, 240mm, and 302mm rockets of Soviet, Chinese, Syrian, and Iranian manufacture with ranges between 6 and 210km, such as the Fajr-3, Zelzal, Nazeat, and others. Between July 13 and August 13, Israel was the target of 4228 rockets which caused 53 civilian fatalities, 250 wounded, and 2000 cases of light injuries, in addition to considerable damage to infrastructure and housing.

Following this war, Israel’s leaders decided it was necessary to establish a tactical ABM system, and in February 2007 the decision to develop Iron Dome was made, with Rafael Advanced Defence Systems already working on it at that time. Its deployment in Israel began in 2011.

According to Rafael data, Iron Dome is a dual-purpose system: intercepting rockets, shells, and mortar bombs (counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar, or C-RAM), and also very short range air defense (VSHORAD).

Iron Dome’s main mission, according to a Rafael brochure, is protecting civilians in cities, strategic facilities, and infrastructure, and also reducing collateral damage. It may also be used to protect troop convoys and ships. The system can operate around the clock, in any weather and climate.

Iron Dome is intended to rapidly detect, identify, and intercept asymmetrical means of attack, such as:

  • short range rockets (4-70km)
  • mortar bombs
  • artillery shells.

Moreover, when used as a SAM, Iron Dome can engage aerial target, including aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, PGMs.

Iron Dome includes the following components:

  • EL/M-2084 truck-mounted multirole radar.
  • Fire control system.
  • Three truck-towed launchers, each with 20 Tamir interceptor rockets.

A single system is capable of protecting an area of 150 km2.

The Tamir missile is equipped with a homing sensor under a metallic ballistic cone to protect it against high temperatures. The cone is ejected several seconds prior to the intercept using the proximity-fused warhead.

Tests of the naval version of Iron Dome concluded in November 2017. There are plans to install it on Sa’ar-5 corvettes and to protect drilling platforms in coastal areas.

One of Iron Dome’s specifics is its ability to identify priority targets, and to intercept only those which pose a threat to protected sites. This ability is provided by the high-tech fire control system integrated with the EL/M 2084 radar.

If the incoming projectile is predicted to fall in uninhabited areas, launch commands are not issued in order to reduce operational expenses since each intercept costs several tens of thousands of dollars.

Intercepts are carried out by Tamir rockets which detonate in close proximity to the intercepted objects. The intercept takes place at the peak of target trajectory to reduce contamination should the warhead carry chemical or biological agents.

The United States have been active in financing the development, production, and servicing of Iron Dome since 2011. The program’s overall cost has been estimated at approximately $4.5 billion, with the US contribution being over $1.5 billion. The US budget for 2018 includes $92 million to finance Iron Dome.

US participation in Iron Dome is motivated by the need to support ABM development by its main ally in the region, and creating a technological base for own future ABM systems. The main US Iron Dome partner has been Raytheon, with some 55% of its components that are financed by the US are made by US contractors, chiefly Raytheon.

Each Iron Dome battery costs about $50 million, while each Tamir rocket is estimated at $20-100 thousand. Operating costs is difficult to estimate.

Iron Dome is being supplied to Canada, Azerbaijan, India, and several other countries. Czech Republic will receive them in the near future. The total volume of sales has reached $2 billion. Israel declared its intent to export the system many times. Interested parties have included South Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United States which have voiced interest in buying the system to protect own bases in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iron Dome effectiveness is subject of considerable debate among the expert community. Rafael has touted the system as highly effective, with Israel’s Ministry of Defense (MOD) supporting that assessment.

Effectiveness assessments are mainly based on the Second Lebanon War and two IDF operations in Gaza: Pillar of Cloud (2012) and Protective Edge (2014).

Thus according to the IDF, in 8 days of Pillar of Cloud Hamas launched 1506 rockets at Israel, of which 421 were intercepted, 875 fell in unpopulated areas, 58 in populated areas, 6 were killed, 240 were wounded. IDF claims Iron Dome effectiveness was 84%.

However, this data is doubted by US and Israeli experts. First of all, given IDF information on launched and intercepted rockets, system effectiveness should be about 87.9%(421 + 58=479=100%; 421/479*100=87,9%). The operational cost of Iron Dome (including Tamir interceptor rockets) was $25-30 million.

Secondly, according to Israeli police southern district data, some 109 rockets fell in populated areas, not 58. There is also no data on the reasons most of the rockets launched against Israel missed. This is likely due to the low quality of rockets used by Palestinians.

IDF claims that during Protective Edge, Palestinians launched 4500 rockets of which 692 were intercepted [during 50 days]. No additional data was provided, and the high indicated effectiveness (90%) also causes doubts due to the lack of IDF transparency. It’s clear that Iron Dome is not cost-effective. Hamas and Hezbollah rockets cost between $300 (Grad) and $800 (Qassam). When assessing cost-effectiveness, IDF should consider insurance payments for damaged property. Comparing this data for the three above-mentioned operations has led experts to conclude that per-rocket damage has been reduced from $29,500 in 2006, to $9,000 in 2012, and $5,100 in 2014.

Israel's Magic Lamp: Iron Dome Missile Defense

However, some US experts doubt the objectivity of official Israeli data and believe that intercept probability is about 5%. According to Michael Anderson, an expert with the Brock University, reduction in rocket effectiveness since the 2nd Lebanon War was due not only to Iron Dome, but also to a series of other measures, including early warning and bomb shelter improvements. Moreover, Gaza and 2nd Lebanon War can hardly be compared, in part because of the differences in population density between southern and northern Israel. Accurate assessments are also made difficult by absence of sufficient verifiably accurate information, much of which remains classified.

Israel is continuing Iron Dome purchases. It’s also clear Hezbollah, Hamas, and their allies will seek to improve own offensive weapons to make them more effective at overcoming Iron Dome, with two parallel approaches, tactical and technical.

From the technical point of view, the attacker will seek to improve munitions accuracy. If guided artillery shells are used, Iron Dome effectiveness would be much lower. According to IDF air defense commander Zwick Haimovich, Hezbollah and Hamas will be able to strike Israel using cruise missiles. Even when these improved systems are intercepted, they would increase Israel’s expenditures on air defenses because more interceptor rockets would be needed.

Tactically, the obvious response is placing offensive weapons in direct proximity of targets, given that Iron Dome’s minimum effective range is 4km. Even today Hezbollah can strike 75% of Israel’s territory using systems it currently owns.

Iron Dome has only limited abilities to intercept several targets simultaneously. Therefore Israel’s opponents will seek to increase the density of its rocket volleys. Increasing the number of cheap weapons is the most likely course adversaries will adopt. According to some reports, Hezbollah has already increased the number of its rockets by several times, to more than 100 thousand.

Combining unguided and guided rockets would greatly increase the ability to overcome ABM defenses. Moreover, ABM systems would be degraded if faced by multiple adversaries operating from different directions. According to open source data, Iron Dome is quite sensitive and often reacts to false alarms, for example, from machine-gun bursts. This vulnerability is an obvious one to exploit. The psychological factor also matters. RAND analysts are correct to note that reducing casualties among Israeli civilians has a negative media effect against the backdrop of losses among Palestinians or Lebanese.

In the future, Iron Dome will likely be modernized to address existing problems and to adapt to developments in offensive means.Moreover, fire control and radar systems will be modernized as well. On the one hand, the system will be better able to detect launches and predict trajectories. On the other hand, it’s necessary to improve the ability to identify targets due to its propensity to react to false alarms. These efforts will be accompanied by the development of Iron Beam which is intended to defeat ultra-short range munitions. Israel has limited ability to improve ABM tactics, and include better coordination, where intelligence-gathering plays a big role.

Israel and its adversaries will continue improving their defensive and offensive systems, respectively. They will focus on modernization, improving quality and quantity, development of new weapons, and improving tactics. Hezbollah and Hamas will emphasize tactics changes in the use of their existing arsenals, combined with improving their rockets’ range and accuracy and expanding the variety of weapons systems used. Combining cheap and improved precise rockets in a single salvo will become a more frequent tactic.

Israel, in turn, will continue perfecting Iron Dome and Iron Beam with US assistance. But given the increased arsenals of its adversaries, Tel Aviv will place greater emphasis on its intelligence and special operations to detect and destroy rocket launchers in early stages of conflict. Israel will also be forced to recognize the importance of traditional civil defense and early warning, since Iron Dome may be forced to focus on defending military targets and critical infrastructure when faced with massed attacks. Here too, intelligence and diplomatic instruments will be used to prevent a coordinated attack by several adversaries. Effectiveness of this system in future conflicts will influence its export potential.

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Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

Israel Air Defense > US Air Defense > France > Britain > Russia :-)

Hasbara Hunter

Did you know that the Mossad Ignited the Notre Dame & Al Aqsa? Orders from the Illuminazis…

Hasbara Hunter

Desperate attempts to create some sort of New Crusades or something like that…The Clumsiness of their Actions betray them….They lack Creativity…their End Times Philosophy, Narrative & Symbolism is getting kinda Corny…

David Green

I was wondering when some one would bring up Al Aqsa no mention of the fire in UK media.

Promitheas Apollonious

and they was not before trump? When is going to dawn on all of you usa it is a controlled colony and which stooge is a camera talking head does not matter?



Rodney Loder

How can any missile defence intercept cruise travelling 20 metres above ground level. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/P_700Granit


We could pick up a periscope with shipboard radar 50 years ago. I’m sure things have improved since my day.

What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.'(Mark Twain)

Rodney Loder

There are newer development in radar that detect stealth by imaging movement caused by displacing atmosphere by cross sections one thing and another, but radar will always be limited by scope and distance it can only point over the horizon at the meanest angle possible within a range that the radar beam will effectively travel in sending back reflections intermittently.

That’s why the INF Treaty was in place because there is no defence against cruise missiles, that can travel at supersonic speeds for a short distance which is increasing to possibly 1,000 km.

Mark Twain wasn’t a military strategist he likely believed things come out of nowhere and group think made anything possible, but group think can’t stop a speeding bullet once it has begun it’s journey.


Tomahawk cruise missiles fly at an altitude of 30-50 meters and Russia/Syria has been swatting them like flies. You are an idiot.

Rodney Loder

That’s not true Tomahawk missiles can fly at that level but they weren’t in those situations for reasons unspecified, could be distance or probably so as to avoid escalation, but who knows.The battle is only a parade of emotion the outcome is determined by politics beforehand.


Well I can choose to believe you, an idiot or

https://www.navy.mil/navydata/fact_display.asp?cid=2200&tid=1300&ct=2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomahawk_(missile)

Rodney Loder

I can yell you for sure if a Tomahawk missile can travel 1,600 km. by entering the stratosphere then it can only go 1,000 km probably less if flying just above ground level and take just as long to cover the 1,000 km as it would take to travel the 1,600 km distance .

Raptar Driver

Tomahawks are subsonic.


‘That’s why the INF Treaty was in place because there is no defence against cruise missiles, that can travel at supersonic speeds for a short distance which is increasing to possibly 1,000 km.’

Cruise Missiles are sitting ducks for an advanced Russian Anti Air system. They are easily intercepted with a Pantsir-S1 missile system with a Hit To Kill S-400 Anti Air system linked with one another. cruise missiles are relatively slow moving and no match for advanced Anti Air Systems.

Hyper Sonic Missiles are a different matter, and there is no known defence against them. The Russians are the only nation with Hyper Sonic missiles and are years ahead of the US Empire on missile technology and always will be.

Rodney Loder

I was telling that idiot Sinbad2 all of that but he doesn’t know the difference between a ballistic missile and a cruise missile, I had to give up in the end, but the original point I as making was that there is no radar system that can point into the ground, has to be pointing just above the horizon, at 2 meters above ground level the horizon is 5 kilometers away if no obstacles.

So a radar at that high would start tracking the missile at about 10 kilometers away if moving at 800 km/h the target would be closing too quickly to engage but it’s course could be plotted and passed on to intercept down the line, I don’t think that is credible.

Intercepts shown on videos are never close to groung level.


The 1960s designed Soviet S-200 is far superior to the Zionist Iron Dome. Why? Because the S-200 works and shot down a stealth Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk over Serbia. What has the Iron Dome ever shot down? A Scrap Iron Hamas Firework?, i don’t think the Iron Dome even managed to intercept a scrap iron firework!


Racist-Fascist Warmongers didn’t deserve to live !

Israel has to change it’s ugly monstrous attitudes incontinent !




Israel is a conspiracy project of US and UK against Russia and Mideast, so much Putin knows. Putin is on defence strategy not on offence with Israel. He cannot open another front with Israel, US and UK until the Syrian issue end.

Rhodium 10

Iron Dome is a fake weapon only useful to stop few rockets attacks….but vs masive MRLS have a ratio of interception about less than 50% or just 10% as we have seen during SAA/Irani 55 rockets attacks vs Israel after T4 attacks

Centurion Alejandro

Jew junk !, https://www.technologyreview.com/s/528991/an-explanation-of-the-evidence-of-weaknesses-in-the-iron-dome-defense-system/

Hisham Saber

Iron Fart is really what it is. Hezbollah and Syria, Iran already have answers for it. It is a propaganda tool to keep Israeli’s from leaving Israel to greener pastures elsewhere.

The forces of Hezbollah rockets , as well as Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian ballistic missiles already have very sophisticated guidance systems , thanks to China and North Korea, that can effectively take out a target area with 90-95% precision.

Hezbollah will in effect fire dummy salvos initially, and then the real ballistic missiles will come homing in. And the forces of the axis of resistance, including the IRGC will create ‘ windows’ caused by ‘ pressure points’. Which means that you launch a tremendous amount of ballistic missiles in a very small aerial ‘ window ‘, thus overwhelming any system fielded by Israel or the U.S., or combined. Its an old Soviet Ballistic Missile Doctrine , of mass attack in a relatively small area, causing a severe pressure point and collapse of ABM systems, now and in the future.

Елена Перельман

Your pompous speech is very comical. You, Arabs, for 72 years couldn’t destroy Israel (which in all wars killed much more Arab aggressors, than you could kill soldiers of Israel Defense Forces. The Arab states refused long ago from plans to destroy Israel directly(and hope for the “Palestinian” Trojan Horses), but you lie boastfully something about Arab military “superiority” over Israel. You, Arabs, not only terrorists, thugs and mass murderers of Jewish children, women and just citizens, but also weaklings and cowards. It is good when malefactors are at least weak and coward:)).

Hisham Saber

Yes, true, but the Arabs of 67′ and 73′, state armies essentially were led by an old Soviet doctrine, of armored divisions, armored battalions and. It was an ill-conceived actions precipitated by U.N, treachery, when Egyptian armies were all but broken through Israeli military defenses, were told to accept a cease fire initiated by the Pentagon and Khrushchev of the Kremlin. And Israel received massive material , diplomatic and logistical help from the U.S., British and French regimes in fighting off the betrayed Arab armies.

By that was then, Since Israel was militarily forced from Lebanon in 2000, and its humiliation defeat in 2006, where 4500 Hezbollah troops held off and effectively routed 76,000 IDF troops, two armored battalions, total 400 Merkava MBT, out of which 44 were totally destroyed. Near loss of their naval Flagship by a cheap C-108 derivative anti ship missile , which caused massive damage and called for the vessel to be scuttled. By the way, After 2006, Israel discontinued production of the Merkava ‘ Chariot Of God’ MBT altogether.

The Coming showdown will see Israel annihilated as we know it today, with it going back to Palestine , governed by Palestinians. The Persians have the writing on the wall for little Israel, which has no strategic depth to speak of.

Елена Перельман

First of all: the real occupiers of Eretz-Israel (“Palestine”) are not Jews, but Arabs. We Jews lived and had our states here long after its occupation by Muslim Arab fanatics who lied that God “allowed” them to take away any country from “Kaffirs”( non-Muslims). The “Palestinian people” was invented only in the 1960s or even 70s as an Arab means of phased destruction of Israel and the design of a second Holocaust. Even the “Arab people of Palestine” began to be talked about only 19 the late 19th century (that is, even later than the emergence of Zionism) and under the influence of European nationalism. Before that, there was only the Arab part of the Arab mega-ethnic, which lived in the almost Arab part of the occupied Arab fanatics (see above) lands, which ancient foreigners (Greeks) ignorantly called Palestine, in honor of the ancient (and disappeared long before today) Philistines people, who lived in the small but coastal part of the country. That is, even the name “Palestinian people” is alien and accidental.

Israel in 1967 prevently attacked (in three different directions!) and defeated at once three Arab states, prepared to destroy it, clearly showing their military superiority over them, despite the fact that then both the USSR and the USA and England and France refused to help us and only prevented us, helping Arabs. In 1973, the Arabs attacked first, and in Yom Kipur (when most Jews fasting and resting), the United States did not help for the first weeks, and when the Israelis developed a counter-offensive, the USSR (which ALLEGEDLY “did not help, but prevented the Arabs”) prohibited it from continuing. And even in such dire conditions for Israel, the Arabs were not able to return ANYTHING – neither Sinai nor the Golan. Arabs are a very backward ethnic, your primitive industry is very far behind Israeli, and you have almost no science (in the modern sense), in contrast to the high level of Israeli science. And in 2006, Israel was restrained not by Hizbullah, but by the world ‘s anti-Semitic public. But if the Arabs start a new war of annihilation against Israel, we will not pay attention to this public. And you are not only an anti-Semitic slander, a scoundrel and a criminal, but also a big fool, very much deceiving himself with his dreams “how Muslims will destroy Israel.” You certainly really want it, but your capabilities don ‘t match your grand villainous desires.

Елена Перельман

You wrote something about Iran. I recall that the Arabs in 7th century A. D. occupied not only Mashrik (of which the Country of Israel is a part) and Maghreb, but also Iran, Central Asia and India, but from the last three areas they were quickly driven out. Persians must sympathize to Israeli Jews, the same as them (but less fortunate :-( ) victims of Arab fanatic occupiers. Instead, they say madly and constantly: “The Arabs are entitled to the Erez-Israel [they occupied, but not to Persia]. Persians are entitled to THEIR country[, but Jews to THEIR country are not]”. Hypocrites idiots!


it won’t save the squatters once the axis of resistance is up to speed, that kim has passed on some of his nifty and handy nukes to the good guys and hezbollah is armed to the teeth with missiles and and and. the squatters are in for a good long swim. what a larf!!!!


Palestinians are such a useless people, for seventy years you waited that we the Arabs will fight your wars, while you are sitting and doing nothing This is exactly the method of the Jews who use the west to achieve their goals. Palestinians and Jews are the same blood and same origin, but somehow the Jews are still controlling the west while Palestinians lost control over the Arabs Maybe the Arabs are smarter than the west maybe the Palestinians are not as smart as their brothers the Jews Probably both


go away you squatter – everything you touch is defiled and dirtied. do your own comments and don’t hang around other commentators and spoil their good intentions with your squatter’s view. squatters are per definition thieves and illegal and murdering scum. so go away!


You must be a Gulf Arab…without Palestinians being at the front lines, taking the brunt, neighboring Arab nations wouldn’t exist. I suggest you research how 400 Palestinians held off israel from occupying Jordan in 1968…so, stfu and read a book moron.


You moron, Palestinians have never been at the front, they always manipulated the Arabs to fight their wars. Palestinians are crypto Jews, when they speak Arabic they use many words from the Aramaic Jewish language. DNA research showed that they are closely related to the Jews, and they look the same The inside Palestinians (citizens of Israel) are the best and most loyal citizens of Israel The Palestinian outside the Jewish entity are playing the victim card exactly like their brothers the Jews are doing with the holocaust


Yup, you’re a yíd. A shill. Intah sharmootah. Clueless. DNA research, roflmao! Show me research and where and who published. First hand knowledge can’t be beat. I have it, you dont…stfu yid. Lol


Having the zios started paying low class Arabs to shill…I think so.


nah sitting on his broad pork ass right in the middle of tel aviv, backstabbing the palestinians which only one of the squatter’s tribe would do.


87.9% effectiveness is only in their dreams. More likely based on practical application of the iron dome they manage 5-15% effectiveness and that is been generous.


The Iron dome is lies built on a solid foundation of more lies. However, if Israel stuck to defensive weapons instead of offensive weapons they might be less hated.

I’m sure Russia would sell them some S300’s and Pantsir’s, but I don’t think Zion HQ in America would allow that.

Елена Перельман

We will be hated less if we expose more popular anti-Semitic slander against us. If we remind everywhere: – that “Palestinians” – not “peace innocent victims of Zionists”, but very numerous, long-years and cruel anti-Jewish murderers and violent criminals: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Terrorist_attacks_against_Israelis_in_the_2000s


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Terrorist_incidents_in_Israel (read everything according to references and try to remember very much as you can, and not lie to yourself and others about “innocent Palestinians” and “the Israeli war criminals” any more.)

– that we did not occupy alien land, butd returned to ourselves the country of our ancestors who were living and having the states here 3000+ years ago long before occupation of the country in 7th century A. D. by the Arab Muslim fanatics lying: “God allowed us to take away any earth from Kaffirs (non-Muslim)”. That is, real colonialists here not we but Arabs. And we have much more rights on Erets-Israel (Palestine), than Aryan colonialists to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, descendants of the Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Norman colonialists on the Pictish island nicknamed by someone “Britain”, the Russian colonialists – to ALL Siberia, ALL Caucasus and on the vast majority of the European part of Russia, etc. Their anti-Zionists will quickly cease to lie about “Zionist occupation of Palestine” not to hear in reply that their own people and state are occupants in much bigger degree, than Zionists.

– that the majority of the modern Arab world – not – the Arab lands occupied by the same Arab fanatics as in the last paragraph. Arab occupation of Coptic Egypt, Berberian Maghreb, Phoenician Lebanon, Aramaic Mesopotamia… On the place of Arabs I would be silent about “Jewish occupation of Palestine” because afraid to provoke a reminder what occupants (really) Arabs.


as no one is allowed to post pictures of debris of the intercepted rockets there cannot be any evidence that iron dome shot them down. It is more likely that the debris carries Israeli markings as it is from the iron dome rockets itself. The mentioned success rate would only apply if the intercepting rocket hit the target head on and destroy the war head, but this act is the most difficult one to achieve. as patriot hitting from the side at best, trajectory of the target remains, and even if the rocket motor is damaged, the war head stays intact and will explode when hitting the ground. If luck strikes, the damaged rocket hits a different target then intended.


iron dome is actually iron doom and the squatters should apply for green cards with moronistan (aka usa – home of the morons) soonest to be sure to have a place to run to when the next diaspora sets in, when they are evicted forcefully by the axis of resistance, hezbollah, iraq and the arab league. risk is that they won’t be so welcome in moronistan in which case I suppose they should take after the lemmings – or sacrifice themselves for the good of the world.

considering the vast amounts of money the squatters have squandered in washington dc, I suppose they should be guaranteed the green cards, but the american people, that has seen the tax take going to safeguard a group of squatters on the other side of the globe, might not be so welcoming, in which case the lemming solution is to be recommended.


i am glad in fact that they reelected this war criminal for it is him i wish to take on not some devil i don’t know but the devil i do know hey bibi?sooon white man soon i have special plans for you fake jew!!


in canada they voted in a persumed nice guy but i admit to this day i would of rather taken on the last leader of canada named steven harper he too was a slave of the siniGOG of satan and wait till you see fake jews what i have in store for your body guards ie the trump administration


it’s the iron doom and not the iron dome, that the asses would like it to be!

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