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Israeli Wings Over Syria. Trump’s Farewell Strike On Iran

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The Israeli Air Force is once again bombing targets in Syria amid growing turbulence in the Greater Middle East.

Early on November 18, the Israeli Air Force conducted a series of strikes on targets in Syria. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that the strikes hit “warehouses, command posts and military complexes, and batteries of surface-to-air missiles” belonging to the Syrian Army and the Iranian Quds Force. In total, the strikes reportedly hit 8 targets including the following:

  • an alleged Iranian military complex near Damascus International Airport;
  • some mysterious secret military barracks which act as a housing complex for senior Iranian officials as well as visiting delegations;
  • a command post for Division 7 of the Syrian Army which allegedly cooperates with the Quds Force;
  • surface-to-air missile launchers which had fired in the direction of the Israeli jets during the strikes.

The Israeli side claimed that the strikes came in response to the placement of explosive charges near the contact line between the Israeli-controlled part of the Golan Heights and Syrian-controlled territory. According to IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman, the anti-personnel mines discovered on November 17th were actually planted several weeks before “by local Syrians under the command of Iranian Quds Force.”

“We have long been prepared for the possibility of terror attacks in the northern sector,” Defense Minister Benny Gantz said commenting on the attack. “The IDF has the capabilities and the determination to respond severely to any incident both on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts… I say clearly: Syria is responsible for what occurs on its territory.”

In their turn, the Syrian state media reported that the Syrian military had activated its air defense forces in response to the Israeli aggression claiming that a number of missiles were intercepted.  According to the Syian Ministry of Defense, three service members were killed and another one was injured as a result of the strikes. Sources loyal to Israel and militant groups operating in Syria claim that at least 10 Iranian-backed fighters were killed.

Israel justifies its recent attack on Syria with the need to respond to Iranian-backed ‘terror plots’. A more realistic version would be that Tel Aviv, concerned by the reported loss of Donald Trump in the US presidential election, has been trying to exploit the potential last months of the Trump administration’s unconditional support to deliver as much damage as possible to its regional opponents .

Meanwhile, according to reports in US mainstream media, Mr. Donald Trump, well known for his hardcore pro-Israeli stance, is now even considering a plan of strikes on Iranian nuclear objects before he possibly leaves office.

Trump reportedly requested his top aides to provide him with “options” for attacking Iran’s main nuclear site, Natanz, as Iran continues to increase its stockpile of low-enriched uranium as a part of its gradual withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal, which the Trump administration had itself destroyed by unilaterally withdrawing from it. The main options, according to reports, are, as always, an old-school cruise missile strike or a massive cyber-attack. The Iranian leadership has already promised a ‘crushing response’ to any kind of aggression. And there can be little doubt that Iran, which already has the experience of shooting down US military drones over the Persian Gulf and launching ballistic missiles at US bases in Iraq, would turn its promises into reality.

Especially if Mr. Trump is not able to challenge the outcome of the presidential election successfully in court and is forced to accept his loss, it does not look like the last months of the Trump administration are going to be marked by any kind of calm on the international scene.

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Trump reportedly requested his top aides to provide him with “options” for attacking Iran’s main nuclear site, Natanz

Trump reportedly does a lot of things that turn out not to have been true. Of course there is an increased stockpile of low-enriched uranium. There is an increased stockpile of oil, coal, iron ore, and unsold cars, as well.


and a whole lot of jews in palestine that shan’t be there – somewhere else, like in washington dc.


Yeah, but what if Trump spent his time “infected with Covid” in some sort of war room watching the Zio-drones kill Armenians and discussing the game plan for future operations against Iran.


What if Trump spent his time “infected with Covid” watching Bugs Bunny cartoons and planning how he was going to counter the scam election? Only people with personal knowledge know the truth of what is going on.

Julie Bronson

SICKENING! BOTH parties are CORRUPT, EPSTEIN GUILTY and serve our 911 MURDERING / Epstein RAPING BLACKMAILING / ISIS TERRORIST / Beruit NUKING / USS LIBERTY MURDERING PARASITE SATANIC SCUMBAG MONSTERS IN TEL AVIV. Get it? https://www.thenation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/clinton-epstein-trump-img.jpg?scale=896&compress=80

Albert Pike

Makes no sence to call Jeffrey Epstein just an Epstein, and not by his real name of his Nasi -forbearers, which is Benveniste:

‘In 1902, Rabbi Epstein published his Torah Temima, which became one of the most popular sefarim of the century. Baruch’s father, Rabbi Yechiel Michel, was the rabbi of Novorodak and author of the classic Aruch HaShulchon, and his uncle was the illustrious Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Yehuda Berlin, Rosh Yeshiva of the famed Volozhin Yeshiva. The family was of Sefardic extraction, whose name was originally Benveniste. However, after the Spanish Expulsion they were permitted to settle in the German city of Epstein and apparently in gratitude adopted Epstein as their own name.’ https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/rabbi-baruch-halevi-epstein

‘Two prominent Ashkenazi families claim descent from two brothers who lived in Spain during the 13th Century CE . The Epsteins’ alleged patriarch is Rabbi Aharon de na Clara ben Yosef haLevi. The Horowitzes’ alleged patriarch is Rabbi Pinhas, Rabbi Aharon’s older brother and mentor. These brothers are the direct male descendants of Rabbi Zerahyah ben Yitzhak haLevi Gerondi (died after 1186). Epstein family lore asserts that Aharon’s surname was Benveniste. The first known male Horowitz is Yishayahu ben Moshe haLevi Ish Horowitz who came to Prague in the late15th Century from the village of Horovice. The first known male Epstein is Yaakov (Koppelman) ben Natan haLevi von Eppstein who came to Frankfurt am Main in the early 15th Century from the town of Eppstein.. Benvenistes were prominent in Spain and, after the expulsion, were prominent in the Balkans. We do not know whether there have been several Benveniste families or only one.’ https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/benveniste-and-sons/about/background

Who were the Benveniste – the first Zionist was Gracia Mendes Nasi (have an eye on the triad claws in any of her pictures, even children in her arms show it):

‘Gracia Mendes Nasi (1510 – 1569) was a Portuguese intellectual and one of the wealthiest Jewish women of Renaissance Europe. She married Francisco Mendes/Benveniste. She was the aunt and business partner of Joao Micas (alias, Hebrew name Joseph Nasi), who became a prominent figure in the politics of the Ottoman Empire.’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gracia_Mendes_Nasi

Members of the super rich Benvensite family were around when Isaac Luria wrote his Lurianic Kabbalah, which is the religious base of on which all this shit even now happens. Sabbatai Zevi based his reversed messianic religion on the Lurianic Kabbalah, and again his mayor helper at the time was a leading member of the Benveniste family. The Lurianic Kabbalah was also the base of Jakob Frank (who did his wifeswopping business – where who was swopping with whom was painstacking written down, after being ordered by Frank – and it was therefore Eugenics, Jeffrey also loved Eugenics) and is still the base of Chabbad Lubavitch. There where always people behind the people in front. The Benveniste/Epsteins were one of those Nasi/Nazi’s in the back…

PS the triad claw: https://www.pinterest.at/pin/370491506818873930/

Fog of War

” was a Portuguese intellectual and one of the wealthiest Jewish women of Renaissance Europe. ”

More Cohencidences.

Fog of War


Julie Bronson

Some detail i was unaware of. Thanks!

Fog of War

Pure Cohenincidence.

– Who are the Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines? –

” One can’t escape their presence in the forefront of leading companies in the race to find a vaccine that will prevent coronavirus. ”


Shlomo Shekelstein

Absolutely. Just look at another article there: https://www.jpost.com/opinion/i-had-no-idea-biden-has-a-jewish-family-thats-actually-good-opinion-649555

I had no idea Biden has a Jewish family. That’s actually good – Opinion

Joe Biden doesn’t need to talk about his Jewish family — he’s already proven himself to be a mensch. The fact that he has Jewish grandchildren is merely icing on the cake.

See? Icing on the cake (kosher cake). Jews have no idea Biden has a jewish family! Complete surprise and another coincidence! Kamala Harris husband Doug Emhoff is also jewish, but that’s just another coincidence. You don’t believe it? Vile antisemitism and conspiracy theories! Racism! Homophobia! SHUT IT DOWN! Bomb it down!

Fog of War

Oy Vey, your chutzpah is showing . You need to relax at the nearest Kibbutz.

Fog of War

Dont mention the Clintons’ daughter . The Goyim will be onto us.


Why is Israel trying to find excuses?

Potato Man

They known for being hoes (goy)…and what whore do for money buddy? anything. Have look at this for a sec, (The website is American) https://explorer.usaid.gov/cd/ISR

Americans dying because they can’t buy medicines, yet 8 million people get 3.3billion a years from them…their taxes money. I have not include the other “support” they get from US and EU…and how much aid they just get from Americans people…and we know Zion lobby use those aids to run US, as was noted again:

Pentagon senior adviser accused Pompeo and senior politicians of taking money and getting rich from ‘the Israeli lobby’

https://edition.cnn.com/2020/11/13/politics/kfile-douglas-macgregor-israel-lobby/index.html Don’t believe it just look how many of US politicians are dual citizen…or getting money from Zion lobby.

Do you understand why they suck US/EU? They are whores and doing their jobs….once US and EU fail they leave with their money. As they did before :)


just clear out the jews in palestine from palestine – they have no right to be there so either its for the burial ground or find another place. fortunatey the Iranians are methodical and when they are ready they’ll make the jews in palestine wish they never had been born.


I wonder, where are the S-300 or it was S-400? display on Syrian soil after the downing of the russian aircraft by the reckless israhelly incident where they use the russian aircraft to hide from the antiaircraft sirian defenses(S-200)? seems more to me that the russians are providing the Iranian troops locations within Siria and avoiding at all cost putting and end to this reckless israhell behavior

Kenny Jones ™

Don’t worry, Putin has a plan, every move is calculated, every casualty, every airstrike, first I didn’t believe it, but now I just trust him, and I think a lot will happen and change till the inauguration of the US “president”

Zaphod Braden

Trump lost the Presidential election because he kept Putting ISRAEL First thus alienating much of his base and adding momentum to Biden’s.

Albert Pike

“Those Who Vote Decide Nothing – Those Who Count The Votes Decide Everything” – Joseph Stalin (Besarionis dzе Jughashvili)

So dream on about votes – which were lost, or that it mattered…

The Objective

It is naive for anyone to think Trump will start a war by attacking Iran directly. He won’t have domestic support for that war. Americans will think he is doing it out of anger and a personal thing rather than a national security issue. There is no need to attack Iran directly. I believe the American commanders won’t let this happen absent a serious provocation by Iran. But what Trump can do is start a war with the Iraqi militias. Striking them hard and wide across Iraq will force them to respond forcefully. More militias will join from across the middle east and beyond. Iran won’t directly join the fight but will instead provide covert support (not attacking American targets directly). Should the US bring its full might to bear, the militias will be severely weakened or even destroyed. That should set Iran back decades of influence. Weaken or destroy the militias and you’ve weakened Iran. Iran can only cause enough trouble to warrant attention if the militias are there. If Trump will pick a fight before leaving office, it’ll be in Iraq. If this happens, Israel will simultaneously strike Hezbollah, with U.S support of course.


Israel has no choice. It recognizes an existential threat. Seeing the threat, it must decide how to prevent that threat from becoming a reality. Do the arithmetic. 60 days left of the most supportive US administration ever. What does that time constraint suggest; even demand. Israel has no choice.




My point was, after the game theorists run all scenarios, Israel may have no choice. Peace is better than war; but existence is better than annihilation.


both of which they themselves will bring on themselves..


And my point is ‘Israel says’ is a lie. As is ‘Israel’ is a lie. Israel is trying to START a war so Americans can fight it.



you get that RIGHT


rest assured but the jews in palestine will be annihilated and when it happens it’s because they deserve to be wiped off the face of earth.

Albert Pike

“Do the arithmetic. 60 days left of the most supportive US administration ever. What does that time constraint suggest; even demand.” Where do you see a time constraint – Biden is the same Zionsit puppet like Trump was. So you will get your war. And if you are in Israel you gone be in it:

‘One Third of Biden’s Pentagon Transition Team Hails From Organizations Financed by the Weapons Industry – The president-elect is drawing from hawkish think tanks funded by arms companies.’ https://inthesetimes.com/article/joe-biden-department-of-defense-pentagon-transition-team-weapons-industry-military

‘Netanyahu calls ‘President-elect Biden,’ who backs ‘Jewish, democratic Israel’ PM and Rivlin finally speak with Trump’s successor, acknowledge his win; PM and Biden agree to meet soon; Biden pledges ‘steadfast support for Israel’s security’ ‘ https://www.timesofisrael.com/netanyahu-rivlin-call-to-congratulate-biden-calling-him-president-elect/

Mr T

sure why they are now keeping the leashes of zionist wahhabi rulers in ME


why is just falling over dead not an option?

Shlomo Shekelstein

Exactly. Israel has no choice but to bomb everyone because every goy is an existential threat. It’s logical actually. But don’t worry about Trump, The Jerusalem Post already proclaimed he just wasn’t good enough. Biden will be better!


Aaron Aarons

IsraHell and the United Snakes are an existential threat to our homeland, Planet Earth.


iam an iranian and i believe it would be to irans benefit if the usa dared to launch a strike on iran because at the end of the day they would not just fail but iran would also have a whole different standing in the world after it kicked americas head in so a war which america starts isnt going to be to great of a loss for iran

Fog of War

Just dont stop with the US, there’s a Khazar outpost that needs your attention also.


‘The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) claimed…’

‘Israel said…’

Thank you. All I need to see to know what follows is a lie.

Black Waters

Hahaha jesus, that picture gave me a really good laugh.

Ryan Glantz

Southfront, Trump won. Better start believing.

El Mashi

Israel wants us in the Middle East. Israel has outsourced the digging of its grave to the US. Hey, Israel, how did getting Saddam Hussein out of Iraq work out? How did Israel invading Lebanon work out? Oh, Israel got Hezbollah. Nice. Karma.


It worked out well actually. Hezbollah or any other militia is not a match against the IDF, and I don’t mean when we go soft on them with only 10K troops, I mean when we go all in with hundreds of thousands of troops and remove them from the map. Never provoke us too much, it’s all good till we really get pissed off.

Ryan Glantz

U.S.—Now this is progress: in a move to bring attention to issues of social justice in the United States, the Biden administration has announced that all attack drones used to bomb countries in the Middle East will have “Black Lives Matter” decals applied to them.


“Now, every time a bomb is dropped, it will be the sound of social justice and progress moving throughout our great land and around the world,” said Joe Biden. “We want to show the BLM movement how much they’ve accomplished by electing Kamala Harris, and also me.”

“This is progress to be proud of, folks.”

The administration will also be rolling out drones with rainbow designs, drones with “Climate Change Is Real” stickers, and the United States military’s first-ever transgender attack drone (it was originally an attack helicopter but identified as a drone).




Mr T

GREAT the Russian high tech air defense systems work perfect ):


Get this Israeli monster out of US politics.


more isn’treal BS.. EMPTY CLAIMS ARE A HALLMARK OF ISN’TREAL. trying the pity ,poor the again? someone needs to bomb isn’treal.

cechas vodobenikov

Israel does the bidding of America–they receive 3.8 $ billion military aid per year; when the LGBT empire collapses and their plywood villages burn they will no longer be able to pay Israel, causing them to retreat…Johan Galtung predicts US empire will collapse in less than 10 years—so does Jameson and Orlov


Soon to be former President of the United States, Donald Trump, is pretty much completely nuits at this point. Granted, anything is possible. The meeting with Defense officials probably happened but, who knows what he was actually told.

There is a little discussed aspect of command and control regarding US forces. It is called lawful order. It is frequently not a concern for what US forces do, out and aobutthe globe. However, in a situation like this, when an obviously mad outgoing president, may seek to do something ……… rash ………… , the military could easily determine his orders to be unlawful. At that point, they can pretty much do whatever they want with him. Notice Trump STFU about Iran, more or less, after the alledged meeting.

Those guys over at the Pentagon are not going to get blown to pieces, along with their loved ones, by a 2 bit coward who issues orders of madness, right before he leaves office. What Israel is doing over Syria right now, in my opinion, is almost concrete proof that hitting Iran at this point is an absolute no go. Hence, little ole´ Benny N has also gone nuts, because he is out of luck at this point. The new crew coming in to the WH did not like him much the last tiem. I don´t think that will change.

My take on this stuff. I wish a good weekend to all.


Bibi and Trump have put alot of pressure on Iran across the ME, and if the Iranian regime thinks it is going to end because of Biden then they are wrong. It makes no difference if it’s Biden / Trump in the U.S or Bibi / Gantz here, the policy won’t change. The Shia militias will leave Syria, or more Syrians will die thanks to Iran’s actions. P.S, as I have predicted Hezbollah did nothing but barking they will respond, too bad though we were already getting ready to start a war and wipe them out. Guess they know better than anyone else what it means to mess with us.


Trump is an Israeli puppet


Trump is just disgusting PIG rdy to give anything to the damn zionists and make war. Bye bye trumpyy you are gone in 1month and half I don’t like Biden at all, but since Trump got in office the World got crazy with his actions.

Ken Sebastian

Very likely that Trump would have already ordered the attack on Iran but for Russia and China. They are the wild cards in the game.

Jens Holm

Its so funny to read about the Biden creations here. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fbbc0f18e87fe25eca0b49ace08cd1b4b21feb9d2321eef51778c915119d071b.jpg

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