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Israeli Warplanes Struck Group Of ISIS Fighters Near Golan Heights

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Israeli Warplanes Struck Group Of ISIS Fighters Near Golan Heights

Israeli F-15 fighter jet takes off in Negev desert (AFP/file photo)

On August 2, the Israeli military announced that warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) bombed several fighters of the ISIS-affiliated Khalid ibn al-Walid Army near the occupied Golan Heights. According to the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, seven militants were killed.

Hours after the airstrikes, Israeli soldiers carried out a search operation in the area and found several explosive belts and an AK-47 assault rifle.

The Israeli military said on Twitter that it is prepared for “a variety of scenarios” and added that it will “continue to operate to ensure the security of the citizens of Israel.”

This was the second attack of the Israeli military on the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army within ten days. On July 26, Israeli warplanes destroyed a rocket launcher of the ISIS-affiliate group in response to a rocket attack on the Golan Heights.

The few remaining fighters of the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army are currently hiding along the separation line with the Golan Heights and on the Jordanian border. Earlier, the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) clashed with a group of terrorists who attempted to sneak into the country’s territory.

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Feudalism Victory

Talk about a severance package! Sever their limbs that is


Lol. That’s the Israeli way. Shake hands with them and lose your fingers :)


They are eliminating their commanders and troops from IS, No withness no Call !


Makes sense. Kill the terrorists you supported before they get caught, no witnesses, no evidence just clean your hands off any blame.


Who has invited Benjanyahu to strike Syria. Look to his mouth look like a limp.

leon mc pilibin

This is the price of failure,death,,When you deal with zionists then you deal with Lucifer.

Brother Ma

With Jews you lose.

J Ramirez

Why are they killing there own? Time to get rid of whiteness, or friendly fire?

Rakean Jaya

Damage control mode, maybe

Pave Way IV

The IDF quickly apologized for the attack on ISIS, citing them as respected and valuable allies in Israel’s War of Terror and Land Theft against, well, everyone in the Middle East. Except for their new best buddies, the al Sauds. “We’re like conjoined twin freaks – attached at the wallet,” declared Nettanyahu. Bin Salman smiled and agreed, “Yes…. freaks.

“Wass’ up, buddy? When you comin’ over with your ISIS pals for a few brews?” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aae658021049553d652a3c5824d3e8835308bb2a71e8469881092450708b6fdd.png


“attatched at the wallet” lmao


attached at the US Taxpayer Wallet for life …………………………


Everybody knows that US, UK and Israeli pirates travel thousands of miles and stealing lands and water resources from the world communities and nations and destroying their defence capabilities.

Please share this message everywhere.

Val Shadowhawk



Today Pro Trump militants Israel fired at protesters east of Abasan al-Kabra village in the southern Gaza Strip of Palestine.


Everybody knows the reality of fake Muslim Benjamin Salman and fake Jew Benjamin Netanyahu. They both are atheists.


You don’t get to blame atheists for the deeds of religious fanatics! Grow up.


zionism is like a leech.

As the idea that the US may slow down or stop the flow of free money to them, the leech looks for another host to attach itself to. . .

Getinet Kifle

Priceless!!! Fake JOO + Fake Arab = The Tribe


Vipers eating their young.


lessons of history, collaborate with the Americans and Israelis, prepare to be abandoned and killed in the end….. Hmong people Laos Contras Nicaragua Kurds Iraq South Lebanese Army Lebanon ISIS Syria/Iraq

May I ask, what kind of lowlife, sleaze ball, dirt bag would stoop so low to work with the racist, evil, supremacist, Israeli filth??? I guess they get what they deserve.

Lena Jones

As usual, jews kill any witness to their mass-murder.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Godfather send the air force to kill his Gunmen-sicarios like Mafia style to delete proofs!

Promitheas Apollonious

yep they refuse to join them, in tel aviv in the queers parade so they had to be punished. On the toher hand most of idf is parading .


I looks like you are not convinced that Israel is fighting ISIS lol


Nope :)


Hunting preys, pi, period.


This is one of those rare occasions when Israeli bombing actually gets the bad guys!!

Promitheas Apollonious

you mean their partners in crime right?

S Melanson

Well, former partners. And apparently the divorce is turning ugly. Such a shame, I mean it was a match made in ‘heaven’. Tears are welling up, I must stop to grab a tissue.


As others have reported, the important Jihadist elements, namely certain White Helmets members, were rescued. They were the ones working, knowingly and willingly, with the imperialists, including Israel, who, if caught and interrogated, could make things unpleasant for the imperialists. Although the bulk of the population, everywhere, pays no serious attention. Those who care, and know, are not going to be swayed by imperialists and their compliant media offerings. But we are few. We aren’t the 99%. We are 1% of the 99%.


Both a Witness Eradication Program and a very desperate, last minute, political action for international public relations optics, intended to reduce Israel’s appearance as ISIS’ protectors.


That’s a very good assessment

Empire's Frontiers

The truth is not allowed to come home.

Hisham Saber

The Israeli’s are bombing sites where their manufactured weapons are housed. The very weapons they have been arming ISIS cells with. They are trying to cover up their extensive envolvement in the Golan/Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army, Tiger Forces and especially the 4th Armored Division are finding many cache’s of weapons manufactured by U.S./Israel/Britain/France in their blitz of the southern parts of Syria. A lot of these weapons are being brought in through the Golan and Jordan. That’s why, since they have the momentum, the SAA, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC and the 25,000+ Afghan volunteers, coupled with the Iraqi Hezbollah, and Iraqi PMU’s, who are essentially the Iraqi Army, who number in the hundreds of thousands, and who answer directly to IRGC Gen. Solemenei, who then ansers directly to Mr. Khamenei.

The forces I have mentioned, I call the forces of the axis of resistance, since they are resisting hegemony, belligerence and arrogance, need to find excuse/s to go all in into the Golan, and perhaps even beyond. These forces are aware of air power/air superiority being on the enemies side, thus they will/have adapted, by being highly mobile, loosely formed units/platoons/battalions who wont give the coalition, i.e., U.S. , Britain, Israel, France any targets to hit. They will move swiftly, and deal a quick knockout blow to the IDF, who are mostly made up of LGBQT’s, exchange students from the U.S., and criminal Russian/Israeli Jews on the run from crimes in Russia.

And this IDF , soy boys, are going to stope the forces of the axis of resistance , who have momentum, 7 years fighting a brutal foe in desert, rural and urban environments, sometimes door to door combat, against an enemy who seeks martyrdom ? I think not, in fact im convinced that Israel would pretty much lose its entire army in the Golan, by being outmaneuvered, outflanked, outmatched, outnumbered, with the sheer determination and anticipation for the eager to get into battle, axis forces.

It will be a highly moving battlefield, and degenerate into a missile war, with missiles and airstrikes being done at a rapid pace. No U.S., British , French Kurd/SDF base will be immune from massive bombardment, or simply being overrun entirely, which is very easily within reach should the phone call come from Mr. Khamenei. But there are still pieces of the strategy being put into play, then the trap will be sprung. The Israeli’s are neither morally nor psychologically prepared for a big showdown of any sorts. And the Israeli economy would collapse . Of course the U.S. would step in and bankroll the Zionist state.

The U.S, Israeli, British, and French militaries are much overrated, as the world saw in the 33 day battle between Hezbollah and the IDF. Where 4500 Hezbollah ‘ regulars ‘ , held off and effectively routed 75,000 IDF troops, including the famous Golani Brigade, that found itself in deep trouble and was a headache for the Israeli’s to extradite them from their close call with doom. Also the IDF employed two armored battalions, for a total of 400 Merkava MBT’s (Chariot of God)., with 44 being destroyed totally, most in he very beginning of the IDF assault. It took them by surprise, and given that the IDF had total air superiority, they could not take out Hezbollah fighting units because the Hezbollah ATGM and missile teams employed a tactic in military jargon is called ‘ hugging your enemy ‘ , which meant that Hezbollah fighters got very up close and personal with the IDF, sometimes being able to hear them speaking Yiddish.

All the much vaunted Israeli Air force could do was what its good at, terrorizing civilians, like they did in South Beirut. Israel has since discontinued the manufacturing of the Merkava due to its being a death trap to ATGM’s of sometimes cheap, and numerous Chinese manufacturing. Now Hezbollah has their own factories that build these and other systems, including very accurate new generation of missiles/ballistic missiles. Some say up to 100,000 or more. And given Israel has no strategic depth to speak of, they are definitely in a bad position. Add to that the literally hundreds, if not thousand of surface -to-surface ballistic missiles Iran and Syria have at their disposal in Syria alone, never mind the hundreds of thousand of ballistic missiles, with the newer ones being deadly accurate , that Iran fields today. Its entirely possible that Iran has up to one million missile/ballistic missiles of various usages, naval, surface-to-surface , surface to ship/warship, surface to air in their arsenal. If Toyota can build over one million cars a year, why cant a country like Iran build an enourmous amount of missiles, which they have been doing for decades.

As far as the U.S. , Brits and French, well we see they are being defeated, in Afghanistan, for 17 years now, and in Yemen since 2015, by a bunch of threadbare fighters wearing only beach sandals and bedsheets, armed with ATGM, AK-47’s, and IED’s. Maybe a few RPG’s for good measure. And French , U.S., British special forces and advisors are heavily involved in Saudi Arabia’s illegal war on Yemen, yet they are still getting their asses collectively handed to them. Same in Afghanistan, where the idiotic U.S., British , French General Command don’t realize that they will never prevail in Afghanistan against the Taliban, because the Taliban are the Pashtun people, the largest tribal society in the world , with an estimated 30+ million members. So the Taliban are just wearing the allied coalition down, into the dirt and sands, with little effort.

Or how about the rout of the U.S. military whom faced an all-out insurgency in Iraq, starting in 2003-4. 14 out of the total battalions of the U.S. Army, which are 16, were effectively bogged down fighting a shadow of an insurgency, chasing phantoms from one side of Iraq to another, all the while being shredded by IED’s at an alarming rate. In the cities, highly qualified snipers put terror in the hearts of U.S. troops, so they had to pull out and garrison themselves in bases away from everything. Same as they have done in Syria today, garrisoned in a sea of hostility. Anyways, then as far as Iraq War 2.0, the U.S. announced a famous ‘ surge ‘ which was to totally and finally defeat the insurgents, but in essence, it was not really a surge of troops, as advertised, but a huge influx of billions and billions of dollars to payoff, or buy out the insurgents to stop fighting them so they can make a graceful exit, with their heads held high for the world to see.

Ironically, the U.S. has two bases in Iraq today, one north of Baghdad, the other around Tikrit. On April 14, when the U.S., Britain and France launched their silly cruise missile attack on Syria, as a result of the dubious and outright fraud about chemical weapons being used in East Ghouta, Syria, well, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces PMU’s surrounded the two U.S. bases in Iraq, with all kinds of weapons, some heavy, and told the base commanders that if the attacks on Syria were sustained, or their bases were used in any attack on Syria, they themselves would be attacked and wiped out. The next day, the U.S. State Dept. issued a complaint with the Iraqi government, and reiterated that the leader of the Iraqi PMU’s and auxiliaries was a terrorist, on their list of possible drone strike.

So without saying, the time is very soon to go on the attack and consolidate victory after the Zionist, and arrogant powers defeat.

S Melanson

A good summary and good observations. I do want to point out one issue with your post.

In Canada, the military do not exclude or discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. Gay men and women serve openly without incident and it is simply a non-issue. Canada’s armed forces are small but highly effective. Canadian soldiers have a reputation for being superbly trained, disciplined and lethal. Allowing LGBT to openly serve has not changed this one bit.

With regard to pedophilia, this is not an LGBT issue, it is a problem that crosses all demographics. Pedophilia prevalence in the LGBT community is no different then the heterosexual community and since the majority of the population is heterosexual, focus on the LGBT community makes kids more vulnerable, not less.


Before anyone gets the idea that the Canadian military is pristine, perhaps get hold of a couple of books from great Canadian authors who are anti-imperialists, namely Todd Gordon and Yves Engler. Todd’s book is titled “Imperialist Canada” and Yves has many books, but one of his recent books will certainly help to disabuse those with a rosy view of the Canadian military. That book is titled “Canada In Africa – 300 Years Of Aid And Exploitation.”

S Melanson

I do not dispute what you say as Canada Is an offshoot of imperialist Britain. But I did not say our troops are pristine and am aware, for example, of questionable missions under the guise of a peacekeeping force – what you say and what I say are not mutually exclusive. For example, German SS soldiers were well trained, disciplined and lethal as well as notorious perpetrators of atrocities.


Killed for heading in the wrong direction, running away from the SAA. There’s no retirement plan when you work for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

S Melanson

Actually there is a retirement plan. That is what the article is all about ;)

Ariel Cohen



Took 7 years for Israel to finally find Isis. Really what’s happening in there trying to shut them up for they could be captured and talk. It will be awkward for Israel Isis members get caught and forced to talk.

Promitheas Apollonious

why? Is there any one with average intelligence and a thinking span for than few seconds that is not already know who created isis financed and armed it and still does? So what is the use of catching them and making them talk ? For whose benefit. Or you think there is justice in the world and you take the guilty to the court and punish them.

Get real and the bigger mistake is for the ones who keep trying to prove what already is common knowledge and out in the open.


But they were so far away!!!

Promitheas Apollonious

It appears someone attacked damascus.

The Syrian Army’s (SAA) air defense systems are reportedly engaging multiple targets, possibly hostile warplanes or projectiles.

Ariel Cohen

OOPS . . a terrible friendly fire accident . . . .


ahah the israeli attacked isis daesh??? enorme big!! FAKE NEWS!!! yes!


Are the chickens coming to roost or perhaps kill the farmer?


Finally israel finds an excuse to bomb Daesh targets. Two reasons for this: firstly they don’t care about the losers that were left behind, they are acceptable target practice for IAF pilots, being Arabs an all that. Secondly, now that Syria has retaken the border area israelis can’t tell who is friend (Daesh) and who is foe (Syrian, Iranian, Hezbollah) coming across that border, so they kill everyone. A simple and oh so israeli solution.


Friendly fire.


Was it not clear to the terrorists that sooner or later (after they acomplished their mission or after they failed their mission) their masters will turn on them?


Hullo! Sucking up to Damascus are you~!

Getting worried Asaad’s coming for the Golans soon huh!

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