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Israeli Warplanes Target Airbase In Homs Province, Syrian Air Defense Responds (Video)


Israeli Warplanes Target Airbase In Homs Province, Syrian Air Defense Responds (Video)

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On May 24, warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out several airstrikes on the al-Dabaa airbase in the southwestern Homs countryside, according to several pro-government sources. Reportedly, Israeli warplanes attacked the airbase from the Lebanese aerospace.

Syrian pro-government activists said that the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) targeted the Israeli warplanes over Lebanon. The SyAADF S-200 long-range air defense system fired at least two missiles at Israeli warplanes, according to the activists.

The General Command of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) confirmed in an official statement that an airbase in central Syria had been targeted by the IAF and said that the SyAADF is currently repelling the Israeli missiles and warplanes.

According to local observers, the al-Dabaa airbase is one of the main headquarters of Lebanese Hezbollah in Syria, as the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) withdrew from it in 2013. This confirms that the main target of the Israeli airstrikes was Hezbollah and not the SAA or Iranian forces.

The situation may escalate in the upcoming hours, especially if any fighters or commander of Hezbollah were killed in the airstrikes. Israel also vowed recently that it will strike the SyAADF if it launches missiles at Israeli warplanes.



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  • Michał Hunicz

    Preparations for defense of Greater Israeli land of Daraa. Even so, the real Syrians will win.

  • Deo Cass

    This is fake news which tries to justify the Zio/Nazi aggression against Syria. There is no air base in Syria which is in the hands of Hezbollah. All are in the hands of the Syrian government forces. This article is an attempt to cover the Zionist tyranny aggression and justify it with lies to cover Putin’s complicity and embarassment.

    • russ

      Why can’t Hezbollah have an airbase? ISIS does, they are in Israel and on American aircraft carriers.

      • Dr. Pro Liv

        Hezbollah can’t have airbase because he is saying so and because it fits perfectly his
        anti-Russian narrative.
        A vomit they love to puke all over Russia…them being Muslims, bots,Jews,NATO agent’s or whoever…
        Actually Hezbollah airbase is only cover-up for Iranian airbase where they bring their weapons and equipment.

        I am so sick and tired of this ANTI-Putin and ANTI-Russia narrative that will really start to hope that Russia will completely withdraw from this war and let them show how INCOMPETENT and helpless they are without Russian help .
        Just like it has been shown before Russian arrival in 2015 when almost whole Syria was occupied despite Iran and Hezbollah.

        • russ

          Without Russia’s help Syria would have fallen for sure. It was with trepidation Russia took on that endeavor as it is a huge step to defy the Zionist banking cabal and their Greater Israel Project. It was actually an existential issue for Russia. They are on the list of countries that they (US ZOG) have on their list of nations to destroy. The big 7 were first, but Russia was to be isolated and choked to death. I get impatient with Russia’s pace sometimes, but it is possible that Putin is a little more knowledgeable than me on these issues. BTW give Syria the s300.

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            Get informed my friend
            BUK M3 “Viking” export version is by far MUCH BETTER than any S-300 for Syria.
            That is the system they really need very mobile and very lethal with long reach.

            The probability of hit the target is ~ 100%
            A battery of Buk-M3 missiles can track and engage up to 36 targets simultaneously, while its advanced 9R31M missile is capable of knocking down all existing flying objects, including highly maneuverable ones, even during active electronic jamming. The Buk-M3 can also engage sea and land targets, due to its vertical launch capability.

            Specifications include a maximum target speed of 3,000 m/s (11,000 km/h; 6,700 mph; Mach 8.8), an altitude range of 0.015–35 km (49–114,829 ft) and a distance range of 2.5–70 km (1.6–43.5 mi).

            Buk-M3 air defense system. Its export version is nicknamed “Viking”

    • deocass gg

  • Attrition47

    They are not “airstrikes” they are attacks. Stop using the euphemisms of the Washington barbarians.

  • Oscar Silva Martinez

    Shoot them down!!!

    • Smaug

      I’m sure they would if they could.

    • zika slika

      or maybe it will be helpful to make demonstrations in Gaza so you brake the spirit of IDF pilots and by doing that you make their hand tremble and they went over targets and instead Syria they hit Arafat private orgy up there with 72 virgins doing nothing siting idle waiting for sons of Zion. But Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Yassin is very busy and fucks goat in a throat and the rest of PLO is visiting ZOO. aparently Jaser Arafat is having hard time reach ass of a camel…. imagine what else is happening……. oh dear me dear me

      • Ishyrion Av

        I’m sure we can arrange some orgy for you too, since you look like you miss it…

      • potcracker2588

        and again just lies and haterd and destruction coming from you…just like the teachings of your father stan arihman.

      • Wahid Algiers

        YOU need a gas line directly in your mouth to smell what you deserve.

    • Starlight

      If Putin told the jewish terror state to NOT strike in Syria, the jewish terror state would obey this command- the leading forces in Israel and Russia have confirmed this many times. But to the contrary, the jewish horrors have detailed how they pass their intended war crimes to Putin first for his EXPLICIT approval.

      Every major jewish organisation on planet Earth explicitly supports these Israeli crimes against Humanity- for instance on the day jewish butchers murdered all those unarmed protestors in Gaza, ‘Labour’s Friends of Israel’, the leading jewish organisation in the UK, issued a press release congratulating Israel for putting down so many ‘sub-Humans’. Yet look at the regulars in this forum and see how rare it is for them to use the ‘jew’ word- how very, very curious.

      Only one group of people are cheer-leading the coming Iran war, and that is world jewry. Jews world-wide are demanding the ‘final solution’ in Iran. In the meantime, jewish atrocities in Syria are considered as “stirring the pot”.

      I told you Trump would never go to war with N Korea, and I told you Trump would never allow N Korea and the South to re-unify – and unlike most who comment here I allow actual FACTS from further down the road to prove the truth of what I claim. I have stated loud and clear that Trump is going to war with Iran, will use tactical nuclear weapons (the type that detroy ‘facilities’ not cities), and that Putin will do nothing to help Iran. And why? Cos Putin is a zionist appeaser whose only quality is preparing Russia for the ‘final conflict’ which will see the end of all us us.

      The major and most effective (and murderous) gangsters in pre-WW2 America were JEWISH, and not Italian. While this fact of history is not exactly hidden, it is yet not known by most people. So the fact that Israel is a nazi gangster state is hardly out-of-character.

      • neil barron

        Twist the facts quickly as your starlight is sputtering out fool.

        • potcracker2588

          time is coming to an end brother…and if i were you, I´d choose my words carefully, very carefully………and maybe start to use something that god gave u.a brain to think with……..

        • Bob

          Starlight is an anti-Russian troll, who never fails to accuse Putin of being something or other.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Putin is a retarded Jew and a corrupt pimp. Russians are historical cowards and only prostitute themselves to the highest bidder, just look at their major export; Natashas.

        • Nosferatu

          You are a total idiot. Did you help Syria more than Russians? No? I thought so. Russian Federation is curently our only hope against the NWO enslavement. No other force is strong enough to fight the empire

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            He is JEW or CIA-NATO agent..Only they have motive to drive wedge between Russia,Syria,Iran and Hezbollah.
            Because they are LOSING the war.

            Yes there is “other force is strong enough to fight the empire” and that force is China but they are not very much interested in taking part in the Syrian conflict.

          • Nosferatu

            China is strong, but not stronger then Russia and too much business related to US. However it is clear that China is on Russian side, but will only really engage against the empire after Russians made the empire a lot weaker….

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            “not stronger” but “strong enough” to help with plenty of modern weapons for Assad for example?
            It would not be a big problem for China but it would help SAA to have modern weapons.
            Now everything depends on Russia delivering weapons and everything else….

            And all we have is permanent bitching against Russia where nobody is really pleased.
            Everybody wants only Russia to win wars for them….

          • gustavo

            Sorry, but I am not agree with all of your statements. Putin can be a jew, but he is not a zionist follower at all. Russia alone could destroy ISIS totally in just a month, but it was not possible to do this for obvious international political reasons. Let me remind you that the ex Soviet Union alone was capable of defeat Germany and Japan (Machuria) without any western help. USA had to use nuclear weapons in Japan “to save northamerican lifes”, that is “cowardice.”

          • Dr. Pro Liv

            I was commenting Nosferatu’s comment directed to “Zionism = EVIL”

            So I was obviously talking about that asshole “Zionism = EVIL” !

            NO PUTIN IS NOT JEW !!!
            I am PRO-RUSSIAN 100% !

            I am NOT some Muslim who pretends not to be Muslim only to attack Putin or Russia
            I am NOT some Jew or NATO bastard agent or George Soros bot who attack Russia all the time!

        • Bob

          How’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

        • Dr. Pro Liv

          your whore mother is retarded you filthy bigoted bitch !

    • zika slika

      Zionism is humane,.. IDF know about existence of BCPC and its still have patience !!!! yesterday as a mater of goodwill gesture Israel will allow water infrastructure to be build in Gaza city but just for male children and one part of ZOO. Because goats and small children are really two most oppressed groups in Gaza and West Bank. Tel Aviv feel threatens by long range projectiles from special unit of Gaza Big Caliber Palestinian Cunts with arsenal of Qasam rockets,
      ref<Big Cal.Pal Cunts

      • Panagiotes Baziotopoulos

        You are a sick person if you regard Zionism as humane…

        • potcracker2588

          more than sick brother…….they are lost for all eternity and they know it

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Zionism is a sick crime against humanity and even against real Arab Jews of the bible.

      • potcracker2588

        speak your lies, cause thats what your father is…the master of lies, the master of murder……… no love in you and your followers, just death and destruction, rape and murder, just as your father satan arihman instructed you to do

      • Wahid Algiers

        You fucken guy show us with your comments why the brave Germans caught people like you and treated them as they deserved.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Putin is the cheerleader for Zionist crimes. Russia as usual is backstabbing the Arabs. Assad is wise enough to stick with Iran and Hezbollah. Putin is a Jew scum and crawling up Nutter Yahoo’s arse. Where are the so-called S-400 washing machines?

      • peter

        You waiting , all cominig ! Putin hasnt to interest pull his coutry to war , for fucking jews .



  • Serious

    “Reportedly, Israeli warplanes attacked the airbase from the Lebanese aerospace.”. That’s why only Hezbollah is right in Lebanon. The Christians and Sunnis lebanese are cocksuckers.


  • progrespres

    Why is Israel stirring up war with Hezbollah and Iran now? The tactic is to keep the Yanks in Syria. Trump will always stand by Israel in a fight. They have put Hezbollah and Iran on terrorist list, so now they can recast Israel as fighting terrorism, which it has been supporting in Syria. And of course Russia is reluctant to defend against Israeli or US forces.

    • Serious

      Hezbollah and Iran are only scapegoats so that israel and USA can continue to invade and occupy.

  • delbertino


    • LR captain

      yes upper and middle Israeli military infrastructure will face serious damage. Along with the roads out. The Isreali army will stunned and in shock, that would then be the perfect time for hezbollah to seize 1st, 2nd, 3rd lines of defense, Then sit , dig in and wait for an Israeli counter attack. 3-5 days later. causing heavy Israeli casualties.

      Unlike zionist military leaders Hezbollah won’t target civilian infrastructure and are not bent on conquest. So they won’t over extend themselves.

      • Jasminko Grdic

        What Hezbolah is needed only if the Fight really start are on the wrong side at this moment.
        That are the Inghimasi, this would give the nail in the coffin of Israel defense , because none military power on this world has an Answer to this Attacks, Just like the American didn’t have against the Kamakaze.
        Inghimasi come with a VBIED or alone and make a suicide and result od CHAOS in defense what the regular army can use.
        Only SAA has foundafter year a half solution.

        To bad that Syrian and the Muslim ppl are not all against the real enemy.

        • LR captain

          Hexbollah are not suicide bombers

          also Israel would see VIBID coming and blow it up.

        • zika slika

          dear me this is so tense…you can cut the air with the knife… little bit of tunneling from Gaza conc. camp would help in this such a crucial moment when IDF resources are so stretch to the breaking point that all Israel defense would collapse in a mater of hours so tomorrow Friday prayers will be held in Jerusalem with spirits of Yasser Arafat Ali Hassan Salameh dancing above huge gathering of Hamas and Fatah faction that wrested for power and now happily smoke hasish below western wall…. noz zica srebrenica

          • Ishyrion Av

            you forgot to mention the goat here

          • zika slika

            ok 1 goat for you

          • Ishyrion Av

            an israeli goat?

        • 888mladen .

          Would you like to volunteer?

    • Starlight

      ‘cept the jews that ‘matter’ will be safely out of Israel at that time, just like the jews that ‘mattered’ were long gone from Europe during the time of Hitler- so they could safely stir up the violence that would so help the zionist cause after the war.

      The ‘lesser’ jews are just cannon fodder in the cause of the ‘higher’ jews. And Israel could be bombed flat, yet in two years your taxes and mine would be stolen by jews and used to rebuild Israel bigger and better. It is like how Hitler stated his lack of concern when the allies destroyed German cities, since it allowed him to rebuild them from scratch (if he won the war) without worrying about german protestors trying to save out-dated and out-moded infrastructure.

      So the land stolen by depraved racist jews can be safely ‘sacrificed’ in order to apply the final solution to Iran and co in the safe knowledge the the jewish ‘homeland’ will be quickly rebuilt as a shining beacon while Iran etc remain in ruins for many decades. This is the power of the West.

    • zika slika

      fuck you and fuck Lezboallah and fuck their proxy gay Palestinian bastards! ! we will never forget no do we forgive for 93/94 Arafat blind eye and arms trade with Croatian butchers. Bosnian muslims will vote you out of UN for seat that will never come!!!. rather Zion than Middleeastern gypsies called Palestinians

    • gustavo

      Nonsense, nobody wants a WWIII since USA will respond right away. In fact, this is the main reason why Russia has not shot down any Israel plane.

  • delbertino


  • MOHD.

    What doing Russia in Syria? I thank Russia cooperate with Israel every attack.

    • Manuel Flores Escobar

      I dont think so…surely Russian radars warn SAF…and they only have to switch on their adquisition radars( pantsir, new pechora,Buk) and shot down incoming missiles!…

  • delbertino


  • delbertino


  • Serious

    There always will be a scapegaot : nazism, communism, Russia, Bin Laden, Al Baghdadi, “sonic attacks”, dictators, WMDs, …..

  • World_Eye

    Fucking Zionists, “Israel also vowed recently that it will strike the SyAADF if it launches missiles at Israeli warplanes”, hah yes you fly over Syria and kill in Syria, fly whenever you want bomb whenever you want and Syria will not defend itself and you are still threaning that if Syria Air Defense shoots you, you will retaliate, can you even hear you self you poor stupid Zionistacal motherfucking regime. FUCK OFF already from Syria stop attacking inside Syria, ahhh, the problem is Lebanon, they don’t have Air-defense, you zionists use the Lebanon Air space as it was yours.There is the problem, the Zionists always have to fly over Lebanon to get to Syria.

  • ███████████████

    “Israel also vowed recently that it will strike the SyAADF if it launches missiles at Israeli warplanes.”

    Israel cowardly launches missiles at Syria from over Lebanese airspace (violating the sovereignty of both nations) but how dare Syria defend itself! How dare!

    • Serious

      Christians and Sunnis lebanese support israel. Also, Russia supports israel. Then, israel is using the stupidity of both to do whatever she likes.

      Facts is that if nobody stops you doing something, you can continue.

      People only understand the force option.

      • russ

        Real Christians don’t, only hagee psuedo ones do.

        • Serious

          Dead-end as nobody knows who is real and who is fake when it comes to fairlytale. Everybody think that he is the “real”.

          • Ishyrion Av

            Seriously, you are not real!

          • Serious

            I’m very serious as always. Every christian think that he is the “real” christian. The same for jews and muslims.

            That’s why it’s useless to talk about that.

        • Ariel Cohen

          Many Christians in Lebanon support Hezbollah, especially after they saw the IDF pussies get beaten in the 2006 war, coming home crying like babies . .

      • christianblood

        Christians support Hezbollah in Lebanon as well as in Syria!

  • Rob

    Donald, Jim Mattis, Benjamin and Avigdore are real terror threats to this world. If still world have not stopped them then they should know that they would be next.

  • JEinCA

    Saker is right the Syrians need more Pantsir systems. The Zionists think they have the right to kill whomever they want at will and no one even has the right to defend themselves. That has to change one way or another. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The Zionists need to pay for their crimes.

    • Serious

      It’s known that the best strategy for good cooperations is “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. That’s the best possible cooperation.

      • JEinCA

        Think about it. The Zionists are only overly confident to do what they do in Syria because they’re not takong casualties. If they start taking serious casualties then they’ll either have to back off or intensify in a manner where they will take even more casualties and that may not be popular amongst the average Israeli.

        • Serious

          Exactly. The ones who has the bigger hammer wins. So, the goal is to build a bigger hammer not being beat and wait for mercy.


          • Ishyrion Av

            Smarter one wins. Let’s take an example from your history: David vs Goliat.

          • Serious

            Wrong. Ruthless one wins.

    • Ma_Laoshi

      No. The Saker is starting to get it, but he isn’t quite right. You don’t win the match with a team of eleven goalkeepers. So you flatten the airfield those planes took off from. The ONLY thing that will pressure Bibi in his domestic politics is a couple of dead jews. Then Bibi will phone Moscow “But Vlad, I thought we were friends!” “Friends or not depends on your own behavior, buddy”.

      OK, none of this will actually happen, which means that the Chosen ones will not be confronted with the consequences of their actions. But the latter is how spoiled children will (hopefully, finally) attain adulthood. In the real world, these bombings are probably the new normal. Way to go Vlad, being restrained and all that.

  • Jose

    That’s what Israel wants. Forcing Hezbollah to open another war front this time directly with Israel. Should this happen, Hezbollah would have to divert military forces from Syria to Lebanon, weakening the fight against terrorism in Syria. It is called that, divide to reign.

    • russ

      Exactly they are trying to save their proxies.

    • Dr. Pro Liv

      Jihad is almost defeated. Perhaps it is time for Syrians to get more conscripts for their army now when country is so much liberated. It is time that Syrians fight for Syria and not foreigners…
      What kind of country is that if Iranians and Hezbollah have to die for Syrian freedom all the time?!

  • Serious

    Why should israel stop ?

    I don’t know what people are waiting for.

    israel and USA are the dictators of the world. These dictators and their courtiers are robbing, bullying, killing, raping, … at will. When you live in a dictatorship, the dictator and their courtiers can do whatever. They can come and kill you or whatever.

    Did you ever see a dictator saying “OK. I’m a dictator but I resign.” XD.

    The only way to make understand a dictator what he is is to uprise and expell or kill him. So, there will be blood.

    That’s why I don’t understand people who think that all this will end well.

    • Ishyrion Av

      Israeli armchair general, go and fight a real war yourself. Cause, at this moment, you ask for other people to start a war. Anyone with a brain knows is better to think twice when a paid zionist instigates other nations to start wars…

      • Serious

        Why fighting when stupid idiots can do it for you ??

        • Ishyrion Av

          idiots are less these days…. that’s why you are here, to spread some shit hoping to move the attention elsewhere
          You say Putin is a traitor, but actually your comrads paying you in shekels are shitting in their pants thinking what would happen if Putin stops being mr. nice guy first with Israel….
          that’s why netaniahu was cleaning the dust on Putin’s shoes in Moscow; if I remember correctly, he makes his way to Moscow very often these months!

          • Serious

            Fact. Putin is weak and is israel bitch.

          • Ishyrion Av

            Israel is a bitch, indeed. If Putin would be weak, we would be in the third war already. And the bitch would fuck all of us.

  • Hrky75

    Iran and Hezbollah neither plan nor have enough equipment and military infrastructure in Lebanon and Syria to seriously threaten Israel. And that-s precisely the reason why Israel keeps attacking them. Stabbing people in the back or sniping 8-year-olds throwing rocks is the maximum risk IDF is prepared to take in combat. If Iran decided to set up a real forward base heavily defended by SAMs and supported by medium range SS missiles Jews would be more inclined towards diplomacy. It-s high time someone calls Israeli bluff …

  • Merijn


    America Start Paying Your Debt…. you are Bankrupt….a No Body…. just Go Home Credit Card Masters…Babylonian Money tricksters

  • Drogba

    The mad men in Hell Aviv are at it again,they live for war and thieving,slimey cowards

  • RichardD

    “the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) targeted the Israeli warplanes over Lebanon.”

    If this is true, then the Syrian government coalition is beginning to expand the no fly zone west of the river to Lebanese airspace. Probably in conjunction with the Lebanese government. This would be a test engagement to judge Israeli capabilities to start evaluating and dialing in the equipment necessary to expand the no fly zone, probably over the occupied Golan and perhaps other occupied territories as well. But also to use it to deter NATO attacks east of the river or from the Mediterranean. As part of reestablishing Syrian government administration east of the river,

    I’m expecting Israeli provocations to continue as they get increasingly driven out of airspace that they’ve habitually violated and misused for decades. Starting with Syria and now evidently Lebanon as well. The baby rapers are always trying to misrepresent their crimes as some type of justifiable action, such as in this case where they attacked a Syrian military facility after violating a neighbor’s airspace to commit two crimes at once.

    From an international law perspective. It’s immaterial what any of the claimed targets were being used for if they were being used in a lawful manner. It’s Israel with their criminal occupation of the Golan and other territories that is in violation of international law. Not Syria that has foreign forces on it’s territory in compliance with international law.

    The Jews are always trying to get accomplices to join them in their scofflaw behavior. It’s a standard Jew practice. To make it more difficult to enforce the law against them. Their current effort to get the US to recognize their theft of the Golan as being part of Israel proper is a current example.

    I’m sure that part of the S-200 tracking and targeting upgrades that Syria is reportedly engaged in are classified. But the missile itself is highly capable.

    There is also open source information from credible people with military intelligence backgrounds that Syria already has operational S-300 systems, but hasn’t employed them yet. Wikipedia has reported similar information for some time now:

    “the delivery to the Syrian Arabic Republic of an unknown number of S-300 systems of unknown modification appeared across the space of the Western and Russian Internet approximately a week ago. It has been reported that the systems have been delivered to Syria in the dock for armored vehicles of the large amphibious assault ship “Nikolai Filchenkov” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and unloaded under aerosol screen in order to hide from the watchful eye of the electron complex SYERS-2B/C installed in the rotary turret of the RQ-4B drone “Global Hawk”.

    The new was reinforced by the information from the online traffic monitors about the arrival to the airbase Khmeimim of the heavy transport aircraft AN-124 “Ruslan”, which in 2015 delivered to Syria the first C-400 “Triumf”, as well as the statement by the Syrian ambassador in Russia Riad Haddad that it has been a month since the Syrian Army have had S-300 in its arsenal.

    Nevertheless, in spite of all this disparate information, our military and diplomatic sources and other agencies close to the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of Russia are not in a hurry to announce the transfer to Syria of S300 systems”

    – Syria SITREP: How the Russian General Staff is fooling the US and Israel –


  • zika slika

    IDF launch new SODPO type of missiles. SOHR confirmed that main target of the Israeli airstrikes was Hezbollah and not the SAA or Iranian forces. Hope no SAA or IRG victims.

    @SODPO class missile
    Sniffing Out Dirty Palestinian Only

    • Ishyrion Av

      I thought you were thinking about SOAP missile… To wash the dirt….

  • Rob

    In front of me Trump, Jim, Benjamin and Avigdor are not more than thieves, terrorists and child butchers. They have broken all robbery records of 20th century. If I was a chief justice of this world so today they would be in the prison cells. Benjamin and Avigdor are other two hardcore terrorists that kidnapping children from the streets and holding them hostage. Even not allowing Palestinians to catch fishes in their water for food because then the gas field that Israel have stolen from Palestinians in mediterranean sea will become in danger.

  • You can call me Al

    This is the limit for me – the hooked nosed arrogant bstards (with an a).

    I want Russia to do some diplomatic stuff and warn them in the hardest possible way.

    If they continue, Russia, Iran + others; Netty needs removing + all military bases eliminated, limited or zero civilian casualties.

    ENOUGH RUSSIA NOW. Stop Dicking around.

  • zika slika

    dear me this is so tense…you can cut the air with the knife… little bit of tunneling from Gaza conc. camp would help in this such a crucial moment when IDF resources are so stretch to the breaking point that all Israel defense would collapse in a mater of hours so tomorrow Friday prayers will be held in Jerusalem with spirits of Yasser Arafat Ali Hassan Salameh dancing above huge gathering of Hamas and Fatah faction that wrested for power and now happily smoke hasish below western wall…. but just maybe

  • Starlight

    Putin, the zionist appeaser, greenlights more jewish strikes on innocent Humans- colour me suprised, not!

    The Iran War draws ever nearer (US media companies have cleared their schedules for the week containing the anniversary of 9/11, strongly suggesting Trump will declare war on Iran this September), and Putin will know America’s war plans long before we do. Blair’s strikes on Serbia, a nation even today many Russians describe as their no.1 ally, went unanswered by Russia even as the Chinese paid the ultimate price for assisting the Serbs (Blair ordered massive strikes on the Chinese embassy in Serbia)- so Russia has a recent history of ignoring the pleas of even close friends. And Putin doesn’t even cosider Iran a friend- as he proved when partying with the vile racist scum leader of Israel in the midst of that jewish monster spewing the most demonic hate against the people of Iran and Palestine.

    Putin’s Russia actually assisted in the West’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and supports the Saudi atrocities in Yemen. The West has four depraved client states that define the horrors of the Middle East- Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Israel- and Putin arms and supports each of them.

    We all watched as embedded zionist trolls here who PRETEND to be on our side provided ever excuse to zionist appeaser Putin for refusing to provide s-300 air defense systems to Syria, despite the fact that Putin has offered the s-400 to Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The truth stares you in the face, people. Putin is going to do NOTHING to stop the Iran War, and Putin will do NOTHING to help the people of Iran. In the run up to this war, Putin is giving a free hand to the jews to murder whosoever they wish in Syria.

    • RichardD

      Look at a map, Russia is winning big time. Your anti Russia bashing is foolish and nonsensical.

      • Serious

        Big time to do what ??? XD.

        • RichardD

          Your question doesn’t make sense.

          • Serious

            Why is Putin “bying time” ??? XD. Putin is solding his allies. This is what he is doing. Just wait for Russia to be kicked out of Syria in less than 10 years.

            When you want something, you get it. When you want to loose, you loose.

          • RichardD

            Is English not your first language, or are you experiencing mental issues that impair your ability to communicate in a rational understandable manner, or both?

          • Serious

            Why don’t you anwser the question ???

          • Ishyrion Av

            go to bed, israel troll…

          • RichardD

            Are you capable of asking a question on the topic in a clear, rational, understandable manner? Because if you are, you’ve yet to demonstrate that ability. Your posts sound like they’re written by some deranged crazy person on psychiatric medicine. Are you on psychiatric medicine or suffering from cult brainwashing impairing your ability to think straight?

          • Serious

            Are you able to answer my question ?????

          • RichardD

            I’m not a shrink. Are you capable of asking a question on the topic in a clear, rational, understandable manner? Because if you are, you’ve yet to demonstrate that ability.

          • Serious

            jewish rhetoric. Always creating “rules” not to anwser.


          • RichardD

            I’m not Jewish and I’m not going to attempt to answer twisted nonsensical questions in unintelligible English, which is what your aberrant gibberish is.

        • RichardD

          Is English your first language? You seem to have difficulty expressing yourself in a rational comprehensible manner.

    • hvaiallverden

      I agree upon everything, Starlight, every word.
      Putin is an traitore, the worst of them all, an Lying rat, on an heep of rotten scums running the federation, yeah, I can respect an assh….., but Russians, well, forget them, because when the war comes, they will not flee, but stay, they have the base, ISISrael and Russia probably have already agreed upon an forwar path, where they will not do Russians anything, and then Russians will do nothing, of course Lavrov the Creep will drool something, but we all know He is more of an freak show than anything else.

      And do whine about us not having British as first language ( I am an dyslectic, I write even worse on my native language, my mother tung was forbidden in Norway, up to the 80s and I learned Nors, in between class times, etc), if you dont or cant read it, then bug off with all due respect.
      Again, differentiate, something ignorant shit heads have problems with, Russia, an nation I dont trust at all, when they entered Syria, we belived it was for helping Syria, they did not, and what bloody map are they talking about, when the Imperial Banana Rep, is and have 1/3 of Syrian land, and of course, where the oil is, etc, and then the Turks/Kurds, another people whom I place no trust in what so ever, no matter what, like Egypt, its all about controlling narratives, morons.
      The west/ISISrael will use that, for the coming war, and Turks got back something they claim is theirs, thats why they are in Syria, even when shooting down Russians, even then Puting the Worm did nothing, etc, all the Russians forces, no matter how heroic and I mean it, their graves is been pissed upon by Putin and the even more despecable Lavrov.

      Yeah, Crimea, but when it comes to Palestina, Putin rats, what did they do, expactly the same as Norway, another ZioNazi bitch, blamed Pallestina for everything, and after an decade of blokades, incl Rafa/Egypt, Russia did/stated abolutelly nothing, in fact, the latest attack of the scums oof this earth, confirms everything, and Putin the Worm drooled something about kicking Hezb and Iran out, yeah, forgot of course to mention the Joojos, yeah, right Lavrov, you cant shoot back on the Joojos, huh, we arent anti-semits, right Russia, the Joojos must be able to do whatever they want, right Lavrov the Meek.

      Again, if you want to debate Russia, please do it, go to ZeroHedge and drool along with the Wankees, shit heads like this Taylor Dud or something like that, typical westen talk, beliving their own proganda because they are in fact scums, ignorant shit heads, whom is depressed that Trumpstein didnt slaughter millions more, yeah, kill em all, even in Norway, Trumpstein is an rising star, yeah, kill Iranians, kill em all, and everybody is happy, lies, well, whom the f… cares anymore, even I dont bother to do anything, anymore, we loost, Trumpstein is an raving sicko, and will do whatever the Master tells this Dotard to do.

      Never, I have written it before, never trust Russians, eventually, the Russians exposed them self to my great sorrow, Russia was the last hope, China, and Russia will be gone, 10 years from now, and they are history, and the Wankees, its about corpRats, just bizzenizze, right, Putin, nothing personal.
      Putin/Trump, I cant watch em on the Tube anymore, they make me nauseated, bloody scums, whores and rotten souls, yeah, Iran, never ever trust Russians, they have dumped you times before and will do it again, when the war comes, flees home, with their tail between their legs.


  • Smaug

    This is probably a continuation of the IAF’s policy of hitting the supply convoys between Iran and Syria. And/or they’re hitting something they missed during the last mass airstrikes against pro-Iranian forces.

  • RichardD

    There are upgrades for the S-200 using later S series technology. Some of the information is open source, some of the more advanced upgrades may be classified. Some of which are reported to involve anti-stealth technology.

    “Both Tetraedr and Almaz-Antey are offering digital
    rebuilds of the massive 250 km range S-200VE
    Vega / SA-5 Gammon SAM system, primarily
    involving the 5N62 Square Pair fire control radar
    and 5G24 missile seeker. A hybridisation upgrade,
    which slaves the Square Pair to an SA-20A/B Tomb
    Stone engagement radar is also on offer. …

    APA has defined the following nomenclature for upgrades of legacy Cold War era systems:

    Class 1 Upgrades will involve the replacement of Soviet era electronic, electrical, electro-explosive and mechanical components which are obsoleted and no longer supportable, with current production equivalents. Such upgrades retain the capabilities and limitations of the original design, but extend its service life over the effective service life of the new components.

    Class 2 Upgrades will involve the replacement of Soviet era electronic, electrical, electro-explosive and mechanical components which are obsoleted and no longer supportable, with current production equivalents, plus the replacement of key functional components such as radar receivers, transmitters, signal processors and data processors with modern digital equivalents. Such upgrades expand the capabilities and performance of the system, and more than often impact key EW parameters such as jam resistance, and radar detection range. As the original antennas and scan formats are retained, the design may still retain many of the electronic vulnerabilities of the original.

    Class 3 Upgrades are mobility enhancements of Class 1 or 2 upgrades, where the launchers and often engagement radars are rehosted on new trailers, or rebuilt as fully self propelled units on new built chassis. Such upgrades alter the fundamental regime of deployment and vastly enhance survivability, especially where the mobility upgrade replaces cables with digital radio datalinks, and digital automation shortens deployment and stow times for the system, or the missile battery as a whole.

    Class 4 Upgrades involved hybridisation, where an entirely new engagement radar, and often new acquisition radar, is introduced to fully supplant the legacy Soviet era radars characteristic of the weapon system. A Class 4 upgrade may be performed in parallel with a Class 1, 2 or 3 upgrade on the remaining system components.”

    – Proliferation of
    Advanced Air
    Defence Systems –


  • RichardD

    From 2009:

    – The Collapse of American Air Power:
    High Technology Air Defense Weapons vs Planned US Force Structure –


  • Concerned citizen of the world

    Firstly let us clarify the difference between Jewish & Zionists.

    I am a Muslim. There are Hundreds if not Thousands of Peace Loving Jewish People who gave up their freedom to speak out against the Zionists.

    The Zionists are the Settlers, Racists, Rapists, Murderers, Arsonists. They are have and still continue to carry out crimes against humanity every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year for the last 70 years.

    The Zionists are the fathers, mothers and children of APARTHEID ISISRAEL. They have and still conduct their crimes against humanity with the full blessings and safety of THE ROGUE, MURDERERS, APARTHEID & RACIST U.S. WHITE GOVERNMENT.




    Their time is drawing closer to the end. I have fought against apartheid and it was brought onto its knees and destroyed.



    • potcracker2588

      sorry but u are not correct…ZIONISM is a word invented by the jews as a scapegoat for the gojim.
      One cannot be a zionist without being a jew and believing in the TALMUD.
      Talmud ” all non jews are GOJIM, all non jewish women are whores”
      Ask any JEW(those that call themselves jew) in the world if he believes in the state of israel, if he believes in the talmud…and u will get 100% answer YES YES YES
      The talmud are the teachings of satan arihman.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      one day you wake up to reality.

  • potcracker2588

    ty starlight
    i´ve been s wriitng it day in day out.
    Its the jew agenda for a one world government under jewish satanic leadership.
    Putin, just like usa, eu, china etc….. are all into the agenda.
    Stop making a mockery out of YOURSELFS, putin is controlled by jews.just like all others.
    and i´m tired of the childish comments here about ” hye asshole…putin saved syria …etc…”
    Our world is run by jew satanic circles…in the so called christian western nations its freemasonhood.Freemasonhood is a 100% kabbala jewish organization.I quote .The jewish tribune of new york, oct. 28, 1927 ” masonry is based on judaism.Eliminate the teachings of judaism from the masonic ritual, and what is left?nothing.Without the kabbala there would be no masonic ritual”

    I know that ye are Abrahams seed, but ye seek to killl me. because my word hath no place in you”-john 8-37-39
    They answerded and said unto him, Abraham is our father.Jesus said unto them, if ye were Abrahams children, ye would do the works of Abraham.-john 8-37-39

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.HE WAS A MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING AND ABODE NOT IN THE TRUTH, BECAUSE THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM.When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: FOR HE IS A LIAR, AND THE FATHER OF IT-john 8:44

    For he is not a jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh-romans2:28-29
    I know the blasphemy of them which say they are “jews”,and are not,but are the synagogue of SATAN-revelation 2:9
    But he is a jew,which is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart,in the spirit,and not in the lettter;whos praise is not of men but of god-romans2:28-29

    Behold i will make them of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, which say they are jews and are not,but do lie; behold I will make them come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee-Revelation 3:9

    WHO IS A LIAR BUT HE THAT DENIETH THAT JESUS IS THE CHRIST?He is antichrist, that denieth the father and the son-John 2-22

  • US-Navy Revert Shia

    You all can fuck yourself, Every Scumbag Coward who ever lived got the end of a Sword right were they (((((are BREATHING)))))) All scum will die a “Miserable Wretchedly Death” to live in HELL FOREVER, Not one can fight ALLAH-(SWT) NO FUCKING ONE https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1f28cec618d8fed8d6c91553ab3e7fa075dba8093a53101088d9f7e8224cb1a2.jpg

  • potcracker2588

    and now southfront starts erasing comments about the jewish control of our planet…….interesting

  • temujin1970

    I hope they shot down the chosenite warmongers.

  • peter

    All aroud the world must pushing Israeli returning Golan highland and Palestine land , robbery by Jews .If no,never will peace between arabs and jews .

  • Spit

    5/25/18 5/25/18the new rules: We also store the comments

  • Spit

    Let them have this.

    When the Brothers of the holy cross break through just once, the enemy will suffer losses 10-30 times more.

  • gustavo

    Syria must start shooting down plans, not only missiles. WHat is the problem ? Why haven’t you done that ?