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Israeli Warplanes Strikes Hamas’ Naval Positions Following Rocket Launch From Gaza


Israeli Warplanes Strikes Hamas' Naval Positions Following Rocket Launch From Gaza

F-16I “Sufa” Photo by: Maj. Ofer

In the late hours of on August 21, unknown Palestinian gunmen launched a rocket from the Gaza Strip at nearby Israeli settlements.

The rocket, which apparently landed in an empty area, didn’t cause any material losses. However, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) responded by striking several naval positions of the Hamas Movement on Gaza’s coast.

“In response to the rocket fired from Gaza to Israel, we just struck a number of military targets in a Hamas naval facility in the northern Gaza Strip,” the Israeli military said on Twitter.

Following the Israeli airstrikes, a second projectile was launched from Gaza at the Israeli Eshkol Regional Council. The projectile also landed in an empty area causing no damage what so ever.

Last week, four rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip. However, the Israeli military limited its response to few pinpoint airstrikes on Hamas positions.

Both the Israeli and Palestinian sides are not apparently interested in a large-scale military confrontation. While Hamas is struggling to deal with the economic difficulties in Gaza, Tel Aviv is preparing for a second round of elections.

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