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JUNE 2021

Israeli Warplanes Strike Hezbollah Convoy In Syria’s Zabadani – Israeli Media

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Israeli Warplanes Strike Hezbollah Convoy In Syria's Zabadani - Israeli Media

FILE PHOTO: Israeli F-15 fighter jet © Reuters

The Israeli Air Force has struck and destroyed a convoy of Hezbollah in the area of the Syrian town of Zabadani, near the country’s border with Lebanon, the Israeli media reported citing Syrian opposition sources.

The incident allegedly took place on on January 10 and resulted in killing of 16 Hezbollah members.

No photos or videos have been provided to confirm these claims. The Hezbollah-linked meida have not commented on the issue yet.

On January 9, the Syrian Defense Ministry said that its air defense forces had thwarted a missile attack of Israel’s army and air force in the Damascus countryside hitting a warplane and shooting down 3 missiles. MORE DETAILS HERE

The intensification of the Israeli military actions in Syria is likely linked to the recent developments in the province of Idlib where the Syrian Arab Army and its allies are pressuing the so-called opposition in the area of Abu al-Duhur.

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Looks like Israel has entered the war as terrorists’ air Force.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israels action would amount to an act of war and Israel won’t put their asses in a sling right now as they would have to go it alone.


Looks like their agenda after losing the war is to secure the area under SDF as the next round after Sochi would be a big fight if Kurds stay with US.

There will big a very major war , just watch as there is no chance Syria will allow US to stay in Syria and neither Russia will allow it so near to their bases not to say Iran and turkey

There is no other ways now .

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US was supposed to have endorsed the Iraqi-Kurds , look what happened there a total no show. This is just talk as no one would be sane enough to endorse the Kurds as they are less than 20% in the region and the YPG is a terrorist linked group to the PKK. All of these things say no chance of gaining any traction.

The land bridge they fear links all the countries opposed to intervention in the middle east and it starts at China and ends in Beirut.


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The Kurds need to milk the Washington Barbarians of everything but a red-hot stove then jump ship before it’s too late.


The US has a history of engaging and then abandoning Kurdish groups – as with using them as forward point during Iraq War 1.0. The current SDF occupation of Raqqa and east Deir Ezzore, out to Iraqi border, is politically and culturally unsustainable. The Kurds have no historical claims to these traditional Arab areas – there are no Kurdish cities, no Kurdish monuments etc there, none. What this means then, is that the US is essentially using the SDF to forcibly occupy Syrian territory – including 40% of Syria’s hydrocarbon resource fields – with intent to attempt to blackmail the Syrian leadership to try and force concessions from them, despite US being locked out of the Russian brokered Sochi talks. Due to the failure of the US sponsored FSA, and post 2015 roll back of the HTS factions, the Kurds are simply the only tool available for exploitation by US inside Syria – and the US’ geo-strategic goals remain the same – regime change – though US officials always refer to ‘a transition of power’ when demanding Syrian regime change.


I know, I go back as far as the Kurds being ratted on in the 70s.

Jeff Lewin

Not so much.

Under the previous President, Syria organized one of the largest armies in the world, although, by 2014, the SAA was down to <35% of its 2009 strength.

The Syrian Arab Air Force is relatively smaller, and not as state of the art, as both the Coalition and Israeli aviation. It does not have the capability of countering either Coalition, or Zionist, air power.

Meanwhile, the USAF and USN still have the ability to move more aircraft from other bases to the Middle East.

Syria's Russian allies have never deployed aircraft in sufficient numbers to counter either the Coalition, or the Zionist, aviation in this theater.

While Iran, with is sizable surface-to-surface missile arsenal, has expressed a willingness to enlist in a prospective conflict between Syrian and the US-led Coalition, Russia's mandate in Syria has been to fight terrorists, and there is no guarantee that the Russians will enlist if war breaks out either between Syria & the Coalition nations, or between Syria and the Zionists, and their modest deployment of aircraft would not seem to indicate that they are preparing for a confrontation with either the Coalition states, or with the Zionist terrorists.

While I, personally, am not thrilled by these realities, notwithstanding their progress in air defenses, Syrian commanders and political leaders know their country is still vulnerable to possible concentrated air attacks by either Zionist, or Coalition, aviation, or both.

Realistically, the Syrians do not want to undergo the kind of devastation unleashed on Iraq in 1990-91 and from 2003-2011.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well let’s look at how determined the Coalition is as a whole , they all have differing ideas to Washington’s as we already see this continuing trend. The Russians will involve themselves if the US try use the same methods as Libya and Iraq, we already see a strong will to resist US presence in the region, as they are asking them to leave. The last time the US stepped up it’s presence resulted in the creation of ISIS and Islamist factions linked to Al Qaeda. This is not a good policy by the US as these groups were backed directly or indirectly. The possibility of this expanding and including other nations on Syria’s side could be a big incentive to have most of the Coalition hesitant as they are not in the regime change business. So you will see a greatly reduced number of western participants. The US is speaking unilaterally again and still need to talk to others as they are not fully on board with everything. The front you see is a limited facade coming from the west and not a real one with intent, like Turkey more bluff and gruff than being Tuff.

Jeff Lewin

Not sure what to expect from IMCTC Coalition member Jordan, or even if they have any official position regarding the attempted regime change in Syria. Some non-corporate media sources I follow are suspecting that the monarchy in Jordan is being subjected to extortion by the zionist+western sponsors of regime change.


The decision to shoot these terrorist filth out of the sky is fraught with danger but the day is coming when Russia or China or both are going to confront US terrorist brinkmanship. Giving the zionist antisemites something to think about is a good place to start.

Cheryl Brandon

Well, what can you expect from a Kleptocratic terrorist autorcratc corrupt state built on the blood of Palestinians?


As more and more areas liberated from Zionist Zombies, so so much Israeli settlers cry.

You can call me Al

Settlers or bastards ?


Settler Bastards ?

You can call me Al

LOL bingo


Yes that word much better suit them.


Colonialist bastards


The West cannot really be surprised now if Hezbollah is able to obtain air defence weapons that can challenge the illegal actions of Israel. :)


WHY does EVIL ALWAYS WIN…..at least in the SHORT Term !

Remember that the “Short Term”, judging by History, and UNIVERSAL time,can be, at least a 1000 years, more or less. A tiny blip , even on Earth’s existence scale

The REASON is very simple – It is EASIER and CHEAPER to DESTROY and MURDER, than it is to BUILD and CREATE, by Psychopaths. Of course they receive a lot of unintentional assistance by Religious FOOLS, who insist on waiting for their imaginary “God” to come to their aid.

Psychopaths love that because it makes their “job” of Destroying ,Enslaving and SLAUGHTERING much easier, knowing their victims will just accept their “fate” .

It is all being repeated today, in places, like, but not limited to Syria, if you have the DISCERNMENT to recognize the DIFFERENCE between WINNING BATTLES and WINNING the WAR.

We are witnessing “WAR by DECEPTION” at its finest

CHAOS is its name.

Slaughter and Destruction is its GAME


Israel attacking a convoys of armed men, under whatever flag, that vowed to attack and destroy Israel and its civillians.

Killing is never something to be glad about, something many commenters here never learned, but better armed men vowed to kill civillians than civillians themselves.

chris chuba

Hezbollah hasn’t fought Israel since 2006, there is no vow to kill every single Israeli. All of their preparations are defensive in nature to keep Lebanon from being invaded again and to eventually be able to dissuade Israel from free range bombing.

Samuel Boas

Get a life you israel sympathiser. Israel should not be in Syria.

Igor Dano

israel should not exist.
not on zionist basis.


Just why you guys never failed to talk about others wanting to kill Isrealis and not about Israelis wanting to kill others?

Facts say the latter is true. Hez in Syria were not attacking Israel , so why attack them? They are killing your Terrorists friends is true.

So your post about Hez wanting to kill Israelis is so lame.

It is proven beyond doubt that you guys’ logic are sooooo stupid


The jewish organisations that control the Liberal, Labour and Conservative parties in the UK all say they ain’t ‘zionist’, yet offer full support to Israeli CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Look at other major jewish groups across the planet- same thing.

Of course Southfront, having been fully compromised by infiltration, only reports jewish terrorist ‘victories’. Stories the jews want supressed, Southfront does NOT cover, like the jewish atrocities ongoing against non-jews in Palestine. The name Ahed Tamimi is banned on this site, for instance.

Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, N Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan are all places where zionist terror of the most murderous forms can occur with ZERO blowback to jewish masters behind such demonic acts. Jews murdered as many leading Iraqi intellectuals as possible after Blair’s invasion of Iraq, for instance.

Putin will have given Israel direct assistance for the latest terror strike in Syria if the report is true. This is a TRUTH too few on our side will face.

Syria, Iraq and Iran educate(d) their people and actually MADE things- this made them a existential enemy of the jews. The wahhabi states NEVER make anything- notice that? Their entire wahhabi society is based on foreign talent and foreign imports- just the way the jews want it.

Look at how the major target in Mosul leveled by the Americans was the UNIVERSITY. The jews sent the wahhabis into Mosul in the first place to give cause to the EXTERMINATION of all facilities of HIGHER LEARNING there.

When the jews holocaust Gaza every few years, the main target is the intellectual infrastructure. To reduce the survivors to helpless subsistance peasants wholly dependent on outside assistance.

The idea that Lebanon has native people of industry and talent who may successfully resist a jewish Holocaust of that nation sometime in the future sickens the jews of Israel to the core of their demonic souls. The jews want helpless slave states around Israel and nothing else.

Hezbollah will use the tactic of STALKING HORSES so the depraved jewish terrorists have something to focus on while in the background Hezbollah gets on with the business of arming Lebanon as best as they can against further acts of jewish atrocity. Sadly this means many lives will be sacrificed to the jewish butchers in the name of ‘overt’ action hiding the real ‘covert’ plans.

PS America is now openly saying it has the intention of using small nuclear warheads in future conflicts against non-nuclear opponents. You’ll notice I have been pointing this out for some time now.

leon mc pilibin

Their greater israhell project is going down the tubes,,its panic stations now,striking out like a frightened RAT.


Diverting attention from Netanyahoo’s domestic difficulties might make the next few weeks a bit adventurous.

Cheryl Brandon

David Ben Gurion/David Greuen born 500 miles from Minsk, famous quote, “ In our
relations with the USA., we have a Fifth Column whereas in our dealings with
USSR they have a fifth column here”(Israhell) So, here a fact sheet about the
most influential Fifth Columners and their organisations and their methods.

Emma Lazurus 1849-1889 –poet and Shephardic/American Jew
early Zionist but. Later came into vogue with Theodor Herzl.. Flag for Israel was created in Boston in 1891.

President Grover Cleveland POTUS appointed his First Jewish
Ambassador to Turkey a muslim populated country in 1887. Ottoman Turkey was
like a ”Quasi Jewish domain” in heart of Ottoman Government business. President
Cleveland actually set a new pattern which ended only in 1917. According to Dr Max Nordau, “most Americans in
the USA were anti Zionists”.

Franklyn D Roosveltt appointed Oscar Straus to his cabinet.
(Oscar’s brothers owned Macys Department Stores) This is what he had to say
about this appointment. “ Straus has been appointed on the basis of
“merit/ability alone” The fact that he was jewish played no part in his
decision”This off course wa s alie. Jacob Schiff a wealthy Jewish business
later contradicted the PORTUS and said that, “ Roosvelt had sought his advice as to who would be the most
suitable and eminent Jewish Leader to appoint to his cabinet”. See David G
Dalin 2004.

World Zionist Conference (1904) in Basel invited 4
americans to the conference; Role to report back to USA to pressure and help
swing opinions from anti to pro Zionists.

Federation of “American” Zionists/FAZ formed in 1898 in NY.
Later renamed itself the Zionists Organisation of “America”.

1910; 20,000
Zionists had gained effect cause American politician started taking an interest
due to their ideas.

1918; that number rose to 10 times 200,000
Zionists.-increasing influence in Congress.

USA State Department was not sold on the Zionist ideas.
They thought the following “ Zionism was bad to both USA interests and
principles” They were right. See Richard P Stevens 91962); American Zionism and
USA Foreign policy 1942-1947

Dean Acheson echoed similar viewpoints. Dean Acheson warned
that, “Creating Israel on land already occupied by Palestinians would imperil
both American AND ALL Western interests in the region”.Despite warnings such as
this one, President Harry Truman supported establishing a Jewish state on lands
primarily inhabited by Muslims and Arab Palestinians.

Reminder at this time when Harry Truman was being bribed
with $2,000,00 of jewish money; The situation not even talked baout; Palestine
was already inhabited by a population
93-96% Arabs and they owned 99% of the land. See Walid Khalidi;
Institute of Palestine Studies 1971;Haven to conquest; readings in Zionism

Harry Truman received $2,000,000 in a paperbag which was
put on his campaign train so, he became a political whore and servant of Israel
and American jews. He also appointed a staunch Zionist American Ambassador
James Mac Donald to 1948 Israel.His first mission was get USA government to arm
Israel heavily so he lied and said that, “Russian/USSR was trying to influence
the first Israehelli elections in 1949”;Has anything actually ever changed.
This was at teh time when the JEWS were receiving tons of soviet bloc countries
arms and heavy weaponry. Did they say anything? No, they allowed the new
Ambassador to lie on USSR, on their behalf.

2 Rich Fith Columners ; Abe
Feiberg and ed Kaufman jewelry store owner.Abe Feinberg was associated with NY
apparel manufacturing Kayser/Roth-Americab Bank Trust Company which he sold to
Israel Bank Leumi in 1978/Bottling Coproration Israel/Construction Company/ He was also chairman the Development
Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds/ Weizman of Science based in Israel. So, he
and Ed could afford their political whore Harry Truman


Antisemite dickhead.

Cheryl Brandon

Wrong pro Jew dickhead: I am anti greedy /avaricious/lying Jew person Semetic is the heading for the group of languages including arabic. Ethoipians/ Arabs/persian speak semetic languages. So, Mr idiot, you cannot be anti a language! Read well before you use words you do not understand! Call me anti Jew and, I will be ok with that! Ok


Persians speak a Indo European language.


“Attrition” …You loose. The response of a sad Zionist zombie. People with your attitude must simply be defeated, and you are certainly in the fast lane of defeat. Having Trump as your vassal is like being in the back seat of a Maserati traveling at 120 mph with no breaks heading to a reinforced concrete wall. Could happen to a nicer guy. Shalom.


I’m an anarchist you ignorant antisemite dickhead.


Many years ago I am visit Zabadani,there was lovely place.Condensation line of Izraeli planes was 80 km far.Today attacking Syrian soverenity.With dement ill Trump are jewish heros !


How to start and where to start.
The people in the world are getting smarter day by day … so if Israel,USA,NATO or any other nation if they believe that we the earth population we will just put our arm In our pockets and don’t defend our countries they just lie themselves.
You know if in America will start a war and they will taste the same pain like other countries probably they won’t kill anymore innocent people or start a war for own interests. In the end all will come back to the countries that starts wars.
I don’t wish the same pain but how can you make them understand..???


Gonna offer reward to who will kick the ass of these zionist terrorists

Simon Gould

I doubt this actually happened, considering the source. The Jews know that there would be severe repurcussions.


Cut the “Jews” crap. The Jewish are victims of Zionism and the Zionists, and nothing more. They are the human shields. In many ways they have become zombies of the Zionists.

Don't read butthurt replies

I can’t wait for the day that Israel gets nuked/bombed, but I’d rather see their subhuman terrorist soldiers get dropped, one by one by Hezbollah/Iran or a Palestinian guerrilla.

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