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Israeli Warplanes Launch Missiles On Scientific Research Center In Northern Damascus (Maps, Videos)


Israeli Warplanes Launch Missiles On Scientific Research Center In Northern Damascus (Maps, Videos)

Click to see the full-size map

Following the collapse of ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate, Israel has intensified its acts of agression against the Syrian government.

On December 5. Israeli warplanes launched missiles on scientific research center in the area of Jumraya in northern Damascus. According to the Syrian state-run media, Syrian air defense systems intercepted three of the missiles. The rest of the missiles (according to various reports 3 or 4) hit the target.

The air-defense missiles launch:

The Israeli missiles hit the scientific research center:

On December 4, alleged Israeli warplanes conducted airstrikes on the Dumair Airbase. According to reports, the airstrikes hit the radar installation and destroyed it.

On December 2, the Israeli military launched between 4 and 6 long range ground-to-ground missiles from its positions in the Golan Heights on targets in the district of al-Kiswah south of Damascus. 3 of the missiles were downed by the Syrian Air Defense Forces.

The Israeli strikes in Syria since January 2016:

Israeli Warplanes Launch Missiles On Scientific Research Center In Northern Damascus (Maps, Videos)

Click to see the full-size map



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  • MD Ranix

    saudi=israhell=main funders of terrorism=sore losers

    • Bolter10

      Sore losers can still mess up the whole country.

      • Esther

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    • Freespirit

      How many strikes by Israel will it take to convince people of Israels true intent?

      When will all people realize that ISRAEL needs to be DEALT with, once and for all and NOT by “Quiet Patience” or “Peace Offerings” or “Doing the Same thing over and over again and EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS”

      Israeli Zionist ASHKENAZI are PSYCHOPATHIC and do NOT want PEACE. There is good reason they have been removed and/or BANNED form over 109 lands on this planet and we are seeing it staring us in our faces.

      They want DOMINANCE at any cost …. to OTHERS !

      • Don Machiavelli

        They will, history teach us that those ( civs, nations, tribes ) who kill and steal end up badly and they never last long.

        • Freespirit

          BECAUSE people finally DO SOMETHING ……..IT does not happen by magic as religious fools believe it will

          Cause and Effect -NATURAL LAW

          • Don Machiavelli

            Yes, things will change Israel lives on borrowed time.

          • Rollo10

            The problem is, most western Governments are controlled by the Zionists! Certainly US & UK are, as is the majority of EU nations, inc France & Germany!
            If we are to defeat them we need to unite as one across the board. I think you’ll find this is the real reason for ‘troops’ in Europe, not to threaten Russia!

      • Roseann

        Notice NOT one word of this on our JU ed up media. Never do they say a word

        • Freespirit

          Of course BUT what is more important, is that THOSE who do see rare comments like mine are still doing NOTHING but complaining , over and over again AND that I find THAT more important and predictive of the SLAVERY and Genocide we are approaching

          Nothing wore than Good INFORMED people DOING NOTHING

    • Rob

      What goals Israhell have not achieved by HTS, FSA, ISIS etc for those goals Israhell terrorists themselves came forward. Before Israhell said that this is Syrian civil war but actually this was not Civil war. This was American and Israhell covert operation to destabilize whole Middle East region.

      In this 5th generation war more innocent people killed than a couple of nuclear weapons.

  • Ernie Gabo

    good job Israel! terminate all treats on your surrounding area including the presence of iranians and hesbollah fighters/military assets in the syrian region.

    • andy l

      The only threat is Zio warmongers like Israel – all the aggression is coming from here not Syria

      • Ernie Gabo

        nope! you got it wrong, all the surrounding country around Israel except Jordan want to wipe-out Israel for good! it is only natural for Israel to act ahead with its enemies. the arab-spring is the best chance of Israel to be save from annihilation from this muslim coutry. the syrian arab-spring is the worst of its kind and the Syrian really needs unity to stop the madness of its own people. it is easy to solve the war in Syria. if you want to know, just be-friend me and i will tell you!

        • Rafik Chauhan


        • Justin

          So then North Korea should destroy the USA with nukes?

          So then Palestinians should destroy / kill the Israeli invaders?

          What are ur thoughts on Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and how they have not just taken over their lands, but have even populated and settled into the lands that were agreed to be left for Palestinians!

          Would u assume that since Israel controls the Gaza Strip (a refugee camp for Palestinians in Palestine) then the Palestinians have the right to re-emptively (as u have just illustrated) attack Israeli govt or settlers?

          Well guess what they do but Israel punishes them back 10times worse!

          OK so since we can find common ground on the Israeli / palestinian situation, would it then not be prudent to say that Syrians or Lebanese support the Kurds and therefore have the right to defend themselves or perhaps ARM up in case they are next? Or perhaps pre-emptively attack Israel in self defence since Israelis occupying their lands (UN resolution 242)

          so what I am saying is, can’t the same thing be said in return?

          • Ernie Gabo

            your opinion is hallow! with regard to your terms on North Korea don’t go far, it’s different story their. the solution in North Korea is regime change and once the regime is change then unite the north and south korea.

            from the beginning the Israel land belongs to Palestine but God give the land to Israel. if you have problem with that then go and ask the Lord God not me.

            Palestine is on the edge of gaining Palestinian estate but the left wing sabotage the Arafat’s hardworked. the UN is not keen on giving the Palestinian state because it doesn’t seem to meet the criteria. Palestinian people should be united first and not divided and present a complete structure of government. as of these moment none is visible yet for Palestinian state.

            When you are attacked by Israel, then you will say you have the right to defend. Of course you have all the right, but the problem is muslim should stop wiping the Israel coz’ aint gonna happen. Why? Because Israel is the cradle of Christian faith. If you destroy it, you are destroying the faith of Christian Countries. Just don’t touch Israel, and you have your peace. I am not a zionist of what others calls me, but only my sole opinion. after all, we have all the freedom of speech.

          • Simon Gould

            Israel is doomed – Hezbollah is a bigger threat than Syria so why not attack them? Oh, that’s right, they would annhialate you.

          • Just another Israeli troll.
            Nothing new here!

          • Justin

            Ernie my man, why did u go there??

            “from the beginning the Israel land belongs to Palestine but God give the land to Israel. if you have problem with that then go and ask the Lord God not me.”

            For real? You gonna pull this “god” shit on us? Really?
            U do realise isis kills children and women and non-believers for god too right?
            All these “god said so” religions are the problem don’t u agree?

            Are we at the stage where u are going to say to e that the Jew are right and the muslims are Wrong? Or… the Christians are right and the Jews are temporarily blinded?

            Which one are u going to choose if we are to say who has the DIVINE right?
            It seems u have chosen Israeli Jews but I’m starting to think u are a christian and therefore a Zionist Christian who also believes in the building of the 2nd and 3rd temples for the holiest of holies where the dome of the rock stands! right?
            That has to be destroyed for Israel to get that back too?
            And u think that won’t start a war with the Muslims? But you’re going to give that your “approval” because its god’s will also? But its not Allah’s wilfor the Dome of the rock to be destroyed!

            So if it all comes down to god who gets the right to destroy and who’s gonna stop the world war?

            Dude, u went OVER THE EDGE!

            You went total retard and EVERYONE KNOWS u don’t go Full retard!
            Also, the UN has stated clearly that the West Bank is 100% Palestinian land! Even Israel agrees to this yet they still settle that area. People receive letters to move and they don’t! So who is right and who is wrong? Who is instigated wars when they are breaking agreements made between them and the UN?

            Tell me why doesn’t a country have the right to counter attack its invaders?

            Pre 1948 Palestine was Palestine, in fact they never harmed the Jews nor were they involved in the world war, yet Britain said “ok the Jews can golive in Palestine” as u know the Palestinians said “no, we have had this land for 2000 years, even 4000 years if u include the Philistines” but Israeli Jews almost wiped them out completely! Who came to help the Palestinians?
            The ENTIRE middle east was against this! Why aunt their concerns met?

            Isn’t it true that the Jews were punished for their sins and thats why the land of Israel was taken off them and Solomons temple was destroyed? I learned that as a Catholic Christian!

            I guess we now live in a world where if someone invades ur country (whom u never hurt or attacked) that its not OK to try to defend urself! Its also OK for the invaders to create Refugee camps and bomb u or shoot u when u throw stones at them! If u make a home made missile then they will drop 300lb bombs on u and ur neighbours!

            They can brake any and all agreements and also take MORE land and settle in areas they agreed they wouldn’t!

            Lets keep in mind the Palestinians are Sunnis yet Iran and Hezbollah are Shiia (mainly)! Yet Shiia and Sunni’s are supposed to hate each other but in the matter of Palestinians they are willing to defend them!
            Tell me how can a people (the jews) go through such a things as “the holocaust” et take over a sovereign country and kill its resisters and imprison them whilst taking over their lands?

            For YOU it comes down to God!
            Why doesn’t it come down to just Morals, ethics, fairness and good will?

            Ernie, I think youre an idiot dude!
            I think you’re brain washed, your a fool, you’re a hypocrite and u seem to contradict urself a lot!

            I think its very EASY to place your own opinions back onto u until we find out that u are truly biased until u finally say “its God’s will” Which puts u smack bang in the same seat as ISIS!

            Because even the Jewish Talmud says to kill all gentiles, use them like animals while jews can sit and eat, its ok to bed a 12 yo gentile or even take her into your bed against her will!

            Do u support this?
            Do u Ernie?
            Tell me the truth, do u SupportJewish Beliefs?
            Tell me what the difference is between “convert or die” and “Kill all Gentiles, even the best o them”!

            To be honest the ISIS / Muslim phrase sounds more fair than the Jewish one! At least u get a choice to live or die, with the Jews their is NO Choice!

            Ernie, u disappoint me! U went with the “god’s will” bullshit which is the whole fucking problem dude!

            Thats why this entire mess exists along with greed, money and power and here u are throwing fucking fuel on the flames!

            Why Ernie?
            When did u abandon critical thinking and just throw in with the invisible man?
            So u actually believe whole heartedly that Jonah lived in the belly of a whale for 90 days huh? Seriously?
            And u want us to accept ur comments on this site as fair and logical?

            Ernie,your an idiot dude and u are not part of the solution u are actually part of the problem!
            U are no different to them (isis)! U believe in god’s will so be it who ever it hurts or however unfair! it just is what it is and all for the invisible man of which we know about because a human being wrote it down in a book!

            Paul the apostle wasn’t even around when Jesus was!
            Jesus aunt even Christian, he was aJewish Rabbi!

            I mean WTF Earnie?
            U need to go to a religious site dude! U can’t be here!
            There is no god talk here dude, we are against “Allah’s will, muhamaads will, Johova’s will, Jesus will, and al that crap”!

            U answered what needs to be done! All religious people need to go!

          • Joe Kerr

            God? Ah yes, the God card… deftly played by Netanyahu for the poor suckers who believe in comic books. Here’s a quote from your comic book: John 8:44 “You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”

          • Roseann

            And the Synagogue of Satan

          • Joe

            First and foremost stop using God’s name for your greed.

            The world does not work that way.

            Now can you tell me which Arab country has attacked Israel proper other than the Yom Kippur War where Sadat defeated the Israelis to take back Sinai until US intervened with fresh pilots, planes and tanks shipped right into the battlefield surrounding the Egyptians?

            So far it has been Israel attacking the Arabs !!! tell me I am wrong and you dare to talk about all Arabs want to wipe out Israel .

            Look into the mirror who are the aggressors and land grabber

          • Roseann

            That’s so funny ..God disbursed the Jews because of their evil materialistic ways …not to mention they killed his SON …Those who do not have the son do not have the father ..((( they))) are the anti Christ.

          • Ernie Gabo

            you got it wrong Madam, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ is long been planned before the world is born. the covenant of God to Israel cannot be broken by twisting all ideas and ideology. you know that. you don’t just accept it. God said “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. So why kill Israel?

          • Rollo10

            “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. So why kill Israel?”

            Israel don’t go in for ‘practicing what they preach’?

          • Roseann

            Amen brother, Jews are huge anti Semites ..since they have NO semetic DNA and the Palestinians are 90% Semitic …oh snap another big fat lie like the “chosen people” who would choose the group of people that wish to rule the world with usury and make mankind their slaves …Oh yea God said it best the “synagogue of Satan”

          • Roseann

            You like to mix a lot of snippets don’t you? No one is killing Israel and the Israel God speaks of is the spiritual one not the land stolen from the Palestinians via an agreement made with the head devil Rothchild (Balfour) The Khazars (Jews) are of European and Mongul stock and came from Ukraine…yet Palestinians are true Semites that possess Hebrew DNA and are displaced and murdered by the Jew squatters on their land.

          • Roseann

            Beware of false profits,Ye shall know them by their fruits ..think about it the same people who wish to control the world thru usury, Banking, perversion, drugs, mind control TV and Hollywood, alcohol…guess you can’t figure it out right.. according to their Holy Talmud (satanism) Jesus is boiling in his own excrement and Mary is a whore ..Sound righteous to you?

          • Rollo10

            North and South were united, until America, driven by Zionist greed, attacked them in 1953! Why is the answer always regime change, why not Regime Change for US & Israel, it would be a lot cheaper all round! So far we have circa 200m deaths from these ‘skirmishes’! That’s quite a lot more than the population of Israel and over 50% of America.

          • Roseann

            God gavith the land then TOOK IT AWAY..why? Cause the “Jews” defied him,they refused to change their greedy rotten ways ..(some things never change)

            and HELLO! KILLED his SON ..then he disbursed them

          • Ernie Gabo

            nice try… just read more, you just stop in what makes you comfortable.

          • Roseann

            You are really funny!

        • ruca

          Later ZioPig

          • Ernie Gabo

            nice try!

        • Solomon Krupacek

          jwes are foreign element in ME. always were. read the old testament.

          • Ernie Gabo

            you just stop in 1 sentence to justify that you are right. i read that. but God said “I will give you the land of milk and honey” that is the land of Palestine. so if you don’t agree to what the God wants? then go to war with God and not to Israel. it’s just a common sense. will you?

          • Solomon Krupacek

            2 sentences:

            i am god. you are nothing.

          • Ernie Gabo

            nice try! dream on!

        • Rollo10

          And why DO these nations want to wipe Israel out?
          Is it because Israel have intentions to do like wise to these nations and in fact have waged war already on these nations? They had their arse kicked twice in Lebanon by Hezbollah recently, this is why they attack from afar. Israel will not allow any nation to live in peace, as it wants to dictate, world wide!

    • Joe

      Hello terrorists supporter,
      Currently Syria is in the midst of getting rid of terrorists and have not threatened Israel
      So why you cheer?
      The soldiers are dying for you and I (maybe not you)

      Let Assad finish off the terrorists first , then shout all you want

      • Ernie Gabo

        nope! i’m not a terrorist supporter. and quit calling Israel a terrorist. Syria has long been threatening Israel. In fact they have engage in many wars, just google it will you? Assad is a failure, even with the help of Russians, Hesbollah, and Iran. Syrian Sunnis and Muslim Brotherhood have already ink hatred to alawites and the alawites fall short of population. guess what will happen? a never ending war in Syria. All Assad to do is have a regime change. let democracy prevail and let the Syrian people live in peace and harmony and start building all the destroyed houses, buildings, livelihoods.

        • Joe

          I did not say Israel is a terrorist.
          But everyone in the world will agree that Israel is a terrorist supporter . In fact anyone who kills Assad’s soldiers or any soldier today killing terrorists is surely a terrorist supporter.

          When your statement surely qualify you as such …. a supporter no less.

          This is plain logic.

          Now do you know that Assad was the only Arab leader willing to have peace treaty with Israel ?

          When you occupy their land you expect Assad to be friendly with you ? Get real .

          In fact , Assad crime is to support Hezbollah which in turn was formed to defent Lebanon.

          Which part Syria hurts Israel other then the normal wars to get back their land aka Golan. In fact Assad had been quite inactive to do such and now surely Assad needs friends like Iran with the common goal of fighting terrorists..

          You are sooooo naive about Assad to have regime change . Do you know that Assad is the best Arab leader that protects all faiths? without Assad and as Israel loves ISIS to take over , Christians would not exist there .

          My foot that to prevail let democracy prevail as though Syria is not a democracy as it has free elections . In fact most Syrians would vote for Assad.if a truly free election takes place .

          The point is , there may be hate between Syria and Israel , right now Syria is fighting to be one and defeat terrorists.

          Why don’t Israel attack only after terrorists have been defeated .. why now?

          You are talking through your nose that Assad is a failure .
          Really childish and stupid opinion not worth my time to explain. too childish.

          Assad destroyed US/Israel/Nato/ Arabs’ plans to defeat him …all he needed with his tiny army is Russia take care from the air with a few planes !!!! Gosh he must be Assad the Great !!

        • Rob

          Fuck off jerboa

        • wwinsti

          But you do support terrorists, you simply don’t call them that. Does Israel provide medical attention to jehadists of all stripes near the Syrian Golan? Why yes, yes they do! Does Lieberman openly state Isis is preferred as a neighbor to Hezbollah? Why yes, yes he does! Does Israel target Syrian military positions near Daraa just before jehadists plan their attack? Of course they do! It is the nature of the moral inferiority inherent in the Zionist position that burdens your claims. You will forever be telling people it’s raining as you piss on their leg until the dehumanizing zeitgeist of Zionism is acknowledged. Live with it, or change.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            “Does Israel target Syrian military positions near Daraa just before jehadists plan their attack? Of course they do!”

            You left out: does Israel supply the terrorists with truckloads of weapons and intelligence for strikes? Yes they do!

        • Melotte 22

          Let democracy prevail? Sure, why not start with apartheid state of Israel.

        • Rollo10

          The Syrian people were living in peace and harmony, until Israel & America got involved. Assad was protecting all religions; Sunni, Shia, Alawite, Druze, Christian even Black Ethiopian Jews. The problem is he stopped using the dollar, just like Saddam & Gaddafi before him. Just as Maduro in Venezuela, Macri in Argentina and Rousseff in Brazil, did you see how they were attacked? It’s all about Power, Money and Resources. The Zionists want world domination, they wont get it!

      • TiredOfBsToo

        “So why you cheer?”

        He cheers because Israel is a terrorist supporter and he supports and cheers terrorists everywhere, it’s also probably his job.

    • Justin

      Good job Iran, protect urself in Syria because we all know that Israel has been trying to get the US to go to war against u for the last decade!

      Offense is a great defence I agree!

      Israel bombed syrian bases but never once bombed isis!
      “things that make you go ‘hmmmmmmm’. ”

      Why would Israel feel the need to bomb Syrian air bases? (m talking about January when Syria was trying to re-take Palmyra”!

      What could have possibly compelled Israel to ignore the isis threat directly on its border which was also expanding 7 fold at the time! Why on earth attack a force that is fighting 2 universally known terrorist groups? (al-nusra (hts) and isis)

      Hmmmmmm let me think!

      Ernie…. don’t come here with ur bullshit! We are soooooo much more intelligent than u here!you are a newbie troll coming to spread decent! It aint gonna work my little Ching Chong china man!

      oops I hope that wasn’t racist! Ahhh fuck it! what do I care, asians have taken over my country, not so bad to call them what they are! Are like ants spreading over the world like a disease!

      Question…. why the side pose? (imt alking about ur photo)!
      What are u trying to portray in this photo? sophistication?
      ORRRRR, are u trying to hide something?
      The receding hair line?
      The slanty asian eyes?

      Oh yeah I have another “off topic” question for u…..
      WHY, do Koreans and even Chinese and some Japanese get plastic surgery so they have round eyes, longer legs and less square faces?
      It seems tome they are trying to look like a white western type person!

      Why is that? hy wouldn’t they want to look asian? What wrong with looking asian?
      When I was young I was always of the thought that asians were a proud race of people (especially Japanese)but as time ticked on, I discovered many asians are inlove with the west and try to look like Western people!

      its always bothered me even though I’m just a handsome white Australian man!
      I just never understood why they would turn their back on their own people!

      Anyway, if u could educate me on the asian questions first, that would be great because they hold more priority than the geopolitical questions simply because u have no idea what u are talking about!

      cheers Mr Ching Chong! (hahaha Ernie, who do u think u are fooling with that name! Asians always choose shit western names! My Vietnamese friend chose “Bert” hahahahaha)

      • Joe

        …and Australia is begging to Ching Chong China to survive.

        Without Ching Chong China Australia is done.

        By your logic 1.4 billion people looking for stupid white people?
        Question is why white people loves Ching Chong girls?

        • Justin

          u mean after we dropped the sanctions on china? yeah we have done well after that! the peasant china farmers became iPhone makers with a very high suicide rate an a govt who actively inflate their currency which is why chinese
          are coming her driving up our god damn housing prices!

          but of course Australia is happy to make profits from anyone, even the nation the world sanctioned for decades! do u have problem with nations allowing china to be its very cheap factory worker? (even tho robots will take their jobs in years)

          we have allowed India to be our telephone customer service people (India is welcome) china to be our manufacturers (china is welcome) and no u think Australia is begging THEM?

          who do u think needs the iron ore?
          who’s got all the uranium?
          who’s got the promise land where all wealthy chinese want to live?
          Australians hate Chinese so I don’t know where u get ur “begging” statement from.

          would u like to make a new statement?

          • Joe

            Oh gosh … you sanction China ? Ya Mao’s time . Now you need FTA to survive and export to China. Ask your businessmen./

            Now China imports less coal …dirty coal ..your industry already in deep shit.

            Iron ore? Try to stop and see if you still have a job to go to. hahahahahha

            Ya your property market … Chinese money kept Australia from recession if you do not already know. Australia still grew when all the western economy were half dead … still ungrateful whites.

            No tiny population Australia is no contest. Lucky China still give Australia some leeway after the stupid Australian talks about SCS ..

            About Australians hate Chinese … you are talking through your nose. I know that is not true . They love them but on government level well you know you westerners are soooooo fearful of Communism as to distrust them and prefer to treat them like enemies . That is true.
            But then you guys just cannot do without China for sure.but China can do without you.

            Really a insignificant small population country talk big.
            China only to stop importing , … your economy would be dead.

          • Justin

            You seem to have a memory of about 15 years, so let me educate u a little!

            Australia never had export problems because we have such a big land with small amounts of people! This meant we have farms, wheat, sheep, cattle. we also have mineral and precious metals!
            We are an entire continent which also grants us massive ocean regions that belong to us! We have sooo much shit that is ours! These are facts which u cannot argue!

            The world’s population is growing and this means the world needs MOE things! The world needs more energy (we got that too, gas and coal and the largest deposit of uranium in the world) in fact the nuclear non proliferation treaty is head quarter right here in my city Melbourne!

            Australia has it all! Farms, energy food, wool, wheat, meat, fish, metals, minerals!

            now that u have that information insider head I will tell u about history!
            The Commonwealth Nations!
            This is how Australia traded! All of the countries in the Brittish Commonwealth traded amongst each other including former commonwealth Countries SUCH AS Hong Kong!

            Hong Kong needed Australia SO badly!
            They needed us because they had no farms, not enough fish, they had NOTHING!
            We supplied it!In fact u can say that Britain gave Hong Kong the ability to become RICH and free!

            WHEN we released the sanctions on China and Hong Kong re-united the Chinese President said “one nation, 2 systems”!

            Everything used to be made in Hong Kong or at least sold in Hong Kong! Now China can do it because they can do it bigger and cheaper!

            Before this even happened Australia was kicking ass! Whilst China was full of poor farmers,Australia was sporting everything everywhere! To Japan, to America, to India, to Europe! EVERYWHERE!!!!!

            In fact we still do because the world needs shit!
            We even export camels to Saudi Arabia because our camels are more pure bread than those in the Middle East! they are worth a fortune!

            So….. Australia has been fine!

            The reason we survived better than most nations is because our Prime Minister at the time (Kevin Rudd) was the first leader on the planet who saw this coming! We reacted literally 2 days after the 2008 financial crash! Had everything ready! every single Australian received 2000 dollars per person! if u had children then u received another 2000 per child!

            What this did was enable credit cards to be paid off, people to spend little on things to keep people employed (tradesmen). It kept our economy rolling! Acting fast and first fixed this!

            We bailed out the people, not the banks!
            America bailed out the banks!
            They got it wrong and we got it right!

            Fast forward a few years!
            China has become wealthy due to being a manufacturing nation (China is very welcome)
            There fore a strong middle class has emerged and people want to leave! Not only because they feel over crowded, or communism, or whatever! Main reason was because of the Chinese govt was inflating the value of their money so to compete in a trade war with the USA!

            This does not help the Chinese people!
            Australia can make money by opening up the immigration Chanels but the deal is that u must spend 1 million dollars on assets and u will have a 10 year residence!

            So the Chinese do whatever they can to get 1 million dollars! They apply and they move to Australia! They pay WHATEVER IT TAKES to get a house for OVER1 MILLION DOLLARS!

            The Chinese dont want to buy a house under1million because it means they cant move here! So now all houses over 1 million!
            I drive past housing auctions and its all Chinese people bidding over the top of each other!

            They have so much debt after they buy this house that they allow 10 people to live in a 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom!

            So Australia does not benefit from Chinese coming here because the Chinese do not get loans from our banks, they get the loans from Hong Kong banks because they have much better interest rates, something like 1.9%.

            Our banks loan at 6 to 8 %!

            So our banks do not make the money!
            The only people who benefit from the Chinese buying houses are he Australians who sell their houses to the Chinese! They become rich but the poor students who have huge student debt cant buy a house even if they become a doctor or lawyer!

            Because the housing prices are 1 million for average house!
            closer to city its more expensive than London!
            YES, Sydney and Melbourne are now more expensive than London and we are a big country with a small population!

            Because these Chinese come here and push up the fucking prices! They cannot get loans from Australian banks because they are not Australian citizens!

            Why do we hate Chinese?
            We dont actually hate them, they seem to be good people, but we hate that they are EVERYWHERE!
            Same as Indians!
            Indians come here without money, they come to work and study! I feel sorry for them because they have to work maybe 2 jobs and study at the same time!

            Chinese come here and make housing prices high and try to takeover businesses! They have a very “cut throat” business ideology! They bring in poor people, make them work for very small ones for 14 hours per day! like slaves! They make the job cheaper but also do a poor job!

            So like painting a house! Chinese will have other Chinese people paint a house with 8 Chinese guys, get it all done in one day for half the price of a Australian painter! Because they are slaves!

            They advertise tradesmen work (builder, plumber, electrical) but the Chinese are not themselves in these trades! they just advertise cheap work and FORCE tradesmen to cut their prices lower! Chinese believe in making the r people do their work like slaves while they make the money!
            We never had this here!
            Chinese make everything cheaper but shitter!
            I had to order 3 TV’s before mine worked!
            2 weeks to wait for each TV
            There is NO quality anymore! Just cheap crap!

            So we hate Chinese for these reasons….
            They make our TV’s and Electrical stuff CHEAP but very very bad quality!

            But they make our houses Expensive!

            I would rather have an inexpensive house than a cheaper TV!

            Houses are built shit now too! because if u build house, u already paid million for the land! So now u must build a very shit and cheap house that the Chinese people can offer u with cheap labour! Cheap materials!

            everything is shit and cheap

            And houses (the land in which its built) is fucking expensive with a cheap house made from fucking sticks!

            You did not fix our economy! We fixed our economy!
            We always had the immigration OPTION!
            Always had that option!

            Because of dropping cheese sanctions and Globalism, there was no more need for Commonwealth trading benefits! Better at the time to just get china to do everything because globalists paid off govts to allow china to build everything cheap and shit!

            Now Chinese are richer, and Australia has tough immigration rules! We allowed desperate Chinese people to come here WITH MONEY! Made Australian house owners rich! But fucked everyone else who didnt own a house and also fucked manufacturing industry! fucked electrical goods!

            I GURANTEE YOU…… if u ask ANY Australian what they would prefer u will get the same answer 100% of the time!

            option 1. (Crappy $700 4K TV 60 inch) or (High Quality $5000 4K TV 60 inch)

            option 2. (1 million dollar suburban house) or (300,000 dollar suburban house)

            I guarantee u they want high Quality $5000 TV and 300,000 house!
            This means we do not want cheap TV’s from china! We prefer our own TV’sor American or Japanese EXnsive tv’s but it also means we get cheaper houses!

            id rather ay 5000 for a tv so I can get my house for 300,000
            Giving Chinese middle class is fucking this planet!
            1.3 million people!
            1.3million mens cheap labour!
            It means people accept shit money and 16 hour work days!
            It means some people in china get rich and come to my country and fuck our housing prices!

            Globalists are happy!
            Australians and New Zealanders are not!
            We prefer commonwealth trading again!
            Fuck china!
            China’s problem is too many people! an the world must PAY for this problem china created because china can use cheap slaves to manufacture! Of course rich people want Chinese slaves! But u fuck the world by allowing so many people to be born! Its china’s fault

            So why do we hate Chinese? because whenever I stop at a redlight, I look left and I look right and I look in my rear view mirror, its always fucking Chinese sitting next to me!

            You have ur own fucking country! Why dont u just kill 1.2 billion people!
            Then u will only have 100 million people!

            You will fix the worlds problems!
            It will fix our housing prices here in Australia!
            It means everyone in china is not a slave and can be paid good money!
            It means happy people everywhere!

            But u are a slave nation and u are bring inequality to my country!
            China has allowed some people to get Rich (house owners) and some to only ever to be “renters”!

            this means the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!
            China exports inequality! you fuck nations!
            Better if China was 1.3 billion poor people again!
            Then we would not manufacture there!
            Australian companies stay in Australia!
            And only Australians live here and SOME Chinese can come here! Some!

            Some Indians, some Chinese, some africans, some europeans!
            But A lot of Commonwealth countries can come!
            England can come (a lot)
            Hong kong (alot)
            New Zealand
            and many more!

            All we have is shit now!
            Shit tv’s with high housing prices!
            And u want me to thank china for this?

            lol, dude, we were so awesome 20 years a go!
            But we gave u our manufacturing!
            And u repay us with shit!

            U should fuck only ur own country! not ours!

            Look at it from our perspective!
            We had it all! A lot of land and happy people!
            Now we have shit!
            Do u understand?
            We made china rich!
            And now u make us poor!
            so fuck Chinese people!

          • Joe

            Wow a long long post of frustrations . True in many areas that Chinese Money caused rise in house prices and the immigration of Chinese with 1 million dollars.

            Well those are consequences that happen as there are very many Chinese that are rich and wish to park their money overseas besides going there.

            This phenomenon is not alone in Australia but globally where Chinese money are flowing out from rich Chinese individuals or companies as it is obvious one would try to diversify your assets not just in China alone.

            Is it the fault of the Chinese that Australian government wanted the inflow of money into Australia to keep the economy vibrant?

            Is it the fault of the Chinese that you allow Chinese to buy those houses and allow Chinese to move in there just with 1 million (practised by many countries in the world)?

            Laws can be passed to restrict such and in fact the outflow had been so bad Chinese Government has actually stopped such . Now it is difficult to get funding for overseas housing purchases and has affected many countries including such countries like in Singapore and Malaysia.

            China acted on this .

            Well about quality of TV sets.. you get what you pay for. We have used TV sets here and have no problem saving us lots of money from so many products from simple kitchen gadgets to phones.

            My posts was about Australia needs to export to China or will be in a touch economic situation as China now is the largest trading partners for many countries in the world. It is not about your housing woes or quality of Chinese products as most Australians or the world still need them to bring down the cost of living.

            All your issues can be remedied through your own laws or actions and has nothing to do with China.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          australia released nwe law to decrease chinese influence. it is close the day D, the transport of chinese scums back in their homeland.

          • Joe

            My foot . Australia is a lackey of US for sure but still have to depend on China for her economy.

            Even US is supplying LNG to Japan and not taking from Australia .
            One thing for certainty… try that Australia is dead meat.

            You know why? China only need to boycott , australia is finished just like South Korea .. a few boycotts they already in trouble.

            Tiny Australia? Gosh no contest.

    • Don Machiavelli

      Israel can’t fight Palestinian rock throwers what makes you think it will not self destruct if get into new war?

    • Solomon Krupacek

      I see, not only your penis is circumcised, but also your brain.

      • Ernie Gabo

        how is that? calling name? or just couldn’t accept the fact?

      • Roseann

        Maybe the Rabi sucked too hard and his brain caved in

    • Roseann

      I love Hezzbollah..

  • Floyd Hazzard

    Unless countries like Syria grow some balls and start targeting Israel itself, this won’t stop. I would make them know they are not immune to missile salvos.

    • Just “Syrian”

      we have the balls to fight isis al-qaida and every jihadist from around the world which no country have ever though about fighting..and not getting in a war with israel now is the smartist move

    • Roseann

      The whole ME should aim and fire ..and although Israel still bombs Syria ..we hear nothing on our fake news but let Syria bomb those Kosher cockroaches and see what happens ..our big nose always protects the demons who have attacked us on numerous occasions..Seriously Saudi Arabia and Israhell are our “allies ” in the ME yet they were both +our Gov tools, the ones behind 911 ..it it wasn’t so awful it would be funny

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah,Putin sold out Syria, watch that Joojo pissant crawl, witch He have demonstrated so profoundly and their Generals whom have on order been on ISISraels lap and told what to do, and this is whats going to happen, ISISrael got exactly what they wanted, Russia Got some bombing exerciser and Golan will be ISISrael land, and watch ISISrael soon push even further inland, and Russia will do nothing like do now, nothing.

    Russia as far I see is loosing credibility day by day, the corruption of Putin knows no bounder’s, threw Iran under the buss, done that several times, and now Syria, Yemen is their brothers bizzenizze in RyHad game and its also an western backed gov, and thats why Putin the Saint is dead silent.
    The Oil projects, Genie, well, do you think the Russians will do anything against the masters of the universe, no, absolutely nothing.
    Egypt and ISISrael/Saudi-Barbarians, and Putin is on His knees everywhere, that is the great sucking sound you hear, Russians preforming what I define as to what standard Russians do, 90%, just anuf to make an impression, but is unable or dont bother, to do the job, and we and up with basically everything is been pushed into the Future.

    Is it an coincident that RT and Sputs, is pimping western backed narratives, like Yemen where they lie about everything, and blame the rest on Iran, that is what RT is doing, the Jooojo bitch hole.
    I had my suspects, now they all click on place, chess, huh, idiotic game.

    Yeah Lebanon next, since Putin dumped Syrian Golan and probably more, and makes an war against Lebanon much easier, thanks Russians, and then the Jojos in reserve, the even more rotten Kurds, witch are 100& ISISrae/UssA, and now Putin is their new “hero”, and will of course give the scums an Land size they never had, to what, that makes me curious.

    Yup, Putin is good at one thing, crawling, but otherwise as an trustee, nowhere, but hey, like the Russians say, its just bizzenizze, nothing personal.

    I hope the Yemenis notice this, Russia isnt an partner, for weapons maybe, but in anything else, no way, never ever trust an Russian, I hoped we never got there but then again, this is Russian nature, never ever let you eye sight of the Russians, like the Catholic and Muslims, you need to nail them to an wall, before you go an fetch some Coffey.

    I think its no use anymore of commenting, Syria lost a large part of their land, Iraq lost an large part, UssA controls that, ISISrael have an part, exactly according to the Witch Path To Persia, and Putin is not an friend.
    You have to do it your self.
    One thing is the ridiculous moronic Wankees, Russians, but this time, you berried your own credibility behind an pathetic corrupt Putin, the wimp of the Year, you can follow the sniveling drivel trail into Tel-aviv.

    Russia is crushing their own credibility, and I am not a bit surprised, it just took some time to manifest.
    Yemen exposes everything, like Palestine.


    • Melotte 22

      Lol who needs a Comedy Channel when you have this fella.

  • wwinsti

    Research center heh?! Sounds like the attack from a few days ago did leave some sizable missile chunks worth a look-see. Sorry israhell, you don’t get to throw bombs around and then not let your opponent take a peek at your best tech!

  • Tudor Miron

    It is so funny that zios are ramping up their trolling over here :) Those Abel, Peter and this Gabo thingy – they hope that posting lies again and again will help their cause. But https://youtu.be/WVorwdIFoD8

    • Solomon Krupacek

      russia is zios-friend-country :DDD

      • Tudor Miron

        Yes, unfortunately there’s large 5th column within governing elites. As much as 70 to 80% are remnants from Eltsin’s era that served themselves and their foreign masters (mostly US country level elites). Never the less the country is at list able to restore most of its sovereignty.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          putin is good family friend of abramovich. he put him in politics. all oligarchs are jews. one little nation rules over 140 000 000.

    • Roseann

      They are SO obvious it’s disgusting..they say they pay some Jewess hags to troll all these sites ..don’t doubt it ..

  • pet

    It is unlikely that Russia can be kept out of equation as Israeli
    attacks would be impossible without Russian complicity. It goes for too long
    and one starts to wonder what is going on. Imagine SA allowing ISIS to its
    territory, to kill some Russians and then let them leave.

  • Hide Behind

    Sorry to burst the fantacy bubble that so many peoples of ME surround themselves with, but the truth is all of them put together are not a bit of concern to Eurocentric corporate/financial political leadership,chaff in the wind.
    Dead or alive they will bend to will of others., and if Israel destroys any resistance, so much the better.
    There have been no winners at world geopolitics in hundreds of years by any African, ME. Or Central Asian nations; Today Iran talks tough but it is in reality no more than 24 hours from being one big nuclear hole in ground, and a financial industrial midget within world economy.
    What makes Israel so powerfull compared to all her surrounding and African Mediteranian neighbors, is not her military and vast economy that is world wide. No it is the Iraeli/ Judaic unity of purpose, something that is solely lacking and so easily abused within ME, Cenral Asian and African continents peoples.

  • John Galt

    $&**()(**$ Israhell

  • John Galt

    ISIS is Israhell is Saudi is USA

    • Roseann

      Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ..all the usual demonic players ..they just hate peaceful civilizations in the ME and everywhere..truly satanic filth!

  • gustavo

    Maybe Syria could answer by sending a couple of missiles to DIMONA.

  • jerel

    Vicious warmongers, I say. Yet their salvation can only come from one source, and that is Jesus Christ. The Right-wing Extremist-Zionists are really showing their true colors. Unfortunately this aggression may be a genetically embedded disposition – let’s pray not. Pray for their souls – whether the war control center is located in TelAvi or Jerusalem.

  • Abe Manhattan

    Research Center, hehe. I’m surprised it doesn’t say baby milk factory. Or maybe Panda Sanctuary. Israel and Syria (and Iran) are at war, and Israel isn’t going to waste its bombs on useless targets. The Syrians were building something ominous, and got caught. Sucks for them.

  • Igor Chornyvolk

    Time to hit israhell back