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Israeli Warplanes Hit Syria’s Port Of Latakia (Photos, Video)

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Israeli Warplanes Hit Syria's Port Of Latakia (Photos, Video)

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According to a long-standing tradition, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) hit Syria in a night attack. The Syrian Arab News Agency reported that Israeli fighter jets fired missiles on the Syrian port of Latakia.

None of the Israeli missiles, according were intercepted, and the strikes hit Syrian civilian targets only 20 kilometers from the Russian Hmeimim military airbase.

The attack took place at 1:23am local time, the SANA news agency quoted a military source as saying. According to the military source, the missiles came from the Mediterranean Sea. At least five explosions were reportedly heard at the port.

No casualties were reported as a result of the attack, but several containers were damaged, and a huge fire broke out in the port.

Israeli Warplanes Hit Syria's Port Of Latakia (Photos, Video)

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Israeli Warplanes Hit Syria's Port Of Latakia (Photos, Video)

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Shortly before the Israeli attack, a US military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135W was spotted during its hour-long flight along the Syrian coast. The US reconnaissance drones are not uncommon in this area. This time, Boeing RC-135W could collect data on the targets to prevent the interception of Israeli military aircraft.

Israeli Warplanes Hit Syria's Port Of Latakia (Photos, Video)

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The IDF officials are yet to comment on the issue. Israel has recently increased its attacks on targets inside government-controlled Syria, but it rarely acknowledges such operations.

The last such attack was carried out on November 24, when Israeli fighter jets hit an air defense base located some eight kilometers to the south of the city of Homs. An operational Soviet-made S-200 long-range air-defense system was likely the main target.

Israeli Warplanes Hit Syria's Port Of Latakia (Photos, Video)

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The recent attack on the port of Latakia is a rare case, as Israel is usually targeting military facilities in southern and western Syrian regions. Tel Aviv explains its operations with fighting Iran-allied militias, in Syria. However, military facilities of the Syrian Arab Army, including its air defence systems that pose a threat to Israeli jets and missiles, are often hit by the IDF strikes. Syrian civilians are also victims of these regular attacks.

The port of Latakia is a vital facility that links Syria with other countries, including Lebanon.


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Lazy Gamer

20 kilometers is a near distance. Why did the Russians choose not to respond when the planes were on the way back? Latakia will now be open season henceforth. lol


they were probably warned by the Izzies beforehand

Keep then all in Israhell

It is far better to contain the Jews in Israhell with constant threat of extermination than where they were in Europe completely embedded and corroding European society. Before WWII the Nationalist German meme was “Send the Jews to Palestine!” Too late for U.S. the Zionists have completely destabilized American society.

Last edited 1 year ago by Keep then all in Israhell
Lone Ranger

Russia and Israel has a non agression pact. Aside from that Iran while helped a lot against Isis in Iraq and Syria they are trying to influence the local govts. So Russia sees this as an Iranian problem. Not the problem of Russia or Syria.


Because the Russians were told the attack was going to happen in advance and the Russians allowed it. This is not new.


Putin and Zionists are operation hand in hand in Syria and globally. Russia has given its Zionist masters a green light to attack Syrian targets.

Lone Ranger

Iranian targets mainly. Putin ain’t ziorat. Russia blocked the Greater Israel and New Khazaria projects. But Iran is trying to carve up Iraq and Syria. Thats why Russia is neutral on that matter.

Chris Gr

Iran and Turkey want to carve up Iraq and Syria.

The end

Sounds like Chris is talking one shit and Gr another one at the same time.

Chris Gr

This is true.

Chris Gr

Israelis please don’t do this. The hand of Turkey and Iran will get stronger in Syria because of this.

Rhodium 10

Many missile and just one container hit?..some other around damage as consecuence of fire in first one…it is a drone attack or Air defense have shot down almost all missile

Lone Ranger

Empty container may add…

North Korean Shipment hit

Chatter blog suggests it was a delivery from North Korea that was hit. Container tracked for weeks. Likely advanced gyros or other missile components (but could be centrafuge tech) to be later moved to Iran. The North Korea-Syria-Iran shuttle has been running for decades and is very well known – look it up. Likely after this tech transfer was hit future shipments will via what Mossad and CIA call “terror airways” – flights between North Korea and Iran (also been running for decades). The only thing special about this attack is that it was clearly thought to be de-facto under Russian air defence – a serious miscalculation by Iran / Syria / North Korea and likely permitted by Russia to warn not to use us as cover – because we aint your cover.

Last edited 1 year ago by North Korean Shipment hit
IDF War Criminals

Fantasy stories. Why send something important to Syria then to Iran? Why not sending it to Iran directly?

Arch Bungle

When Haifa Port goes up in smoke, remember this day …

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